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As the title suggests, feel free to RP it up.
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Re: Highschool Hell: The dark void begins (OOC) -Signups upen-

Mon May 10, 2010 5:45 pm

ah, cool!

wednesday im goin to the beach so i'll be here late.

Iris, great choice!

Re: Highschool Hell: The dark void begins (OOC) -Signups upen-

Mon May 10, 2010 5:52 pm

UniversumProfugus wrote:Im an ambitious mage with interest in dark atrs, you're a fire priest.

I know, but I feel as though no one will want poor Epalm as their teacher, as there seems to be a lack of priests.

Re: Highschool Hell: The dark void begins (OOC) -Signups upen-

Mon May 10, 2010 5:54 pm

sorry but Universum is right, plus OrangeDJ's character is a fire priest in training why not request to be his teacher

Re: Highschool Hell: The dark void begins (OOC) -Signups upen-

Mon May 10, 2010 5:57 pm

A good teacher does not pick their students, their students pick them.

Re: Highschool Hell: The dark void begins (OOC) -Signups upen-

Mon May 10, 2010 5:58 pm

true but i also haven't seen Orange on today so maybe he hasn't seen your CS yet or just hasen't gotten around to is yet (i don't think he even knows you can request a teacher yet)

Iris is your theme song Celtic, Norse, Scottish, or Irish just out of curiosity
(and by that i mean the style of it)

Re: Highschool Hell: The dark void begins (OOC) -Signups upen-

Mon May 10, 2010 6:08 pm

Cheesemore wrote:A good teacher does not pick their students, their students pick them.

Lol You could use that tension for character development between Eluveitie and your character in the RP xD

hahaha kidin, but yes you're right...maybe someone will pick you up to be your pupil.

Anyway, that sounds like scott or irish song...definitely pirate...good song to drink xD

I favor Norse and Celtic music, Eluveitie means "the helvetic" in ancient Gaulish, there is a band called Eluveitie, its one of my favorites

Re: Highschool Hell: The dark void begins (OOC) -Signups upen-

Mon May 10, 2010 6:13 pm

well i was just wondering cause i like that sort of music

I'm also irish in real life, not like full blown red head and accent but my mothers surname is McCloskey and although i don't she does have dark red hair

Re: Highschool Hell: The dark void begins (OOC) -Signups upen-

Mon May 10, 2010 6:14 pm

Teacher: Yes

Name- An’groth M. Ventris

Age- 37

Height- 6’8

Weight- 154 lbs

Appearance- An’groth is a big guy, both in height and in size, with a build similar to a UFC heavyweight fighter. His skin is slightly tanned and is covered in a number of scars from his extensive training. His hair is shoulder length and kept in a ponytail and is raven black in color. He has bright lavender eyes and a clean shaven face. His everyday outfit is a red and white kimono with a pair of sandals. When he’s practicing or learning a new style of combat then he’s in a set of plate mail that he and his order wear when they fight or train. The armor fits like a second skin, like it was specifically made for An’groth, and is made out of a black, reflective metal, similar to silver. The helmet is shaped to look like the head of a dragon and the plates were made to resemble dragon scales. Around his neck is a dragon shaped amulet on a silver chain and on his right hand is a silver ring which has the name of his order etched into it.

Personality- An’groth is a very patient person, a lesson he learned the hard way, and he is very protective of others. He is deeply religious but he isn’t a member of any big religions like Christianity or Buddhism. An’groth is a very firm believer of his orders saying “It is the duty of the strong to help and protect the weak.” And so every person he meets, if they are oppressed, poor, or anything similar, then he tries to help them the best he can unless it requires him to kill someone. He has no problem killing people, he just prefers to kill as a last resort or if he was attacked first. He is a very caring person at times but when pushed too far he will be extremely harsh. He’s also very stubborn, unmovable in his beliefs, and once he sets his mind on something then he will see it to the end.

Background Story- An’groth keeps much of his history a secret, except for the more recent years, since he took an oath to never reveal his orders secret. What he does tell is that ever since he was born he has been a part of the Order of the Dragoon and that growing up in the order was very challenging, both mentally and physically, to produce some of the best warriors. During the first thirty years of his life he learned to master all kinds of combat styles, such as Taekwondo, and numerous weapons. At the age of thirty-two he petitioned to the leader of his order to go out and help others and to learn new combat styles that they didn’t teach and it was months before he was finally given leave. He traveled from place to place, learning new things, until he came across Highschool Hell and decided to join as a teacher.

