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The Rosenberg Spies - Mission #1: Pickles...

Mon Jun 21, 2010 12:36 am

((A/N: Please refrain from putting notes, such as this in your IC posts. This is the only exception.))

In this day and age, the secrecy of spies is hidden by the fact of over advertised “James Bond” types. Movies, books, and even theme music has clouded the public’s eye of what a spy truly is. They are cunning, sneaky, and most of all, average, on the outside. A good spy knows how to blend in and stay hidden if needed. At Rosenberg University for the Gifted, students, who are chosen, come here to further their education of the spy world. At the university, students are given the bare necessities needed in order to become the ultimate spy. It’s their choice to follow through, or not. The following letter of recognition has been given to the following:

Dear Parent and/or Guardian,

Your son or daughter has been one of the selected few to join our elite school for the gifted. At Rosenberg University for the Gifted, we feel that his or her talents will be greatly useful to our expanding elite standards. We hereby, provide you an opportunity to let your child receive one of the best educations a parent or guardian can give at Rosenberg University. Your child has the opportunity to grow with skills and academics that apply to a unique set of jobs that will make them successful in life.

We’d also like you to know that we are hereby giving them a full scholarship to attend our school which includes food and housing. Please reply by calling the number below for any questions or concerns you may have. We hope to see your child attend our school and succeed in their future.


Sterling Nova

Principal, Rosenberg University for the Gifted


Students will be starting out as the first day on campus. Everyone is moving in and meeting their roommates. Now, what I’m about to do may seem odd, but at college, dorms can be shared. I want all of you to not go overboard or do something nasty with the gender mixed rooms. Take it to the PMs if ya really want to do something. Thank You.
Roommate Assignments

Room 103

Alexander Orenthall [Red Raven]
Daniel Dean [Hax]

Room 106

Gregory Kildem [Whirlwind]
Lashun Yoshiyamaka [Yoshi]

Room 109

Leona Opal [Chameleon]
Miccah Ashford [Aker]

Room 203

Navash [Falcon]
Amy Doberton [Psycho]

Room 206

Eli Whitaker [Sparky]
Hasne [Twisted]

Room 209

Anton LeFlouré [Parker]
Christopher Quinn [Alex]

Room 303

Tolken Sanguine [Sanguinius]
Melody Stevenson [Athena]

Room 306

Lawrence Ourik [Fenir]
Myles Kenith Rowland [Scourge]

Your rooms are fairly large, and open. It’s more like a small apartment for two people. There are two bedrooms, a small living area, a small kitchen, and two bathrooms, one in each of the rooms. There is no maid service and there is a communal laundry area.

((Go at it!))

Melody : In Room :
Making her morning rounds, Melody began to wake up from a small cat nap she decided to take before the new arrivals. The sun shined brightly through her half closed blinds. She scowled as it shined in her eyes, waking her up even further. She scratched her head lightly as she stood from her bed and opened the door to the living room. She yawned quietly as she headed towards the fridge and grabbed a bottle of water. She took a sip before sitting at the small dining table she was able to bring from home. Because of her agreement with the school, Melody was under house arrest for the rest of her life, most likely taking over the computer teacher’s job when she retires. Melody sighed since she really hated waiting.

Soloman : Outside at the front of the school, charming parental units if they come :
Soloman stood there in a pure white suit, waiting for incoming students as well as parents who may have questions. Being the best charmer in the school the principal decided to choose him to greet students and parents alike. The rest of the teachers were off do other things in their own rooms or classrooms. But here he was, greeting parents and telling them their children will be fine and NOT off to fight and assassinate people at random.
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Re: The Roseberg Spies: New Beginnings

Mon Jun 21, 2010 1:05 am

Eli's taxi rolled sluggishly up to the gates of the school. He'd practically forced his parents to stay at home rather than accompany him, much easier to avoid attention when one didn't have their mother hanging over them like a wounded puppy. Even in the sweltering heat, Eli was dressed in a completely black hoodie, its dull shade blocking the top portion of his face from view. "Damn this heat...." He thought silently to himself as beads of sweat streaked down his face. The young tinkerer gazed at Soloman with dull, uninterested eyes. Why did every school seem to have just that one guy always standing at the entrance? Did they really have nothing better to do? Without so much as a word, Eli brushed by the man and his ridiculous white suit, making his way into the school. From his left sleeve, a small plastic card slipped into his hand. As he passed one of the vending machines, Eli gently swiped the card and continued walking. In seconds a small beeping noise emitted from within his pocket. Apparently the beep had come from his cell phone, or at least that's what the strange device appeared to be.

