Walkers of the Realm: Swords to Plowshares IC

As the title suggests, feel free to RP it up.

Walkers of the Realm: Swords to Plowshares IC

Postby Garethcool » Sat Aug 07, 2010 11:59 pm

The sun rose over the horizon, illuminating the fields. Bodies strewn across the land, across the ground that used to be used to grow plants that nourished. Two men arise, each on opposite sides of the war. One man arises in a golden palace, looking out at the sunrise and sighing "Today is the day. I end this now." He strode down a hall, entering a large chamber with a strange symbol scrawled on the ground in chalk. He took a breath, glancing out the window "I ask for the help of the plains, producers of the purest mana..." the symbols began to glow, and flashed, letting off a large amount of smoke. He coughed and rubbed at his eyes "Hello?"

The other man sat in a throne, draped with past finery. Cloth that at one point was shades of purple and blue, but has faded with time and is now a pale, sad reflection of it's past splendor. He stood and spoke to himself "That pathetic specimen of a man... This will be the last time he ever defies me." He clapped his hands, and several men in pitch black robes entered the throne room "Ready the summoning. Today is the day."
He stood at the front of the circle, his fingers tightly wound around his staff. He pointed to a man in a robe who began to chant. One by one more of the robed men chanted, and he finally threw his arms into the air. Lightning flashed, and darkness encompassed the room. Candles were lit one by one, and as they were the man chuckled "Welcome..."
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Re: Walkers of the Realm: Swords to Plowshares IC

Postby counterfeitself » Sun Aug 08, 2010 2:26 am

Dmitri Sark

The village was burning with holy fire. Those fucking angels again, striking further and further into the swamp. I'm not suited for this type of fight. Too many villagers around. Insons insontis cruor. One of the angels burst into black fire as one of the elderly villagers did the same. An angel fly towards him, but his father intercepted with a bolt of magic that pierced through the angels heart. Flying into the sky his father, took to the fight with some of the other villagers. Summoning up more power from the swamp, he spoke out Everto decretum causing one of the angels heads to explode. in a bloody mess. The 5 remaining angels dove in, cutting the villagers to pieces. The leader heading straight for Dmitri. His father fly in to intercept, but the female drove her sword through him before he could let out another blast of magic. Nothing shall save you, Demon! she yelled to Dmitri.

Smirking as the villagers took down 2 more of the angels, he pulled out a monocle. Intentio vas. After the spoken words, the glass turned black. Putting the monocle on, he starred at the angel leader. This is the end of the line for you. Again the angels swooped in, this time, the villagers were unable to kill any, instead falling victim t the onslaught of the angels. The leader swooped in, slashing strongly across Dmitri's chest. Blood jutted forth. Grasping his chest, he coughed out another spell. Professio cruor. The two guardian angels burst into black flames as two of their villager counterparts did the same. Then pulling out a blade, he ran it across his palm as he spoke Subcribo cruor.
Just what he needed popped into his mind. Pain was such a mind opener.
Even your family are just sacrificial lambs to you! she called as she dove in for another swipe at him. Another hard slash crossed his chest, more blood spurting out of his chest. As she flew away though he was prepared. Perussi phasmatis. A black line of fire jutted from his body wrapping itself around her, pulling her back towards him. You cannot defeat me demon! Your despicable kind cannot harm me! she roared as she was pulled closer. And yet, I am harming you. The black fire syphoned off her life energy. His wounds healed themselves slowly. Now what I'd like to know, is why you insit upon invading my humble abode. We are of no threat to you. These lands have been the lands of the Naga for centuries, this you must know. One of your kind signed a pact to leave us alone. I believe her name was Serra. Things have changed, demon. You have upset the balance. Those around fear you for your power. And rightly so it appears. Her breathing became laboured as he continued to suck away her being. I believe you are mistaken. I am no demon. I find it offensive you believe we cannot be civil about these things. I'd ask you to send a message back to those that have sent you, but your time in this world is short. She let out a few more gasps, then he finished consuming her essence. The wounds to his chest weren't completely healed but they looked partially healed. Suddenly something felt strange. It was a forced planeswalk. He'd heard of it befroe, but never experienced it himself. It appears, I myself am short on time in this world. He spoke to the corpse as his surrounding shifted.

A voice called out Welcome... Thank you, he replied to the fountain of black and red mana. But where am I being welcomed to?
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