Type- Melee fighter: Dreadnought- Dreadnoughts are big warriors who try to master every combat style and weapon that they come across. The armor they wear is usually plate mail or something similar but some prefer to go with light armor for better mobility. Dreadnoughts generally use two handed weapons with terrifying effect but some prefer to use one-handed weapons or fisticuffs. Currently all Dreadnoughts come from the Order of the Dragoon whose base of operations is hidden somewhere in the Himalayas.

Weapon- Although a master of many weapons, An’groth prefers to use a two-handed halberd he calls the Guan Dao. The Guan Dao is about five and a half feet long, including the blade, and An’groth was told that it was passed down in his family for generations. The pole to the Guan Dao is made up of interlocking metal plates, to keep it from breaking as easily as wood, and is a dark forest green. The blade of the Guan Dao is made out of the same stuff as his armor, never loses its edge, and has a blue dragon etched into it. When in combat the blade is engulfed in a blue flame that grows or weakens depending on his level of anger.

Trinkets- The dragon amulet around his neck doesn’t do anything impressive. Its only power is that once it’s activated his armor is magically summoned and goes on top whatever it is he’s already wearing. Everyone in the Order of the Dragoon gets one so when they are ambushed without their armor they can activate it and immediately level the playing field.

Tell me what needs edited and I’ll do it.
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Re: Highschool Hell: The dark void begins (OOC) -Signups upen-

Mon May 10, 2010 6:23 pm

i can tell you, your probably gonna get some teacher requests
EDIT: keep in mind i said request(s) as in plural
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Re: Highschool Hell: The dark void begins (OOC) -Signups upen-

Mon May 10, 2010 7:05 pm

No kidding! Very nice, Giga.

Re: Highschool Hell: The dark void begins (OOC) -Signups upen-

Mon May 10, 2010 7:33 pm

Edited Cassandra Rivers. Casey is a Defensive Bard since I think acoustic is more of defensive.

Re: Highschool Hell: The dark void begins (OOC) -Signups upen-

Mon May 10, 2010 7:37 pm

Name: Alexandre Arc
Age: 16
Height: 5'5
Weight: 123

Appearance: Alexandre looks like something straight out of royalty, yet with the style of a DJ. he is perpetually wearing a pair of head-sets (not headphones, head sets as in, very big over the top music listening devices) that are colored black. He has strange purple hair combed over to the side like a little rich kid (under the hat that is). He often has a smile from underneath the round Ozzy looking shades that completely cover his eyes. His eye color, should you look, is a deep, deep blue. Most of the time he has a deep purple robe on with a regal design in white and blue. He wears a bright-white looking sea-captain uniform with a thin line of purple going up the seams, from the bottom of the matching white dress pants (which goes with the robe) and a captains hat (black and purple). All in all Alex looks like he's just stepped off a boat as a captain, except for the shades. They're just cool. And if it wasn't for the stuff he carries on his back he'd complete the look. On his back is a key-board/electric guitar. It has the strings of a guitar and a neck, but it also has a keyboard built into the side. So he also kinda looks like a forgotten beetle's member. He also has a crossbow strapped down on his back as well as a small quiver of arrows strapped to his waist.

Personality: Alex is extremely energetic. There is hardly ever a time when he is not walking or pacing around, especially if he has to wait as waiting is one thing Alex hates the most. As you can tell Alex has a short patience and is quick to anger. He doesn't mind people per say, but he does mind it when they are slow to do anything. He also is a bit of a narcissist and suffers a sort of superiority complex. As for class types Alex does not mind any one class at all, but he does dis-like (in the lightest sense) other bard's as he often will play louder in-order to drown out their "horrid excuses for music". Alex also understands how when two Bard's get together, who aren't playing the same song together, their music kind of screws each other up. Which is why he dislikes other Bards who can't play with him for whatever reason. Oh and he likes to snap his fingers at people a lot.

