The Eternal Waltz (OOC - Sign ups closed)

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The Eternal Waltz (OOC - Sign ups closed)

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This RP gain its four required votes on the 17th of June in 2010. This RP is an attempted fusion between the worlds of fantasy and science fiction.
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Don't be intimidated by the size of this. It'll be fun.

The Eternal Waltz

Table of Contents
TL;DR Version.
Character Sheet

TL;DR Version.
M'k, so I went over board with this. I WAS HAVING A GOOD TIME GOD DAMMIT.

Ahem. Anyway, it has been brought to my attention that we need a version not quite so intimidating. So this section will give a short summary of everything important, including some events from the IC.

Story: 10 years ago, a galactic power, known as the De'larin Empire invaded a small planet know as Exalia in an attempt to become the power it once was. A few minor insurrections rose up, but never posed a serious threat and were quickly eliminated. Just enough activity was present for the military to stay sharp. During the last four years, the Tarot Council has slowly tightened its grip on Exalia, removing more and more rights promised to the people. It was also discovered that the planet is dying from an unknown source. Many believe it has something to do with the reactors that have been constructed, but no hard evidence has come forth. With all of these pressures, the people of Exalia have had enough. A new rebellion issues its challenge to the Empire; the Indolentia. They fight to restore freedom, and save their dying world.

Races: Human, Elf, Gato (your typical furry), Parnex, Undead, Demi-God.
Undead and Demi-Gods are limited. Parnex are seen more as light undead.

Fractions: De'larin Empire, Indolentia, Gangs, Exalian.
(Note: There are minor fractions within each group. don't worry too much about those, they are just there to provide more options.)


Humans are no strangers to war. Ever since our evolution, we have fought each other for food, land money, resources, and power. As humanity continued to progress, new ways of killing each other were discovered, and like overjoyed children we used them without hesitation. Our fighting, our bickering destroyed the very earth we sought to control and protect. The mentality of “all or nothing” set in during the 21st century, and nearly destroyed the planet by 2168. The remnants of humanity struggled to survive in the wastelands they created, until they arrived.

They came to Earth in 2182. These visitors were known as the Notitians, and from what they told us this wasn’t their first visit. The Notitians helped humanity regain their knowledge and push it further and faster than before. The human natural reactions, emotions, and instincts were suppressed in this time. There was no war, no suffering, no greed and fear. Just unite and the thirst for knowledge. The Notitians taught us everything they had to offer; sciences, space travel, technology, it was all there. This teaching lasted for a century. For us, the relationship was a master-student understanding, but the Notitians… we still don’t know why they decided to help. Was it pity, or their mission to improve life, were we their heirs, or some experiment that would be abandoned as soon as something went wrong?

Despite the kindness that the Notitians showed, we became suspicious of our new masters; hesitant to communicate with them. The Notitians detected this change in human behavior, and desperately did not want to annihilate the creatures they cared for. So the Notitians slowly withdrew from the planet, not wanting to fight against us. But humanity, suspicious and frightened jumped and opened fire on the Core-ships of their Masters. Humanity reverted back to their original mindsets and laid waste to the Notitian fleets, blaming them for it coming down to this. The Notitians, usually a peaceful race, couldn’t stand against the human-reversed technology. They were all destroyed, and no Notitians have been sighted since.

At some point, humanity turned away from their grief and looked to the stars. They now had the technology to travel into space and settle into the worlds beyond. The human urged to destroy and conquer had found an outlet into the vastness of space. With great boldness, the first of these super-arks were created and stocked. Humanity from that point on took upon the names of their fallen teachers, the Notitians, and left Earth.

Hundreds of years passed and humanity, the Notitians had surpassed their master’s technology. They could bring life to dead worlds, resurrect stars, close black holes, and bring the dead back to life through something they came to call the Void. Development had been great, prosperose, and rich.

But humans always had an interesting way of damning their own progress.

Greed, pride, glory, and selfishness corrupted the human Notitians. Conquest had suppressed these emotions, or funneled them away. Many of the life sustaining planets that the humans captured had sentient life among them, and fought against humanity for their planet. Such an action was always in vain, but always kept humanity from turning on itself. On every planet they built structures to be remembered by, and asserted their domination. The same structure wasn’t placed on every world, but. With every defeated foe and newly gained world, the humans became more and more prideful of their achievements. At some point, internal fighting dissolved them and thus fragmented their glory Empire they created. This war lasted over a hundred years, and was known as the Shattering Wars. The Shattering Wars cost the Notitians everything they worked to create. All the technological advancements were reset; some planets suffered a loss that set them clear to the Bronze Age. Planets were lost, entire civilizations disappeared from the star charts, libraries full of valuable knowledge just disappeared. It could be compaired to

From the ruins of the Shattering Wars emerged the De’larin Empire. These humans were fare better off than their brothers and sisters who were lost among the stars. Some knowledge still remained with them, but it would take centuries for them to gain the ability to perform planetary jumps. They were determined to restore themselves to glory, but this time counter measures would be established to prevent greed from destroying them again. This conquest started one thousand years after the Shattering Wars, and was known as the Age of Renewal. Only a few planets were conquered at this time due to the slow advancement of space travel. The age lasted 200 years until the development of faster space travel. From there on came the Ages of Reconstruction, Evolution, Reconciliation, and the current age; Reclamation. (Look at the De’larin Empire Faction for a deep explanation of these ages.)

130 years into the Age of Reclamation, or the year 2089 ASW (After the Shattering Wars), The De’larin Empire invaded the world of Exalia. The invasion was swift, brutal, and had no warning. Imperial drop ships descended from the skies and landed right into the major cities and military installations. The war raged on only for a few months before the Exalian Union signed an official declaration of unconditional surrender to the Empire (130.4), in the capital city of Gia Panta. The Empire allowed much of what was left of the Exalian Union to remain as a puppet government; basically, to keep the local population happy. During this time, there was also the construction of six enormous “reactor” complexes. The official story is that the complexes were created for the reason to provide energy to the planet, mine for resources and do tests.

An attempt to push the empire back arose in the second year of the occupation (132 Age of Reclamation, or 2091). This rebellion, the Protectorates, was mainly composed of the former Exalian Military, and was one of the more… difficult of rebellions to hold down. After the surrender of the Union, the Empire extended an offer to all of the former (and surviving) Exalian Military members. This offer contained a chance to train and join the Grims Corps, and since rank was very similar to the two groups, nothing was really lost. At first, the former military members where very hesitant to join an enemy that had not only captured their planet, but smoked the hell out of an resistance that the Union could muster. However, nearly all opposition fell when the High General Claudius Drusus, gave his support and urged his troops to join, for the sake of peace.

De’larins had trained and equipped them to match their own skills in battle, and saw the former Exalian Military members to be fellow brothers in arms. But, this was little more than a carefully hidden deception that almost cost the Imperials the planet. Once fully trained and accepted into the Grim Corps, they rebelled and tool many bases along the eastern sea and the Balrogia Mountain range, and declared themselves “The Protectorates”. Enraged, the Tarot council launched a quick and messy counter attack against the Protectorates. Imperial forces slammed into the Protectorate controlled base of Bel’havion, a critical supply line to the main base of Hammerfest in the north, the base that the traitorous High General was at. The two sides were evenly matched. The Grim Corps was fighting knock off copies of themselves who knew the surrounding area much better than they did. The two sides fought to a stalemate in the valley below, but the Protectorates eventually fell back to the base. The Imperial General Mac Tir at that time ordered his forces to charge the base. This ended in failure, and high casualties. The 45th Grim Division never recovered from such a lost, and the 23rd along with elements of the 106th Instrument Regiment were sent to reinforce the crippled division. During this time, the Protectorates forces were also ransacking the Imperial supply line. The Imperial General dismissed these raids on the supply lines as nothing more than an attempt to distract him from destroying Bel’havion. The General assaulted the days for three days with artillery fire before moving his troops in. They encountered no resistance. The Protectorates forces retreated in small groups, and were the ones responsible for the attacks against the supply lines. Mac Tir led his forces through the Balrogia Range, hunting and destroying as many of the Protectorates as he could find.

The Tarot Council was unhappy with the results that Mac Tir was providing. For six months, the Protectorates, and the Imperial forces fought along the range, and civilian casualties were high… sometimes higher than the deaths of both sides in some engagements. So the Tarots, bent on destroying the Protectorates, sent in an insurance policy, the 501st Division, lead by the Lord-Commander Vaco Malen Blood, and linked up with Mac Tir’s forces at the battle of the Brigadin Ford. The aftermath of the Brigadin Ford Battle had all Protectorate forces in full retreat to Hammerfest, and the Imperial forces were replaced under the command of Lord Vaco. The Imperial forces gained enough momentum with the addition of the elite shock troopers to drive the renegade clear back to Hammerfest, and laid siege for two weeks. Claudius Drusus found himself surrounded on all sides by the Strike Force, but he still believed that he was on the verge of victory. On the dawn of the fifteenth day of the siege, 501st shock troopers breached the base from the inside, distracting the Protectorates. The remaining Grim troops and Instruments managed to destroy a section in the wall and storm the base. The battle within the base was bloody, but ended with the capture and very public execution of the Rouge General in front of the Protectorates by Commander Vaco. The surviving rebels surrendered to the Lord-Commander, and several of them were executed on the spot. The remaining Protectorates were shipped off to work camps. There they created new weapons for the Grim Corps.

The Tarot Council was well pleased by the events of this rebellion. The Protectorates were reckless, and seen by the general population as more of a threat. To the civilians, the Protectorate War was seen more as the noble Empire putting down a dangerous insurrection. Although it was a positive thing for the empire, they still lost an enormous amount of troops. A full division was lost, another was critically damaged, and several irreplaceable Instruments were lost. In order to ensure that this never took again, a new series of laws were enacted known as “The Guardian Laws”. The first dealt with new recruits, who underwent deep psychological profiling and light Neurological enhancement to ensure a falsehood like the Protectorates never occurred again. The second law was to revoke and retire any of the former Exalia Union officers who could attempt this again. Peace reigned again for a few years.

The second major rebellion, simply known as the Talen, rose in the sixth year of the occupation. However, the exact time of the rise of the Talen is inaccurate due to the style of the rebellion. Unlike the Protectorates, who were military, waged an open war, and fought for freedom; this rebellion was notably more quite, non-military, composed mostly of Gatos, and was a reach for power. This led many to suspect that the Talen were created several years before the invasion as an attempt to over throw the Exalian Union due to the past transgressions waged against their kind in the centuries past. The theory continues to say that it was the unforeseen interruption of the Empire that caused the organization to shatter, and that it took several years to regain enough power to challenge for control.

In a similar fashion to the Protectorates, the Talen did launch a surprise capture of a few installations, such as High command, and the Capital buildings in Gia Panta. They held the city and several high ranking officials, including the Lord-Commander and much of the senior military staff, hostage for several days until a deal could be created. The Tarot Council grudgingly negotiated with them, since there was too much at stake to let Gia Panta get blown to hell. This was a disastrous embarrassment. The Gato force known as the Talen was able to take control away from the empire by a careful maneuvering of a few troops and political sabotage. They weren’t defeated by military numbers, or a battle, but by a bunch of silly cat people. In order to ensure that the Empire would hold to their agreement, the Talen also took with them all of the Instrument forces. They didn’t want the Empire gone; they just wanted to be in control. In victory, the Talen led their forces back to Pasarela to celebrate with the rest of the Gatos. It would be a foolish mistake.

In anger and in secret, the Tarot Council devised a plan not only to win back the control of the planet and the Imperial forces again, but to teach a strict lesson. For that, they summoned all of the High ranking military officers and created a plan that would be known as “The Purge”, for years to come. The plan was simple; Eradicate Pasarela. General Mac Tir was once again elected to direct this campaign in hopes that he might redeem himself for his failure with the Protectorates. The General reasoned that using normal Grim Corps troops and instruments would be a … “mistake”. He recommended that deploying the 501st would send a clearer message to the people of Exalia. There was some strong opposition to this idea in the war council, but the majority ruled otherwise. The Empire will have its vengeance, and its shock troopers would carry out that honor.

The Talen were throwing a weeklong celebration in Pasarela. Hundreds of Gatos and other guests from every corner of the world came to celebrate and honor the new capital. During this time, elements of the 501st were snuck into the city, ordered to wait for the signal on the fifth day, and plant bombs in the designated buildings. The rest of the Division would be flown in, or marched into the city from the north and the south. The signal was the release of a massive ball signaling the beginning of a new Gatoian lead age. Everyone present looked forward to the time were the Gatos would be the ones leading their planet into a new golden age. Not a single person suspected that their life was about to end. Once the ball dropped, the 501st cells popped up and began to massacre the city. It didn’t matter if the creature before them was male or female, young or old, sick or healthy, Gato or not Gato. Everything before them not in white battle armor was shot and killed. Some buildings where just locked up and lit on fire, burning their inhabitants to death.

The Purge last a little over six hours. Pasarela was little more than a graveyard, and Tarot Council was placed back into power. General Mac Tir was overjoyed in the results, he was back in good standings once again and his rival was seen as a murderer. The Tarot council issued a statement during the following hours, telling Exalia that they will not sit by while a group of individuals steals power for themselves without regard to the general citizens, individuals who threatened the general safety, and security of Exalia. Further action was taken in limiting their puppet government to only hold the branch of legislation, and any controls that the Senate could enact were broken.

