Diablo: End of all days OOC -Signups open-

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Diablo: End of all days OOC -Signups open-

Postby Zelosse » Fri Apr 16, 2010 5:23 pm

Diablo: End of all days.

As the legends of demons are written, so it is said by the greatest philosophers and mages known as the Horadrim, told us that no demon or devil can be killed, only banished for a period of time. Their text's and scrolls have survived the centuries in the ever flowing sands of time but the descendants have not lived on, giving their lives to forever seal away the 3 prime evil; Baal, Mephisto, and Diablo himself.

Since the beginning of time, the angelic hosts of the High Heavens and the demonic hordes of the Burning Hells have been locked in a struggle for the fate of all Creation. Humanity has only ever seen the demons and believe the light chooses champions from mortals to do battle, this is true but not 100% accurate. Angel's exist and walk our world disguised as us, pulling the strings of the brace and the fearless in battle. Angel's grace us with a strange luck, where a demonic blade should kill us it will strike not but air, and our own blades will deliver a fatal blow when it should barely scratch a demonic warrior.

The cracks of the seal have been noticed and already demons pour into our world terrorizing villages and sacred lands for their own needs. A prime-evil has awakened in the depths of flame and slowly draw's power back to his husk, time is not something humanity has. Since no foul creatures have arisen in more then a two hundred years, tales of 'monsters' and 'cults' have cropped up all over the world. One such tale come's from a small encampment of Merchant's and former worshippers of the light, resting in the ruins of an ancient city called 'tristram.'

A call has come to the heroes of the light to take up arm's against the monster's, only the bravest souls will dare to take the call. Nobody know's what their destiny will hold should their path bring them to this town.


Much like the diablo game's this is based on, you will all be playing the role of adventurers who seek to earn their fortune or fame or honor from slaying the supposed monsters that now attack a holy temple. An epic tale will be sprung to life as you slowly dive deeper into the catacombs of hallowed labyrinth to see for your own eyes what true evil now rest's in these caverns.

If you have played Diablo2, you will know the five cities below.
Tristram- starting point.
Lut gholein- Desert city, stage 2.
Kurast- Capital of the Eastern Empire, swamplands
Pandemonium fortress- The final step between the mortal plain's and the demon pits.
Mount Arreat- The bastion of hope, home to the barbarian protectors of the world keep.


Age: (dont be younger then 20)
Class: (See below)
level: 1-5
Special attribute: (See below)
History: How you became an adventurer and heard this story.

-Special attributes-

Speed freak: You attack or cast 25% faster then others of your skill level.
Magi: Your knowledge of the arcane is more advanced then others. (Added damage to spell casts)
Affinity: You have increased resistance to a specific element/magic type.
Indestructible: Increased health and armor.
True sight: Greater stealth detection and unafected by illusionary effects.
Aftermath: Your attack's leave a physical or magical decay, causing your opponent to take more damage over a short period of time.
Battery: Give's you more mana to cast various spells and abilities.
Crusader: Increased damage to demons.
Tainted: Increased damage to humans.
Precision: Higher chance to critically hit your opponent. Causes a lesser 'aftermath' effect.
Dedication: Increased skills in your chosen class
Reckless: increased chance to be hit, but your attack's deal twice as much damage.

rare attribute; Will of the heavens - Banishes one demon, up to a certain level.
This attribute is one person only. If I like your CS you will be given this atop your other attribute. Usable once.


Barbarian/Amazon - Fierce warriors who fight with brute force, these characters come from the sacred mountains and have long-since been the protector's of the heavens ultimate secret. SWORN to secrecy. Bound by blood to their brothers they fight with controlled fury, leaving any in their wake little more then a dismembered pile of gore.
The Amazon allies come from the surrounding jungle's as a buffer, any who get by them have earned their chance at the Barbarian tribe's in the upper mountains. These fighters are female dominated and have incredible marksmanship, often hitting a target with an arrow from a great distance away, rarely seen and almost unheard of to modern men. True hunters.
(Increased health/damage. Battle shout - Raises all parties Skill/Health/Mana/Damage. Only 1 type at a time. Cannot have more then one effect.)

Sorceress/Sorcerer - Powerful wizards who wield the powers of Thunder, fire, or ice. Choosing one path is the key part to a caster such as these, for with greater skill in a chosen element they can unleash anything from a torrent of chilled death, to a summoning of a fearsome fire hydra to do their bidding.
(Increased mana. Frost/lightning armor on self.)

Necromancer - Channelers of the damned who worship the bone dragon 'Tran'ghul' and use his aspects to launch bone-type spells at their enemies. Master's of Summoning spells to create an army of the damned to fight with them and their party members, they can also ressurect demons and party members. Ressurected demons are bound to life for a short time and to the necromancer.
(Bone armor for increased defense. Castable spells: Bone prison/wall (One at a time) Amplify damage (Increases all forms of damage taken by afflicted creature.)
May only use one of these attacks, not both.

Paladin - Defenders of the light, they have aura's to cause their weapons to deal additional damage as Holy/lightning/fire. Capable of blessing a teammate to increase stats and damage for a short time and healing spells to assure a party members survival.
(Increased health/mana regeneration. Holy bolt - Critical hits a demonic enemy)

Druid - Wielders of natures power, these men can go toe to toe with the fiercest barbarian on equal grounds, or fight off even the most powerful wizard with their own potent magic. Focused around either animal aspects to enhance their own abilities, or wind/fire magic to create typhoons and meteors, these fighters have even been known to shapeshift.
(Increased attack/cast speed depending on type: Melee or caster)
Please specify which you are

Assasin - Dark raiders of the night, these merciless killers were trained by the monks to break bone's with a single punch or kick, to tread on broken glass without making a sound, and to strike from a distance with inhuman accuracy. Wielders of traps that range from explosive to paralysis, these fighters have earned a reputation for ruthlessness.
(Increased attackspeed and critical strike chance. Dragon kick - A finishing move that teleports you to the target to deal a mini critical hit)
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Re: Diablo: End of all days OOC -Signups open-

Postby TsunaXionus » Sat Apr 17, 2010 5:56 pm

Cant believe I almost forgot about this... well I'll have a CS up soon
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Re: Diablo: End of all days OOC -Signups open-

Postby Miss Kathy » Sat Apr 17, 2010 6:16 pm

Question....Is the amazon Simply a Female barbarian or they are Different type of warriors that fulfill the same role.

I always Roll Paladin in Diablo...but i tried all classes a few days ago and i really liked the druid and the amazon.
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Re: Diablo: End of all days OOC -Signups open-

Postby Zelosse » Sun Apr 18, 2010 5:05 pm

I edited a little bit into the Amazon roll, but sadly it will be female only.
The amazon can fill the same roll as the barbarian but with less into mere strength and more into agile movements and precision.
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Re: Diablo: End of all days OOC -Signups open-

Postby Miss Kathy » Sun Apr 18, 2010 6:42 pm

thats a bit more like it heh...i'll make some serious though about what class i'll be and i'll come up with a CS soon
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