Background: Alex was born to a family of extremely rich and wealthy musicians/conductors. The family was a well-known name in the music world. They we're involved in almost all things music, whether it was owning factories related to instrument production or orchestral production. The family also had a private taste for harpsichord (which is where Alex gets his taste for those types of songs) in turn Alex also grew to like organ music. But as Alex grew up he also found that modern music ("TRUE modern music") we're full of rhythms, beats, and melodies that we almost heavenly, but sadly he also found that usually these songs we're ruined with "singing". And so Alex vowed to become a strict instrumentalist and never use his voice for "singing" as he thought that is a true musician cannot win people over with his music alone, and must resort to his voice, then he is truly lost. Not to say Alex does not use his voice when fighting. He talks, but he does not and will not sing. Alex takes far more pride in his skill as a musician then as a singer. But still. It seems Alex has inherited his families use for ALL things music and has been gifted with a sultry voice that can make the most prudish girl swoon. He doesn't mind it, but he doesn't like it either. He's lost count of the quire teachers who've asked him to join their group. Alex also, as a guilty pleasure, considers foreign music and exception to the "instrumental rule"

Type: Orchestral Bard ( as in one instrument that can play music as an an entire orchestra)
Bard Type: Attack/Utility/Defense

Favorite Music Genre: House/Electronic

Trinkets: Alpheon- inorder for it to actually work Alex has need his "master-piece" to have some magic imbued into it. So Alex is a magical musician if you think about it. It was sound magic, done by a magician with some of the same quality Alex now has. Usually Bard's only have one instrument, but thanks to this device Alex can play music that an entire Orchestra, or synthesizer, can do. In fact, Alex considers Alpheon the world's best synth guitar/keyboard. Alpheon can also play some songs on it own without the need for Alex, these songs are called passive songs and all Alex has to do for the song to play from Alphe is to invoke the song (a que by "voice") Alphe also has a voice of his own, usually expressed via song. While Alex does not like it, Aphlhe has, on occasion, played a song with a voice in it (in some cases doing it so much Alex has grown to like it)


Crossbow - A large and heavy crossbow. Usually Alex only uses this when Alpheon is playing a passive song and does not require Alex's help to play it. In this instance, Alex will take out this weapon and attempt to shoot at the enemy from afar with it. It's about a meter in length, the arrow's it fires are large, but light, each is about 3/4's of a meter in length.

Alpheon- An electric guitar with a blade attached to the tuning head as well as a keyboard along the side of it. It can play a large, large amount of sounds whether from the key-board or the strings on the guitar. Alex has a preference for electronic and royal songs which would suite him as he does consider himself a modern DJ. The guitar also has a small one-line LED screen on it, this serves to announce the song that Alex has chosen and is now playing. Once as song has been selected it cannot be switched out with another song, so he can either pause, or wait five minutes. Here's a rough estimate of what Alpheon looks like


(The following are the songs Alex usually plays and some he usually does not. Each has a different effect each does many different things. Whatever song Alex is playing during a battle will be listed in post with a link linking to song to the actual physical song, so YO DAWG WE PUT A SONG IN YO SONG SO YOU CAN LISTEN WHILE YOU LISTEN)

Aci-L - A song for all things electronic. Anything that is mechanical in nature receives a boost from this song. (note: is not truly passive, requires guiding of melody via key-board)


Hey U - One of Alpheon's favorites. A completely passive song. Its forte is in irony, frustration, counters.


Philosophy of a Knife (Passive) - Instills great fear and fatigue in enemies. Special bonus if enacted in the dark. No effect in the day-light sun. May cause horrific hallucinations. Also summons any negative creatures in the area, thus if the area has no negative creatures or emotions is does nothing.



Ontology - Super-Bonus for Deamons and other hellish creatures. Also adds a small bonus to undead as well as black magicians and Necromancers. An inky blackness issues forth from Alpheon and envelops all who receive bonuses from it, this becomes the source of the power bonus.


BLACKMAGIC/NECRO- Small Attack, Defense, Magic bonus

Drivin'to the Dead - Super Bonus for Undead and their masters! All undead and Necromancers receive bonuses from this song, as well as Demon's and Black Magician's who receive a small boost from this.


