The Viper Conspiracy IC Chapter 2: Blood Hunt

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Re: The Viper Conspiracy IC Chapter 2: Blood Hunt

Postby Zelosse » Tue Aug 24, 2010 10:26 pm


With a sarcasticly motivated voice he spoke up. "Hooraaaaaaay, we're off on yet another whirlwind adventure to kill someone we've never met nor care about! I'm so excited!" taking his feet off the chair he stood up and walked out the door without giving regards to anyone as he was lost in his own thoughts, as he entered the armory he took a detour down to the end to a rather odd looking male with a box sitting on a bench, he saw Jeff and excitedly took a look inside before giving a smile and a nod of thanks before slipping the man a cheque for his work. It wasn't much to Jeff since the government paid him well for his services to keep him 'in line' instead of just a slave. He could live with that.

Leaving that section he took a quicker pace than normal until he found Iren entering the armory, he tossed the package and smiled as he took back his jacket. Putting it on and buttoning it up he adjusted his tie and gave a sigh of relief. "Good to be whole again." He whispered to himself but couldn't shake the awquardness of someone using his things just yet. He would deal with it later, work was afoot. Iren would find inside the box was a very well made and tailored uniform in the making. "There's a man at the end of this area waiting for you to make the final alterations, we have a few minutes to wait for everything to be ready ourselves so rush over and get it made to your liking. A present from the government." Giving a soft if not unusual smile he headed over to the armory and picked up a long piece of cloth, it was about 5 feet long and tied like one would a sword or staff. Jeff simply nodded.
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Re: The Viper Conspiracy IC Chapter 2: Blood Hunt

Postby Styx » Wed Aug 25, 2010 6:42 am


After Jeff walked out with an uncharacteristic reaction, Well at least in her mind. "I swear I didn't do anything to his oatmeal this time" She scratched a furry arm as she walked to the shuttle and boarded. She waited chatting with the pilot as the team walked out and boarded the shuttle. With a faint grin when the last slid the door shut the shuttle took off. The time passed quickly before the craft landed on the outskirts of Brena "Lets get to work folks" She said walking towards the devastated city. Buildings were collapsed parts of the street ripped up, a few buildings looked like they had been victims of a gas explosion. She looked around not seeing anything......yet.
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Re: The Viper Conspiracy IC Chapter 2: Blood Hunt

Postby bankotsu_obsessed » Wed Aug 25, 2010 1:25 pm

Segrik, ...Laura....

Segrik was rather calm about the current situation even though this She person was somewhat shady. She had something to show everyone, but he highly doubted it would get him to help her out. Once she slid in the CD though, his face changed from the relaxed look he had to a look of horror. He saw each scene play through, revealing the death of the people that everyone cared about. It took him a minute to register the three people he knew so well. Even though they haunted his dreams and played back old memories of the good days, he was sent into denial. "N-no... it can't be them... they... they have to be alright! this 'She' is pulling our legs! She must be a spy for some secret company and when we trust her, she'll kill us!" As much as he tried denying it, the images there were legit. He sat there in disbelief and held back his tears, which made him shake. "Mom.... Dad... L... Laura..." His eyes couldn't hold back his tears, a few falling down his cheeks. He was sniffling a little on top of his shaking. "Why... Why does she have to go? I... I promised to protect her from everything..." His tear-filled eyes looked down at the floor, his mind wandering to the last time he saw her, he could recall a huge smile on her face as she was talking to him.

"I'm sorry about what happened yesterday, Laura. I was getting a little mad at that jerk. He was questioning you for no reason. I could tell you were annoyed too."

Laura's smile was there, like it always was in every situation. "Don't worry about it, big bro! He was scared of you when you growled so at least you didn't snap like the first time." She leaned in and hugged him gently, he recalled hugging her back.

"I promise you Laura, that I will protect you from bad people that want to hurt you, and help you out. Just call and I'll get there. I promise..."

The memory faded away, more tears pouring out. He picked up Lauren's grief of her 'Richard', but he didn't really say much. He felt sort of dead for the moment.
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Re: The Viper Conspiracy IC Chapter 2: Blood Hunt

Postby Akaine » Wed Aug 25, 2010 3:00 pm

Iren Wright: let's get this party started!

She turned to see Dylan following her and gave him a little smile before walking into the room with wide eyes. She had never seen so many weapons in one place before, it almost made her feel giddy. Swallowing the corroding emotion down, she walked over to the medical supplies, and picked up a few scalpel and a bunch of advanced medic's equipment before pulling on two knee braces that would prevent her kneecaps from shifting too much. Every girl has a weakness.

Jeff walked in and accepted his jacket back, which left her in her tank top once again, and she gave a small chuckle as he seemed relieved once he had it back. She knew the feeling, it was like how she felt when she didn't have knee braces. Catching the box, she opened it cautiously, glancing up at Jeff to gauge his reaction, and continued to open it. "Oh, wow." She said, feeling the material with reverence before looking back up at Jeff. Giving another chuckle, she gave Jeff a big smile and said "Well, then tell the government, thanks." Looking at Jeff once more, she tilted her head slightly and held the box, with a thoughtful look on her face before sauntering over to the guy who does the alterations.

On the craft

She hummed as the craft landed, wearing the altered uniform as though she had always worn it, and responded to Tremis's order. "Alrighty." Hopping off of the craft, the side bag attached tightly to her uniform so that she had free use of both hands, and casually followed Tremis, both thumbs resting inside back pockets as if she was relaxed. In reality, she was a little nervous, but her hands were resting near some scalpels in holsters, and she knew that she'd be fine.
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