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Highschool Hell (OOC): The Hangover. -open-

Fri May 07, 2010 5:44 pm

HIGHSCHOOL HELL: Let the school year begin.

Storyline: The timezone is in the present date, humans have come to a point where magic is at its peak but not many know it and a large school has been built for the gifted and the "strange".

Monsters and Demons under the magical disguise of regular people have emerged from seclusion, some are friendly some are hostile.

This school has been created by linking the material plane with a portal to the astral plane. A place where magic from the weave is at it's strongest and the god-granted powers are at the peak of perfection. People will be enlisted to learn about the powers they harbor, all of it without the prying eyes of foolish human beings.

Plot: You shall make a character of your choice to be enrolled here at the school, you will be given to a teacher to do so as they see fit .

You will be paired randomly for campas living spaces. Mixed. At certain points either led into a school festival or battle with them, So be careful how you treat your partner.

Throughout the story You will be pitted against certain obstacles in the hopes that you will overcome then and be strong enough to maintain they eternal balance between human and monster that has been so tedious for years. All in the seclusion of an alternate world where you and a handful of others Train for the day when they enemies of the pact appear to challenge the bonds. Will you be ready? Lets find out shall we.

Magic Users you may choose from.:

Necromancer - Deals with the animation and use of the dead or the spirits of the deceased aswell as aiding them with black magic that focuses on the spirit of the target, or empowering of the minion.
(may also summon lesser demons, but at greater risk.)

Mage - Wear light robes designed to your liking, carrying a number of talismans, rings, charms that aid you when needed in certain ways. They are usually an elemental spellcaster drawing energy from the weave to reign death upon enemies.

Battle mage - Wearing light plate instead of robes, They have augmented themselves and they're gear with superior enchantments that range from minor speed to levitation. Instead of a staff or wand you may use a weapon of your choice to be used as a staff replacement.
Note: You may cast Lightning bolt/Pyroblast or frostbolt with or without your weapon.

Bard - Can use imbued leather and such, They weave magic through they're voice into the song or hymm they sing, aswell as normal speech, to attack/envigorate/repel/reflect/heal/confuse enemies.
Note: Bards MUST have a musical instrument.

Psyconist - Much like a mage but deals with telepathic attacks and spells, roughly based around they're tap with other people, they can destroy or read thoughts instantly with little to no effort, aswell as summon walls around them of pure will, But when and if the walls are broken, you will be disorientated.

Priests use prayers to their chosen god to Heal/banish/attack foes with spells that reflect the chosen god/godess.

Bane: A god of death and shadows that uses affliction magic such as curses and body affecting spells that pain the foe over a short or long period of time.
The symbol of bane priests is a black iron gauntlet used to channel the god-given powers

pyarados: The god of fire and heat. Using intense blasts or lave golems and spirits to attack ones foes, These worshippers wear red robes to symbolize their god, all the spells are holy flames ment to heal or attack.

Kossuth - God of light and illusions, You worship this god by prayer when the sun is at it's peak. wearing white robes aswell. They attacks of this particular god are light oriented, usually dealing with illusions or mind powers.

Elistraee - Godess of the Moon. Her attacks originate from moon beams weaved with magic, or by dances to the goddess, her symbol is the halfmoon crescent with a sword through it that all priest/priestess's must wear. "By the song or the sword."

Vhaeraun - God of Vhearun is the god of stealth deceit and poisons., The wirshipper's of this type are more fighter the priest. They tend to stick to the shadows and use poison coated daggers and shank wires. Wirshippers of Vhaeraun must wear a black mask of your design, but it must cover everything but your eyes.

Note: If you would like to worship another god of your choosing, please give a detailed description on your cs.

Melee fighters:

I will let you decide on what you would like to be for this category. But you must be very descriptive.

Demonic Characters:

I will let you decide on what you would like to be for this category. But you must be very descriptive.


Teacher: Yes or no

Name -

Age -

Height -

weight - optional

Appearance -

Personality -

Background story -

Type -

Weapon - Describe any enchantments on it

Trinkets - (Things with enchantments on them)

Note: Im flexible with WHATEVER you want to be. But if your being a custom class you gotta give me an in-depth description. Try to be as specific as you can, and ill tell you if I wanna see anything else.