For a moment, it seemed as though there was a dull smirk on Eli's face. He'd been at this school for all of 10 seconds and already he'd hacked a vending machine's credit information and transferred it to his own account, a swiss one of course. "This shouldn't even be a crime. I mean they're practically begging me to try." Eli's smirk had grown somewhat as he kissed the small LCD paneling on his 'cell phone' and slid it back into his pocket. "Room 206.....206....206....where the hell is 206?...." Eli continued mumbling as he made his way upstairs. He could only assume rooms in the 200 range would be on the second floor, though he'd been wrong before. Eventually he arrived at his rather spacious apartment. Granted he'd have to share it with someone, something he wasn't thrilled about but oh well, he'd manage.

Re: The Roseberg Spies: New Beginnings

Mon Jun 21, 2010 1:42 am

Daniel Dean - MUST FIND BED

Daniel drove nonchalantly towards the school with his mother in the passenger seat since his father had been away on "business" and therefore couldn't come, his mother being normal had very little information on what this school actually was, his father simply told his mother that Daniel had been accepted into a school for the gifted and that they would be training him for a variety of career option.

As Daniel parked, him and his mother walked towards the school, Daniel noticed the other hacker with his little toy and thought to himself note to self never use that vending machine, not that he couldn't get around it if he wanted but laziness is Daniel's best friend Him and his mother continued to walk towards the enterance, Daniel noticed the man in white and walked up to him shaking his hand as he got there, and showing not only his invitation, so him and his mother wouldn't be scrutinised in any fashion, but a copy of his father's assassination license, just in case

He was given the ok, so he walked to the car and took out his two bags of equipment as well as his box of clothes. He walked though the door, box of clothes in hanf, while his mother found his room. She camr back and helped him with his things. By the time they made it back to his room, Daniel's roommate hadn't shown up by the looks of things. With his mother's help, he started to unpack his bags. When they were done, her mother decided to leave him to the rest of it and kissed him on the cheek goodbye. Daniel handed the keys to the car to his mother, since he won't be needing it during the semester.

After he was sure she was gone he said out loud "Since I was worried about my mom, I can't get to sleep *grumble* ... Oh well at least I can check out the rest of the the dorm, and I wonder when my room-mates coming"
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Re: The Roseberg Spies: New Beginnings

Mon Jun 21, 2010 5:45 am

[Gregory - Arrival]

Among the many cars pulling into the parking lot to disgorge their occupants and their belongings onto the campus were many suburban friendly minivans their cost efficient engines and removable seats making excellent transport for the parents taking their children to college, there were also the many compact cars that many in the city found useful for their ability to squeeze into parking spaces, there engines taxed and their backseat crammed with belongings.

Gregory's vehicle was neither of these.

A old, dark green, F-150 ladened with a tarp-covered load rolled into the parking lot. Heavy metal blasting from taxed cabin speakers and out open windows. The vehicle's lone occupant could be seen banging his head in sync with the music and singing along to lyrics about death and dismemberment as he parked his car; waiting for the song to finish before he shut off the massive engine and exited the vehicle. The driver shouldered a backpack he pulled out of the passenger seat and hefting a duffel bag from the same location. Reaching into his pocket with his free hand, he grabbed a crumpled paper from his pocket, spreading it out so he could get his room number as he marched off as a quickened walk. As he passed by the man in the white suit he could be heard humming the chorus to ICP's Jugglao Family.

Gregory reached his room with little difficulty and picked a bedroom for himself, throwing the duffel bag onto his bead with a loaned clunking noise along with his backpack before marching back out with his key to get the rest of his things from his truck.

Ten minutes later Greg was setting up a large TV on the living area's table (which he had moved up against the wall), his numerous consoles arrayed next to it. He had changed into a wife beater shirt, and a pistol shoved into the back of his waistband was clearly visible to anyone looking into the room as he leaned behind his TV to attach cables.

Re: The Roseberg Spies: New Beginnings

Mon Jun 21, 2010 9:21 am

Leona Opal- I Wanna Go Home

"I wanna go home," whined Leona Opal as she stared out the window to the rapidly moving landscape. "You won't tell me where we're going." The man in the tux driving, A79 (Agent 79), said nothing, filling the car with a you-dont-need-to-know silence.

Leona moaned in frustration, then played with the window. She had been told that A79 would take her to a special place as a birthday present. She was elated to hear that, then happily jumped into the Lincoln Signature car with two big bags of luggage. But now she doubted.Maybe he's not taking me somewhere, Leona thought. Maybe he's taking nowhere, where he can dump me into the nearest river so I won't be a government concern anymore. She kept rolling up and down the window. I've been a bad "chameleon."

A79 tensed. It was bad enough he had to supervise Leona, but now it was fooling around with his precious Lincoln. He'd be glad to abandon it, but they'd kill him. Instead, he was happy enough just to drop it off at Rosenberg.