DEMON/BLACKMAGIC - Small Attack, Defense, Magic bonus

Mirage Coordinator - A song for all dark Musicians. Magic thrives in the air in which this song is played. The song's effect also doubles up on Alpheon, so the effect is even stronger.


DEMON/UNDEAD - Small Attack, Stamina, Agility Bonus

DVNO - A COOL SONG. FOR COOL PEOPLE. As the song says: "No need to ask my name to figure out how cool I am. Provides a bonus for all males on the lighter side of the scale. Can, in some cases, put enemies in awe, making it harder to concentrate. Especially effective against those of the opposite sex: which is both good and bad. (well bad and bad). Bad for the female enemies, and bad for the female allies (as they get distracted by the dazzling males) Only effects light characters or characters who are not involved in any the dark arcane.



Get Down - An extremely short song with a potent ability. Only effects one person at a time. (PASSIVE: Alpheon likes this song as well, although Alex has no idea what the song is talking about_


ABILITY: IMPOSSIBLE DODGE (Performs dodges that, under normal circumstances, would be impossible to perform)

Stress - As the song implies causes enemies to worry. Causes a strange unease in enemies and makes their over-all fighting quality weaker.

ABILITY: Weaken for all enemies. Bonus Nervousness. Attack and Defense down.

*EXCEPTION* He actually sings this one!

Scream - This is every Dark Arcane males song. Alex actually sings this one (as he considers himself apart of the "darkside") and so the bonuses are slightly higher then the light version. The song hints at rape if you didn't know (but don't judge it without giving it a listen!) Also effects female characters, whether good or bad (or light or dark)


Dread of the Grave - A song for fighters. Provides them with all bonuses as well as a bit of auto-block.


Night Eyes - A song for fellow Bard's if ever there was one. Any Bard can chip into the making of this song, taking that they use either a violin or accordion or piano (Alex can play either the violin part or the piano part) Summons sword to attack while song is being played. The more people playing the more swords that will appear.


Green Sneer - Alex's theme song. Provides a bonus only to him. It's passive as you can tell.


Enka 1 (Passive*) - Alex must actually dance with this song for the effect to take hold, but it mainly deals in all things speed as well as a reflect block. And while he cannot attack while performing this song, he can dodge, extremely well, and in some cases, he uses his new speed to distract the enemy. Even while dancing.


Attack of the 60ft Lesbian Octopus - Disregarding the long winded title this song is one of Alex's attack songs. It is slightly short, but it delivers a hefty amount of hits in (in quick succession) to one target. The "invisible" punches come in with the beat, they are usually represented by two glowing orbs as Alex plays this song the orbs will home in the target and proceed to hit the target.


The Snow Queen - A song of the Ice element. Causes the environment to get much, much cooler and protects allies against ice-based attacks.


Human After All - Alex a duet by both musician and instrument. Alpheon sings the lyrics while Alex plays the rest of the song. The entire song is spent charging up for the ending. As the pair get closer to the songs end the guitar will glow brighter and bright, until the final "After All" after which an extremely large ball of energy will issue forth from the actual guitar itself. Very, very long charge time. But if he can play it the entire way the damage output is outrageous.

ATTACK SKILL+++++++++++++++++
CHARGE TIME++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++


(Most all of these are passive as they would need Alex to attack while the song is being played)

X amount of Words - A Passive song sung by Alpheon. It takes the words of spells needed by all magic users and priests, and limits them. As in a sentence may have no more then 3 to 8 words depending on the strength of the magic, pretty much rendering the magic nae uncastable. Spells can still be "thought" into casting but are usually harder to perform. Is a curse that also renders uncurse magic so severely "limited" that only the first syllable can be spoken. The first syllable can weaken it, but only as one would chipping away at a rock. Basically Alpheon's equivalent of silence.


You Just Fell for the Trap Initiates automatic counters specifically against physical close-to-close fighting. Only allows for auto counter for as long as the song plays which is only about 3 minutes.


The Alibi An extremely simple song. So simple, and old, in fact, that is disrupts other Bard's songs. Something about the vibrations emmited by Alpheon that cancel out other Bard's instruments.

an advanced song of Alex's. it comes in 4 levels with 4 being the strongest and the most dangerous. An extremely powerful black magic spell that fuses both Alpheon and Alex into one being: Luimatte. Alex hardly uses Luimatte, but usually only goes up to level 1, hardly ever 2, a hasn't done three much, has never even touched 4.