Also if you would like to change around an already existing type, PM me with your request and Ill see what I can do.
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Re: Highschool Hell: The dark void begins (OOC) -Signups upen-

Sat May 08, 2010 11:43 am

Co-GM's master list of lists:
Cheesemore wrote:Students:
Mikeal “Mick” Jalo - Iris (CS #1)
Cassandra (Casey) Rivers – TripleMoon (CS #1)


Mages/Battle Mages:
Daniel "Black Magis" Dean - Livix (CS #1)
Basil Jinx - Livix (CS #2)

Ichiro (ee-chee-ro) 'Chi' Bendoit - Garethcool (Student CS)

Melanie Enjoulee (Elistraee) – Musicmac (CS #2)
Vincent Cowl (Unknown) - Iris (CS #2)
Bartuc "The blood letter" Chamberlaine (Pyarados) - Fenix13 (Student CS)
Juniper Domob (Bane) - Styx
Galadriel "Galaxy" Dertean – Triplemoon (CS #2)

Elissa Saito/Lilith – counterfeitself (CS #2)
Jayde Arsen Stills - Kusang_Manalo

Helios Felis (Assassin) – Musicmac (CS #1)
Olphane Rourke (Zombie Warrior) - Seirui
Ariana Myzrym (Dark Caster) - SoulScavenger


Banned/KIA/Dropped Out:
Honoo hidari (Priest of Pyarados) - OrangeDJ
Mary Alice Ann Kin (Priestess of Elistraee) - TsunaXionus
Alexandre Arc (Bard) - Slipslash
Michael Grim (Death) – Mquinny1234 (CS #1)
Christopher Quinn (Priest of Vhaeraun) - MQuinny1234 (CS #2)
Allayna (Necromancer) - Leopardess
Marius Kezn (Melee Fighter) – counterfeitself (CS #1)
Sebastien Cloud(Psychonist) - mute_soul (CS #1)
Kathryn Cloud (Bard) - mute_soul (CS #2)
Xexbro bane-rift(Hydra Necromancer) - Archvillain

Fenix13 wrote:Teachers:
Epalm Cheese of the more variety.
Priest teacher #1^
Lysander : Gareth
Bard teacher^
Yazo : BG07
Psyconist teacher^
Valas : Fenix13
Priest Teacher #2 (combat specialist leaning towards agility then strength as well)^
Banned/KIA/Dropped out:
Eluveitie : Universum
Kyte : Tsuna
An’groth : Gigafist
Orpheus (Dragon) : Wins2

Cheesemore wrote:Lysander - Teaches Casey, Mikeal, and Melanie.

Yazo - Teaches Ichiro.

Epalm - Teaches Vincent and Bartuc.

Valas - Teaches Helios, Daniel, Galaxy, and Elissa.

Valas and Epalm - Joint teach Juniper.

PENDING PLACEMENT - Basil and Olphane.
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Re: Highschool Hell: The dark void begins (OOC) -Signups upen-

Sat May 08, 2010 1:51 pm

Name - Helios Felis

Age - 16

Height - 6ft 3

weight - Light (Can't really nail it down but it's light enough for him to move fast and with stealth)

Appearance -
Helios is without a doubt, a true Felis and looks like it. His two cat ears pop out on his black messy hair, a long black tail coming out from his back and he has amber-yellow cat eyes. Helios prioritizes on comfort and effectiveness when it comes to clothing, preferring light clothing or armor that can hold a sufficient amount of equipment, let him move and act quickly and have enough protection at the same time. Helios normally dresses in simple but stylish clothing like shirts and long pants with a small pinch of accessories like a necklace or earring when in school. Helios has a necklace with two silver rings and a golden-colored Latin cross in between. He also has a ring on each both his index fingers, both with the same patterns of a black line crossing through the middle.

Personality -
Hot-blooded, spirited but serious at times of need. Helios has an extremely positive view of life. Helios also hates lashing out at people when angered, instead he gets back at them with a little prank. He loves spicy and sweet food, most of them in the seafood category, sports and reading. He also has a serious interest in magic. When asked to work or help, Helios chooses the method that is the most efficient and least tiring. In battle, Helios prioritizes on taking down enemies as quickly as possible and on the safety of others.

Background story -
Helios is a descendant of the Felis family, a legendary family of assassins that specialize in magical techniques and long-range attacks. Helios has two older brothers who travel around the world, contributing to the family through businesses. Helios' father, the former head of the family, and mother died in a car accident when he was young and lived in the care of his grandmother, the newly-appointed head of the family , and his brothers until they got old enough to make their own businesses and contribute to the family and he got old enough to go into high school. During his stay with his grandmother, he was trained with all sorts of weapons and techniques of the Felis. Now, he has been sent to the school to learn more of his powers and skills and one day, lead the Felis alongside his brothers.

