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Re: Just Between You and Me: Reprise ~ IC - Now to Take Sides

Mon Nov 28, 2011 11:19 pm

Keiran Cheery: That was quick.

While she waited for a response, Keiran looked the individual over and noticed that he seemed to be more than a little impatient for some reason. As their conversation continued, her opinion was defended multiple times. "Nice to meet you." She said, inclining her head slightly, wishing that she had put on some real clothing before bringing down the mail. Then again, she didn't expect such an impromptu visit. She noticed that the guy was an albino, and did nothing more than blink mildly. She had seen a wide variety of individuals, including those with a far stranger color. On his comment about her lack of subtleness, she chuckled, looking down for a moment before looking back up, eyes crinkled a bit while making a 'not so bad' face, "I figured that a blunt approach would get a response faster than the usual small talk and drivel the usual politicians spot these days." She was hoping that this character was from the right people, but noticed that he was twitching. "Are you okay?" She wasn't forgetting what she was asked, but found that the twitching that she had recently noticed was a little worrisome. What was it caused by? She was determined to figure out the cause of the twitching before actually answering his question. She didn't mean to be rude, but she figured that if there was something wrong, and this person was in her 'house', that she had every right and responsibility to make this person at the least feel comfortable.

Re: Just Between You and Me: Reprise ~ IC - Now to Take Sides

Fri Dec 23, 2011 12:21 am

Chame Merkantalte – The trouble that I’m in

Chame recoiled from the kick to the stomach, trying to bite back the pain. Glancing up he could just make out the blurred shape of Stein – and if he hadn’t guessed by now, the voice certainly gave it away. But before he could recover, the bastard stamped down on his ankle – and at that Chame yelled, despite his efforts to keep quiet. The pain of it was one of the last things he felt, before his head fell back on the concrete and he blacked out.


When the raven hybrid awoke, he felt completely disorientated. He had no idea where he was, what time of day it was, how he had got there, or how much time had passed since he had been in the car park. To him it seemed like just seconds...but the hospital gown and fact that his wounds were now dressed suggested otherwise. He ached all over.

How long was I knocked out? He wondered. Chame guessed it must have been a while, but how long exactly he had no idea. Sluggishly he began to get his bearings, looking around him. It didn’t take him long to work out what had happened. He could only assume Stein had got him seen to at the hospital (hell knows why), before taking him here...wherever ‘here’ was. Considering Stein had originally parked in the hospital car park, Chame could assume it wasn’t too far away from there – but beyond that there wasn’t very much to go on. At an educated guess, Chame would have surmised he was either somewhere in the hospital, or very close by to it.

However he was still very much disorientated. There was something unnerving about being in one place one moment, and then waking up in an entirely different place, unable to tell if it’s even night or day.

He gazed around him bitterly. Well at least it’s clean...and kind of comfortable. Could be a lot worse... Chame dragged himself off the futon, approaching the bars of his cell and looking out.

“Hey,” He called out, “Anyone there?”

Nothing. Chame wasn’t sure whether to be frustrated or relieved. He paced the cell several times, even had a go at trying reach the locks and pick at them with one of his own feathers – but it was by no means successful. He quickly realised there was no way out and sat back down on the futon, his head in his hands.

He’d been caught. After everything he had been through to break free of the system, he was back in it again - No, worse than that. Stein didn’t strike Chame as someone who had the backing of the authorities. To the authorities, Chame was probably still declared dead, thanks to the stunt he had pulled to gain his freedom in the first place...The business world wouldn’t even know about this. Chame couldn’t even expect a rescue from them. How bitterly ironic. The hybrid felt like punching a wall at his bad luck. Because he’d really had the worst string of luck. It seemed like every choice he’d made had been the wrong one. He shouldn’t have left his bag in the car. He shouldn’t have ran out of the cafe after Rune. He shouldn’t have even gone into that cafe in the first place. ...He shouldn’t have staged his own death along with everyone else on the hybrid spy project so that the authorities wouldn’t come looking for him. He shouldn’t have killed all those hybrids and humans in order to escape. He shouldn’t have escaped in order to find Elvina. He shouldn’t have...

...He shouldn’t have let them take her away from him. He shouldn’t have been such a coward.