The aftermath greatly benefited the Empire for a while; crime rates were considerably low, there were no protesting or further acts of rebelling for several months. Fear kept everyone in line for the time being.

This is where we are now. Four long years have passed since the Purge and the fall of the Talen, and ten years since the Invasion. A few minor insurrections rose up, but never posed a serious threat and were quickly eliminated. Just enough activity was present for the military to stay sharp. During the last four years, the Tarot Council has slowly tightened its grip on Exalia, removing more and more rights promised to the people. It was also discovered that the planet is dying from an unknown source. Many believe it has something to do with the reactors that have been constructed, but no hard evidence has come forth. With all of these pressures, the people of Exalia have had enough. A new rebellion issues its challenge to the Empire; the Indolentia. They fight to restore freedom, and save their dying world.

Races: Humans are the most numerous, followed by Gatos, Elves, Parnex, Undead and Demi-Gods.

Human: According to Imperial legends, humans came from a small backwater planet known as “Earth”. These humans eventually created the means for inter-galactic travel and thus began to colonize among the stars. Sometime after this, the development of quick terra-forming emerged. Terra-forming has been around since the development of warp travel (the planet Mars was one planet that the humans considered and attempted to colonize), but this method of terra-forming took hundreds of years to complete and was extremely inefficient. Quick terra-forming was the advanced process of “giving life” to worlds in a matter of years, instead of decades. This enhanced process could create a fully sustainable world through artificial means within ten to twenty years, depending on the condition of the planet. This society eventually named themselves the Notitians. The technological advancements continued to expand, and therefore pushed the human desire of conquest.

Conquest didn’t come easy either. Many of the life sustaining planets that the humans captured had sentient life among them, and fought against humanity for their planet. Such an action was always in vain, but always kept humanity from turning on itself. On every planet they built structures to be remembered by, and asserted their domination. The same structure wasn’t placed on every world, but. With every defeated foe and newly gained world, the humans became more and more prideful of their achievements. The Empire believes that it was external forces that caused the Shattering Wars. The Shattering Wars cost the Notitians everything they worked to create.

Only a few planets retained their ability to communicate and move across the stars, these few planets created an alliance and formed what would later become the De’larin Empire. This is why there are humans on Exalia and within the Empire. The De’larin conflict with the Indolentia on the planet Exalia takes place two thousand years after the Shattering Wars.

*Characteristics: You should know what they look like. Just keep in mind that life spans have increased into the hundreds due to the advancements that have been made. There is no difference between the humans of the Empire, and the humans of Exalia, despite the two thousand year gap.

Elf: The… elven people are an interesting, although dying race of Expres. Their true origins are unknown at this time. The elves claim that they are children of the gods; created to stand as a beacon of light and strength, and to serve as a reminder of the true path. However, Imperial records suggest the possibility of them being a genetic mutation of humanity, and gained a psionic ability to control the environment around them (unknown if it was a random mutation, or a artificial enhancement made by the Notitian). At some point in time, elves were fairly numbered throughout the planet, but after racial and religious tension, the elves are starting to disappear. It is unknown what has exactly caused the elves to retreat from civilization, or die out. There are many theories on this. The first is the idea that the Empire has been kidnapping them and using them in other purposes. The second is that since they are “supposedly” tied to the Gods, that the elves are being saved. The third deals with the planets deterioration rate. It is thought that the health and existence of the elves are tied to the well being of the planet, and ever since the De’larin Empire arrived and constructed large Reactors, the planet has been dying.

Elves are unique in their ability to control the environment, a feature they use to say that they are the children of the Gods. This ability is rather limited to their race, and varies considerably in terms of age, emotions, and gender. All of them have some access to this ability, but it is only those who fully devote themselves to the progression of this ability, who can fully command the power. These powers are not as strong as the Demi-Gods. All elves have these talents, but its devotion to them that determines strength and extent.
Standard boons with being an elf; Improved vision, hearing, agility, and long life. Higher intelligence.
Usual disadvantages with being an elf: Weaker in terms of physical strength, and resistance.

Gato: Gatos are the original inhabitants of Exalia. Their appearance is extremely catlike (has tail, claws, pointy ears, fur, etc.), sometimes behavior is close as well; such as discomfort around water. Their existence dates back to when the Notitian first discovered and settled the planet. It was one of the few planets that didn’t need to have a military conquest, the Notitian humans live in peace with the Gatos, who had yet to create aircraft. It could be said that the Gatos revered them as gods. Which may explain one of the legends that the Gatos have; that one day, the Saviors will return and bring them unto glory.

Exalia was one of the first planets to be lost during the Shattering Wars. Its location and ability to communicate to other planets disappeared after twenty years into the terrible conflict. The entire planet was thrown into chaos as the remaining humans fought against the Gatos, and the Elves for control. The Gatos experienced everything from slavery to royalty within those two thousand years, only stabilizing within the last hundred years to a level of equality with the other two races of Exalia. Duringg the Imperial occupation, they suffered from an event known as The Purge, a genocideal payback to the Talen for attempt to seize control from the Tarot Council.
Gatos are extremely fast and agile, but are physically weak. They can’t carry too much without it affecting their speed.

Demi-God: The gods will not manifest themselves into this world. That would trigger the end of the planet, and release the demons encased deep in the planet, but they have heard the cries and prayers of their people to be free of the tyranny of the Delarian Empire. The answer of the gods is three “demi-gods” in the ninth year of the occupation. These individuals are unique in that they were gifted with a representation of the power that the gods wield, and approached in a different manner by each god. The gift given to them was not only the power to command the environment, but wisdom, and knowledge as well. Their powers, also their lives, depend on the well being of the planet. As the planet continues to deteriorate, they lose their power.

Even though they have the blessings of the Gods, they were once mortal creatures as well. Each one has their life history, and how they were blessed. Troubles of your life don’t end just because one becomes a Demi-God. (I will leave this up to you. You are allowed to choose what race, and what happened to them before they were given such a power. If you wish, your character can “discover” this power latter on, or already have it. The Demi-Gods are permanently alighted with the Indolentia in the beginning. However since they have the ability to choose they could theoretically give in to temptation and become corrupt.) The eyes of the demi-gods are the signs that they have been chosen, other than that; there are no obvious signs that have been chosen, unless they dress differently. The eyes of the demi-gods glow bright with the color of their iris. (Blue eyes, Blue glow. Green eyes, Green glow, etc.). The eyes can be covered by glasses, but they are very bright and comparable to fire.

The Empire is unaware of these Demi-gods except for a few rumors.

(With the planet dying, the powers of the Demi-Gods have decreased. Despite not being at full power, they are still a force to be reckoned with.)

Instruments: The role of heavy support has long been filled by the artificial beings known as “Instruments”. An Instrument is the mechanical shock trooper of the De’larin Empire; filling up many roles that it’s more organic troops cannot handle, or are not properly suited for. The Instrument Corp has units ranging from human size “Terminator” models, to massive assault units. These robots are designed in every possible way to optimize their efficiency in that chosen role. In terms of intelligence, the range varies as much as the models; from limited command and conquer protocols to high end state of the art AI operating systems.

Undead: These beings are the final legacy of the great human Notitians. They are resurrected beings encased in powerful sets of armor who can control the mysterious powers of the Void. These Undead Lords and Queens are the ruling class of the empire, and are damn near impossible to destroy thanks to their power and experience. Only a certain class of citizens can become an Undead due to an odd genetic mutation a few days (sometimes weeks) after their death. If this mutation is harnessed in time, then the body and the soul will be reforged together by the Hierarch and the powers of the Void in a ceremony known as “Dal’Nethal”. The body is also fused with the immense powers of the Void, giving them magical abilities that are similar and beyond that of a Demi-God, who is limited to the powers of the elements and are tied to the health of the world of Exalia.

The main source of their existence is to the Void, but it is also responsible for their eventual death. An undead might live for many hundreds of years, sometimes several ages, but it is the prolonged use of the Void that leads to their destruction. Dependence and addiction are usually the culprits of creating this downward spiral. If an Undead has a strong enough will and control, then there is no telling how long the eventual might last. The Undead access their powers through a controlled process called a “Card System”. This system regulates the flow of energy out of the Undead through a series of “cards”. These cards are encoded to allow certain amount of energy out for an attack, defense, or support ability. There is a problem, the card system isn’t completely perfect yet overuse will cause the Void to leak out of the armor and the card system unit. This causes an instability that could compromise the structure of the armor, and kill the Undead. The essence of the Void can be replaced slowly by the Undead in a similar way to human’s ability to replace lost blood.

Another key factor to the existence of the Undead is their armor. The armor is created from the ground up for the Undead Lord or Queen. It use to be that there was one standard set of armor for each gender of Undead, but as the Heirarch began to reclaim the steps back to the Notitian-era, it was possible for the Undead to dwell outside of the armor as it was being constructed. This way, the Undead could oversee the construction of their armor as they see fit.

The Undead Don’t have the ability to “feel” emotions very well anymore, just memories that manifest themselves like their previous emotions. Say a Undead who lost their young child sees amother or father who lost their child, will remember the emotions that were felt in their existence when seeing it in others. This was made to help the undead understand who they use to be, and still have a connection. They can feel pain, but it’s more like an acknowledgement of a hit than the actual experience. Temperatures aren’t felt either. An Undead doesn’t need to eat anymore (and some can’t due to how decayed the body was) but still can… it just doesn’t do anything. The Void breaks down the food, and no one is really sure what happens to it. Teas are often a favorite drink of Undead because of its proposed healing abilities and creating peace of the mind.

It is entirely possible for an Undead to still have family or relatives that they keep in touch with. This does depend on how long the Undead have been in their current state. It’s entirely possible for a mother, or father, or a grandparent to become an Undead and still raise a family. It is a great honor to have a family member become an Undead Lord or Queen.

Parnex: There is a special place in hell for those that decided to create this program. Its leader is unknown, but it’s a no brainer to figure out that someone in the Tarot class created them. Basically it started out as an experimental super-soldier program, but something went horribly wrong… or horribly right. The experiment use to focus on living soldiers, but nearly all of them died. In attempts to analyze what went wrong, one of the supposedly dead bodies stood up from the operating table. It was quickly blown to hell.

But they stumbled across something so brilliant, yet so dark that they couldn’t stop.

They created a miniature version of the Undead Lords and Queens. But unlike the real undead, (who are chosen) these other soldier undead are just that. Cadavers recovered from the field made to fight again. This special type of Undead is known as a “Parnex”. Further discover learned that by infusing a body with high doses of the Void, it was possible to create them from bodies. There was a small disadvantage to this; the resurrected body looked exactly the same as it had been when recovered. Devastation in the brain and in the body creates your typical zombie minion… not something you can use or control very well. Since it had such a presence and high rate of failure, the empire could just go pick any dead body to use. It had to be almost perfect, fresh, and complete. There is also a slight genetic marker that only certain bodies have with them. This is also a mutation after death, but it is quick and immediate, only lasting for a few hours.

The process itself is highly classified and still in the experimental stages, but the subject can go through a series of re-learning, and injection of new memories. Suppression and replacement of other memories are also possible. The Parnex can have information about anything downloaded into them. Don’t be fooled by these Parnex, undead warriors who look living, any loyalty they may have had in the past, any love, is gone and what your seeing is fake. It died with them, and didn’t both to come back. The Parnex are loyal to the Empire and the tarots only. Nothing else matters except for the mission. Which makes these undead minions to be some of the best spies ever created.

The Parnex do not use the sophisticated card system like the Undead, but still have powers of the Void within them. The reason for not needing a card system or a regulator is because of the amount of Void in them. The life of the Parnex depends on how much of the Void energy they have within themselves. Too much usage can kill or decay them. The void energy can also regenerate like the Undead unless it was pushed too far. They are also stronger than normal soldiers, see farther, night vision, that whole deal.

There are four main factions that inhabit this planet. Each one has their own special advantageous, and weakness. However, there are sub-factions to each group.

There is no such thing as a “good group” or an “evil group” despite what the description and history says. Each side has done good things and terrible things; each side has good people and some people who should never have entered this life. It will be you to determine what your side is; you will decide who is good and who is evil.

Indolentia: The Indolentia (besides getting easier to spell) is the last hope for freedom of Exalia. Unlike the last two insurrections, this one is a united effort from many different ways of life. Some of them are ex-Grim Corps members, and others are disgruntled citizens. They fight not for an agenda, but for freedom and to save their world. The Indolentia were created from the series of acts that limited the personal freedom of the citizens. These acts were the same ones that were created after the previous rebellions to ironically prevent anymore unrest. The Indolentia maintain a number of small bases throughout Exalia, but their home base is an underground lair built from the pipe system of the mega-city, Gia Panta.

The Indolentia are also very… low tech (Rebels vs Empire here, it has to be for sanity’s sake). They have no problems getting a hold of a few light and medium type weapons, but they need the Black-market level connections in order to get a hold of better weapons and advance tech (reprogrammed instruments, airships, armor, power armor, exoskeletons, etc). The Indolentia’s current connection to the Black-market is the Sons of Kings gang.

Another critical difference is the leadership. The leadership of the Indolentia acts in a similar fashion to the Tarot Council. Three individuals act as heads with many other officers around them. These three individuals are the demi-gods sent to help save the planet.