Type -
Felis, cathuman. Versatile character that uses magic and distanced or melee combat.
Nimble and tricky. The Felis are a species and royal family of part-cat and part-human. They have the ability to channel, use and bend magic, mostly elemental. Being cats, they have the ability to adapt to most temperatures that most humans would sweat or shiver in and can see in the dark.

Weapon -
Helios' rings : The rings that Helios wears are able to transform into mostly any sort of simple weapon like a longbow, a longsword, a shield or knives. The rings gather energy from it's surroundings and channels it into a concentrated form. This makes the attacks of the formed weapons to deal attacks of pure magic.

Necklace : The necklace that Helios always wears is a 'station' that channels Helios' magic and helps him cast magic more effectively. It is also used as a ward against spirits or anything unholy.

Magic : Being a Felis let's Helios manipulate and use elemental magic by will but an incantation is needed to unleash it's full power, otherwise it will be much weaker and not as effective.

Other equipment : Helios' other equipment includes smoke bombs, supplement pills, a few vials of concentrated poison he made himself, lock-picking tools, a small book of magical incantations and spells and magical runes.

Trinkets -
Runes of sound : The two white jems that are often seen attached to Helios' shoes allow him to reduce the sound of his movements by a quarter of the original amount made. They are only able to used for 1-2 hours and Helios must charge them with magic once completely drained.

If anything seems out of place, just tell me and I'll fix it.
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Re: Highschool Hell: The dark void begins (OOC) -Signups upen-

Sat May 08, 2010 5:26 pm

Name – Marius Kezn

Age - 16

Height – 5’10”

weight – 175lbs

Appearance – Of average height, Marius has blue eyes and Black hair. He could be called handsome although not many would say this due to his abrasive personality. He prefers to wear a sports suit to all classes. He won't wear armour into combat, preferring his clothes to them.


Personality – Marius is arrogant in his fighting ability, rightfully so or not, he likes to pick fights with others if they appear to be looking down on him. He is very determined and when there is a fight he will give it his all until he has won, or he is unconscious or dead. Neither especially intelligent, nor incredibly charismatic, he lives to feel the rush of adrenaline. He is mouthy and disrespectful which has not earned him points with the teachers at the school and would rather fight someone than talk to them. He likes to “talk with his fists.”

Background story – Marius, named after his grandfather who was in turn named after his grandfather, was born in the USA to a middle class family. He grew up in a less favorable neighborhood and got in a lot of scraps, learning to fight in any way possible. Not having the best grades at school, he was going to drop out of school, but when those at the academy found out about the belt passed down through his family and his brawling background, he was invited to attend the academy to train.

Type – Melee Fighter – A brawler, Marius hasn’t been trained in any types of fighting, but was involved in many brawlers when he was younger. Instead of using a set style, he changes how he fights depending upon his opponent.

Weapon -

Gloves - Upon delivering a punch, these gloves give a spark of electricity to the enemy which temporarily causes numbness in the muscles around the impact point. This can cause slower reactions as well as an inability to fight back if hit enough times in the same place.

Trinkets - (Things with enchantments on them)

Belt of Strength - Greatly Increases Marius’ strength, normally he is strong, but with the belt, he can lift 5 times his weight overhead with the belt. However it only has a certain amount of magic usable per day so the more it is used the weaker it's effects. It takes 8 hours for it to recharge.
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Re: Highschool Hell: The dark void begins (OOC) -Signups upen-

Sat May 08, 2010 8:47 pm

Oh what the heck, I'll join.


Name - Cassandra (Casey) Rivers

Age - 16

Height - 5 feet and 6 inches

Appearance - A girl with platinum blond hair and dark brown eyes . Wears a white dress with a black satin ribbon head, black shoes and choker. During school follows dress code but wears same headband and choker. In battle wears a black cloak with black leather armor with headband and choker. In special occasions wears a black dress with a short white sweater, a white leather belt, same headband, and white boots.

Personality -Casey is a negative person, sometimes being described as goth. She, however, is fun-loving when she can afford to. Casey is rarely positive, and often her works of art and writing projects take on a brutal angle to life. She only brings out her true side during singing, and many say that when she sings is like seeing a sunset for the very first time.

Background story - No one really knows Casey's origins, as she has no parents and instead chooses to live in a forest, where civilization is scarce. Casey had grew up alone in the woods for thirteen years when they found her. Even now, she has problems facing people. She doesn't even know how she came into the woods, she only says that somehow she just popped up in the world, alone and afraid.

Type - Bard- defensive since acoustic guitar seems more like defensive, don't ya think?

