An Open Throne IC: Chapter 1 A Dastardly Game

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Re: An Open Throne IC: Chapter 1 A Dastardly Game

Postby Ro Wong » Fri Jul 09, 2010 11:03 am


Gabriel merely sat by and watched. He was still an easy prey for those as practiced in the arts as Lily and Ekora. But Faus was far from blind to the taste of the ethereal trail snaking through the air. It smelled of the sweetest essence. And for a moment, it had brought about certain pleasurable thoughts within Gabriel's mind. But his conscious knowledge of the magic he sensed kept him resistent, and the grasp of his daughter's hand completely sobered his thoughts for the moment.

Faus waved a hand, sending all of his servants to vacate the room. It was small enough that Gabriel could watch everyone from his chair, carefully gazing over Lily's own aids. "I've had enough tutelage to know when you might try something. And my daughter is far more experienced with weaving the magical arts than almost anyone I have seen... I am perfectly fine with the three of us speaking alone, in this room..."

Ekora visibly hesitated before removing her hand from her father's powerful bicep, noticably cautious of the seductive baroness. But then she looked down to his face. Gabriel watched Lily most of all, offering only a genuine smile the entire time, despite her attempt to bewitch him. His eyes, however, were visibly giving off a subtle heat. What Lily could do to a man with her magic was something that entertained his thoughts, to be certain. But Gabriel also knew that his own natural presence was a raw force few others could compare to. Just as Lily had been attempting to beguile him through her magical weave, Gabriel's eyes burned with a raw urge. The more one looked upon his gaze, the more his intentions would become clear. And the more it would cloud their thoughts as well.

Gabriel rested his chin atop his clasping fingers, smiling wide at Lily. "And please... You may call me Gabriel, if I may be so bold as to call you Lily..." His deep words echoed through the air a bit, carrying a soothing rhythm that hinted to warming ballads that played upon emotions. The shine of his apple red iris' never wandered too long from Lily's visage. And Ekora found herself blushing a bit when she first saw his expression, closing her eyes immediately and regaining control of her heated face. She then returned her gaze to Lily, also watching the baroness, but with very differing reasons than her father.
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Re: An Open Throne IC: Chapter 1 A Dastardly Game

Postby TripleMoon » Thu Jul 15, 2010 1:27 pm

Xerona- The Written Word

After the head of the spies exited, Xerona set to work on the two scrolls of parchment on her desk.


"Oh!" The door to her study opened, and Xerona turned around to see who it was. It was her niece, Joy, who had came in. Her parents had died, and Xerona was the only one left in the family who could care for Joy, well, the only one who offered. But Joy was like a daughter to her; her pride and Joy. If she ever died, Joy would take on leadership of P.O.M.A and Serendipity. "Yes, Joy?" Xerona asked.

"Aunt Xerona, you've gotten a letter from one of our stalls. And what is it that you're writing?" Joy asked, handing her an envelope fastened with the P.O.M.A seal. After reading the letter, Xerona answered, "The written word is very powerful, Joy. Remember that." Leading a dumbfounded Joy out of the study and the manor, she said, "We're going to Cerena, on request by the stalls." She wrapped a scarf around Joy's neck as they entered a carriage. "Okay," Joy finally replied inside.


After a careful inspect of Cerena's main P.O.M.A stall, Xerona saw Ezekiel's rant. Giving Joy some money to spend at the local marketplace, Xerona headed closer, close enough to actually hear his words. To her, all Ezekiel spoke was "blah blah blah blah blah....blah!", until this interesting tiny tidbit of information...

Interesting, Xerona thought. I must contact this "false prophet", and meet, along with any other hater of Ezekiel. Ezekiel must be crushed. She went into the marketplace to get Joy.
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Re: An Open Throne IC: Chapter 1 A Dastardly Game

Postby sam4books » Thu Jul 15, 2010 9:04 pm

~Nayan Katz~

The high priest entered the room, thanking Liliana's secretary in the process. One of the first things he noticed about what would soon be his new ally was that she was quite the workaholic. She was dressed much like a business woman would, and was looking over a couple of papers as he entered. For him, this was a good sign. It meant that she had good organization skills, something that admittedly was not his strong point. But it also meant that he would also have to be careful with her. He never dealt with a businesswomen before, so he was...inexperienced in this field, where as he was more experienced with politics thanks to the help of Szadek's advisors. All the while, Nayan wasn't too worried, and in fact was looking forward to this meeting. He had been waiting for a chance to take Ezekiel down since he first heard of his repulsive teachings.

Nayan walked up to Liliana, not smiling (has Nayan even smiled once?), but with a reserved calm look on his face. Despite this, Liliana would tell that he was pleased to meet her by his body language. The priest took Liliana's hand and gave it a shake, not firm but modest. "And you too Guildmistress" he responded. "Thank you for taking the time to visit this small town. I apologize for not reaching you sooner, but as you know his vileness has been causing me some trouble lately."
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Re: An Open Throne IC: Chapter 1 A Dastardly Game

Postby counterfeitself » Fri Jul 16, 2010 12:03 am

Krimlo - Lily Dresk

"But of course, Gabriel." She smiled, then turned to her companion. "Please wait outside, I have important business to attend to with the Duke." Turning back to Gabriel as her companion walked away, she spoke again, "Well Gabriel, I have a proposition for you..."


-Liliana Smits- (Not in PM land as the Inn isn't the most safe place to meet to keep out spies and the like)

"That man is foolish. I've come to discuss something him as well as a few other things with you though. Please have a seat, this could take a while." She motioned to a nearby seat. "As you know, the bastard has somehow conned his way into the nobility, and with your aide, I beleive we can bring him down. However, no offence High Priest, I think the people of Cerena would frown upon your qualifications to be a baron. But with my financial backing and popularity, it is possible we could edge in a more suitable choice into the position when we topple him. Now if you had a choice who do you think would be a good candidate to rise to the occasion?"
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