(25 minutes later)

Leona got dumped at Rosenberg University for the Gifted. Great, Leona thought. Learning.

Before she could ask A79, he zoomed off. Sighing, Leona went to her assigned dorm and plopped down on the bed, thinking of her new surroundings.

Re: The Roseberg Spies: New Beginnings

Mon Jun 21, 2010 10:21 am

Myles Rowland

Myles bored his eyes into his uncle's back as he shrank towards the campus entrance, mixed emotions fleeting across his brow. So the time had come for them to part ways after all. He had both wished for and dreaded this moment to come, and now that it had he felt strangely perplexed. No sense of exultation at the possibilities laid out in front of him, no fear of what might befall him as he took his first step out of the man's protective shadow. Just this nagging sense that he was playing a part in someone's play, like an itch on the back of his mind, and his hand instinctively squeezed the paper-wrapped parcel his uncle had handed him as they traded farewells, calling it a parting gift...

Tara stood by the car waving him off, her smile tear stricken but genuine. He thought of waving back, but decided against it, settling for a nod instead. He caught a flash of the old man's face has he turned to step in the car, and could've sworn he saw a smile twitching on those sun baked lips. His hand tightened around the parcel, and he suddenly wondered if his decision to come had been the right one, or if it even had been his decision to begin with. The old man's voice beckoned and Tara waved at him one last time as the engine sputtered to life. He waved back, and then they were off.

He shouldered his duffel bag and swung toward the main entrance. A tall man awaited there, his expression neutral and his prim blond hair immaculate. Myles's nose wheezed as he sighed through it, but he managed not to grimace. "Rowland, Myles," he said dully, handing off his letter of recognition. "Could you tell me the way to my dorm?"
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Re: The Roseberg Spies: New Beginnings

Mon Jun 21, 2010 11:39 am


She chuckled as she walked through the gates nodding to the principal who already knew her well. With a faint smile she picked up her bags her blood covered hands staining the bags as she walked to her room. With a grin she saw that her markings had been disturbed. the faint white hair that had been left in the keyhole was gone, someone had been in her room. She assumed that it was her new roommate. Setting her bags down and running her blood covered hands across her face she laughed maniacally as the blood smeared in streaks across her face. Picking up her bags she shoulder checked the door hard enough to make a loud thump.

"LET ME IN YOU ASSHOLE" She yelled shoulder checking the door again. She was going to have fun with this one. Her last roommate had been admitted to a mental hospital within a week, she wondered how long this one would hold out. Not seeing her new plaything come to the door she backed up and aimed a well placed kick the door shattering under the force of the blow as she walked inside the small apartment dumping her bags on the floor.


He stood straight a hand caressing the feathers of the Raven on his shoulder. He looked at the man who had been like a father to him for so many years, the guild master of the Thieves Guild, he had been a trained killer for the guild for so many years. Hearing the man praise him for being accepted into the school, he was hesitant to go but this man was so enthusiastic about it believing that he went anyway.

After crossing the entire world he had arrived at the gates of the school his cloak wrapped around him. With a sly smile he bowed to the white clad man standing in the gate. He slung his bag over his shoulder his eyes catching the room list and reading which room he was in. He seemed to intuitively know his way around the school as he entered his room. He immediatly picked which bedroom would be his. Silently he went about making his bed and organizing his belongings.

Re: The Roseberg Spies: New Beginnings

Mon Jun 21, 2010 12:04 pm

~Amy, yay! Vic-I mean, new friends!~

There were many people that already arrived to the front of the school, gathering their bags and walking into the dorms that they were assigned. She heard that they were bunking up people, mixed gendered to be exact, and she was both excited, but scared of who she'd have. The dude could be a complete ass to her, but could also be completely oblivious how bipolar she is...

Amy stepped out of the passenger side of the car that her mother was driving. Her dad was working early so the two could get some 'fun' in at the same time. She looked her mom over for a minute before the two hugged. "Aww sweetie, both your dad and I are going to miss you so much! Please be sure to treat everyone nicely, okay? No violent outbursts, hmm?"

Amy nodded and pulled away from her mom. "Don't worry too much, I can contain it pretty well considering the time that I have had my mental issues revealed to me." Her mom gave her one more hug before handing her bags over. "Alright then, take care! Have a good year!" She waved as her mother drove off, leaving Amy at the entrance to the school. She turned around and took a good at it's beauty. "They are pretty high tech to keep this place such down-low. I could get used to this place..." She picked up her things and headed her way toward the room that she was assigned.