Luimatte One The first transformation of Alpheon and Alex. As the music begins to play both fuse together. Alex grows a foot taller then he usually is, as well as his robe and cloths. Each turns a deep blood red. Long sharp blades just out on Luimatte, each looking strangely like the blade on Alpheon in his guitar form. Luimatter looks like a Demon commander of some sort, with tree trunk arms. His eyes glow a bright red, even from behind the shades. His canines elongate to about 2 inches, and his other teeth develop points. The insignia on his hat is replaced by a skull and bones. As it would appear Alex, or Luimatte, is now a Demon complete with demonic strength and demonic stamina, as well as demonis agility. Alex cannot speak or understand anyone in this form, as he is no longer Alex, but is one of Alpheon's apearences. Just what is Alpheon anyway? A dark secret for no one but Alex to know, but it is rumored that Alex's family deals in some heavy deep demonic magic of some sort, even experimenting on their family members. Every family has its secrets.

Luimatte Two - Alex is further transformed. Now he looks much like a tall gentlemen. His cloths are nice black, with a top hat, long coat, and dress shoes Alex looks like a Victorian gentleman. His face still looks quite demonic, and his shades are still present. Although Now Alex holds a rather ugly looking sword. A grotesque thing with meat all over the blade, some parts even pulsate still. A lone Demonic eye is placed in the blades hilt.

Luimatter Three - Alex is transformed further still. Another foot of height is tacked on and now Alex looks like Frankentypish type of brute. Like a zombie in living flesh Alex's face is a sickly pallor with his mouth half open and an eye falling out of its socket. Luimatte hangs his body as if it weighs a ton. In this form Alex can raise the dead, but only the dead of the area around him. If the surrounding area has no dead, none get summoned, and he will instead force the negative energies of the area to be summoned, which will effect the enemy negatively (of course) in this form Luimatter has a swath of huge zombie stamina, and will not go down unless oblitereated.

Luimatter FOUR - Alpheon's true form. As Alex is not Alex at this point, nor is he Luimatter. At this point it is Alpheon standing there. He would look like an angel in this form. He wears a completely pearl white business suit that seems to glow in the light, he is also the same height and build of an adult. He carries a guitar with him, that looks nothing like the guitar Alex uses. When in this form Alpheon will play this song, which gives the enemy every sort of negative effect imaginable. If left long enough Alpheon will KILL the enemy with the culmination of said status effects. It is not only a physical barrage but mental as well. The guitar he uses is in the shape of a cross, speaking of crosses, Alpheon also has a single black cross on the tie he uses in this form. In this form all Alpheon does is play his guitar. He does nothing else, not even dodge attacks, for this unspeakable song must be played without any pauses. There is a slight chance that when this is performed Alex won't come back and Alpheon will be free to roam the Earth once again. various spells and incantations keep Alpheon from doing anything else but play when in this form. But with Alpheon being so powerfull at that point there's a chance it could fail, and that would be bad VERY BAD.

......................And the list stops there (for now)


Done! As always I can change ANYTHING if you only ask me and inform you on anything I may have missed. Feedback is appreciated.. .[*]
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Re: Highschool Hell: The dark void begins (OOC) -Signups upen-

Mon May 10, 2010 7:49 pm

Dam that's a long list, and it works but do you have any pictures of what the guitar would look like cause honestly i just wanna see it to see it

Re: Highschool Hell: The dark void begins (OOC) -Signups upen-

Mon May 10, 2010 7:59 pm

Livix wrote:Dam that's a long list

What can I say? I strive to be as original as I can humanly can when making a character.

Oh and here's a rough estimate (just about) of what the guitar would look like: http://hackadaycom.files.wordpress.com/2009/11/guitar-plus-keyboard.jpg

Re: Highschool Hell: The dark void begins (OOC) -Signups upen-

Mon May 10, 2010 8:01 pm

That's quite impressive, Slipslash. I'm sure he'd irk both of my characters to no end. ^-^

Re: Highschool Hell: The dark void begins (OOC) -Signups upen-

Mon May 10, 2010 8:03 pm

that ... is ... a ... FUCKING AWESOME GUITAR

Re: Highschool Hell: The dark void begins (OOC) -Signups upen-

Mon May 10, 2010 8:08 pm

I'll only add more songs (as they come to me) if I'm allowed to anyway. . .