So many things he shouldn’t have done. So many things that he should.

And after everything, he couldn’t help but feel that this was all his fault. Maybe this wasn’t just bad luck – maybe this was his own karma finally catching up with him. Not that Chame was superstitious or religious or anything. But in a way it felt easier to blame himself and what he’d done earlier, then to come to the horrifying conclusion that he could have done nothing to change this. That all this really was just terribly bad luck.

He glanced down at his arms, running a hand down the long, smooth jet black feathers. Usually he would have plucked them all out long before they reached this length and volume, so he could hide his hybrid trait under his sleeves...but there seemed little point now. Although he considered pulling it all out just to spite Stein – seeing as he liked raven traits so much. Perhaps the only thing holding him back from doing that was the fact that he hated pulling the feathers out so much, and it always made his arms bleed. He only ever did it because he had to. It was honestly the only thing he ever missed from his days in captivity – the freedom to let his feathers grow, until his arms looked more like wings than arms. Of course, merely a glance at the experiment number tattooed on the inside of his wrist reminded Chame of everything he despised. All the years that had been a nightmare to him. He thought it had been finally over.

“I’m never going to be free of this, am I?” he muttered to himself, shaking. He was angry and upset with himself for getting into such a mess. “Not until I’m dead. ‘Cause there’s always going to be some bastard who won’t leave me the fuck alone...!” He took Nietzsche’s ‘Beyond Good and Evil’ and threw it hard at the door to his cell to help vent his anger.

-Chame kept the other books ready for whenever Stein decided to show his face. That way if he got within range, the raven hybrid could aim them all at his head.

Re: Just Between You and Me: Reprise ~ IC - Now to Take Sides

Fri Jan 06, 2012 2:24 pm

Nervo, Apartment.

Nervo gave a small sigh as Ginette cringed as she spoke to him, "You're free to place your bags in any of the rooms you wish to stay in, though the master bedroom is naturally off-limits. Originally you had your own room but as I mentioned earlier, circumstance has altered the plans somewhat." The man sighed looking at the occupants, the large apartment started looking much smaller suddenly but then that was the price to pay when other arrangements don't actually go according to plan.

"Now then Miss Pendry once you've sorted out where your belongings will rest I'd like to have you and the other employees here sign the contracts, your free to take your time to read them but in order to work for me you'll understandably have to write down your name and sign the dotted line." Nervo sighed realizing that the unexpected hybrid; Namid would not understand the meaning... or probably abide what was written... and explaining the benefits would be tedious work to say the least. "Scotty be a good lad and fetch me the blank contract papers, they should be in the cabinet by the TV. You should know the password." He rubbed his temples remembering how often he had to remind his second man; Pat, more often than not his second had the tendency to get drunk and forget the whole business on his days off. "I'm just going to have a look for the spare papers I keep in my room." Nervo added as he moved away to his room, muttering under his breath, "Figured this would happen eventually."

Once more in the master bedroom Nervo moved to close the door and lock it, making sure none knew where the safe was nor chance them upon stumbling upon the code to open them. It didn't take long to open the safe but locating the right file was troublesome, all the legal documents, all the loops he had exploited, everything, all the copies rested here. The originals were kept secret and safe elsewhere. It was just as he located the file that his cellphone rang and judging by the id it was important, "This is Nervo, what do you want." He replied going straight to business, he doubted anyone would be eavesdropping and even if they were this call wouldn't have any meaning to them.

"Plans have been changed, looks like a couple owners are trying to get rid of their stock fast. Might want to take advantage of it." Came a distorted voice through the cellphone, it seemed like it was one of the informants that occasionally kept Nervo up to date about auctions and other trade good 'bargain sales', "Auction is in an thirty minutes, hushed up and for a quick buck. Best get there in time." With that the caller hung up leaving the man visibly annoyed. "How many other plans are being disrupted." He muttered mildly putting away the phone and unlocking the door, "Well then ladies and gentlemen, it seems that not even the paper signing is going according to schedule. Scotty do me a favor. Start. The. Car. I'll explain on the way to our destination. And Miss Pendry, would you be a dear and keep watch over these ladies and the lad over there. Unfortunately I've been pressed for time so I have to give explanations when I return... the hazards of the business life you understand... But I can give you roughly five minutes of questions before I really must go I'm afraid. Time starts now."