Protectorates: Although they were defeated, a few of the last remaining Protectorate troops have found their way to the Indolentia. These men and women have fought the Empire steadily since their defeat at Hammerfest, and hold a deep grudge against the 501st. They aren’t necessarily well armed, but have better equipment than the usual Indolentia trooper. Not only do the Protectorates form what little of an “elite” unit that the Indolentia can afford, but they also serve as teachers for the next generation of rebel fighters. These soldiers are priceless and too many of their deaths could several hamper the Indolentia’s ability to fight. Since they have been fighting for so long, they are all excellent soldiers. Expertises in several fields are given by experience and dedication to their cause. Former Grim soldiers have also joined this rare group.

Trinity of Gods: The Trinity of Gods was once the primary religion of Exalia. They believe that there are three Gods (genders are unknown) who represent the purest of all virtues of life; Truth, Wisdom, and Justice. They’ve always preached that unity and caring for others will lead them to eternal peace after their life in this mortal realm has ended. But ever since the arrival of the De’larin and their religion, The Order of the Disciples, the Trinity has been acting a lot more… hostile than before. Many of its members and much of its Priest cast have now joined the Indolentia in a religious frenzy. These once peaceful people have turned themselves into blood thirsty zealots, determined to eradicate the Empire by any means necessary.

De’larin Empire: The De’larin Empire is the remnants of the human-based, galactic Civilization known as the Notitians. The Empire is ruled by one individual known as the Hierarch. The Hierarch has been the head of the De’larin Empire since it formed; he is one of the Undead Lords of the Tarot class. His age is unknown, but it is believed that he was once a scientist involved with the Human Notitian Experiments with their versions of the Undead. Somehow he has elevated himself to that level, and has been responsible for the creation of every Tarot since. He is over two thousand years old and the oldest Undead alive. No one knows how he has remained for so long, but many suspect it’s because his armor date back to the Human Notitians and is keeping him alive.

The De’larin Empire seeks to regain the glory of the Human Notitians. They are well aware of the failures of their past ancestors and have created a series of laws and moral codes of honor to attempt to suppress the human nature of pride and greed. The basics of these principles are brotherhood, unity, and peace.

History of the Empire is based in Ages. Each age is named after the main goal, or event of the age. Ages of Reconstruction, Evolution, Reconciliation, and the current age; Reclamation. The first age, the Age of Reconstruction, was based more on the attempt to rebuild and enforce what little they had. No conquest took place at this time since most was focused on creating a strong, stable society, and means to further their limited space travel. The next age that followed was the Age of Evolution. The Age of Evolution was a time were the De’larins shifted from a tribal based system, to a more single government unities. Single Tribes or houses could still control their own planets, but in the end, all authority was given to the Hierarch. Few planets were conquered and absorbed during this time. The end of the age was marked by the rediscovery of a warp drive from reverse engineering an ancient Human Notitian ship that was drifting in space. The Age of Reconciliation was when the Empire nearly collapsed into a civil war from over expansion, and the failing of the principles. The Hierarch himself entered battle to ensure protection and unity of the Empire. When forged together again, he bound it by the principle of brotherhood, and created the Order of the Disciples religion to hold everything together. The current age of Reclamation is where the driver to regain planets and knowledge finally kicked in.

Order of the Disciples: This is the primary religion of the De’larin Empire. It was created primarily to serve as the moral and brotherhood essence that it is believed to be missing from the Human Notitians and cause their collapse. They believe in guidance of the mysterious power in the Void, and as long as one serves the Empire and the Hierarch faithfully, then they will get the chance to be admitted into the Eternal glory, and live as Gods. Since the Empire is a military bound society, it isn’t strange to believe that the Order is also more militarist then normal religions. The Order was responsible for the creation of the Templars (see the Templars below for more explanation). The Order isn’t afraid to use the Templar to get their way done in the Empire. In terms of separation of Church and State, there really isn’t a clear indication to when the Order ends, and the government begins. Although it is headed by the Hierarch, it is believed that the Order maybe growing… corrupt.

Templars: These are the holy warriors of the Empire. They serve as a protective unit to the Order of Disciples and as a police force to the rest of the Empire. The Templar forsake their past, and give everything up in order to join this group. They serve with the utmost loyalty and commitment to the Empire, and to the Order.

Training to become a Templar starts at the younger age of twelve. Technically, the recruit doesn’t get the option of choosing to become Templar. That decision is made by their parents and sometimes by the Order. In many situations the parents of a recruit is in some sort of debt to the Order or, and the only way to pay them back is by giving their child up or if the parents are in poverty, they can give the child up. Other ways is that the Order will often adopt children and raise them to become Templars or bishops.

Once accepted into the Templar Academy, all recruits are promoted to the level of Squire. The training from then until Knighthood composes of combat training, religious studies, study of law, sword training, leadership, Templar Compositions, and advance medical training. A Squire ends his training at the age of 21, where he can go through the process of Knighthood. The process of Knighthood is a simple ordination by the Grand Templar Master, head of the Templar. The Squire must recite the oath before drinking from the sacred cup that is rumored to be laced with the essence of the Void. After this, the Squire is knighted, and the celebration begins and lasts well into the morning of the next day. This ceremony takes place in the Hierarch’s Palace every year during the mid-summer’s solace.

"I shall remain vigilant and unyielding in my pursuit of the enemies of the Empire. I will defend and maintain the order of life as it was proclaimed by the Lords of the Order in the First Age. I will forsake the life I had before so I may perform my duty as long as I am needed. I shall hold my place in the machine and acknowledge my place in within the Order and the Empire. I am a Templar. "
— (Oath of the Templar)

Once accepted and knighted, a Squire is now an official Templar. He or She is given blessed armor, and a prized elemental sword. The armor is a slight merge between the normal plate armor and powered assault armor. It does increase the strength and durability of the Templar, but not on a combat rate. The Templars are meant to be guardians and rarely entire the combat field due to lower numbers. However, when the Templars do entire combat, they are a massive inspiration to surrounding Grim soldiers. They provide everything from support to medics. Sometimes, especial with the Veteran Templars, they can be seen wearing advance exoskeleton armor. (Templar Exoskeleton Armor)

The Templars are not part of any military organization, and therefore do not take commands from any of the Grim Crops Branches unless commanded by a Tarot, or by the Order. It is their primary duty to provide safety and security for the followers of the Order of Disciples. Other duties include serving their fellow brothers and sisters in combat and also destroying any heretics.

Templar Organization:
Templar Lord: A Templar Lord is a Undead that was once a Templar. (Example)
Grand Templar Master: Head of the entire Templar Order.
Templar War Master: The fighting generals who command the Templar in combat.
Templar Master: Masters who form the Templar council. Three Masters are present in every academy.
Templar: The usual Templar. These holy knights fill out a large vraity of roles for their Order.
Squire: A templar in training.
Recruit: Someone in consideration for admittance into one of the Templar Academies

Tarot: The Tarots are… unique when studied with the rest of the Empire. The Tarot is composed of Undead Lords, Ladies and their Parnex minions (see the classes for further explanation). On Exalia, a Triumvirate of these Undead masters is called the Tarot Council, and they command the entire presence of the Empire on this world. This council answers only to the Hierarch.

Grims Corps: The Grim Corps is the name for all of the De’larin military forces, despite the fact that there are some specialized sections within the Corps that go by a different name. The soldiers of the Grim Corps are very well trained, and extremely well armed. The Armor of the Grim soldiers is designed to be a “base” armor. It’s an armor that can be easily specialized by adding new components, or removing them. This method allows the Empire to save time, storage, and money by only needing to produce upgrade components instead of different suits of armor.
Fighter Plane

(See Technology for a bigger explanation on Power Armor and Exoskeleton Suits)

Order of the Grim Corps.
Fireteam 4
Squad: 12
Platoon: 50
Company: 500
Battalion 1,500
Regiment: 3,000
Division: 9,000

501st Division: These are the elite shock troopers of the De’larin Empire. They provide a variety of roles from battlefield support to assignations.
Color: White
Leader: Lord-Commander Vaco Malen Blood

The 501st was created just a few years before the invasion of Exalia, and it’s the first division to be notacable different from the rest of the Grim Corps. Once, they were heroes of the Empire, but thanks to Mac Tir, the 501st are seen as dangerous and feared individuals… even by the rest of the Grim Corps. They are hated by many Gatos for their role during the Purge (some have gotten over this hatred). The 501st are most easily recognizable by their unique white plated armor. The armor usually white, but is sometimes painted to reflect rank, or personality. The armor is another odd mixture of power armor and plate armor. It doesn’t provide constant power supply to amplify the trooper’s abilities, only when triggered does it allow amplification.

No member is green since it is required to have at least two years of combat experience in order to sign up. Unlike other units in the Grim's Corps, the trainees go through another set of Basic Training that last for six months. The dropout rate of the trainees is about 70%, usually due to death. These trainees are given general training for three months, which insures that they are proficient in all weapons. The next three months are geared towards specialization.

All members are awarded with white semi-powered armor, but not even on the same scale of Vaco's Assault armor. These suits are very basic in comparison to his, but much better than the plate armor that the rest of the Grim Corps use. The color is also white. You’ll also find the highest amount of the Assault Power Armor in this division than any other Grim Division since its leader is the founder of the project. It is jokingly referenced that it is unknown to who the 501st are more loyal to; the De’larin Empire, or their Leader.

The 501st have a close relationship to the Order of Disciples, and the Templar. They are currently stationed in Gia Panta, but have command over the Battlestar-class carrier in orbit.

Gangs: Even before the arrival of the Empire, there was still a fair amount of gangs and a thriving black market. However, once the Empire gained control over the planet, they raged a very popular war against the gangs; destroying all but a few of the strongest gangs, who provide necessary to remain by the Empire at that time. Since the only way the Indolentia can gain any more equipment or supplies is by dealing with the black market, they must do so through and with an allied gang.

Sons of Kings: The Sons of Kings is the last great gang. It was strong enough to survive the Imperial attempts at removal, and have thus taken the majority control of the black market. Minor gangs must pay tribute to them, or face annihilation. This is also one of the gangs that have a connective tie to both the Empire, and the Rebel forces. It supplies the Empire with valuable information and critical key points within the city, and provides the Indolentia with the tech it needs to continue its fight.

The Sons of Kings gang is lead by its founder, Healen Mishibi, of the Mishibi crime family. 50 years ago, it was the Mishibi family that ran things. It even had corrupted a few politicians within the Union. Healen was the heir of the family, but lost his position to his younger brother who killed their father and assumed the mantle of leadership. Healen was banished from the family at the age of 24. He knew that there was no way that he could directly or indirectly attack his former family. Thus the Sons of Kings were born. At this time, the Sons of Kings were composed of his closest friends, a few allies still within the Mishibi family, and support from a rival family. With the increasing strength of the Sons of Kings, Healen was able to out maneuver the much larger crime organization, seizing multiple high value targets and sell them for a high price than what his younger brother could have gotten. Pretty soon, it became obvious that the Sons of Kings were feared and respected more than Mishibi family. This allowed him to finally have the opportunity to regain his heritage, but he didn't. He destroyed his family crime business, and absorbed what remained of it into his new vrime organization.

Ever since, the Sons of Kings have been a blessing and a curse. But there time in power is soon at an end...

Exalian: Basically, this is an “I dunno which side I wanna be on” and “neutral” group. In theory, you can also use this side to manipulate all three sides (although the gangs are much more suited for that role), but it’s going to be extremely difficult. Civilians and remains of the Union occupy this last fraction. These are the people who wish to stay neutral in the conflict with the Indolentia and the De’larin Empire; although they could be pushed either way…

They have no advance weapons, tech, or training. At best, they can steal weapons and learn how to be effective in combat. There is also the option of being a politician. No subgroups.


Exalia: This is a rich planet with a wide range of ecosystems and unique organisms. It features three main continents, a massive ocean, and many islands. Its people care greatly for the planet, which leads to the next problem. Exalia is dying. The noticeable changes arose two years ago with falling crop production and the overall “sickly” looks of planets in many areas. Rivers, streams, as some masses of water began showing evidence of pollution, but the source couldn’t be found.

Forest of Memories
A crystallized forest filled with special properties. If someone entered the forest, then that person's memories will be randomly displayed on the reflective surfaces closest to them; playing a piece of recording from your life over and over again until it changes. If one's holds strong feelings for a certain memory, that memory will be displayed more frequently. Terrible things happen to people in these forests who let their minds water and let their guard drop.

Sorrow Lake -. A quiet area that is located near the center of the forest. Within Sorrow Lake is a small island, a large lake with a single large crystallized tree in the center, and many other small trees surrounding the area It is suspect that the entire area gains its powers from this single tree. Although the lake has water, it cannot be used for drinking due to its lethal substance. It is said that the water has the ability to crystallize any type of organic creature if drunk. Creature and vicious monsters are rarely seen here, making it the safest place in the Forest of Memories.

Cave of Asymbolus - A mysterious cave that's dark as night. A place that also houses darkness itself or so they say. This cave can be found near the silent Reactor. Within this dark cave lies only mystery, travelers who once pass by this cave never attempt to venture through. Each time one gets close, a faint voice can be heard echoing in our heads telling us to

The main path that leads through the Crystal Forrest, that also has many forks’ some leading to other places, some to dead ends.

Silent Reactor - An empty and cold Reactor lies within the forest. For unknown reasons, the Reactor has somehow become inactive. Leading to the conclusion that someone or something has somehow infiltrated and deactivated it. A group of Grims and Instruments were sent to reactivate it but they soon disappeared without a trace.

Gia Panta
The largest, tallest and most advance city on the planet. The city once used to get its energy from the planet. Many De’larin soldiers patrol the city, making sure no one dares to try and challenge the empire. Many useful items can be bought in this city. Transport vehicles like bikes and airships can be found in this large city. There are also many highroads and railways tracks.

