Suikoden RP: The Chimera Wars

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Re: Suikoden RP: The Chimera Wars

Postby Alcas » Sun Apr 11, 2010 3:46 pm

"Are you serious? Can't we talk about this?" He exclaimed exasperatedly as he drew his sword to fend off the first blow. The bandit's sword was larger and it's wielder stronger, and so Zacharias's sword was driven down as another bandit took a swipe at his head with a dagger. Zacharias dropped to the ground and rolled out of the fight trying to gain distance from them. He ducked beneath the axewielder's swing and once again danced away trying to find an opening to attack that wasn't covered by another bandit's weapon. He stood up tall and activated his Shift Rune. The rune's power flowed through him and he grew a foot taller and his skin became a bright almost glowing red. "Do you have any idea, just who the hell you are fucking with!" He yelled out in a booming tone before reverting to normal again. If I can shake their confidence I might not have to fight them. He thought as he lowered himself into a combat stance.
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Re: Suikoden RP: The Chimera Wars

Postby Slipslash » Thu Apr 15, 2010 8:08 pm


The rock had not exploded as Rigen had thought it would. Instead it kind of fizzled out and disintegrated. "Awww, I thought it'd explode. . ." he said aloud as the two walked down into the ruins. The sunlight didn't phase him much, "Magical light illuminating from somewhere with-in?" he thought. But as they walked deeper, and the echos grew louder Rigen could only assume they weren't the first ones in the ruins. As they turned the corner RIgen saw just who had "infiltrated" the ruins. It seemed they had used force to get inside. Rigen had no idea who they were at all. Neither did he care much.

Turning to Tekai Rigen just shrugged his shoulders.

"I dunno, they look kinda funny. You think I should shoot'em?" Rigen concluded, taking aim down his sights towards the "porcupine" man. Rigen had no qualm with shooting random strangers. Better to be safe then sorry. Highwaymen were a nuisance, man or women.
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Re: Suikoden RP: The Chimera Wars

Postby ViviGlow » Wed Apr 21, 2010 5:35 am

It was those guys... the ones from that vision, the strange black cloaked people who had killed that old man’s entire village just trying to find this rune. He didn’t believe it that they would extract it and let him go, more likely they’d kill him or something equally bad once they’d taken the rune... a quick glance at his house showed no sign of his mother, either she was in a room on the other side of the house or hopefully she was at the market... it didn’t matter now though... it wasn’t safe to stay here any longer. He would have to leave.

As quick as he could manage it Hawke shot a single arrow of lightning at the strange winger, he had two runes one of which would probably reflect or absorb it so the moment his magic was let loose he ran... well... flew... taking a slight angle just in case it was a reflection so he wouldn’t get hit by his own spell and flying down very low hoping that these guys were unfamiliar with the town and wouldn’t be as good at navigating all the twisting turns in the back alleys of the city.
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