Arkamund tried his best to follow his little one's words but the more she questioned his boss the more confused he began to get. He should be able to understand what she was suggesting... right? Yet as the two talked and proposed situation, the more information went over his head.
Eventually Ark choose to do the simplest thing and keep his mouth shut, if his little one was curious then he'd let her fulfill that curiosity after all, what harm can a bit of knowledge be?

"Hey, uh, boss sorry to interrupt but what time is it? Don't have me watch on me and I don't want to keep me Mel awake for too long. Bad for her growth ya know." Ark spoke somewhat sheepishly fumbling his hands, "I ain't much of a father in my eyes but I got to do me best. Or at least try to. If that's alright with you boss."

Re: Just Between You and Me: Reprise ~ IC - Now to Take Sides

Fri Jan 06, 2012 7:07 pm

Scotty "Eagle Eye" Chaplin

Scotty pouted as his superior jokingly mocked his sense of fashion. He looked down at his coat.
"The store clerk said I looked rather dashing in it..." he thought to himself. He looked up again and gave a single "Heh" in response.

The Pendry guttersnipe seemed at a loss, not knowing what to do but Nervo was quick to settle it.
That's what Scott admired about Nervo. He was the man with the plan.

Nervo then requested him to fetch the contracts from the cabinet. So it was time for them to sign their little lives away...oh joy~

Scotty nodded and headed towards the cabinet, stopping in front of it to look at Nervo's tv. "Not even HD..." he thought as he started to roughly punch in the code. Once the cabinet was open he began to fiddle around for the right stack of papers. He turned to find that his boss had not returned with the extra copies. Scotty shrugged and stomped towards Ginette and Paige. "You'd best start reading it now " he said gruffly, handing over the contracts to the girls. A few seconds later Nervo hurriedly entered the lounge, turned to him and requested firmly for him to start the car.

Knowing that he'd be informed later about the sudden change of plans Scotty instantly nodded and pulled the car keys from his pocket.
He then waited silently for the ladies to ask their questions.

- Paige Ravensdale -

Paige watched as the golden haired girl seemed to cringe before Nervo. Her heart then sank at the mention of contracts. This was it. She would now have to sign herself away, but at least Nervo wasn't in the brothel business. Having to wait on rich humans was far better than bending over for them. In fact, she couldn't think of a worse fate. She narrowed her gaze upon the tall, dark figure who stormed towards the cabinet. The masked, scowling oaf seemed rather menacing and sarcastic, but strangely for the soul reason that he found it humorous.

She waited patiently for Nervo and his lackey to return with the fated papers. The oaf returned first, towering above herself and the Ginette. He handed them each a contract. Paige took it grudgingly and looked over it, nothing but legal bullshit.

Suddenly, Nervo quickly appeared from the sanctity of room and started directing his goons about.
A change of plans? What could have come up? It was all a bit too sudden for her liking. He then said they could ask any questions before he had to leave. She looked over at the mongrel man.

"So we're going to wait for you here...with him?" she asked motioning to Jackson

Re: Just Between You and Me: Reprise ~ IC - Now to Take Sides

Fri Jan 06, 2012 8:19 pm

Namid - Feeling like the 7th wheel

Namid shuffled on her feet somewhat uncertain. So many new people, more than she felt comfortable around. If only the spirits could just grab her from their dreamworld, and place her somewhere else, what she wouldn't give for that right now. She just had to remember, these people had done nothing to cause any harm so far. And Paige had said that Nervo could help her locate her family, that was certainly worth the risk.

The entire situation felt like it was going twice the normal speed, people talked, papers were handed out -- although not to her -- and just like that, Nervo and the new man were gone, leaving her alone without a clue in the world.

She looked over to Paige, hoping that perhaps she held the solution, some key she was missing to make sense out of it all. But the girl seemed to be interested in talking to this Jackson boy. So instead Namid took a seat in one of Nervo's chairs, meekly watching what was going to happen. After all, with her injuries, she wasn't going anywhere, any time soon.