Hideout - Indolentia's hideout lies beneath Gia Panta. This is where the small group plan their attacks against Inamabilis. Many useful items like potions and food have also been gathered here. The hideout is made out of mainly metal and spare parts from machines. The hideout is quite large.

High Command – This is the base of operations for all De’larin Military Forces. It’s a towering structure that’s meant to impress and intimidate. It also holds much of the military command structure and acts as the primary source of all military communications/coordinations.

Stalum Street:
Stalum Street officially doesn’t exist. Unofficially, it is the “focal” point of the black market operations of Exalia. In a sense, there is no fixed location of the black-market. There is a presence of one hidden in every major city, ready to provide disparate buyers with their vices. The Stalum Street is located in Gia Panta, and most of it is owned by the Sons of Kings.

Templar Academy: An Academy is in the process of being constructed on the outskirts of Gia Panta, but it is still in construction.

Land Closest to Heaven:
This is the name given to the area around a ruined Temple. It derives its name from its eternal beauty, since many believe that it is the only spot on the mortal realm where one can get close to the land of the Gods. Some say it’s where the Gods left Exalia after they have created it, others claim it to be a door to the Gods. This area also has yet to show any of the decaying signs that the rest of the planet holds. A sword of untold power remains deep inside the Temple. The orgins of the blade are currently unknown, but it was either created by the Gods, or by the Human Notitians. It is suspect that this blade can end the life of a demi-god or a Undead.

Occultus: It was once a village in the higher mountains, but the Empire moved a research lab up there. The village disappeared soon after. After contact was lost with the base and the village, the entire area was placed under knockdown by the Tarot Council. The interesting thing about this lock-down is that the majority of the weapon placements face towards the compound, and not away. It’s like the Empire is more concerned about something getting out than in…

The status of the village itself isn’t well known, but satellite observations have confirmed that it was attacked by something, and that the village has been burned.

The research facility holds many secrets, information, and powerful weapons that were still under development. Such items would greatly enhance whoever’s capability to fight in this war or fetch an enormous price on the black market, but is it worth the risk?

Area Zero: Another of the Empire’s secret research facility… although everyone and their dog knows where Area Zero is at. Area Zero isn’t just a research facility it’s one of the strongest Imperial bases, and a critical Instrument Production and Storage Facility. The loss of this base would be nearly as bad as losing High Command. Area Zero is also responsible for all military forces in the Gesharian Plains.

Pasarela: This was once the Gato City-State, now it is little more than a ghost town since the Purge was enacted by the Empire around four years ago. Even though there were attempts to bury and burn the bodies, they were just too many and remaining bodies still liter sections of the city in various states of decay. To attempt was made to reoccupy the city since the purge and thus as been left abandoned. The Empire doesn’t monitor the area very much due to this reason.

Several key buildings were destroyed, but the main bank seems to be undisturbed. The money and gold in there could make an individual exceedingly rich, or provide funds to a despite group… unless its already gone.

There is no telling what or who has claimed this city as their own now. It’s best to travel with cautiousness in its empty streets.

During the Purge: ... edCity.jpg
After the Purge: ... MP_v04.jpg

The reactor complexes began construction as soon as the Empire landed, and were completed years later. These reactor complexes provide an immense amount of power for the planet. There are only six reactors on the planet, and each contains a large military base responsible for the security and enforcement of that area. They also provide command and support for any outlying bases.

The Hammerfest base was the base that the Protectorate General Claudius Drusus captured in his attempt to rebel… and it’s also the site of his death. The Hammerfest base was destroyed during the final assault and the fire-fight inside, and the Tarot council was unwilling to divert funds to repair it. The base was salvaged and a new base was set up further along the mountain range. This base came to be known as “New Hammer”.

This RP features a combination of magic and technology, but there are some limitations.

Not allowed:
There is a slight technology limit in this RP since there was an advance civilization before the invasion of Exalia. Some of these limits are to also create balance and ensure
Personal Energy Shields (Bigger ones are allowed on airships and heavy Instruments)
Magic bullets
Halo rings/Death Star
The Swiss Army Guns
(List is subject to change)

Clarification: Some things that are allowed aren’t mentioned too much.

AirShips: There are airships used in this RP. They are the only method of areal transportation, and can look however you want. The idea is pretty much strait forward, but if you need clarification, then I will provide some. The ideas of massive airships are allowed but I’m modifying them to be some of the spaceships that the Empire arrived in. The massive ones are only allowed to the Empire in the beginning, and there will only be a few. The Indolentia are allowed to gain a hold of airships as well, and have the possibility of hijacking one of the massive ones.

Elemental Swords: As soon as I find out what the hell these originally were, I’ll tell you. They weren’t used too much in the previous RP except by Vaco. From what I can gather, they are basically a mixture between lightsabers and normal steel blades. You can’t deflect things, but they can cut through things a lot easier than a normal metal blade. The can cut through some armor depending on what armor type it is, how you are fighting, and if the element is turned on. The element is what gives the blade the cutting edge and a special bonus. When the element is turned on, any patterns on the blade glows. These weapons can take form of any melee weapon, and with the advancements in armor, close range combat like this are a very good possibility.

Power Armor and Exoskeletal Armor: Despite this ideology of keep it simple that the Empire maintains, they have created several forms of power armor, and exoskeleton suits. The most prominent example of Imperial power armor is the Assault Armor Mk 2. It is given to the Empire's best. It is more of a usable award than anything else. It contains a black under layer of small plates that are linked by Kevlar fibers. This layer also hides the armors micro-hydraulic system, and formation gel layer. The hydraulic system drastically increases the wearer’s strength and speed, while the gel layer allows them to take high speed impacts and suffer no, or minimal injury depending on multiple factors. The last layer is protective plates made out of a classified alloy. In basic terms these plates have been tested to with stand many types of ammunition, fragment grenades, and at least a close hit from a rocket launcher. In order to properly use the armor, the wearer is linked to the user by using a connection in the subjects neck and into the Spinal Cord (a connective implant is required into the subjects neck. This implant is usually permanent) . This allows the armor to basically become a second skin. However the armor is allows very heavy, and needs special equipment in order to properly hold it. It can be manually removed, but it is easier to use a terminal location. The armor can only be repaired at these locations, due to its complex design.

As for exoskeleton suits, the process is still relatively new, and still different from the power armor. While the power armor is a suit that binds itself to the wearer’s body, the exoskeleton suit is more like a tank or a shell that forms around the wear, and doesn’t actually “touch” them. This allows the armor to simple fold from the wearer and not need complex machinery to take off. The elegance and sophistication of the power armor is removed and replaced with brute force. Agility is sacrificed to give rise to power. Speed is forgotten and strength is renowned. Dispute its massive differences in style, the exoskeleton system relies on a similar system that it’s younger brother uses. The power is given through a system of hydraulics, but is also used to “shift” the plates around to minimize damage and to absorb impact. These suits can be dropped from high orbit and into the battlefield below. The suits are also temperature regulated.

The exoskeleton suits are also highly customizable as well. The weapons, armor, design, and color can all be changed. The only things that stay the same are the internal controls and systems. It doesn’t matter what you are wearing when you use a exoskeleton suit, it’s even possible to wear power armor underneath, but it doesn’t give any advantages. Undead can also wear one of these expensive suits as well. These suits are hard to get from and into the black market since the empire watches them so closely.
Basic Exoskeleton Suit

Character Sheet

(TO THOSE WHO WERE INVOLVED WITH THE RP “FOREVER ENDLESS”: You will notice that the storyline and a few other things have been expanded from the previous RP. You might need to make a few alterations to your current CS in order for it to meet the new standards. You can also continue the storyline you were on with Forever, or abandon it and restart. This RP has been redesigned to accept the events that have already happened, and allow new adventures to begin. It’s like a cross between a reboot and a continuation. SHOULD YOU CONTINUE YOUR CURRENT STORY: I want a you to add a section in the History that tells me what happened to you character in Forever. I kept track of most of you, but not everything.)

Character Sheet



Race: (Human, Elf, Gato, Demi-God, Undead, Parnex. )

Class: (Basically, what is your job?)


Affiliation: (Which four groups does your character belong to?)
Sub Affiliation: (Optional. Just gives a clearer view to where your character stands.)

Skills/magic/abilities: (What can your character do? For Demi-gods and Undead, what powers do you have available to you at this moment (be reasonable ))

Appearance: (Explains itself. Tell us what your character looks like. Pictures are allowed. Detailed is wanted)

Starting equipment: (Be detailed here. I don’t want anyone pulling a grenade out of their ass or hammerspace. If it isn’t present, you can’t use it unless you find it somewhere, and I doubt there will be supplies lying around. List Form with explanation would also be nice.
Example: Carried:
- TX900 turbo plazma rifle
- two modified deserts eagles
- fifteen trowing knives
- two frag grenades
- three smoke grenades
- 15 plazma rifle cartridges
- 10 clips each full of .44 magnum ammo
- one bottle of water
- five sandwiches )

NPC(s): (You know the basic drill on this one, but here is a little bonus for a few. There is the possibility that you can take control of a group that hasn’t been claimed, or join one, or you can start your own. But be warned, I’m going to get a lot harder on accepting new subgroups as they come in.)

Personality: (What makes your character them? What are their dislikes, personality, mentality, etc. ?)

History: (What happened to you character?)

Starting point:

(The Songs aren’t a requirement, just a fun little thing you can do if you want.)
Theme song:
Battle theme:

IN GAME: I’m not going to hold your hand in this RP. You’ve been given a world and a mission, how you choose to complete that mission is up to you. There are many alternate endings, and many alternate routes. As Game Master, I will of course present challenges and problems for you and your party, but I hope you will create the story with each other. I’ll just add the consequences and rewards for what you do. I want this to be character driven. Sit on your ass and I’ll make sure an airship somehow mysteriously falls out of the sky and kills your character. This maybe based on the whole “Empire vs Rebel” thing, but there is so much more if you just take advantage of the freedom here.

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Re: The Eternal Waltz (OOC - Sign ups are open)

Postby MQuinny1234 » Thu Jun 17, 2010 11:31 am

That was fast.


First CS of two.

Character Sheet

Name: Christopher Quinn

Gender: Male

Race: Half human, half gato. Human from his other’s side.

Class: Shady businessman

Age: 17

Affiliation: The Gangs mainly. His own gang is called “the associated bastards” or the “associates” for short. A gang made up of half-breeds, anomalies and rejects, it basically takes those who don’t fit in to their own intended group, the hybrids that don’t belong to either of their species, the anomalies who have no one like them and the rejects who for some reason or another have been excluded from their own gang or group. Chris ran for leadership once when he was 16 but lost to Majin, an anomaly who Chris could never find out much about except that he was intelligent and ruthless. He decided not to run again after a nearly-successful assassination attempt on Ashley.

Skills/magic/abilities: He is very agile and fast, as par usual for a gato and is quite strong, especially for a gato, but not amazing for a human. He also is an experienced hacker, locksmith and chemist. He has one ability which is due to a highly-funded experiment he was very interested in involving cloaking oneself and making themselves invisible. It took a month of glowing fluids and painful procedures but by the end of it he was able to turn himself invisible to the naked eye and deaden his body heat, this all, along with another few years of working with chemicals, fumes and raw materials and poisons has helped him build up an immunity to most of the more moderate poisons, chemical, etc as well as a few vaccines he'd injected himself with. He can turn one person invisible with him but it makes him more vulnerable to heat vision as he can’t hide the person’s signature correctly as well as his own. He also has enhanced senses, strength, speed, agility and toughness, but none of these are extremely noticeable. He has a few other trivial skills such as being musical, artistic and knowing how to create drinks and the like. His final odd little ability, is the urge to be piratey, after he watched a trilogy about these people who sailed around the sea, fighting the undead, taking on the king of the sea, travelling to dead dimensions and drinking and making jokes all the time he immediately started to try and be like them, to make dramatic entrances and then quickly rush out in a flurry of explosions and confusion, to try and leave egg on his enemies faces, but not too much to compromise his excape too much and to always keep his cool.

Appearance: He has a pair of cats eyes and ears along with extendable claws and is of a reasonable height and is quite slim, about five foot ten. He wears this guy's clothers, top hat, cloak and everything, except the sword, he has a thin rapier on his belt and numerous pouches and pockets full of interesting potions and toys. His tail is a plain black one with a white tip and is three foot long, and surprisingly strong and handy, especially for robbery, when people are watching his hands, he's quickly swiping things with his tail. He uses his claws mainly to climb up walls and if he get’s enough speed he can normally quickly climb up a building, His cloak is also laced with a special rubbery material allowing it to be easily stretachable and to absorb impact, it's meant to be a prototype for a stylish parachute but Chris had trouble finding volunteers and suitable weather, so he has it as an emergency..