Weapon - Casey's voice and her guitar, which she had carved out of oak several years ago. That tree was sacred to the animals and thus her guitar is filled with the spirit of the tree, each note, even the wrong ones, singing beautifully.

Trinkets - Casey's black satin ribbon headband. The ribbon was found near a river many years ago and out of curiosity Casey got it. But she nearly drowned, as the ribbon contains an angry water spirit, and thus hates water. The ribbon helps her control her mood by "putting them out" as like water to fire. But to Casey this is more of a curse as she cannot take it off her head.

Any problems with this just say.

Casey's moves so far:


Lupus summania- a highly effective summon song that summons wolves to emerge from the ground and attack the opponent. Its attack can be improved by playing the whole song. Its attack, however comes with the price of no energy left.


Ground Block- causes a barrier very hard to break to form. Since Casey is Defensive, this is Unlimited.

Shield- causes a force field of music to appear, blocking the enemy for two attacks. Unlimited.

Can't Touch Me- improves Casey's Defense. Unlimited.

Armor- Casey's allies wear a suit of armor that is hard to break through. Unlimited.


Flourish- replenishes Casey's energy. It can only be used three times.

Grand Flourish- replenishes Casey and her allies' energy/mana. It can only be used one time.

Band-Aid- slightly heals Casey's wounds. Takes up some energy
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Re: Highschool Hell: The dark void begins (OOC) -Signups upen-

Sat May 08, 2010 10:58 pm

So, I'm guessing that Casey's ribbon can act like her inner demonic conscience or something of the sort?

Re: Highschool Hell: The dark void begins (OOC) -Signups upen-

Sun May 09, 2010 1:54 am

Name - Daniel "Black Magis" Dean

Age - 15

Height - 6 feet even

Weight - 159 lbs
Appearance - Short dark brown hair, Large built. Wears a Long Runed Black Robe, Stereotypical Pointy black hat, gloves, shoes, pants, all black. Glowing eyes - Brown with ring of Green, Normal Looks but strong

Personality - Quiet, Knowledgeable, Easy to anger, but normally likable, but is slightly feared for his abnormal obsession with magic beyond that of any other student regular or demonic

Background - Lived with a regular family, in regular life was liked by some, loved by few, and hated by most, put on a bravado of power or superiority due to his lack of physical strength but great power of his mind, after a certain time of training his body so as to no longer to need said bravado, he was contacted by a teacher at the school asking in a masked voice if he wanted to extend his views of the world and of himself, with no more information than that he quickly hung up, but was contacted not 2 days later by the same teacher asking for an answer and without thinking said "what do you intend for me to do" answered only by "Accepted".

Type - Necromancer in training, that has abilities considered "above average"in Black magic (even though he came from the mortal world) and is currently being trained by Eluveitie "Elí" Omnos before going further into Necromancy.
Black Magic - Destruction of all styles, Summoning rituals of beasts of a greater arsenal and variety then Necromancy, able to travel in the shadows and use any and all darkness in an area almost in a green lantern fashion of being able to make anything out of said shadows, and the one and only healing spells in his arsenal of magic is healing by stealing the life force of creatures of less intelligence then Humans (Killing the creatures in the process) and putting it into the person to be healed
other attacks

Is able to see the magics and energies of people he chooses (his eyes are normally brown with a ring of green but when he activates the energy sight his eyes turn full green)

Weapon - Staff endowed with the ashes of his dead and very protective dog allowing him to summon her spirit upon calling her name (she's a Rottweiler) Megan

Trinket - picture in a frame on his key chain reminding him of his family but at the same time his old life giving him drive to become more powerful

if it wouldn't be too much trouble i'd like a saying and it would be "Where is the Love?" which is the opposite of what you would expect from a mage specializing in Black and Deathly magic

Regular Clothes
Mage Clothes
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Re: Highschool Hell: The dark void begins (OOC) -Signups upen-

Sun May 09, 2010 3:42 am

Note to self: Stay away from Daniel for avoidance of certain death.

Re: Highschool Hell: The dark void begins (OOC) -Signups upen-

Sun May 09, 2010 6:24 am

Oh fret not my dear, there are worse thing's that roam these halls then a mere student.

Re: Highschool Hell: The dark void begins (OOC) -Signups upen-

Sun May 09, 2010 7:10 am

It's the cafeteria lunch now, isn't it?

Re: Highschool Hell: The dark void begins (OOC) -Signups upen-

Sun May 09, 2010 7:31 am

What no teachers yet?... well I'll make one...