Re: Just Between You and Me: Reprise ~ IC - Now to Take Sides

Thu Jan 19, 2012 4:38 pm

Nervo, Back in a bit

There seemed to be an awkward silence for a while until Paige spoke up, curiously she seemed to dislike the idea of having to wait around with Jackson but it couldn't be helped. With a chuckle the man finally replied, "Yes, unfortunately it does mean that your going to have to wait with Jacky, he won't bite and last I heard he wasn't much of a smooth talker so no fears about him asking awkward questions."

Looking at his watch, Nervo had to put any further questions on hold for the time being, "Very well ladies and Jacky, we have to be off but we will be back soon. T.V's over there." He pointed to a simple flat screen before continuing, "And food is set on the table as well as in the fridge, be so kind as to clean it up once you all are done, hate for the food to spoil after all."
Nervo turned to speak to Ginette face to face, "Now Miss Pendry, I know this is putting you on the spot, considering you haven't signed any documents nor received an official contract, I'd consider it a favor if you could keep an eye on these three, Jacky knows that it would be silly to run, as heartless as it sound, it's best they don't go outside until the documents are sighed and arrangements are made. However if you do have any questions don't hesitate to call me via the landline, my number is on speed dial. Until then, make yourself at home, the bathroom is currently available if you feel the need to freshen yourself up or just enjoy the leisure. "

With that Nervo moved to the door beckoning Scotty to follow quickly, at first he remained silent until both of them were in the car, this way none would be able to eaves drop them from the apartment. "Scotty, we're going to warehouse 32, get us there fast but keep to the speed limits. I don't want to be delayed by an officer wanting to fine us for speeding. Oh and I hope you brought some heat with you. I don't know if it'll be a warm reception so keep on your toes."

Re: Just Between You and Me: Reprise ~ IC - Now to Take Sides

Fri Jan 20, 2012 12:40 pm

Melanthe Fallon, it's time to go home now.

It couldn’t have been that late, could it, the time to go back home and go to bed? Melanthe looked confused at Arkamund’s question of the time. It really didn’t feel that late all. After all there had been times where Melanthe spent almost the whole night awake, simply because she had to in order to survive.

Either way, Melanthe knew all she wanted to know from Lucien. Even though he was one of them, he still had a thought of compassion and care towards hybrids. That was all that mattered to her.

Melanthe smiled, at her own thoughts. Perhaps Lucien wouldn’t be one to tell the whole world about her adoption to Arkamund, she was going to be safe. If of course he knew of their secret. She did notice that Arkamund had been confused, at what she was trying to ask the brothel owner. When they would leave, she would tell him.

“I don’t really think it is all that late, dad.” she murmured, placing both of her hands in her coat pockets. “But I would like to go back home now.” It had been so long that she was ever out of her comfort zone and place of secure safety, it had felt strange that she had left the apartment for so long, and had been eager to get back into familiar settings.

Re: Just Between You and Me: Reprise ~ IC - Now to Take Sides

Mon Jan 30, 2012 9:46 am

Scotty "Eagle Eye" Chaplin - On the move

Scotty glared at the hybrids and the girl as he left the apartment in Nervo's wake (Probably trying to insight one last bit of fear in them).

He opened the passenger door for his boss and then quickly got in the drivers seat. An uninterested "Hmmph" was Scott's response to Nervo's orders. He knew all to well what Nervo was after and couldn't help but wonder if he already had enough Hybrid scum, but Scotty's job wasn't to debate how Nervo conducted his business so he left it at that.

When he was asked if he brought any heat with him he simply patted his jacked pocket where his pistol was resting.

Scotty quickly started the car and, within the speed limit, sped towards the docks by taking the quickest routes he could think of. There was minimal to no traffic and it was about 12:00 PM on the dashboard clock when the dull and dirty dockside came into view. He stopped right outside Warehouse 32. It was quiet and eerie as Scott got out of the car and stood before the looming, rusty building. He looked over at Nervo and awaited further orders on how to proceed.
Buying Hybrids on the black market, especially young females was risky.

Re: Just Between You and Me: Reprise ~ IC - Now to Take Sides

Wed Feb 01, 2012 5:08 pm

Ginette Pendry – Already on the job before it’s started!