It took her a moment to find it, but she was able to find her room, using the key she got to open the door and shovel her things inside. It sounded like someone was already there. "Uuuuuuuhhhh, hello? I'm your dorm mate Amy. I was wondering if I could meet you face to face once you're done unpacking. It won't take me long." Her voice sounded kind and gentle, but hid what she could potentially be deep inside her.

Moving her bags into the room that wasn't taken already, she unpacked swiftly and with ease. Not taking as long as someone would take since she was used to getting things done so fast. She abandoned her room to walk out into the living room and sat down to wait for her roommate to be done.

Re: The Roseberg Spies: New Beginnings

Mon Jun 21, 2010 1:10 pm

][Tolken Sanguine, Something new?][

Approaching the Rosenberg Academy was a blood red classic Mustang, blaring an unusual rendision of Phantom of the Opera music, a strange alternative, contemporary, metal conglomerate of sounds. As the song ended and Tolken pulled into the parking lot, the man noticed a blonde man wearing an obnoxiously white suit standing in front of the school. ‘This is college, do they really need someone out front?’

Wanting to make a good first impression on the school’s staff, he turned swiftly into a front row parking space. He got out of his prized car and walked briskly over to the man, making sure he locked up his baby. “Good day, sir!” he said enthusiastically, offering his hand to the man.

Re: The Roseberg Spies: New Beginnings

Mon Jun 21, 2010 1:15 pm

-Alexander Orenthall-
A dark red limosine parked in the grounds of the college, it had been an unusual place to park as the college didn't seem to have the facilities but after a few attempts and turns they had finally parked. Out of the passenger seat a old man in a black suit with dark red tie stepped out, he was obviously the family's butler or servent almost like an Alfred Pennyworth to the Waynes. The servent opened the door and let out a teenage looking lad, this was Alexander. Alexander was smartly dressed in a black shirt and trousers with a red checked waistcoat, the lad clicked his fingers and signalled to the trunk of the limo. The servant bowed and nodded slightly, he then went to the boot of the limo and opened the trunk.

Inside the trunk there must have been at least 5 medium size suitcases, with almost extreme ease as if used to this with great frequency the servent picked up all five cases. One under each arm and three stacked into a tower in his hands, he then carried them with extreme dexterity towards the main doors of the mansion with Alexander following behind.

Re: The Roseberg Spies: New Beginnings

Mon Jun 21, 2010 1:39 pm

Lawrence~ Arrival

Lawrence sat at the back seat of his father's car. He had a book in his hands, in which he was reading at the start, while his father at times looked in the rear view to look at his son. "Lawrence," his father spoke in a soft voice, his eyes darting towards the mirror again then back to the road. Lawrence looked up, moving his glasses, "Yes?" the boy's voice sounded like he was annoyed and the interruption, in which he responded with "and I'm not annoyed, Dad." His father sighed, "Look, I know it wasn't fair to keep it from you, but we didn't want to become involved in such a dangerous..... hobby." Lawrence looked at his dad, and sighed as well, looking out of his window in the car, "I understand." The car stopped, and the rumble of the engine came to a halt. "Good" His father got out of the car, and unlocked the truck, "We're here." Lawrence looked out at the school, questions racing through his mind. He got out of the car, and grabbed his luggage. "I know it may sound a bit odd, " Lawrence's father said while he closed the truck, "but now since you're going to be a spy... do your best and succeed." Lawrence nodded and started to walk off with his luggage, his dad smiling and shaking his head, getting into the car. Lawrence heard the motor start, and the car race away.

Lawrence started to walk through the campus, his hooded sleeveless shirt moving slightly with the light breeze. He also hearing murmuring around him, but decided to ignore it, whether or not they were of him. As he was nearing where the dorms were, he noticed a couple of girls stare at him at when he saw them turned away. He sighed, and quickened his paced a little, finally reaching the dorms. He saw a tall man, showing no emotions, who asked for his name. After telling and giving the man what he wanted, he told him the directions to his room. Nodding, Lawrence preceded to his room, and opened the door. He then went to one of the bedrooms, entering it and placing his luggage down, and sorted through it, placing them away in the drawers in the room. After organizing, Lawrence exited his room, book at hand, and started to read, sitting in a chair in the living room. he stopped to readjust his glasses and look out, taking out a small notebook and writing things down.

Re: The Roseberg Spies: New Beginnings

Mon Jun 21, 2010 3:42 pm

Chris sighed happily as he walked towards the school in the distance, he tried to enjoy the rare times he stayed outside and the sunny weather and clear sky was very agreeable to him. He started whistling as he re-adjusted the bag on his back for more comfort, the school was only half a mile off now. It was unfortunate that his car had broken down 2 miles back but he'd called Wesley to pick it up and leave it back for him so that was okay.

-half an hour later.