Teacher: Yes

Name - Kaitouniumakel "Kyte" Skieve von Hireikan

Age - 26

Height - 5'9

weight - 192 lbs

Appearance - Kyte has neat purple hair and bright green eyes. Fit build. He always seems to have a smile on his face. He usually wears simple shirts and jeans, yet he is almost never seen without an overcoat be it white, blue, or grey. At some occasions he wears black fingerless gloves.

Personality - He is an overly happy and energetic person, Such that rumors that he is never sad roams the school. He is upfront, layed back and blunt. He keeps a positive aura around him which can amuse or annoy people. Not many would know but, He keeps positive to stop from going on insane bloody rampages.

Background story - He was born from the noble fort of Hireikan, It was a large, lonely castle where he would grow without company. His brothers and sisters had such far age gaps with him that they could never relate. Upon the right age he met his mentor a very kind man who helped him train and kept him company. Upon the age of 16 he went on his first bloodrage and was sealed off by his mentor using chains. After the insident he gained a new personality of being positive as the negative was sealed off.

Type - Rethran, Absolute power and madness
Rethrans are demons who were considered as noble barbarians as they had great power that they themselve cannot control. They require devices which can keep their powers sealed, These seals are applied after their first bloodrage. Bloodrage is where their powers go to an unlimited high-power state which allows them to use the most powerful of magic and their bodies become consumed in the power that makes them stronger beyond all control that they lose their minds. Upon sealing their hair stops growth and it remains as it was before the power was sealed yet when the seals are removed their body shows what they should look like.

Weapon - Reckblade whip- A whip covered in runes which takes 3 different forms the first is its sealed which makes it look like a metal wand and the next is the actual whip form which extends about 4 feet, and the third which he channels his energy into the weapon causing it to gain the properties of a sword.

Trinkets - Seal Chains- Kyte wears chains on his wrists and around his neck they are filled with magical energy which seals off his power, upon removal he will gain great power for 5 minutes before the power starts to control him.
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Re: Highschool Hell: The dark void begins (OOC) -Signups upen-

Sun May 09, 2010 7:50 am

TsunaXionus wrote:he channels energy into the whip causing it to harden and become stiff

Quoted for the lols.

Re: Highschool Hell: The dark void begins (OOC) -Signups upen-

Sun May 09, 2010 7:53 am

Oh... hell... I just noticed that... but Im not exactly sure cause theres a few different meanings to that... Well I'll change that when I think of a better phrase...

EDIT: Temp fix

Re: Highschool Hell: The dark void begins (OOC) -Signups upen-

Sun May 09, 2010 8:17 am

Teacher: No

Name – Mikeal “Mick” Jalo

Age - 19

Gender- Male

Height – 6”2

Appearance - Long light-brown hair which he normally keeps in a ponytail and covering the top of his head rests a feathered cap reminiscent of Robin Hood, clean shaven and has a set of hazel eyes. Due to his over-the-top nature of his performances he is fairly athletic but far from muscular. Aside from his feathered cap, he wears very ordinary clothing.
As part of his ‘persona’ he has noticeable Finnish accent when he speaks, although when he sings songs outside his country it lessens. In other words he overplays his own accent just for the fun of it.

Personality – Optimistic, an outrageous over-the-top showman and generally a party goer, Mikeal always tries to look on the bright side of life. He is performer at the heart (in fact he’s a Tavern performer back home) as such he give every job his all to please his crowd, from dancing while singing and playing his instrument to swinging on the rafters, roaring drunk and having the time of his life. Often mistaken for being extremely drunk, sometimes the accusation is even correct!
No matter how strange his antics are or how much of a fool he portrays himself as, he is a reliable comrade and will gladly go out of his way to cheer someone up even becoming the butt of a joke if it means making that person smile.

Aside from his happy personality he is an avid lover of mythology (Norse, Greek, Viking, Scandinavian), which was one of the reasons to why he came to the Highschool, when he learnt he had bardic magic within him, he couldn’t resist having a look at how other bards performed hoping to learn a couple new tricks when he returned home.

Personality theme song: Also give a taste of what he's playing.

Background story – Born and raised in Finland, he is the first son (of two) from a family of tavern owners. At an early age he began to play music, having watched his father play the guitar inspired him to mimic his father’s movements. Once he mastered it, he seemed to have the need to learn different instruments, taking joy from the unique playing styles required from each. The hardest instruments he found were the violin and the accordion (The latter caused as much grief with his instructor as well.) but eventually he was able to place them under his belt as well.
Although he was good with instruments, he only managed to get through his normal school. As he learnt with his hands rather than his head, after a while he dropped out to work with his parents (much to their disappointment). He began to show his worth when a scheduled group couldn’t make it to their tavern, offering to play in their place with his friends and formed the tavern band: Jotta Jäljentää or “to mimic/copy” as a reference to their habit of playing their favourite songs instead of making original music.
Upon hearing he had bardic magic, he doubted for a brief moment wither or not his talent had come from the magic or from his own hands. Doubt that lasted only for a minute before the urge to discover how other bards dealt with such thoughts, the urge to rediscover one’s self and of course there was the opportunity to learn new ways of having fun!