Ginette just listened and nodded, placing her belongings down by a seat for the moment. She would investigate the rooms (with the exception of the master bedroom, of course) later. She appeared to try to shake off her initial awkwardness with a confident reply. “Not a problem,” she responded. “I’ll look after them...And I’ll be sure to call you if I need to.”

As Nervo and Scotty left, the blonde haired girl turned to look around at the hybrids, giving a friendly smile to any of them who would acknowledge her. Seeing Namid sitting by herself and looking uncomfortable, Ginette carefully approached her, keeping at a distance that wasn’t too far away to appear unfriendly, but not too close so as to not invade Namid’s space. “‘Namid’...isn’t it? Are you okay?” she asked her gently.

Ginette knew it was important to take things slowly and carefully with hybrids, particularly as they all had different temperaments and histories. Most of the hybrids that had come to her own home in the past had been ones that were at least partly willing to put their trust in a human. They had to, to have approached her family in the first place. But even with many of them, Ginette had still had to gain their trust before she could help them. She understood that only too well. So she decided to take things gently with Namid to gauge how she would respond. She also kept herself aware and responsive to what the other two hybrids were up to, in case either of them wished to approach her.

Matilda Brooks – Warehouse 32 – Darken my daytime, and torture my night...

The little cat hybrid was shaking. She was shaking so much. She hadn’t stopped since the treatment she and Kala had received last night. Matilda was doing all she could not to fall apart, as they arrived at their destination and bundled out of the car and through the back entrance of the Warehouse. Although she was able to stand, she was still unable to walk well on her injured leg, so she was carried in by one of Lune’s associates who were bringing them here. She didn’t attempt to fight or struggle. Almost all of her strength had been knocked out of her.

Lune hadn’t taken kindly to her and Kala’s escape attempt. Not kindly at all. Although, considering Lune had told her that she would die if she attempted to run again...it could be said that they had both gotten off very lightly. If you could call a night’s worth of torture that. Perhaps the only reason the pair of them were still alive, was because Lune still saw the potential to make money from them, even though he clearly no longer thought they were worth his time. Two young, unspoilt female hybrids, could still sell very well...even despite Kala’s unfortunate appearance and Matilda’s completely untrained nature.

So he didn’t harm them. At least...he didn’t do any permanent damage, things that would lessen their value. But that night had been the longest night Matilda had ever experienced in her life. Bound and strung from the ceiling by her arms, still with the shackles on her wrists cutting into her wrists – and an added gag after one of Lune’s men had gotten a bit too close to her sharp teeth – Matilda had little opportunity to fight back or run. Neither did Kala, for that matter, who had been strung up in a similar manner.

Matilda shut her eyes and shuddered at the memory. She never wanted to be reminded again of what Lune had done to them that night. Needless to say, it had been horrific. The new assorted bruises, wounds and even burns she now had all over her body told the story themselves. However, that didn’t even begin to describe what Matilda had been through that night. Both emotionally and mentally.

Lune had made her believe she and Kala were going to die there. She hadn’t expected to live to see the sun rise. And the way he had spoken to them both, and enjoyed all their suffering, the way he had tasted her tears and licked at her blood, as if deciding when she was ready to be eaten alive yet... It felt like an eternity before the morning arrived. Every second had felt like a lifetime. Every intake of breath had felt like her last. Every slow cut and every strike against her fragile body felt like her nerves had been set on fire.

She had been so scared.

And even now, she couldn’t stop shaking. She and Kala hadn't eaten, drank or slept since their stay with Red the previous day, and added to this the unimaginable torment of that night’s events at hands of Lune, Matilda was in a poor state. She didn’t seem to be her usual self at all, and although she remained in the mind set of someone who was going to fight and escape, not all of Matilda’s injuries sustained from Lune’s torture were physical. The Matilda being sold on from Lune was a very different Matilda to the one Lune had first acquired. Her spirit wasn’t broken completely, but she was certainly damaged.

Yet somehow, she managed to find the strength to keep herself from breaking down, and put on a brave face for this auction. If only because if they didn’t sell, Lune would kill them. At least, that was the impression he had given.