Re: Highschool Hell: The dark void begins (OOC) -Signups upen-

Mon May 10, 2010 8:26 pm

my god I feel so oldschool using a freaking Lute, but now I wanna make a guy who uses a Trombone. xD

Did some editing for Lysander, mostly just finishing off the CS. I now remember how much I hated his original CS.

Re: Highschool Hell: The dark void begins (OOC) -Signups upen-

Mon May 10, 2010 9:58 pm

This was my old Cs from the last game.

Teacher: Yes

Name - Orpheus Cradon

Age – 35(human form) 5000(dragon form)

Height - 5'9"

Appearance – Orpheus has short blonde hair and blue eyes he is a very handsome man and wears a robe of red and white that is very vibrant, he worships pyrados. When he is dragon he becomes a giant dragon with a jewel surrounding his neck signifying his royalty. His dragon eyes are yellow and his skin is krimson red Outside of school he wears a simple red shirt with black jeans and a red bandanna that covers his head.

Personality – Orpheus is secretive about his personal self mostly because he has a secret that he is a dragon, other than that he is a very good teacher with good methods. He loves to see all his students succeed in whatever they do. You could say he a sort of dragon racist in that he believes that the Red race is superior to all other dragon races. But he is also one who demands respect even when he doesn't give it and if you annoy or disagree with him he will try to kill you.

Background Story – Orpheus Is one of the few remaining dragon in the world thought to be extinct. He disguises himself in his human form to keep himself safe as one of the last dragons. He comes from a long line of dragon royalty as the king of the red dragons was his father thus he is the prince and has abilities unusable by most other dragons. Orpheus came to the School about three years ago masquerading as a human with magical abilities. Orpheus has managed to keep the secret about his true self hidden from all including his closest friends all except the Head master

Type –Mage/priest He worships Pyarados. As a Mage Orpheus knows all the basic forms of magic. He also knows things about necromancy or psychonist because he has learned these things from the other teachers. And so Orpheus is able to help the students improve on what they don't know and already know.

Weapon –Orpheus doesn’t use weapons but sometimes he turns he hand into a claw due to his natural shape shifting abilities as a dragon. Being of the red race of dragon he has the traditional fire breathing ability.

Trinkets – Necklace with a red ruby in it allows him to use his dragon abilities in human form .

Re: Highschool Hell: The dark void begins (OOC) -Signups upen-

Mon May 10, 2010 11:19 pm

I edited my Character Adding up a drawing of her appereance...

Re: Highschool Hell: The dark void begins (OOC) -Signups upen-

Mon May 10, 2010 11:57 pm

All accepted, love em all, Elderly dragon is great addition. Regular teacher no extra privledges unlike last time (sorry) but still the timely friendship between you and Phauran. (If you don't know him, you will soon enough.)

Will make IC within the hour unless I forget.

Starting chapter: The long ride from home.

Re: Highschool Hell: The dark void begins (OOC) -Signups upen-

Tue May 11, 2010 2:21 am

Too lazy, IC in the morning/afternoon depending on how long I decide to hit the snooze button.

Re: Highschool Hell: The dark void begins (OOC) -Signups upen-

Tue May 11, 2010 2:54 am


Actually it's Finnish Folk Metal, some of the songs I'll be linking from that band will be in old Finnish but he won't be limited to them.
(I'm a big Korpiklaani fan :D)

Re: Highschool Hell: The dark void begins (OOC) -Signups upen-

Tue May 11, 2010 7:04 am

Fenix13 wrote:Too lazy, IC in the morning/afternoon depending on how long I decide to hit the snooze button.

I'd rage, but hell if I haven't done this before.

Re: Highschool Hell: The dark void begins (OOC) -Signups upen-

Tue May 11, 2010 7:16 am

Yea but I have a specific reason: 10 hour day, horribly tired.
Wouldn't leave my job for anything <3
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