Starting equipment:
- three smoke grenades, with changeable timer.
- one med kit
- three explosive bombs
- four gas bombs
- 2 flash bombs
- one swiss army knife
- one plain gun that can hold 9 bullets
- 18 bullets worth of extra ammo
- One rapier, a metre long. Also imbedded into the hilt is a battery and a switch, which when set off creates a current of over 0.2 amps through the sword.
- a roll of thin metal wire
- a grappling hook gun
- a mobile phone
- a credit card
- cash
- three vials of poison
- two vials of antidotes for most poisons
- two flash grenades
- two tear gas grenades.
- two respirators which can easily be hidden inside the owner’s mouth.
-one small toolkit which can be used for breaking into and out of safe's, jails and anything with a lock really.
-golden locket with a picture of himself and Ashley like the ones you see people take in a photo booth

Personality: He’s a very charismatic person and easy to socialise with, he’s also very talented at hiding his true emotions and giving off fake ones, necessary skills for a business man, con artist and overall rogue. He normally excludes the air of a gentleman, calm, polite and a pleasure to talk too, at least in certain company and around Ashley. Otherwise he cut’s lose and you get to see the drunk, perverted and crude ruffian he can be. He prefers to run for it, rather then fight most of the time and often shirks from responsibilities and thing’s he find’s boring. He has a soft spot for Ashley but tries to keep himself from getting seriously attached to anyone else.

History: He grew up in Gia panta with his mother when he was young, they lived in an inn in the slums of the great city and his mother tried to make sure she could keep them afloat, even though Chris was an accident she still loved him. She did use to sell her body as a profession as she found it enjoyable and profitable, her clients would often come to her for her company as well as she was quite charismatic and enjoyable to be around, often joining in the drinking games or the other various tournaments that went on in the bar. She also had a mean right hook to the astonishment of some of her rougher clients and could hold her own in most of the brawls, some of which she normally caused.

When she was 25, she carelessly got herself knocked up with Chris and was quite surprised when he came out without any fur and other attributes but shrugged it off quite quickly as the bonds of motherhood set in. She decided to stop with her main job and began to work as a cleaner and a barmaid, to the dismay of her regulars and to the delight of Joe, the owner. She worked and helped out around the inn and got free lodgings and meals for her and Chris as they grew older together.

Chris settled in quite well in the inn and began helping out when he was five, carrying things around, leading people to their rooms and serving drinks, much to the amusement of the customers as they saw a little kid stumble unsteadily towards them under a tray of booze and foodstuff’s, and often gave him tips for his trouble and little sips of their drinks when his mother wasn’t looking. He quickly took to the stuff but kept it as a rare treat after his mother found out and proceeded to tan his backside. He slept on his front for a week after the dreadful experience and began to learn the arts of secrecy, deceit and acting. Strangely enough, he never could fool his dear old mum but kept on trying, even though there was a high penalty and long, long, painful history of failures.

He was leading a good life with his mother right up until the purge. At the start when the Gato’s had taken over the city the after effects didn’t mean a lot to Chris or his mother or the people in the bar, who were mainly criminals or the minor working class and didn’t really care who was in charge. The were some congratulations for the pair but apart from that nothing really changed and they just kept on working ignoring the celebrations in Pasarela. Chris’s mother had never been there and didn’t see the point in wasting her money and time to go there, which was quite lucky for her and Chris as it turned out. Unfortunately, while they were saved from the main strike in Pasarela, the backwash of the assault quickly spread back to Gia Panta in a tide of racism and hatred against the Gatos.

The crowd could be heard coming from a mile away as the civilians decided to start their own purge of the city, while much less effective, it still was a bad day for the Gatos. Especially Chris’s mother, Joe quickly got them out of the bar and down the back streets where after a hurried goodbye, they legged it. Of course, even the two of them had trouble disappearing in the dark and deserted streets as the mob spread out, and after a wrong turn into a small, but loud, mob, they hit trouble. Chris’s mother only managed to break into an empty house, shove Chris into a cupboard and get back out of the house before the mob saw her. All Chris knows was that he heard the mob run past and then nothing for the rest of the night

After a quick scuffle a few days later when the family of the house returned, he returned to the bar, which it turned out was under new management. Joe, it seemed, had been relocated due to his previous company and employees and even though Chris was only half-gato, he was quickly booted back out. He was allowed to take his stuff with him though. One of his favourite regulars took pity on him and decided to help him out by giving him a job to work for him. If asked, the regular would say that his job was moving things from A to B, or maybe moving A to the bottom of C, or perhaps under D or moving parts of A to B, C, D, E and F. Chris quickly turned down the job after he realised what C and D where, and especially A but he had already been introduced to the underworld and found he quite enjoyed some of the less dark and messy places.

He joined a small gang and began to steal, con and cheat for a living, he was happy with the challenges his new life supplied him with and was determined to go for bigger and better ones, this may have had something to do with the fact that he needed a new outlet and something to focus on, he wasn’t a stupid child and doubted his mother had survived and like many other people when faced with a personal tragedy, he dove into his work. After the first year of crime, he joined the “associates” and quickly rose through the ranks with his quick thinking and even quicker hands. He was normally designated to be team leader as he was worryingly good at deciding if his comrades were more valuable then the profits gained. While this did make him mildly unpopular, his success rate, and only slightly larger then usually fatality rate, more then made up for that and his partners in crime were quite happy to join up with him, mostly. After his second year of crime and leader ship he began to really tear up through the ranks, starting and planning missions of his own, and always donating 10% of his profits to the “associates” and being particularly generous to the high-ups and other promising criminals.

He then decided to go straight and narrow and make a respectable name for himself in society and began a trading business, designed to move things and shuffle them around whether it be getting certain forms to people who needed them in a rush, juggling around numbers to make 2+2=3 and to sometimes help people get out of away from the watchful eye of the empire and the violent arms of the grim corps and the stomach of promise. He basically made a business of greasing the axles of crime which did wonders for his reputation in high society. He spent the year cutting deals, creating allies and keeping a low, but successful, profile. Yes, a few people did decide to go out of his way to try and take him down but luckily Chris’s “community learning centre for law and justice” was able to help him out there. Admittedly the college made less money then it put in, but that was because it was a very good school for the students and the elite students often found a job waiting for them, working for Chris and one of his companies or workplaces. Chris liked lawyers, a man who can be bought is very trustworthy to the one paying them, and who knows where they live, and where there friends and families work, and a surprisingly high amount of their private social life.

So ate the age of 14, Chris was head of a major business that had a lot of ways to be useful to the population, like moving things about, help with law and contracts and other little trades. After all this though, he began to get slightly lonely as he couldn’t do a lot more really without attracting more attention and pushing the line, he didn’t want to become more of a hindrance then a help to the empire and had offered a special discount on his deals with the government and whatever it wanted of him, he made sure to always be helpful and polite when talking doing deals with high-ups. But even though he knew many people, and a lot of groups to socialise in, he still felt alone when he saw a family walking through the streets or a young couple coming to his company to get help with a mortgage for their new home together and even though he had a huge home, practically a mansion in the centre of Gia panta and held numerous parties there with many people, it still felt empty when he woke up in the morning and got over his hangover.

He began to walk around bazaars and other small markets, starting various collections or helping out small business’s personally. He collected and donated art, collected old nic-nacs and do-dads from a forgotten age and even took to visiting orphanages and helping out personally in them when he got too lonely, he enjoyed seeing the young children happy but it only helped for a little while.

But then, one day, when he was browsing through one of the various and more expensive and unique black markets, he wandered into a bidding section of it. He was surprised at what he had stumbled into at first but quickly took part, yelling out numbers as stolen items, plans and information passed through. He was thoughely enjoying the competition of the bidding and the competitive bidding between himself and the stunning lady in the black dress as the numerous sections passed by, items from the pre-empire era, stolen plans of the latest technology and various glowing and colourful chemicals with mysterious properties and effects. The bidder then announced the last section of the night before the market would close down for the night, causing much groaning and complaints from the crowd, which quickly disappeared as the man said “Ladies and gentlemen, and the rest of you freaks, our little business transactions will be closing soon and I thank you all for all your money, it’s been a pleasure taking and conning it off you. Now, I know you’re upset about us leaving you now and running off before you discover what complete and utter crap we’ve sold you but don’t worry, we’ve saved the best till last.”

His eyes sparkled and his teeth shined as he flourished his cape and disappeared in a puff of smoke, which Chris especially liked, only to appear on top of a hidden platform that had previously been hidden by a black curtain disguised as a wall. The wooden platform had a large square base, 7 metres long, 10 metres wide facing the crowd, it was pushed against the wall and there were two doors. Each one two and a half metres tall and a metre wide with iron bars vertically and horizontally across the doorframe, one on the left side of the stage, 3 metres from the centre of the stage, the other door on the right side likewise, and a wooden stand which the bidder appeared behind in another puff of smoke. “It’s time for the slaves, oh I’m sorry, I meant, “unwilling servants” part of the show.” He beckoned towards the door on his right, causing the bars to slide apart slowly and the slaves to come out, blinking at the sudden brightness compared to the darkness of their prisons.

Chris leaned forward in his seat in interest, he’d never come across anything like this before, it could be useful to him, he’d constantly found gems amid the rubbish sold in markets like this, who knows what he could salvage here. The bidder started off with a pair of human female twins who could dance, sew, cook and where quick learners. They were snapped up by an elven gentleman near the front for a price of £1200. After the crowd had thinned out slightly to leave the serious bidders, it really got underway. Gatos, elves, humans, even a couple of Parnex and instrumentals which Chris tried to get half-heartedly. After an hour, the only bidders left where the lady in the black dress, the elven gentleman, Chris and a few spectators.

“Alrighty lady and gen-tle-meeennn. I’m glad to see we’ve still got you three still here, I hope you decide to buy something sir” he said nodding at Chris. “even though it hasn’t been for lack of trying, but perhaps your past failures have done you good as maybe our last one will tickle your fancy, and I thank you, good sir” he started, turning to the elven gentleman “your contributions have been most generous along with yours dear lady” He finished, turning to the guard at the door, to lead out the last prisoner. “What we have here, to the best of my knowledge, is some kind of elf, he’s been passed around us dealers for the last 7 years since he was found wandering around a forest somewhere, all on his lonesome. He’s in surprisingly good shape, mentally and physically, for someone in his case and quite frankly, I’m hoping one of you will buy him, even I’m uncomfortable with keeping this guy after he’s been locked up for so long, but not enough to miss a profit, ha” he laughed as Ashley was led out, the guard steering him forwards with his hand on his shoulder.

Ashley blinked blearily at the crowd and yawned loudly as he stood there, he had a ragged dirty brown top on that went down to his knees, without any sleeves or anything else, it looked like someone had punched some armholes into a neat sack and stuffed him into it. His blue and green eyes had heavy bags under them and were slightly bloodshot and red, his black hair was down to below his shoulders and his fringe would reach down to his nose if he hadn’t tried to tidy it up, leaving his blue eye peering out at the crowd while leaving his green eye covered by his dirty thick hair. His antennae hung loosely down at the top of his shoulders, his white skin covered in dirt and much, making him look like he had grey and brown smudges over his visible body and the whole sad pathetic appearance was topped off by the way he was standing, slightly crouched and huddled into himself, like he didn’t want to grab their attention, and the lonely, dejected look in his eye as he stared at Chris, like how he was just another face amongst hundreds of others he’d seen before going back into the cold, wet darkness.

Chris stood up in his seat, he couldn’t explain it but a sudden wave of sympathy had washed over him, that short look he’d seen on Ashley’s face before he’d turned into himself again had shown him a scared solitary and unwanted young boy who was trapped in a life he didn’t want but had learned to accept it as the years of isolation had beaten down upon him and this made Chris very uncomfortable. He’d learnt to distance himself from things like this because you didn’t get to be rich and powerful in the business world by being charitable and it was better you then them, but it was hard to stick to those principles right in the face of this woeful site. The lady in black shrugged, got up and left, her new servants coming behind her along with her personal guards. The man in black turned to glare at Chris, his eyes trying to gauge if he would make this last bid troublesome. He grunted and turned back to face the bid and raised a hand. “£400” he stated in his deep gravelly voice. “$900” countered Chris, causing the elf to turn and glare coldly at him again, Chris grinned back and motioned at him to raise or get out with a thrust of his hand upwards and jerking his thumb over his shoulder. The elf smiled coldly, the expression not quite reaching his eyes as he turned back to the bidder and said “£1200”. The bids kept rising steadily but Chris was determined to win; besides he hadn’t bought a lot at the auction while the elf had bought quite a lot at exuberant prices. “£3600” the elf said, a hint of anger creeping in to voice, it seemed that he didn’t want to lose either.

The bidder was hopping side to side with joy as the two battled it out with rising numbers. In comparison Chris’s initial optimism was depleting as the price rose higher, the elf grinned evilly, he’d long ago realised that Chris wouldn’t give up and was now just raising the price out of mere spite, a look of pure maliciousness spread across his face as he smirked at Chris’s unhappiness and growing self-loathing as his inner business-man screamed angrily at him like an angry wife who’s just opened the door to find her drunken husband sleeping half-naked in the garden. “£7482.01 and that’s all I’ve got left” Chris wailed as he slumped over and started crying into his knees with his hands clinging the sides of his head at his terrible, terrible loss. The elf sighed happily and got up and left as the bidder danced around the stage, “WHOPEE”ing at the top of his voice and hugging an absolutely amazed and shocked Ashley to him. “I KNEW you’ld pay off, I knew it” He yelled as he ruffled Ashley’s hair and led him off the stage towards a shuddering Chris.