So Matilda was on her best behaviour, keeping silent and obedient, and doing her best to pretend to be fine. Her restraints had been taken off, and her injuries had been cleaned and covered up with make-up and clean, presentable clothing. However, any dressing she had on her wounds was limited and hidden under her clothes, just there to stop the bleeding for an hour or two while they were sold on to another owner. She gritted her teeth and tried her best not to look in pain, as she really was. But her trembling body betrayed all her efforts to keep calm and act healthy and normal. Inside, she was a mess. She was terrified. She never used to be this scared. This wasn’t the first time she had been sold on. She should have been used to this. But this time felt different than the time she had been sold on to Red. This time, she felt different.

As they walked (or in her case, were carried) in ready for the auction to begin, Matilda had little hope for the future. Very little hope at all.

Re: Just Between You and Me: Reprise ~ IC - Now to Take Sides

Thu Feb 02, 2012 5:39 am

Kala Porter - Warehouse 32 - Something from nothing...

Kala stared straight ahead, the world could be exploding for all that she noticed of it. Her bruises were nothing, her scratches could cause her to bleed to death for all she cared. Where they were was unimportant, nor what what Lune had done to them. Mattie was shaking. HER Mattie was shivery and shakey and hurt. And Kala had done nothing to protected her.

Kala gripped the other girl’s long skirt. Kala’s dress was purposefully too big, a high, stiff collar that hid a good bit of her face, wide sides ignoring her too thin figure, long sleeves that covered her nail-less fingertips, the long skirt she kept tripping over disguising her limp. We can’t be separated, she thought She’s too weak right now. I have to protect her.
When they got to the stage Mattie was put down. Kala, knowing that any weakness was often killed on stage by other hybrids, picked Mattie up. They were a pair and they were going to be sold as such, even if she had to bite them. “I have you Mattie” She murmured, it was something, a soothing voice was all she would give.

A tall human stood at the front of the stage, he had a sleazy grin. “Let’s start the bidding shall we?”

Re: Just Between You and Me: Reprise ~ IC - Now to Take Sides

Mon Feb 06, 2012 6:25 pm

Nervo, Warehouse 32

As the car slowed to a halt, Nervo calmly moved to check whether all his credentials were prepared, it wasn't often he came to these... auctions, often explaining how the smell of filth utterly repulsed him though if he meant the hybrids or the buyers was never clear. Perhaps he meant both, perhaps he meant neither, few knew his ambiguous nature.
One thing that wasn't ambiguous was his drivers hatred for these kind of events, Scotty was never truly in mind to agree with Nervo's 'acceptance' of hybrid nor his treatment of them as 'near equals' but thus far he never questioned his motives or requests.

"Keep an eye on the car Scotty, I doubt there will be much trouble today but I'd rather avoid delays if things go south." He said calmly checking his own piece to ensure he himself was ready for the worse case scenario. "Hopefully we'll have enough space in the car if things go well. A couple new employees would do our business good."
With that he walked towards the warehouse, just meters away he could already taste the stench of the auctions, hybrids were often sold at discounts or conversely at outragous prices depending on how good you were at the game, some brothel owners left with a couple thousand more while another would leave with a couple new toys for their clients. In most cases the unfortunate hybrid's life would understandably take a turn for the worse as the cram-De-le-créam of scum would gladly take advantage of this situation. After showing his id to the guards and stating what kind of business he owned the man was admitted entry after paying the 'bargain fee'.

Inside the hustle of buyers was strangely quiet, normally there would be dozens of brothel owners out for their chance at the auctions but as Nervo recalled there had been a series of incidents as of late, perhaps the lesser owners were nervous about these events until everything settled down which in turn meant the more well known owners were unwilling to part with their property until the market was in bloom once more.
Still, there was evidence of some successful business as a group of newly acquired hybrids were lead away from the site, dressed in rags and bound by chains they were walked solemnly towards their dark fate. The announcement of the latest batch of bidding drew the man's attention, the crowd was relatively small and the hybrids on sale didn't seem too promising, there was one hybrid that was past his prime who broken in more ways than one, while Nervo sympathized with the creature's predicament that kind of hybrid was too much of a risk, the manner of how he looked around constantly gave a hint to the fact it was paranoid. The auctioneer began to give details of the hybrid, the so called 'Fighter 209' a pit fighter and former champion of last years finals. Rumour had it that the hybrid was drugged to increase it's aggression during the fight. After several bids the hybrid was finally carted off for a couple hundred.