Type – Utility Bard; Having focused on creating happy atmospheres most of his life it shouldn’t surprise people that he specializes in this.

Instruments: He only carries one with him at a time, preferring to leave the others in his dorm. Each has been enchanted to improve the sound waves made, allowing each note to be heard even during a rowdy party, however during a battle it can be drowned out by more explosive magic.
Lute: Used when he’s feeling more poetic, thus focusing the music more on his voice rather than the actual instrument on the other hand he also has the tendency to (jokingly) try and woo lady.

Acoustic guitar: His first instrument and most casual instrument, due to its size he has to carry it in his case on his back when travelling with it.

Violin: Mikeal prefers to play the violin when playing some sadder music or when reciting scary tales as the violin can create the darker atmosphere needed. Also great for rowdy parties.

Fiddle: Where the violin is used for darker atmospheres the fiddle is its foil. Mikeal is known to dance and play (often with mixed results, depending on how drunk he is.)

Electric Guitar: Because of the required power and reliance on an amp, Mikeal doesn’t use this outside of having fun. Until he can find a way to make a portable amp with magic he doesn’t bring it along during field-trips.

Piano Accordion: The odd one out in his collection of string instruments, Mikeal uses the accordion when he misses his home, playing songs used during his act or when he was with family. Because of the complex movements involved he can only play this while standing still or sitting down.

Trinkets - A bone carving in the shape of a small disk written on it are the words: suorana kultainen which translates roughly :Live happily. It acts a good luck charm given to him by his younger brother, nothing more to Mikeal’s knowledge.
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Re: Highschool Hell: The dark void begins (OOC) -Signups upen-

Sun May 09, 2010 8:35 am

Musicmac wrote:It's the cafeteria lunch now, isn't it?

I'm sure it's terrible too, but the one I'm thinking of make's life complicated in many ways.

Re: Highschool Hell: The dark void begins (OOC) -Signups upen-

Sun May 09, 2010 9:29 am

Cafeteria lunch?!?!?!

Note to self: Bring my own lunch or die.

Re: Highschool Hell: The dark void begins (OOC) -Signups upen-

Sun May 09, 2010 9:53 am

I'm gonna make some fish sandwiches.

Re: Highschool Hell: The dark void begins (OOC) -Signups upen-

Sun May 09, 2010 11:48 am

All right, Mute's joining in on this RP, too! ;) It looks like fun.

Student, Year 1

Name: Sebastien Cloud

Age: 15

Height: 6’1”

Weight: 185 lbs.

Appearance: Athletic and muscular, with broad shoulders. He can be quite imposing, which is unintended for the most part. His black hair is untidy and curly, but kept short, and he has naturally sad brown eyes. He dresses conventionally, jeans and t-shirts at best, and he can usually be seen on his own or silently standing with his sister's group. He possesses a somber, shy demeanor and is generally good at melting into the background

Personality: Sebastien is quiet and reserved, with very few friends. He doesn’t like many people, other than his sister, and he is very protective of her. Though Sebastien is undeniably shy, he also has a temper. (He’ll restrain himself against girls, out of politeness, but he has yet to gain the same restraint against guys. Only his sister can really calm him down.) Contrary to popular belief, he can be quite pleasant, and has been gradually revealing this to others. He really does try to be likable, but his temper often hinders this.

Background: Sebastien has had a relatively normal childhood, believe it or not. He’s the second and final child of Mr. and Mrs. Cloud, and as far as he knows, he’s always been able to hear thoughts, courtesy of his great-grandfather. He didn’t unearth his secret until he was in second grade. His mother took him out of mortal school, which he had been enrolled in since he hadn’t inherited the “family trade”, and enrolled him in the same school as his sister. To establish individuality, he enrolled in karate, through which he’s been attempting to learn self-control. Also, since he's joined high school, he's been tailing his sister less and less and going off on his own a lot more.