“Time to collect” he said happily as he loomed over the crying hybrid, a huge grin on his face he held his hands out for payment. Chris looked up at the smiling dealer, sniffed once and then started bawling again as he rested his head on his right hand and poured the money from his wallet into the dealers grasping fingers. “Thank you good sir and thank you boy for making me a very happy man” he said shaking Ashley’s hand before skipping off back to the stage as his men started to pack it up. Ashley just stood there quietly beside Chris; he was still amazed someone had actually bought him, let alone for so much. He was happy that he’d finally be able to go outside or to be free of the countless dungeons and holding pens and auctions but he wasn’t sure what to make of this sobbing human/gato thing in front of him, he wasn’t sure of much at all actually. He sat down n a chair beside Chris and slowly, hesitantly put his arms around him and started shushing, he’d seen a mother do this to her crying daughter once and didn’t know what else to do, he seemed very unhappy about whatever had happened and Ashley had decided that he should try to cheer up his new companion. He was already beginning to recognise that Chris had saved him from the dungeons and had decided he didn’t want him to be upset.

After a few minutes Chris pulled himself together, realised that his new slave was hugging him and quickly detached himself from him. “*sniff* Alright, it seems that…I own you now…” he said as he got up and walked briskly to the exit. Ashley quickly got up as well and ran after him and began to walk beside him silently. “So….any idea what happens now?” Chris asked awkwardly as they got closer to the exit of the market. “I’m as new to this as you are sir.” There was silence between them for a few seconds, their footsteps echoing around the deserted exit “well….I’m Chris then, what are you called” “I’m Ashley, I thing” “Isn’t that a girl’s name?” “No.” “sorry, sorry…so, seven years then” “….yeah” “….must have been lonely” “You get used to it” “yeah, I know.” They walked silently together until they reached the exit and entered the main street.
Ashley gawked at all the people walking around him in their bright and complicated clothes as Chris looked around for a cab somewhere before noticing Ashley’s amazement. “You never seen a crowd before” “No.” replied Chris as he stared at a passing child eating an ice-cream. “What never? Where were you before you were caught” “Can’t remember” Ashley said distractedly as he took in all the sites and smells. “Will you stop staring at people, you’re creeping them out” snapped Chris as a nearby woman sped up past them out of Ashley’s penetrating eyesight. “We’re gonna need to get you some new clothes, you’re attracting a lot of attention” “I am?” he asked as he began to notice the glares and questioning looks from the people in the crowds. He huddled closer to Chris and grasped his arm tightly as he started to let the fear overwhelm him; he didn’t like attention, attention normally led to beatings from the other inmates, he whimpered and buried his face into Chris’s cloak. Chris looked down at Ashley’s head and around anxiously, he didn’t really know what to make of this, he gently pulled his arm out of Ashley’s arms, put his hand around his shoulder and let him bury into his chest as he pulled his cloak around him and wrapped Ashley up. “This is gonna be hard work” he muttered as he raised his hand for a cab and patted Ashley with his other.

Starting point: Gia panta

Gentleman version: There’s a good reason why these tables are numbered honey, you just haven’t thought of it yet.

Ruffian version: Kiss me deadly.


Name: Ashley.

Gender: Male

Race:Probably Elf, except instead of walking around like a complete and utter ass, he’s more human-like and is more talented with his powers. He’s also a bit more of a mutant, kinda a different breed of elf then the rest.

Class: None really, but perhaps a gardener or a housekeeper.

Age: 15

Affiliation: None, if he had to choose, he’d probably go with Chris’s group.

Skills/magic/abilities: He can control plants and increase their growth and the like. He also has mild control over the weather and animals. General control over nature really. He also has a lot of handy little skills like medical knowledge, sewing, a beautiful singing voice, quick hands, cookery, etc. His powers also go with his mood, growing more powerful the more emotional he is, the more destructive the angrier he is, etc.

Appearance: He’s so cute, isn’t he? Yeah, naturally pale, same clothes and hair style, with the little antennae things and the shadows around his eyes, 5 foot eight, healthy, slim and popular with the ladies. He also does have the strange claws which he always wears the gloves over which can become sharp if he feels he’s in a tight corner or need’s them.

Starting equipment:
-Pencil and paper
-Med kit.
-sewing kit
-pack of cards
-little golden locket with a picture of himself and Chris like the ones you see people take in a photo booth. Chris is pulling a face, sticking his tongue out with Ashley hugging him from behind, with his eyes crossed and a silly grin on his face. Chris with three dark lines on each side of his face like whiskers and Ashley with little symbols like stars and hearts on his.

Personality: Quite gentle and caring normally, he enjoys chocolate and dancing and music and partying even though Chris often tries to stop him sneaking out and forbids him from going to the late night raves and concerts. He doesn’t approve of the drinking and drugs and the rest but loves the feel of everyone dancing and moving as one, it makes him feel special and he enjoys the buzz and the general atmosphere of the places most of the time. He does mollycoddle Chris a bit and disagrees a lot with his criminal activities and will often use his personal knowledge of Chris to make his life a living hell. He cares a lot for Chris and often get’s worried about him whenever he’s out too late and doesn’t hesitate to let his feelings of disagreement with his acts known. The two friends have a very complex relationship indeed on many levels, especially for Ashley.

History: He can't remember his early childhood, spent 7 years in a prison, spent the rest of his life up to now with Chris, going out to parties on his own, hanging out with Chris, helping him out and gardening with other hobbies, I'm not gonna bother with a decen thistory for this cause I'm alreay angry about doing such a long one for Chris.

Starting point: Gia Panta

Theme song: On the wing.
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Re: The Eternal Waltz (OOC - Sign ups are open)

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Expect my CS sometime after the next two days. This sure is gonna take a while to read.
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Re: The Eternal Waltz (OOC - Sign ups are open)

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Don't mind me, just transposing some CS's. . .

Gender: N/A
Race: Machines
Age: 3 Months since A.I. initiation
Class: Assault/ stealth reconnaissance/ artillery

Affiliation: De’larin Empire
Sub-group: Weapons Research and Military Science Division


Thermal Vision - This ability is self explanatory. E2 or MIR can see any and all forms of warmth whether it's a person or the engine of a car, if the target has any magics or natural ability that could possibly cool themselves to the temperature of their surroundings. Anything less, will just make it a bit harder to find, but he will see you and act accordingly.
Night Vision - Again self explanatory unless target/s have magics. The difference between NV and TV is that NV allows a larger field of view than thermal (although lock-on speed is decreased a small bit)

Rapid Thermal Targeting (RTT) - When Thermal is engaged MIR can keep track of all current heat signatures allowing for near instantaneous switching of targets. Basically Thermal increases lock-on rate. This ability can be overwhelmed, in which case MIR will automatically switch to NV (as Thermal is usually for use in dark environments)

Increased Field of View (IFV) - MIR possess multiple cameras on its persons, from the back, front, left, right, top. Using feed from all cameras MIR can put up a 360 degree view of the battlefield while in combat. Thermal increases targeting rate. Normal rate in static view. And smaller rate in Night Vision. Obviously a 360 view has its benefits.

Alternate Munitions Load-out - MIR is usually loaded with a primary munition and 3 other alternates in smaller supply.

SONAR/RADAR - For environments with low visibility or in case MIR loses the ability to see with its "eyes" MIR can use both sonar and radar. While radar is superior to sonar, radar can be easily effected by electronic feed-back, so MIR can switch to sonar which uses mechanical energy to find its targets. Unlike MIR's camera, though, both radar and sonar can see through objects (radar outright penetrates objects, and sonar simply bounces sound around objects to get to target) Other then the obvious seeing of targets MIR can also use this ability as a mine-sweeper picking up mines as they lay in the dirt

Battle-net Important Target/ Artillery Mark - If MIR sees a target of particular interest or if he needs a target to be barraged, he marks it. Not a physical mark, but a mark that will then be sent into the planets Battle-net work, from there the higher-ups will decide what to do with said information. From a precise missile strike, dispatching of a raid party, Planetary bombardment, Firebomb, background-check. . .

Experimental Background Discoloration (EBD) - Where MIR gets his namesake. The armor on MIR is a new technology developed by De’larin researchers that is able to perfectly match the background on which the MIR is, rendering MIR nearly invisible. Seeing as how this is still in its experimental stage the ability requires some warming up, so it cannot automatically turn invisible. But once set on the MIR can creep as silently as a tank sized robot can drive, meaning that the MIR should and usually does stand quit still when the ability is on. Mainly used for reconnaissance. In this form the MIR can be undetected for quite some time, collecting as much information as possible and sending it off to HQ before it attacks either on its own, or with the invasion force. Environmental interference will not effect this ability, but while not as sensitive as radar/sonar it can still be effect by direct electric currents and EMP's

Hover Mode- MIR can shift its wheels inward, after which it engages a sort of hover mode, with all 6 wheels flat beneath it spinning. the MIR will then use exhaust to propel itself forward, back, and down from the large exhaust pipes attached to its arms. Considering MIR's weight he cannot go up to speed very fast, nor is his "air braking" anything to shake a stick at.

Independently moving Base/Torso - Both MIR's upper body and lower body can spin 360 degrees independent of the other.

Offensive Chemical Engine Exhaustive - MIR can inject a certain chemical into its engine that will then cause fire to spew out of its exhausts, which can be shifted to face in front of MIR. but they can also be shifted while in hover mode to point towards the ground, using his spinning ability and the hover MIR can create a firestorm as he flies through the air. The chemical also boosts engine output and speed for a short while. The downside to this is that for some time after the ability, black smoke will spew out of the exhausts, rendering the stealth system's useless.

Wheel Set Shift - Other then hover mode MIR also has two more movement abilities. All-drive mode, where all 6 spiked wheels will make contact with the ground allowing for more power and speed at the cost of maneuverability. And All-Maneuver mode, where the 2 center wheels will lift off the ground allowing the remaining four to get closer in allowing for more maneuverability and turning speed.

Complete Equipment Destruction - Unlike normal machines which will still leave parts when destroyed MIR has a much larger and much more destructive explosive incinerator in place in him. As the MIR's outer armor shell ( and thus the EBD skin) cannot under any circumstances fall into the rebels hands, as such this larger device will completely vaporize MIR and any objects with-in 30 ft of itself in a large fireball at 1000 degress, after the initial melt-down a molten spot in the ground will denote where the explosion happened. Said spot can last for up to 8 days, as the chemical burns itself out.

Appearance: 30 ft by 45 ft MIR is as tall as he is wide. MIR looks like a large wheeled tank. With a large rail-gun mounted on its inner shoulder and two smaller guns-for-arms MIR looks like something that would be perfect for its job: killing things. It's Chasis can be described, as a large metal Barrel shaped Torso with a sharp triangular forward swept head. The head has 2 white lights fashioned to look like eyes although this is just to fool the targets into thinking they know what MIR can and cannot see. a little behind the head and at an angle is a large 2 ft thick rubber dish that looks like a tire, which is actually the source for MIR's radar and sonar, should it be taken out MIR cannot use either. MIR's "body" is attached to a base of 6 large 10 ft spiked wheels that can crush cars and roll straight through buildings. Out of its mid-arms and up its shoulders are large exhaust pipes that usually emit colorless CO2 and heat, but if the chemical is injected after the initial fire black smoke will billow out for a while. Its arms itself are large looking machine guns that can shred through thin walls and wooden structures. MIR will not hesitate to shoot through what it can shoot just to get at its target. on the "forearms" 3 large blades are attached, which can also be shifted forward to strike at anything or shifted in position during hovering to allow a helicopter motion that will turn things into little pieces should they get in the way. If anything MIR looks remarkably similar to Mortor Ball of FF7 and has some similar abilities too....

Starting equipment -

ZFX Multi-Range Rail Mount - The Rail-gun the MIR is equipped with can length and shorten its barrel to allow for more precise shots at longer range, to smaller less precise but more manageable closer shots for closer targets. the Rail-gun also has different munitions types. MIR is usually equipped with one major munitions and a small amount of the 3 other munitions.

Munition types are as follows:

High Explosive - used to clear out buildings, or demolish them should the need arise. Blast radius of about 25ft. Area for death is 26 ft, area for serious injury is 28 ft. Safe area, beyond 40ft. His main armament usually. Contains 25 shots
Armor Piercing - Can penetrate solid concrete, can kill things with-in 5 ft of blast, dismally small compared to the 25 ft blast of the HE, but AP is designed for larger targets and to go through armor on said targets. Contains 10 shots
Grape Canister - Shoots a large canister out of barrel at an adjustable speed: If fired slowly, Fist sized ball billings then explode out of the canister in every direction and put holes in anything, mainly organic life. If fired with speed the billings fan out in a cone in the direction MIR fired the canister, little bit great penetration power. The billings can hit MIR but they will just harmlessly ricochet off. Contains 12 shots
Anti-Air - Uses a shell with a warhead that is much much faster then AP and has a more specialized Armor piercing capabilities due to its speed, but their is a drop-off point should the target be armored above the level of an aircraft, due to its speed it makes for a capable AA solution. Contains 8 shots.

Arm Cannons/Shields - Has two 20mm cannons for arms, on each "arm" is a shield with three blades attached sticking outward, can be shifted forward when is all terrain mode. These shields are a capable anti-ballistics material able to take at least 20 shots of Rocket AP before weakening, at which point shield will automatically eject. The Cannon's ammunition is regular FMJ rounds that will also shred through organic life and lightly armored targets. However, the shields do not cover all of MIR and in fact are only as big as his arms themselves. With them he can only cover the front of his body, his wheels, top and back are still unprotected.