The next few were favored 'pets' of various owners, most looked genuinely pleased about the prospects of their new owners though Nervo suspected that most were here for 'private' arrangements, it wasn't uncommon that these kind of hybrids were used regularly amongst certain groups, trading one for the other to improve business relations in a 'flexible manner'.

The auctioneer announced the sale of two young hybrids that were placed at the auction by a man known as Lunecious, owner of a club that dealt in both hybrid, drugs and 'everything else a man could want'. It seemed that these two were untrained and one had a record of being resistant to 'induction' of the brothel way. As the auctioneer continued to ramble Nevro began to excess their potential to his own business as well as reasoning if they were worth his time. The first hybrid was identified as a gorilla hybrid, dressed up in clothing that was clearly too big for her yet she seemed to hold herself as close to the other hybrid on sale. Speaking of which it seemed the cat hybrid had a strong spirit, resisting any attempts to domesticate and subjugate through any means necessary, it also appeared that this wasn't the first time she had been put up on sale, probably her previous owners considered this the only means of making money from her.

She seemed to be unsteady though, the clothing was too... orchestrated for this business arrangement, covered too much of the body, especially considering that they belonged to a brothel meaning that the owner was trying to hide something but it also meant that the owner was willing to part with no string attached, a promising aspect.
The bidding started, at first none seemed interested, a waiting game until the price was insultingly low, the representative seemed nervous after what seemed like an eternity the deadlock was broken, a bidder that wasn't amongst the original group meaning the brothel owner had a back up plan to force some kind of profit, shortly followed by another but the bidding was going slowly. As the auction began to lose it's crowd Nervo choose to enter the bid starting at a couple hundred, he needed to play it safe, since the auction was rigged he knew there wouldn't be much in the way of a clean buy for him. The auction continued for a good 10 minutes, Nervo calmly letting the auction countdown before upping his price at the last second and eventually the gorilla hybrid was sold to him for a fairly high price. As the cat hybrid went for sale Nervo merely upped the price to match that of the other hybrid showing that he had become 'bored' by the negotiations and wanted to get to the point, two bids later and the cat hybrid was his as well.

With the auction at an end for now, the newly bought hybrids were left standing at the stage until their respective owners came to pick them up, naturally only after the money had been exchanged. It took a couple minutes to make the appropriate payments before Nervo was allowed to come to the stage to have a closer look at his latest batch of employees. "What a recruitment day...." He reflected as he got up on stage before finally standing before the two, not saying a single word as he looked at them. A mixture of amused curiosity at how these two would react kept him silent as he walked around the two.

Re: Just Between You and Me: Reprise ~ IC - Now to Take Sides

Sun Feb 12, 2012 3:51 pm

The beautiful Moira

Moira sat at the table, tracing circles on the table absent-mindedly. "I haven't seen Jackson since this morning... What could he be up to?" She looked up to Jeff and smiled "Pick anything you want. I've got more money than I know what to do with thanks to Jackson. He's really good at what he does and he makes sure anyone who needs the money gets it." Moira smiled somewhat dreamily and started drawing circles with her hand again. "Too bad he's too headstrong to stay out of a fight, and too kind to not help someone. He could be anywhere right now, and he won't answer his phone. Jeff? He's like a borther to me, can you explain why he won't respond? Is he just busy or something?"

The Mongrel "Jackson"

Jackson watched Nervo leave and sighed. "Haven't talked to him in years, and he still knows me better than I know myself somedays. Jeesh." Jackson got up and bowed awkwardly "As already noted, m'name's Jackson. I've been working for Nervo on and off for years and I owe him a good bit more than I care to note." Jackson took his hat off, ruffling his hair a bit to reveal the lupine ears that hid within. "I'm a wolf-hybrid, spent a good portion of my life either on the run or working for the good sir who just left our company. I'm a gemini, and I like long walks through parks in the evening when the air cools down." Jackson thought for a moment, then added "I also firmly believe in equal rights between hybrids and humans, even though that hasn't exactly gotten me very far before." He shrugged and leaned against a wall. "Okay, I'm done my show and tell. Anyone else wanna take a go? It helps everyone feel a tad less uncomfortable usually."
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