Type: Psyconist

Weapon: Sebastien wields a staff, which he is capable of converting into a psychic weapon—which means, on top of harming his opponent physically, it will harm them mentally as well. However, for the psychic power to reach their brain, he needs a direct blow to the head, which is rather hard for him to attain. Also, he has certain limitations that he follows— one being that he will not do anything more than knock a classmate out, or stun them. He has to be really pissed to go that far. Aside from that, all that Sebastien has is his powers, his ingenuity and his fists. (He is a 2nd degree black belt in karate, so it’s safe to say that he can carry his own.)

Trinkets: A nice wristwatch. It typically serves as a power amplifier and a power suppressor, and if affects everyone in a large radius. In its neutral state, the watch is nothing but normal. But, if he twists the hands back an hour, it is psychically quiet, and his powers are sharply decreased. (It is generally harder for him to decrease the psychic powers of others, but it can be done if the other psychic is weak-willed.) If he twists it forward an hour, Sebastien can use a minimal, nonlethal amount of his powers. If he twists it forward two hours, psychic voices become clamor, and only Sebastian can discern whose psychic voice is whose. The watch only works, however, when it's around his wrist. If Sebastien takes the wrist watch off, it nullifies whatever effects that the watch created. It's like an insta-end to whatever's going on.


Student, Year Three

Name: Kathryn Cloud

Age: 17

Height: 5’0”

Weight: 90 lbs.

Appearance: You wouldn't know that Kat and Sebastien were related by looking at them— she looks very much like a pixie in the sense that she’s very petite and cute, with very fine features. Her eyes are a large, mischievous hazel, and her ginger hair is cut short in an adorable yet practical boy-cut. Kat has a weakness for wild clothes, and she loves to look cute, loves attention. Possesses three piercings in each ear. She has an unusual yet wonderful, kind aura that just draws people in.

Personality: Though she is mellow, Kat is full of spunk and has a good number of friends. She is very independent, and takes pride in the matter, constantly affirming her independence in nonconventional ways. Like any human being, there are times that Kat gets pissed-off or annoyed, but she doesn’t go crazy like her brother. Sure, she gets into fights, but she’s usually calm. Humorous and blunt, as well as fun to be around, her sharp tongue often gets her into trouble.

Background: She comes from a family of bards, so it was no surprise that she had the skills to become one as well. She’s always been something of the golden child, but even when she was little, Kathryn has never really let the attention bother her. She’s always only really cared for her brother, who seemed different than most of her other relatives. Kathryn picked up the flute when she was five, and inherited the family heirloom at ten. Also, it was at Kathryn’s tenth year that Sebastien came out about his gift and joined Kathryn’s school--they're rather close, but Kathryn is constantly encouraging her brother to go off on his own, and make his own friends.

Type: (Yet another) Bard! Defensive/Utility.

Weapon: An old flute, passed down in her family for generations, which she can use as she uses her voice. It’s a joke that this flute used to belong to the Pied Piper, but nobody really knows. Kathryn prefers her voice over her flute, as she can be much more specific in song or speech, but she’s as equally skilled in both. She's also been attempting to pick up on the violin, but she isn't as strong with it as she is with the flute. Kathryn’s also a skilled martial artist, about the same rank as Sebastien, but she’s so small that it hardly does her any good offensively—all that it’s truly good for is dodging. She wields a blade, about the length of her forearm, with no magical purpose, just in case music doesn’t work.

Trinkets: A necklace from her brother. It looks like this. As it’s a gift from her brother, Kathryn wears this necklace everywhere she goes, but she would probably wear it a lot less if she knew what power it contained. It’s an extension of Sebastien’s powers, so Sebastien could shield his sister in the event of a psychic attack, sense if she was in danger, and so forth. However, Sebastien neglected to tell his sister of the powers behind the necklace, so Kathryn has no reservations about wearing it.
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Sun May 09, 2010 12:40 pm

tsuna could you be the teacher that contacted my character in the his background story

Re: Highschool Hell: The dark void begins (OOC) -Signups upen-

Sun May 09, 2010 1:40 pm

An old friend from V1 of this RP:

Teacher: Yes

Name - Epalm Phoenix

Age - 36

Height - 6'2

weight - 200

Appearance – Epalm is somewhat tall for a person, however he’s not overwhelming. He has short brown hair and deep crimson eyes. He always has a kind look toward him, one of the more approachable teachers of the school just based on looks alone. Like his religion suggests, he wears red robes to signify his religion. One of his favorites is a robe that is a dark crimson color. It has white trim and a gold belt.

Personality – Epalm’s personality reflects exactly how he is, kind and caring. You’d be hard pressed to find anything or anyone that he dislikes. However, you can notice a bit of a dislike of demons due to his past. You talk to Epalm outside of his class and you’d wonder why some people are afraid of him at the school.