Personality: As the MIRAGE is a machine a personality has been programed into him that would allow MIR to learn, think, and philosophize on his own. An on board Artificial Intelligence allows MIR to freely think and talk through external speakers to his masters. MIR is an experiment so anything that goes through his system is constantly scrutinized except for the more complex thoughts that run through MIR as this new AI is complex to the level to where even his creators are not quite sure how it works yet. As you would imagine this allows MIR a large amount of freedom in thought, but he is not truly free, and has certain fail-safes with-in his system. Should they be triggered MIR will self-destruct, no matter where or what he is doing. As mentioned before MIR can talk, but he cannot control other robots as he is still in his experimental phase, the thinking part being about as much freedom as he is allowed. For such a large robot MIR is quite curious and this curiosity (which worries researchers) can sometimes land MIR in some trouble and it is only by the time they must observe this "experiment" (a full year) that MIR is not melted down. As of late, however, MIR has developed some tendency's researchers find positive. MIR has begun blaring out debilitating propaganda to damage moral in enemy troops and unintended but welcome side-effect from his freedom of thought. MIR often has a running joke, usually when deployed in a new area he will act as cold and as callously as possible in-order to fool his new superiors into thinking MIR is just another mind-less robot, but at the last second MIR will surprise them with some form of wit or snide comment (as he is "protected" by the De’larin Research and Science Wing)As such MIR is quite a witty and uppity robot. As he is a machine and lacks a face and body to aid in communication MIR relies on the quality of his voice: Rough, yet scientific, like that of an old scientist. One could say MIR has more intelligence then any robot could ever have. Will he ever change sides? Of course not, MIR has advanced beyond the point of questioning his superiors, as time will tell....

Background: In the 3 months MIR has been alive 2 of it he has spent in knowledge and combat training, he ha also learned the aspect of the enemy and any moral and philosophical implications from war on thinking beings. Obviously such training has rubbed off on MIR, and scientists would not have taken such a big risk if they were not confident that "teaching" MIR in a certain way would have positive benefits, that and MIR is under a time-limit. His thinking process and battle record will prove him worthy for keeping or have him melted down. MIR is also extremely new to fighting having only had 1 month of actual combat experience, however, one month was all MIR needed to fully under-stand how human rebellion thought and morality works. Expect more from this machine then the usual "cold-killing machine". It is obvious that MIR is being transported to the "front" to gather more experimental data on the rebels.

Starting Point: Being flown in to Gia Pinta via airship's hold, over the Forrest of memories. (This could possibly change as I see others supply thier CS's)

Theme Song: Justice - Waters of Nazareth

Battle Theme: Aci-L


CS subject to change. . .

Are we still using the Tarot-King, Jack, Queen type deal for the undead?
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Re: The Eternal Waltz (OOC - Sign ups are open)

Postby Ro Wong » Thu Jun 17, 2010 12:12 pm

Slipslash wrote:Are we still using the Tarot-King, Jack, Queen type deal for the undead?

*waits to hear answer to this before saying anything*
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Re: The Eternal Waltz (OOC - Sign ups are open)

Postby Doctress Who » Thu Jun 17, 2010 12:18 pm

Dibs on a Demi-god :3
I already had something in mind. Although it will take a while to make the necessary changes.

Same with my already existing character >_> need to go and change a few things...

Also, what happened to the fucking giant desert that was surrounding the Forest of Memories? Did it dissappear off into the night...?
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Re: The Eternal Waltz (OOC - Sign ups are open)

Postby Ro Wong » Thu Jun 17, 2010 12:23 pm

Doctress Who wrote:Also, what happened to the fucking giant desert that was surrounding the Forest of Memories? Did it dissappear off into the night...?

A wizard did it...

Any time you see a plothole, it was that same bastard wizard at work.
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Re: The Eternal Waltz (OOC - Sign ups are open)

Postby Musicmac » Thu Jun 17, 2010 12:35 pm

Character Sheet

Name: Helios Felis
Gender: Male
Race: Gato
Class: Merchant / Clockwork Expert / Mechanic
Age: 20
Affiliation: Exalian

Helios' main source of income. The Gato uses his talents to salvage parts that are worth money, fix the machinery of others and even sell off the stuff he makes out of scavenged materials.

Survivability, Stealth, Acrobatics and Athletics
Born as a Gato, Helios has the natural born talent of moving silently in the shadows and performing incredible physical feats a normal human can't. Over the many years of his traveling and running away from junkyard owners, he has learned to take care of himself along with many methods of escaping from trouble.

Clockwork Expert and Mechanic
Helios is an expert in machinery, especially those based on clockwork and steam. Most of the time, you'll see him jumping into junkyards looking for salvageable parts. He is also a genius when it comes to repairing or inventing machinery. One of his first inventions was the Clockwork Pistol, a weapon based off on kinetic energy and steam power that was made for his safety. If you need a bolt found or your car fixed, Helios is your guy.

Swordplay and Marksmanship
A little something he's acquired over the years, Helios is incredibly skilled at using his Clockwork Pistol and Gear Fang. On one of his travels, he had befriended a swordsman who later thought him the fundamentals of swordplay for Helios' safety. His marksmanship with his Clockwork Pistol is something he's obtained over the many years of using it.

Alchemy and Pharmaceutical Knowledge
Not only a genius in the technological and mechanical department, Helios is also an enthusiast in the medical and chemical fields. His knowledge of Alchemy and Pharmaceutical Application are of top-notch which is another part of what seems to increase his chance of survival whenever he goes on his travels or one of his scavenging sprees.

Hands of the Curios Analyst
Purchased from a alchemist in Stallum Street, the pair of black fingerless leather gloves were told to 'be able to understand things better for you'. The gloves are actually more than it meets the eye. At the palm are a large amount of processors and scanners which make up a sort of 'plate' so to speak. Whenever Helios wants to do so, the plate will scan a certain structure and relay its info into Helios nerve impulses which are sent into his brain. There is however a backlash to the gloves, if Helios tries to scan anything too big or complicated and fails to cancel its process, the massive amount of knowledge will prove too hard for him to handle, making him go into massive cranial stress or maybe even implosion of the cerebellum, oh my.

Helios has jet black hair and large amber-colored eyes. He has a slender body with a slightly gaunt face and a small scar above his right eye, received from a guard dog. He prefers comfortable and simple clothing. He wears a black long-sleeved leather jacket on the outside with the collar pointed up. On the inside is a red shirt that has a white line running across the chest and a white hood is clipped onto his jacket. A waist holster is used to hold his Clockwork pistol, hidden within his jacket, and he keeps his Gear Fang inside it's sheath, tied with two leather straps onto the right leg of his long gray-colored pants. He has large black boots which are steel toed and have large white straps.

Starting equipment:
Contains all the stuff that Helios beings along with him.

Clockwork Pistol
A bulky and yet surprisingly light-weighted gun functioning on the application of steam power and kinetic energy. The Clockwork Pistol was invented for the sake of Helios' protection against guard dogs and police officers. The gun is large and bulky with gears spinning on both sides. To use the gun, Helios must put in a magazine which contains 30 small metallic pellets and attach an air tank at the back of the gun. When fired, air is pushed in, converted to steam and powers the whole pistol to fire at enemies.

Gear Fang
The result of Helios' close encounter with a large guard dog which almost ripped his face off in a junkyard. The Gear Fang was created for close quarter purposes. The Gear Fang is a short sword with a maddening twist to its attacks. It can let off a electrical energy throughout it's blade from a very small power source, often a battery, and leave it's opponents with a massive sting. Two large gears are seen at the bottom of the blade, which when Helios activates with a small button, begins to turn at high speeds and rolls on a small slot through one side of the whole blade, acting like a chainsaw.

    Current Ammunition for the Weapon
    2 Air canisters that can last enough for two magazines
    5 magazines of ammuniton
    10 batteries for the Gear Fang, each lasting for around 30 minutes

Small knife
For cutting stuff up.

Medical Kit
You'd think he had bought another one with all the guard dogs and bullets chasing after him all the time.

Toolkit containing many scavenged parts and tools

A bag of dried chicken

A bag of apples

A plastic canteen of water

Lots of cash

Hacked mobile phone
Purchased from Stallum Street. The mobile phone has a compartment below which fits in like a small box attached to it. When flipped open, wires can be seen on the inside and a small panel full of buttons allows Helios to call people with an unidentified number or go undetected by the authorities.

Lockpick set
Purchased from Stallum Street. Used for breaking into junkyards and hardware stores.

Personality: Helios is an extremely free-spirited sort of person. He's more willing to risk his own life than walk away from junkyards with their piles of stuff untouched. But due to his years of traveling, his personality has somewhat hardened slightly, making him alert of others and hardly trusting anyone who isn't a Gato. He's also quite hypocritical with his actions and makes it worse with his self-righteous logic. Despite that, he can be quite kind to those he considers as allies and friends.

History: Helios was born into a well-off family of Gatos. His father was the village's local chemist and his mom worked as a small-time mechanic. From both his parents came his fascination of technology and alchemy. Things were going great for Helios and he seemed like he would have a great future.

That is until the Humans came.

As supporters of the Talens, Helios' parents were both killed during the Purge. Miraculously, a 15-year-old Helios had been able to escape the same fate all because he insisted on staying home to do one of his projects.

He acted quite quickly when he received the news about his parent's death, packing up his stuff and immediately heading out of the village to seek another place of refuge. He has been through quite a lot in his many years of traveling, meeting new friends and enemies of the like. Of course, friends either died and were wept for, became enemies and were killed, or even became much to close with the Gato but only to be pushed away and separated from.

Starting point: Stallum Street

Theme song: Tocadero - Good Fight
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Re: The Eternal Waltz (OOC - Sign ups are open)

Postby Blood Lord » Thu Jun 17, 2010 12:51 pm

Slip's MIR is accepted.

Ro Wong wrote:
Slipslash wrote:Are we still using the Tarot-King, Jack, Queen type deal for the undead?

*waits to hear answer to this before saying anything*

Not really. There is no clear separation between the Undead with the exception of genders. Lords are males, Queens or Ladies are female. Each Undead is still unique in their own style still, so it still kinda exists, but the class is in the personality and preference of the Undead. If you want it, go ahead and throw it in, but where each of the three Undead rule equally, it really doesn't apply that much.

Doctress Who wrote:Also, what happened to the fucking giant desert that was surrounding the Forest of Memories? Did it disappear off into the night...?

I'm not a fan of "one topographical feature" planets, despite by overwhelming influence of Star Wars on my characters. I've already stated that the planet is in various states of decay and that this was a recon and continuation.

Ro Wong wrote:Any time you see a plothole, it was that same bastard wizard at work.

There is no plothole. Just a recon.

Doctress Who wrote:Same with my already existing character >_> need to go and change a few things...

Amen. Vaco and Sylvanas are going to be a headache.

Any other questions or concerns?
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Re: The Eternal Waltz (OOC - Sign ups are open)

Postby Slipslash » Thu Jun 17, 2010 12:54 pm

I'm going to wait and see what everyone elses CS looks like before I (might) post Eli. . .
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Re: The Eternal Waltz (OOC - Sign ups are open)

Postby Doctress Who » Thu Jun 17, 2010 12:57 pm

Hmm. The desert was kind of the reason why Mystara journeyed with MIR, though...
I'm a little confused as to what to do.

Slip, are you starting from scratch, or are you keeping in the MIR/Mystara interaction?
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Re: The Eternal Waltz (OOC - Sign ups are open)

Postby Blood Lord » Thu Jun 17, 2010 1:00 pm

Confused on what?
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Re: The Eternal Waltz (OOC - Sign ups are open)

Postby Slipslash » Thu Jun 17, 2010 1:03 pm

It's a hazardous noman's land still, this time instead of mother-nature, now monsters, highwaymen, and other icky things, the dessert may as well still exist

oh and, starting from scratch, but will pursue Mystara route. . .just wondering what we'll do differently. . .
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Re: The Eternal Waltz (OOC - Sign ups are open)

Postby Doctress Who » Thu Jun 17, 2010 1:08 pm

Ah, ok. No longer confused now.
And it will be interesting to see what happens this time around.

Hmm. I'm wondering whether to keep in the little Cave of Asymbolus story and just recon MIR out of it, or start completely from scratch...
Hiryu: Doc's bag is a portal. She's actually from another dimension and when she jumped into it, she ended up at a desk with a browser open on this site. That's how she found it.
We have a Doctor Who thread now. Doctor Who threads are cool.
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Re: The Eternal Waltz (OOC - Sign ups are open)

Postby Lemon » Thu Jun 17, 2010 2:05 pm

Reserving a spot on the first page.

Dayum this got brought up fast after vote, which I can't say for the making of the RP :3
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Re: The Eternal Waltz (OOC - Sign ups are open)

Postby Princess » Thu Jun 17, 2010 2:06 pm

Lol, Sylvanas? You claiming my woman's name?!?!?! I might get into this, but if I do my posting might be a little on the slow side. Oh, and I'm gonna be an elf.
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Re: The Eternal Waltz (OOC - Sign ups are open)

Postby Jasthn » Thu Jun 17, 2010 2:07 pm

Stufflikehearts wrote:Lol, Sylvanas? You claiming my woman's name?!?!?! I might get into this, but if I do my posting might be a little on the slow side.

Indeed he was. In fact, my character was tagging along side her for at least half the RP. :3

I have claimed my spot. I'll work on the CS very soon.
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Re: The Eternal Waltz (OOC - Sign ups are open)

Postby MQuinny1234 » Thu Jun 17, 2010 2:19 pm

could I make my guy a half-breed, half-human half-Gato?

I want to make his mother a human who worked at a whorehouse or something and just show how he rised through the underground from there.
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Re: The Eternal Waltz (OOC - Sign ups are open)

Postby Lemon » Thu Jun 17, 2010 2:21 pm

MQuinny1234 wrote:I want to make his mother a human who worked at a whorehouse or something and just show how he rised through the underground from there.

