Kingdom Hearts RP v.3: The Darkness Manifest

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Re: Kingdom Hearts RP v.3: The Darkness Manifest

Postby Geomancer » Fri Sep 17, 2010 7:23 pm

*The Jungle*

Zak stepped forward again, offering his hand a second time and shook both of theirs. The fairy introduced herself as Crystal. Batty looked at both of them with suspicion. "More of them. They’re popping up. Like daisies! Hopefully this isn't the start of some kind of tiny human invasion." Zak gestured at the bat. "This is Batty. He's a little cr- err, distrustful of humans. Apparently, he has good reason though I wasn't around when he explained it. How did you get like this? Crystal shrunk me by accident and hasn't been able to reverse it so far." The fairy clasped one arm with another in distress.

The something in the distance was rumbling and Zak looked uneasy "Uh, guys, we better get out of here. Something is coming and we shouldn't be here when it gets to this place." Crystal looked confused but Batty looked angry "It's just like you humans to take something nice like this an-" Zak whacked Batty's head and the spark appeared again. Batty started talking in another voice "This is the fourth quarter, Bob, and the home team is leading by 35 points. It seems this will be another rousing victory for the Cougars." Zak began to push Batty and met with no resistance. Unless they looked up, the group wouldn't notice Zak was leading them towards an area where the trees were not marked by red 'x's. Behind them, they heard the crashing of trees.

*The Beach*

The four-eyed being sat up and said "Before we go any farther, we should introduce ourselves. I am formerly evil genius Jumba Jookiba. The little girl is Lilo and one-eyed one is Pleakley. My greatest creation is the one before you, Experiment 626! Little girl named him Stitch." He waited for the others to introduce themselves, then continued.

"Hamsterviel was my partner when I was working on my experiments. However, I've broken my ties with him. He is attempting to gather the other 625 experiments while Lilo tries to find their one true place. She is surprisingly good at turning evil experiments good." Lilo nodded and said "It's not their fault they were created for evil. They are really just looking for their true home." Jumba continued "The first ship was Gantu's. He works for Hamsterviel. The second contained a new experiment, one I did not create. We do not know how the black robed ones appeared but they are attacking both us and Hamsterviel's side. They seem to be searching for something but we do not know what it is." Gantu pulled out some weird animal that was vaguely humanoid but very small. It had red-orange fur and one big eye. "This is Mr. Peek, as little girl calls him. He can see things from very far away and has been helping us keep up with the intruders."
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Re: Kingdom Hearts RP v.3: The Darkness Manifest

Postby Sentios » Tue Sep 21, 2010 7:01 am

-Fern Gully-

It was good to see that Alucard did actually recover from his episode, it spared Lern from having to try to find a way to deal with a worst case scenario. Though he was curious to regarding what just happened, perhaps also a bit disturbed, now wasn't really an opportune time to ask about it. Rather he put the matter aside entirely for the moment responding to Zak's question. "It's not entirely an accident, though it was surprising to be only a few inches tall. We do have something we have to do, but the details are a bit more vague. Perhaps you could say, we'll know it when we see it."

With the rumbling in the distance Lern turned to see if he could find the source, however there were too many tree still where they were and the sound too far away. "That's not heartless." He said mostly to himself and partially to Alucard with a sense of assurance. Facing forward he followed on after Zak.
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Re: Kingdom Hearts RP v.3: The Darkness Manifest

Postby ViviGlow » Sun Sep 26, 2010 11:15 am

Damien was glad the situation finally resolved and he could relax... that koala was freaky looking... the introductions were a little unnerving, a ‘former?’ evil genius and an experiment 626, did that mean there was another 625 of those blue monsters!? He sighed dropping to the sand and just sitting there.

“My name’s Damien..”

The explanation of Hamsterviel kind of made sense, it explained why they were so nervous about people being his enforcers or something... Lilo’s quest to find where the experiments belonged was intriguing but hardly the reason their group had come here. He wasn’t really aiming to meet the black robed guys again, they weren’t exactly trustworthy all covered up like that. The little orange thing was kind of cute and he realised this was another experiment of Jumba’s... though he couldn’t really think of what to do now, meeting people by almost killing each other wasn’t the norm for him. Plus Sol seemed to be pretty much in charge here so he’d let him deal with the situation... and maybe try to see if the volcano had the keyhole he was supposed to lock.
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Re: Kingdom Hearts RP v.3: The Darkness Manifest

Postby Nightreaper0513 » Sun Sep 26, 2010 6:57 pm

~Pyremius Gerra-The Beach~

Now that the weapons were lowered and everyone relaxed, Pyre thought about the fact that the blue koala thing had been introduced as number 626. Did this mean there were another 625 running around somewhere? He stopped thinking about it for now and made Ignis fade away before introducing himself to the 'locals'.

"I'm Pyremius Gerra, but call me Pyre for convenience."

Listening to Jumba's explanation pretty much answered the questions he had been bugged with, especially why someone with the name 'Hamsterviel' was such a menace to them, and also why new ships were a possible threat. Seeing the little, red/orange, one-eyed thing Jumba brought up, he immediately compared it to the blue one, and couldn't help but wonder how one can create 626 creatures with each one apparently specializing in something specific. 'Atleast they can be used for good', he thought as he looked at both 'experiments'.
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