He walked into the grounds, panting slightly, ndded and smiled at Solomon and walked around for the next ten minutes for his room 209....209..20- ah, here we are. he muttered as he closed in on the room. After he had walked in and looked around he threw his bags into the room on the right and walked to the windws, opening them wide to let the sun and the fresh air in. Chris then flipped through the tv channels before walking to the kitchen and ransacking the fridge. hmm, bloody small, this place. he said to himself, racking through the food and checking the sell-by-dates suspiciously. cheese...ham...eggs...Omelette. he slammed the fridge shut as he put the new ingredients on the cunter and took out a frying pan. He quickly broke open the eggs into a cup and started whisking them with a fork, whistling again as he did so. Next, he poured the eggs onto the pan, turned up the heat and started ripping up the cheese and ham and thrwing them in. little bit of pepper....lil bit of salt....two plates I guess.

Re: The Roseberg Spies: New Beginnings

Mon Jun 21, 2010 5:48 pm


It was tiring reflected Anton as he sat in the backseat of a taxi while he stared outside of the moving vehicle, he had only recently arrived in the US after recieving the invitation to the 'university' and the flight had taken a toll on him.
He quitely admitted that he wasn't used to flying, escpecially for such a long journey, being forced to sit in a relatively cramped, confined space did not go will with Anton and upon landing he was eager to get off. Though the food was surprisingly good and service was friendly, he would not go willingly on such a long flight again any time soon.

The taxi came to a halt and after determining the pay he exited the taxi and grabbed his bags, his muscles ached from inactivity. "At least the weather is nice here in the land of the free... " He mumbled as he heaved his two bags of clothing and other personal items to the front of the university grounds, taking note of it's structural points as he walked.

Already his fingers began to itch, the need to climb and conquer this man made construction burned in his veins but he'd have to endure for now, after all it would leave a bad impression if his first day was spent climbing on the building, likely gathering the attention of others.
With a sigh he tore his eyes away, to look around for assistance finding a rather formal man in white standing at the front.
"My sincerest apologies, sir." He began as he approached the man, there was a slight hint of an accent that reveal of his french origin, "My name is Anton LeFlouré, I was wondering if this is the Rosenberg University? I am rather new to the country and I'm not familiar with the area. Uh, where should I be going?"
His tone was very polite but his pronounciations where at times off as he spoke.

Re: The Roseberg Spies: New Beginnings

Mon Jun 21, 2010 7:18 pm

Eli, who had been in the process of settling down in his room when Hasne first began knocking, was rather shocked by her verbal demand. More so than the content of her speech, it was the tone of her voice that bothered him. To be honest he'd expected a more....masculine roommate than what he appeared to be getting. As he was in the middle of throwing on a lighter shirt though, the insane woman came bursting through the door, thoroughly surprising the young man. "What the hell!?" He screamed, barely avoiding a piece of the splintered door. "Are you out of your fu-what the hell is on your face?" Eli half squinted as he observed the figure standing in what used to be his doorway. For one, it appeared to be female, quite the shocker in its own right, it was also covered in some red liquid and, judging by the smell, that was blood. "....Why are you covered in blood?"

Despite the strangeness of this question, Eli didn't appear too shocked. Granted he didn't have much experience in human relations but maybe the girl had been on the wrong end or perhaps, since she was still alive, the good end of a mugging. "You uh.....want to shower or something?" As if he were oblivious to the perverseness of his question, Eli promptly pointed the blood covered woman towards the shower room, hoping she'd have one hell of a story to tell when she was finished.

Re: The Roseberg Spies: New Beginnings

Mon Jun 21, 2010 11:12 pm

Miccah hadn't been paying much attention to the majority of the road on his ride down to the University. He was occupied with the current novel in his hand, Under the Dome. A large hardcover to say the least, he wasn't going to be putting it down any time soon.

"Sweetie, we're here." Except for that, he thought as his mother's voice broke past mental barriers. He closed the book with mark in place and looked out the window. The University was big in size, no wonder he was dorming and not commuting. He unbuckled his seat belt, father popping the trunk open and he stepped outside of the car.

Making sure his braid was secure before slamming the door shut behind him he dusted off his crinkled clothes and sighed. I really hope this goes differently... "Ah, thanks dad, you didn't have to do that....it's only one bag."

"Come now son, gotta let your old man do something for you right?" His father chided lightly as he took the large suitcase from the car and placed it on its wheels. Miccah took the handle from his father before turning to his mother. He rolled his eyes inwardly at her teary expression.

"Oh, I'll miss you. Write me when things happen and absolutely no fighting this time. This is the last school, no more transfers, got it?" She inquired as she hugged him tightly, almost back breaking. He nodded to her slowly, she handed him a sheet of paper and he stared at it before realizing it was a map with a big red circle around his room.