Now all we need is an Undead from Ro and this RP is rated R.
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Re: The Eternal Waltz (OOC - Sign ups are open)

Postby Doctress Who » Thu Jun 17, 2010 2:22 pm

I still remember that post of Ro's...
Hiryu: Doc's bag is a portal. She's actually from another dimension and when she jumped into it, she ended up at a desk with a browser open on this site. That's how she found it.
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Re: The Eternal Waltz (OOC - Sign ups are open)

Postby MQuinny1234 » Thu Jun 17, 2010 2:23 pm

I read the start of it, got uncomfortable, and blurred through the rest.
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Re: The Eternal Waltz (OOC - Sign ups are open)

Postby Kougaiji+Sesshomaru » Thu Jun 17, 2010 2:54 pm

Name: Julius Justin Ashton

Gender: Male

Race: Elf

Class: Stealth/Long Range Combative

Age: 32

Affiliation: Indolentia

Skills--> Skilled with a Bow and arrow, exceptional sword skills but prefers to use Chain and Sickle. Chain magically modified to stretch extreme distances. Doesn’t deplete energy and reverts to normal chain length when not in use. Being an Elf, techniques like sword play deter his advantage greatly but he makes up for it in his magick.

Magicks-->Summons: Mama Qullia- Goddess of the Moon, important for calculating the passage of time. Deep tanned skin, a good 7’ 5’’ tall, the extra five inches is thanks to her golden headdress that is shaped as an upside down melon slice. Its markings somewhat representing sunbeams. Jet black, wavy, shoulder blade length hair that flows underneath a grayish blue hooded cape and golden earrings that match the bottom edge of both cape and split skirt. A golden ingrained belt across her waist with matching red feathered and golden shoulder pauldrons. A long dark red scarf that hangs lazily from her arms around her back and her chest covered with nothing more but a golden plated bikini with matching ingrained necklace. She holds a small makeshift replica of the moon; it glows whenever she uses her powers. She also holds an hourglass that allows her to control her attacks, which consist of time control. She can stop and slow down whatever the summoner desires but only during the period of when the Timer is activated. Julius can only summon her once during a fight, usually his last resort summons for either a final blow or escape plan. Can control who exactly is being affected and companions need not worry about being hindered in anyway. For strongest capability summon during a full moon.

Summons: Kabeiro- Sea Nymph of Lemnos and wife of Hephaestus. 5’ 10’’ tall, milky white skin tone, ponytailed jet black hair that curls somewhat at the ends and small water made wings adorn her back. Sky blue gauntlets on her forearms that match her ponytail holder and spiral tattoos painted on her calves. Greek like robe of light blue silk. The skirt held by a sole ring on her right side and top held by the ring on her neck. Silver chain attached to right gauntlet that connects to a metal spear/staff. With the help of the staff Kabeiro can create water out of thin air and use the elemental attack against multiple enemies. It’s easier to control a giant mass of water when near an ocean or lake; creating that much water would take up more of Julius’ magic than need be. When normally attack enemies Kabeiro doesn’t take a lot of magic to summon Kabeiro, can use multiple times in battle. Spear/staff acts as a weapon as well.

Celestial Summon: Eris- Goddess of Strife. A good 6 feet tall with waist length, jet black hair in a ponytail, shoulder length bangs that cover her ears. Giant, black raven like wings span from her back, piercing red eyes and gold ornaments scattered on her body. One golden ornament secured tightly in her hair, another on her right bicep and two on both her wrists, acting as gauntlets. A black and deep purple outfit of silks strewn across her body like a bed sheet, a golden belt wrapped elegantly around her waist. Walking staff in hand, Eris uses the Apple of Discord, a golden apple that can change its shape at the will of the summoner. A shape shifting based attacks summons that uses incantations for the desired object. Sometimes Julius only has to say one word and the Apple of Discord transforms into the object and he can use it to attack the enemy. Julius can only summon Eris three times in a battle before summoning her again begins to take a toll on his magick ability and body.

Sentient Summon: Ifrit- An enormous bat winged creature of fire who lives underground and frequents ruins. 7’ tall, bloody red skin, small bat like wings and ram like horns that curve to the side. Sharp yellow eyes with flame like eyebrows and shoulder length hair. Gold piercing in top corners of pointed ears, odd tattoos on upper chest and biceps, diamond embedded gauntlets and claws for hands. Spiked armlets underneath tattoos on biceps, gauntlet matching loin cloth, hooves for feet and skinny tail with a blazing flame at its end. If it wasn’t obvious already, Ifrit’s summons power is Fire elemental based. While ordinary weapons and forces have no power over him, he is susceptible to magic, which the enemy can use to deactivate his summons. Ifrit may be either a believer or an unbeliever, good or evil, but he is most often depicted as a wicked and ruthless being. Ridiculous amounts of power with the element Fire and can produce it from nothing just like Kabeiro and water. Similar to Kabeiro is terms of how many times Julius can summon Ifrit

Ability->Has the ability to manipulate Light and Darkness. Since he’s low in strength and defense, JJ uses his manipulation powers for stealth purposes and very rarely as attack. This ability allows him to control the shadows to bend to his will and hide not solely himself but others within in a 20 foot proximity of his person. He can twist the shadows to hide only the people who desire to be hidden, so passerby’s don’t get caught up in his ability. Only downside is that if there is too much movement, whoever is doing the moving will be revealed. It gets harder being about to manipulate the shadows of more than 18 people who are moving rapidly. As an attack, it’s more an illusion of being engulfed by nothingness or being blinded by an extremely bright light.

Appearance: Standing at the height of 6’ 2’’ with long, waist length, platinum silver hair and piercing green eyes. He’s got a lithe build and light armor. Similar to regal clothing, Julius walks around in a dark cloak that trails to the floor behind him. Underneath is fairly light armor of a regal-like black tunic and dark gray slacks tucked into his knee high leather, brown boots. Gold bracelets litter his wrists and a sapphire pendant hangs from his neck.

Starting equipment:
Weapons--> Long sword
Chain and Sickle
Pack--> Money
Emergency supplies (such as healing aids, rations, etc.)
Survival Knife
Accessory--> Mother's Necklace (has an unknown magical ability)

NPC(s): Bijaksana Del Matalino, Gatos: Pale orange and brown skin, round yellow-green eyes, blue shoulder length hair, and small pointed ears hidden, sometimes, beneath her pushed back bangs. Her armor looks as if it were made of light purple silk. A sleeveless, v-necked dress where the front stops at her knees, trails to the floor at the back and a waist-line vest like design attached. Black knee high, heeled boots and leather gloves that wrap tightly around at the start of her wrists. A pair of black and red Tonfa holstered on her sides for easier access. Bow and quiver secured firmly on her back. Her tail is randomly braided and two braids from her hair are constantly in her face. NOTE: Braids, tail and tonfa missing from picture, I’ll draw them later...maybe >.> She’s the intelligent type. Always has her face burrowed in a book; always trying to learn new things. She’s somewhat haughty spoken and vary rarely gets uncomfortable unless utterly provoked. She has a horrible temper when she’s awoken abruptly or repeatedly teased. Staying clear of her when in her angry state would be an understatement.
Theme: The One by Limp Bizkit
Battle: Cyberbird by Yoko Kanno

Damien Thanatos, Gatos: Light brown and indigo striped skin, sharp greenish gray eyes, jet black elbow length hair and ears littered with piercings. Medium Scythe, wears light armor to compensate for weapon heaviness. Dark violet open chest vest, edges lined in a dark gold. Light gray slacks cut at the medium part of his calf. Barefoot (if that’s outrageous I can give him shoes) Has unnatural dark grayish circles that surround his eyes. He says it’s from lack of sleep but such an obvious lie has given both Bijaksana and Julius reason to believe otherwise. Almost like a split personality, Damien is overly kind and friendly with everyone when not in battle. But similar to a switch being turned on, Damien is ruthless in a fight against his enemies. Like a completely different person from his usual happy-go-lucky demeanor, Damien’s split side was given the nickname Thanatos. Julius told him it was reminiscent of a lost Celestial Summons that was once prosperous in battle. The personified demon of Death, rumored to have been vicious in battle and destroyer of any enemy of the caster. But its summons was lost along with its last master.
NOTE: Scythe in picture is not the same as actual weapon Damien uses; it’s just a reference picture. Damien
Theme: Bitches by Mindless Self Indulgence
Battle: 10,000 Fists by Disturbed

Personality: He’s like a snickerdoodle; tough around the edges but soft and chewy on the inside. He’s a generally quiet normal person. He keeps to himself and tends to show little to no emotion unless the situation calls for it. But when he’s with someone that’s extremely close or even remotely friendly, he interacts almost jubilantly. A stunning smile that reaches his eyes sometimes puts others in a trance; instead he just smirks so as to not cause any trouble. Doesn’t like talking about his past but get him more than slightly drunk and he might just tell you something heart wrenching. He knows how he gets so don’t go thinking you can coax him into drinking with you; you’re going to have to be really good at deception. Contrary to popular belief, he cares about other people’s well being; he just doesn’t show or keep any sign of detail to letting others know. He seems distant and cold hearted but he’s only looking out for everyone. The less attention he brings either around himself or near others, the better off they are at living longer. He has a small feeling that nudges at the back of his head that he’s cursed. He more than likely pushes the sensation away as meaningless though. “Whether I am cursed or not, that fact alone still won’t change a thing. My presence still brings ill fate to others…I’d rather be precautious than see others get hurt…,” he says with a solemn gaze.

Background:Since the time he was able to understand, Julius was told his mother was mentally ill. His village constantly reminded him of her sickness without giving him a reason for why she was so. They kept her secluded within her home, away from any prying traveler eyes, for the sake of the village’s reputation. Julius grew up in a village where being poised and well educated was the only way to be prosperous.
He was taught how to control his emotions, to be well mannered and have a vast knowledge of history and magick. All of his time was spent on lessons so only in between breaks was he allowed to visit his mother. The villagers warned him not to encourage her with his frequent visits but he saw nothing wrong. She seemed normal to him. She was like any other mother; kind, protective and always smiling.
On his 19th birthday, she gave him her most treasured necklace, telling him, “Wear it. Keep it safe…If you can do that for me, it will show you things far beyond any magick spell you’ll ever learn…Keep it safe and it will help you find what I’ve lost…Keep it safe…Keep it safe…”
Six months later, his master chose, against the other villager wishes, to tell Julius the reason of why his mother was deemed mentally ill. He had two older siblings who were taken in the first wave of attack on their village by the Empire. Wrought with sorrow, his mother's sanity was far too unstable, even for magick, to repair.
One day, during his final lesson, his mother escaped her confines, driven by insanity and killed the entire village; who were unable to defend themselves since the attack was unexpected. She killed his master and attempted to take her own son's life, blinded so much to not even recognize him. Julius protected himself but in doing so, accidentally killed her.
Suppressing his erratic emotions, he quickly left the desolate village and began to travel as a classic vagabond. He traveled in and out of towns, finding work for those willing enough to ask of his service. He was determined to find and/or rescue his siblings and kill any Empire Dogs that crossed his path. Julius soon noticed that no matter whom he was working for or what his job detail was about, he was being constantly dragged into unavoidable civil disputes within each town. Sometimes the battles escalated to the point of innocent towns being burned to the ground.
Julius thought it was Fate bringing down judgment on him and with whomever he interacted. He decided to live in seclusion within the Forest of Memories, taking extra precautions not to lose his way in mind and body. Three years passed when he happened to walk upon the sight of two young children from the Gatos clan, lost within the trees. They were abandoned by their clan when both their families attempted to flee the Empire through the Forest of Memories, only to become lost and separated within the maze.
Only nine years old, he decided he'd take them under his care. The three of them left the forest and as they traveled, he taught them of what they needed to know and ten years later, the two of them were all grown up. Julius decided to pick up his quest to find his siblings again and both Gatos offered their assistance. He declined but Bijaksana and Damien decided to follow Julius anyway.
Forever Endless History-to-Present Summary
As they began confirming a clue of his siblings' whereabouts--somewhere in Gia Panta--the three of them made their way into the secret passageways that lead to Indolentia's underground base. Given only a riddle, they figured out the secret path and entered the base. Upon seeing a soldier, Julius stopped a man and asked for the leader, in hopes of joining rank.

Starting point: Gia Panta

Theme song: undecided by Dir en grey

Battle theme: Path(Album Version) By Apocalyptica
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Re: The Eternal Waltz (OOC - Sign ups are open)

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Stufflikehearts wrote:Lol, Sylvanas? You claiming my woman's name?!?!?!

Claiming your woman's name?

My dear, good Stuff. I'd never do that. Because I already have.
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That's fine by me.

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Yus sir.

@ Kougaiji+Sesshomaru: He’s like a snickerdoodle? Lol.

(if that’s outrageous I can give him shoes)

Its fine. Can't see the picture for Damien though. So I need someone to tell me if its alright.


Its mentioned in the main history of your CS. We aren't dealing with them anymore.

Overall, its approved. Just be careful with the Summoning units, and make the needed edits.
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Re: The Eternal Waltz (OOC - Sign ups are open)

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This looks very well thought out as expected of you Blood, you'll be seeing my CS soon enough

I have no idea how commas work

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Re: The Eternal Waltz (OOC - Sign ups are open)

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Thank you Tony, and I'll be waiting.
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