That being said, those lucky enough to get the man for class are in for it rough. Epalm is a firm believer in knowledge by experience. Those foolish enough to not take his class seriously are in for it. While his fiery passion of youth has quelled a bit in his older age, this seems to be the one area that he hasn’t quite fixed yet.

This is especially true for when Epalm is in his so called "Rage-mode". When Epalm becomes so enraged, his eyes will completely turn red. Epalm loses all focus and level-headedness, even forgetting who is friend and who is foe. His strength is increased greatly, as well as his magic, but it's highly unstable at this point and incredibly dangerous. It takes a lot to make Epalm get into full fledge rage, but I advise you run when you see him like that.

Background story - Epalm grew up in a traditional family. For generations they had all been good priests, not great but good. His family believes that he will bring them into the spotlight. Because of this, there is a huge amount of pressure on him to succeed. He was quickly introduced to his magic heritage and was trained intensely to fulfill his parents’ wishes to be the best. He quickly grew tired of the day to day training and eventually vowed to give up magic forever.

Epalm's parents tried many times to sway him back to the family tradition, but he refused, saying his pursue of happiness was much more important than studying in some old library for hours on end. Then, one night, his parents were murdered right in front of him by an unknown demon. He tried to stop the demon, but he was overmatched. The only thing he remembers of this mysterious attacker is the cold dark yellow eyes that he saw as the demon left him to die. However he didn't die and was able to heal himself in time, but it was too late for his parents.
Shortly after their death he started studying again and relearned everything that his family had learned and recorded in the archives. After studying for 3 years he left to find a school that his father mentioned in one of his journals as somewhere he planned on sending him to when he was old enough.

He arrived at the school and became a student, quickly learning all he could and ended as one of the highest in his class. After graduation Epalm searched desperately for his family’s killer, following every possible lead he could. However, after receiving yet another dead in, he took time to reflect on how he was living his life. He realized the only true time he felt happy, after his parents of course, was when he was at the school. He quickly returned to the school and asked the headmaster if he could help mold the young minds of the school, and he agreed.

Type - Priest, his family has worshiped Pyarados for many generations.

Fighting Style - Eplam’s fighting style is well rounded. Due to how he used to fight, he is a fairly decent close quarters fighter, however as he learned more spells he began to create more ranged skills, and can hold his own on both ends. Epalm has also perfected his fire healing over his travels, finally realizing his foolishness earlier than his life.

Weapon: Phoenix Blade. Epalm's sword was morphed from his old Phoenix Wand (a family heirloom mind you) which he still wasn't that creative of naming. The blade is roughly three feet long, pure crimson steel. The edges are jagged, as to represent the flames of Pyarados, and makes it into a great slashing weapon. The guard and hilt is roughly one foot long, making his weapon in it's entirety four feet long, not too long, but long enough to create serious damage from medium range.

Despite the fact that it is no longer his old wand, it still retained some of the abilites it used to give him. Epalm's strength, healing, and overall fire wielding/conjuring get a boost, his speed however decreses, due to the new armour and the overal weight of the blade itself. Also when his sword is in hand, a shoulderguard is created on his left shoulder. The symbol on it is Pyarados, to show his dovotion through and through.

Epalm's sword isn't as unique as Valas's, unable to summon it purely by name. However, a quick prayer to Pyarados, and his sword will litterally erupt from the earth, allowing him to summon it anywhere he's on the ground level of a place. Because of it's placement, the Blade is always at a high temperature, making it impossible for thouse not of the Pyarados faith (or an experienced mage in fire and heat) to even touch the blade. However only Epalm can use the blade. It will accept no other.

Trinkets - He wears a pendant under his one and only robe with the Family Crest. He also wears rings on all of his fingers (excluding thumbs and middle fingers) that help him conjure up the fire necessary for his spells.
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Sun May 09, 2010 2:48 pm

Hey Fenix, you remember my guy from the "Nether Institute"?

Could I use him and would he be under the "demonic characters" section?

Re: Highschool Hell: The dark void begins (OOC) -Signups upen-

Sun May 09, 2010 2:58 pm

Course you can, but in this area you have to keep a 'human disguise' as part of the rules. So you have human appearance and your true self.

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Sun May 09, 2010 3:01 pm

right....I was going to edit it anyway, thx.

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Sun May 09, 2010 3:04 pm

ki join?

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Sun May 09, 2010 3:51 pm

I'll start jotting down who's accepted and what not sometime in the near future, my request to edit's will follow along the same time line.

Official statement: IC on Friday.
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