"Thanks mom....dad...I'll keep it touch." They happily watched him as he walked towards the dorms. He had no idea where he was going but he knew once he'd turn the corner that they'd be back in the car and gone. With a sigh he entered one of the dorm buildings looking for room 109.
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Re: The Roseberg Spies: New Beginnings

Mon Jun 21, 2010 11:15 pm


He sighed setting up the Raven perch on his bedside table. The raven hopped onto his left arm gripping tight into the leather that was under his cloak. With a faint grin he wondered what the girl would say. He sighed as he spoke "I will be out in a moment" His voice sounded soft and yet had a forceful quality hidden beneath it. He slowly walked out erect at his full height every action he took made one think of the fantasy of the Arabian prince. Beneath the cloak the glint of Damascus
steel was seen before he shut the cloak around him.

He looked at Amy and his eyes danced over her frame sitting down in the chair. He slowly walked over his steps barely making a sound beyond the slight rustling of his cloak that covered his body. He sat on the couch beside her silently his finger running along his Raven's plumage. With a smile her turned to her "You have seen me....do you need anything else?" His white teeth were one of the few things that could be seen in the shadows of his almost always worn hood. She seemed cute and innocent not one that could do killing, however you never knew at all. He himself didn't seem like the type to kill and yet he did it without thought or emotion as he carried out a mission often killing more than needed.


She chuckled looking at him "why not my lovely" She laughed "Why am I covered in blood?" She asked rhetorically a maniacal high pitched bone chilling laugh came out of her mouth. She looked at him as if he had asked the stupidest question on the earth. "I was just playing with one of my toys....they don't make them as hardy as they used to....my favorite toy died today...apparently its very hard for a human to survive when you nick the carotid artery" Her knees buckled as she remembered the screams of the dying man, it was an almost orgasmic experience as she played back his screams in her head"But the screams, oh the screams.....it was worth it...he had such beautiful screams" She wandered off quickly washing the blood off of her and coming back out without a towel. "Anyway sir....who the hell are you?" She crossed her arms under her lovely bosom as she looked at him water dripping off her body as she stood defiantly in front of him swiftly kicking both of the bags she was carrying into her room.

Re: The Roseberg Spies: New Beginnings

Tue Jun 22, 2010 12:08 am

"Is this a joke?" Were the first thoughts that came across Eli's mind. He simply couldn't fathom the idea that any school would house such an open murderer, thus he assumed it was simply a trick, probably corn starch and food coloring. The nakedness of the situation though was all too real. Eli had heard college women were easy but this was just flat out ridiculous. Nevertheless, Eli's testosterone, like all mens', led him to view this girl in all her naked, and well shaved, glory. "Eli....Eli Whitaker.......You are?" The young hacker tried to maintain some form of eye contact, though it seemed quite obvious that the girl's eyes were the last thing on his mind. "You know what, before you answer that." Eli picked up a nearby blanket from off the couch and threw it over the girl. He disliked people enough with their clothes on, no sense adding to the problem.

Re: The Rosenberg Spies: New Beginnings

Tue Jun 22, 2010 11:32 am

~Amy, aww... I get the antisocial one...~

She sat and continued to wait as he called back for her to wait a moment. "Fine with me!" She smirked and tried to picture what he looked like: buff-like body, tanned skin, and wearing a tanktop and tan shorts. She sighed at just how dreamy me might be, but when she heard his light footsteps, she turned her head to see... a cloaked figure that had a raven perched on his arm "What... the fuck is this shit...? Men these days, they always seem to get worse and worse. Why oh why do I get stuck with someone like... HIM?" She kept her face and posture relaxed, listening to his brief sentence he said once sitting down to pet his bird. "I was wondering since we'll be roommates that we could talk and befriend each other. I'm always willing to make friends, especially at schools like this." She smiled slightly, not knowing what so say, but she sure had a lot to think about him... and complain. "Ugh, I hope there's a way to switch roomies or something. This guy seems like a total bland guy who'll keep to himself! I mean sure this is a spy school, but we could at least be friends with one another! God, this year is going to DRAG!"

"Well, if you so desire, you can leave. I was just curious as to who I was going to be with for the year. Since I already unpacked, there isn't much of a reason why I shouldn't relax and talk to someone other than my mother."

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Tue Jun 22, 2010 1:14 pm


She chuckled as his eyes wandered all over her."You like my body don't you...well there is a price to get any closer" She said chuckling wondering how this delicious looking boy would sound. She giggled like a school girl as he tossed the blanket over her. She grabbed it in midair and wrapped it around her. Large amounts of her pale skin were covered but her naughty bits were covered well enough. "My name is Hasne" She said quietly looking at him. She suddenly went and grabbed her teddy bear leaving the blanket on the ground. She held the bear close cuddling with him in mid air. She nodded whispering back like she was talking to the thing grabbing the blanket and quickly wrapping herself in it as she curled up in a ball on the ground. "But I wanna hear his screams...he seems like they would be so pretty" She suddenly whined looking at the bear "But I won't apologize" She nodded cuddling the bear to her chest as she stood up covered and looked at him. "If I do something to try to harm you or torture you, my bear says to tell it" She said extending the bear out to him smiling a kind sweet smile like a small child at show and tell.


With a faint smile he shot his arm up and the raven flew straight at Amy's head pecking at her not hard enough to leave a mark but enough to annoy her a lot. He smiled tossing off his cloak revealing the dreamy body she had just imagined revealed to her. A loud clank was heard as the variety of weapons stashed inside the cloak hit the ground. He moved swiftly and quietly bounding over the couch his hand reaching into her pocket and pulling out her room key. His hand brushed against her breast as he landed on the other side of the couch. He gave a sharp whistle and the bird flew back to his shoulder "You may ask me any question you like Amy" He said walking back to the couch dangling her room key between his fingers. He crossed his muscular arms as he gave her a dreamy smile.

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Tue Jun 22, 2010 11:19 pm

Eli remained, as ever, confused by this girl's behavior. He was still fairly sure that she was messing with him with all this insanity crap but he had to give her credit for self esteem. Deciding it would be in his best interest to play along, he promptly pulled out the device he'd used earlier for hacking into the school's vending machine and proceeded to press a few buttons. "Certainly: does your bear have a cell phone number or perhaps an email address?" Eli asked, lifting his eyes up to the Hasne innocently. "Or would he prefer I tell him in person? You know. Man to....uh.....teddy." Eli was surprising himself at this point. He, the man who normally wouldn't have given someone the time of day, was flirting.

"Be cool, Eli. Remember, girls are like circuit boards. You just have to-what the fuck am I talking about I have no idea what I'm doing." For the moment, it seemed Eli's cool demeanor was reaching its breaking point as he promptly slid the device back into his pocket. "Right....well. I'm going to finish unpacking. You should uh.....put some clothes on and see about getting that door fixed. Preferably in THAT order." With that, Eli departed from the strange woman's company and into his own room, bolting the door behind him out of sheer habit. The hacker burst into tears of laughter as he saw the school provided computer before him. It looked so very primitive. After opening one of the several suitcases he'd brought with him, Eli began unpacking his own system. He'd built it from scratch, hell he even designed the operating system. After moving the old computer out of the way and replacing it with his new setup, keeping the monitor in case he happened to need an extra, Eli went about the simple task of removing his clothing from its baggage. All the while though his eyes kept shifting back to his door. Perhaps he was wondering if his roommate intended to bust it down as well.

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Wed Jun 23, 2010 1:49 am

Soloman : Being bombarded with questions :

Soloman gave everyone a charming smile to all of the students who asked him question about the school. He first glanced over at Myles who greeted him first. “Myles… Myles… Right, your room is 306. Just go into the building behind me and travel up the stair to the third floor. You should be able to find it. “ He smiled and gave him a pat on the back. He looked over at Tolken, and shook his hand. “Tolken, glad to meet you.” Soloman looked over to Anton and smiled. “You must be the foreign student. Your room is on the second floor. “ He gave the students a smile as he waited for any other questions.

Melody : Going Off An Adventure :

Melody sighed and stood up from her chair and moved away from the table. “This is soooo boring…” she muttered. Melody looked over at the door and remembered something. “Oh crap.” She put a hand to her face and slid it down. “Hasne… is getting… a new roomie…” She grabbed her set of keys and left one on the table for her roommate. “Better check on her…” She muttered and she opened the door and rushed out. Hurry down the set of stairs, Melody hurried to Room 206 and prepared to knock on the door, but found there was no door. “Uuhh, Hello?” She called out before stepping through. “Hasne?” She asked.

Melody walked in to find Hasne standing in the room with her teddy bear outstretched in her hand. “Hasne!” She exclaimed. She ran over to the girl and pulled the blanket around her more. “Have a little too much fun with the roomie?” She asked as she patted the girls head. “Why don’t you go into your room and put something on for me, ‘kay?” She asked in a sweet, sisterly voice. She looked back at the closed door where she assumed that the new “roomie” was staying at. She gave Hasne a soft push towards her room and headed towards the closed door to the other bedroom. “Uhh, excuse me?” She knocked softly. “Are you Hasne’s new roommate?”She stood there in a tank top and jeans with a pair of flippy-floppys. “I hope she didn’t… scare you…”

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Wed Jun 23, 2010 2:15 am

Eli was still in the midst of unpacking the various gizmos from his suitcase. "Just a sec." he grumbled, trying to find a place for the trinket in his hand. "What the hell, another one?" Eli thought quietly to himself. "Wonder if this one's naked too......nah." Thinking about it, Eli wasn't sure whether he would have preferred to find yet another naked girl in his apartment or not. Granted it'd make for one hell of a story, but Eli didn't socialize with enough people to tell it to so what was the point? "Just...oh fu-" A loud crash emitted from Eli's room as he stumbled over his desk chair whilst trying to reach the door. As he lied there, face down in a pile of socks, he removed the device with seemingly endless uses from his pocket. With but the press of a button, Eli's already modified door unlatched and swung open, revealing to Melody the mess that his room had already found itself in. "Can I helf you?" he asked, voice muffled by a clean pair of socks. "Careful theref lotf of tharp thinf in here."

After freeing his head from the clutches of his suitcase, Eli took a minute to gaze at the second newcomer. ".....Well your clothes are on.....that's a start." he stated rather flatly, using the same chair that had caused him to trip to hoist himself up. By now his computer was on the password screen. After a few dozen key presses, Eli had logged into the quite outstanding looking machine. "Did you need something or?" Eli was trying to be polite but he was already itching for some privacy. If the last girl he'd met was any indication, the people at this school were not the type he'd like to socialize with. Of course Eli didn't socialize with anybody so that was a broad margin.

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"Ah my thanks sir" The teen began momentarily looking over the structure again before asking plainly, "Has anyone ever climbed the building before, just through the use of freehand anyway? My apologies for it sounding strange but my parents are mountain climbers, their desire is to and has always been to conquer over nature's obsticles, in that spirit I wish to conquer what man has made."
Anton laughed heartily, "Unfotunately most buildings I wish to climb get me, well, into interesting situations."

He shook his head and with his free hand he offered it to the man, "Once again, my thanks sir, I had best get a move on so that I don't get in your way any further. You said second floor right?" He waited for confirmation before he headed off, calling back to the man as an after thought, "Don't worry sir, if I decide to attempt the climb I'll give you pleanty of notice!"

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Wed Jun 23, 2010 12:48 pm

Myles Rowland

Myles's eyes narrowed for a split second. He had several questions burning on his mind, but they would have to wait as he did not yet know who he could trust and who not. Plus something about the man's benign manner really made his skin crawl. "Thank you, I'll be on my way," he said, brushing by the other as he went inside the main entrance. He went up a flight of stairs, then another, then walked down a tall corridor flanked by two rows of identical doors, checking the numbers as he passed them, his footsteps echoing back and forth the length of hallway. He had expected the dorms to be busier, not that he was complaining. Finally, he found it: Door 306. His first impulse was to knock, but he quickly dismissed that idea, feeling a tinge of embarrassment. It was, after all, his room.

He turned the handle and stepped inside, his head ducking instinctively has he crossed the doorsill. He took a handful of steps into the living area and came to a startled stop. Another young man sat snug in one of the recliners, comfortably ensconced in the upholstery with a book in his lap. Presumably his roommate, although it couldn't hurt to make sure. I suppose you're the roommate? he asked, looking him up briefly. Tall, but still comfortably shorter than him, with chic-looking glasses and what he had to admit was a fashionable head of hair, if a little on the queer side. He resisted the urge to scratch at his greasy locks. "I'm Myles," he said, his voice neutral.

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Wed Jun 23, 2010 1:00 pm

[}Tolken Sanguine{]

Tolken nodded and smiled before heading off to his room empty handed, he figured he'd go get his stuff later, after he met his new roommate. He approached Room 303 only to find the door open. Cautiously peering inside, he was unsure of what lurked in wait, for there had to be some loonies at the school and most definitely a few with cruel senses of humour. An open door was a perfect lure for a trap, yet none was found, only a room with no one in it. There was a water bottle sitting in the kitchen, simply gathering condensation, the cap setting next to it. 'Well someone left in a hurry.'

He strolled i and saw a key on the table, "Huh, must be mine." the young man promptly grabbed the key and took a short tour around the suite, finding it blatantly obvious that his roommate was of either the female or cross-dressing variety, he smiled to himself for a moment, 'Interesting.'

After grabbing a water for himself out of the fridge and locking the door, Tolken walked back out to his car to retrieve luggage, three duffle bags and two suitcases, all of which looked remarkably heavy, especially considering the effort with which was required of Tolken, despite his slim, but well-built physique. Upon returning to his new abode, he unlocked the door and dragged his possessions inside to his room.
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