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Re: Lunatic Inc, Volume 1: Discography

Mon Jun 18, 2012 11:24 pm

{Chatting with Roy}_ Last Night_

Displayed on Roy's visor were question marks as he tilted his head. "Huh? Oh ok! I get it now, Romana. I should of realized this earlier. " He then rose from the bed and approached Romana. Gently with his mechanical hands, Roy grabbed a hold of Romana's shoulders and said" I'm not suicidal or depressed." After that he rolled his electric yellow eyes as he released her from his cold and metallic grasp and walked towards the glass piano. "Please, I'm way too full of myself to be like that and you of all people should have gotten that by now." Roy lectured with his back to Romana while waggling his index finger.

" And correction, its not my kind that are dangerous to the current world. Its specifically myself and my brother. " Roy corrected as he usually does when someone made a mistake. " Let's say an "artifact" of untold near limitless power for example existed and since there is an uneasy peace with those charges. Don't you think with something like that, could shift the so called balance they have?" Roy explained and then asked question as if he was a teacher. " Sure, it would take decades of painstaking research and studying of said object to finally use it and in a perfect world, there wouldn't be a shortcut to it." He continued while he knelled before his mini wine fridge. He pulled one bottle of red wine and turned it to look at the brand and the winery it came from . " Of course, I should add that this could be just nothing, but I was never one to take chances."

" Now that I think about it, He did make some other really nasty toys. However, this one in particular really takes the cake." He said as he had a moment of thought while he searched for a cork screw in his shared room. " Those other toys, I'm pretty sure you guys can handle while I'm terminated? Dead? Hmmm, one of those two, I suppose." Roy mentioned as he finally found his cork screw. He began to turn and twist it into the wine bottle's cork.

{Hangar} Today

" Oh really? I find that surprisingly that everyone is a killer." Roy said with a very obvious sarcastic tone when Jake mentioned he had some sins and about every one had blood on theirs. He even added an eye roll to boot when he said that. " Anyways, Jake, hopefully it doesn't come to that and if it does hopefully some divine being out there will make it quick and painless and not me to do it." Roy replied " And Jake, it is an advantage to understand the mission, but being prepared for the little things is always an added bonus."

" Ah finally, you show up!" Roy shouted calling out Romana. " I almost believed, I wouldn't have someone to argue with. I mean, Adrian filled the void, but its just not the same."

Re: Lunatic Inc, Volume 1: Discography

Thu Jul 19, 2012 3:08 am

~In the Lander~

Kallis was clearly surprised that someone was acknowledging his existence. Before he could respond, Jake got up to speak with the others, leaving Kallis to himself once again.
Once the Lander was ready and loaded, Marus and his compatriot moved to the cockpit, And the vehicle was soon rising to begin it's journey. As it did so, A panel dropped down from the roof, And with a momentary whirring, was soon displaying a video feed straight from the Lunatic Inc. Leader's office.
Which was kinda silly, considering he was still using that shadow effect to conceal his appearance. He could have just used audio.
"Alright sleepyheads, now that youre on your way, we can start briefing you on- Who is that?" Lunar interrupted his own spiel to point at the unfamiliar figure of Bonnie. A somewhat muted answer of "She was in the box!" emanated from the cockpit. Apparently Lunar picked up on it , judging by the half second of confused silence, followed by him throwing his hads up in an 'I dont even care anymore' gesture.
"Whatever, deal with it later." he declared, regaining his momentum. "Im sure youre all on the edge of your seats wondering why I woke you all up. Well, We just received and emergency request from one of the frontier towns on the Wild Land border. Frontier-ing is a pretty good gig, the Central Government pays for the move, the housing and food, and the people get a nice plot of land, less crime, etc, and All they have to do is help develop the territory. Only big hitch is all the Wild animals, monsters and other things that cant tell or care about one side of the border from the other. Case in point, this little town, due to some previous problems, hasnt had a chance to set up the necessary deterrents, and now they've picked up a nice big swarm of trouble heading straight at them." the Figure on the screen gestures towards them. " Which is where you come in. Tonight, youre going to be dealing with-"

~ Wild Lands Border Town~
"Hivelings!" Shouted the older man at Chris, gesticulating towards the temporary barriers being erected, " Damned if I know what the things are, but apparently whatever was eating the things in the area before either got ate itself or up and left, because now the things are breeding like crazy and the sensors picked up a huge swarm heading this way! Hundreds of the things!" It was difficult to tell if the man was more angry or panicked as he furiously directed the fleeing townspeople toward the secure shelter. " Because of that damned witch, we could never get anyone outside to set up the proper defenses. Or if we did they never made it far. Someone called in one of the big crops to take care of it, but if they dont make it in time, our town is through!"

Re: Lunatic Inc, Volume 1: Discography

Fri Jul 20, 2012 5:38 pm

The chill along his spine from Lunar's voice permeating his auditory membranes and stabbing its way through his brain had shaken him out of his android-induced mini-coma and as a result he had been awake for the entire briefing. "Hivelings," Scael remarked bitterly, his brow furrowed in concern, and with just a touch of curiosity. The threat of hivelings on a human settlement was nothing about which to be caught unawares. He rubbed his chin with the back of his left index thoughtfully. "This is pretty troubling. If there's a swarm, then it means either that they've sent out a new Queen to expand their territory... or their food reserves are gone and they're searching for more. Either way, it looks like those guys are in huge trouble." He looked up. "Lunar, do we have any intel to that effect?"

Re: Lunatic Inc, Volume 1: Discography

Fri Jul 20, 2012 6:25 pm

Ah...So, lots of the little bas-buggers. he said, awkwardly catching himself as he looked at the defences. He wasn't great at fighting groups, one-on-one being more his style. He scratched his arm thoughtfully for a moment, debating whether he should up and leave. He probably would if they didn't show up soon, his conscience generally didn't last too long under the whole "not-your-problem" offence. Sure, he'd lose sleep over leaving these people but he still had scars from the last time he'd stuck his neck out. He still couldn't crick his neck right. But...there was a way to appeal to his conscience and practical side. He still felt a bit of a heal, but still. If you're calling people in, I imagine they'll be wanting paying. So...Well, I just finished a job you see, so if you wanted to hire me again, for, say, a couple of hours...I'd be available. Just saying, sir.

Re: Lunatic Inc, Volume 1: Discography

Sat Jul 21, 2012 10:52 am

Isarabi White:

She listened to Roy talk and talk. For a robot, he sure liked to talk a lot. She smiled a little bit. Her roomie was a bit of a chatterbox, but that didn't stop her from sleeping. She paid more attention when he was mentioning killing. She sighed a little bit and shrugged a little uncomfortably. When he put killing that way, it sounded bad. She still had a long way to go before listening to the emotional side became a more usual occurrence. She still viewed killing as something that was done to survive. If there was a stronger predator than you, you either fought to the death or ran. If there was weaker prey that posed a threat in numbers, you thinned those numbers: the animal kingdom at it's finest. She bit her lip in thought for a moment, accidentally biting into the skin till it bled. Only when she tasted the iron and felt the drip did she notice that she was bleeding and took her lip into her mouth and sucked on it, her line of thought lost when their bossman sent them a video feed.

Amused slightly at the fact that their leader was using image with his audio even with him hiding his features, Isarabi listened carefully to his words. She was amused once more with his gesticulating(I really do love this word), wondering why he even bothered to hide his true form if he was going to expressions so freely. She looked at Scael when he spoke of the Hivelings as though he knew something about them. She wanted to know as much about them, this way it would be easier to calculate and modify her bullets asap. If thye had a resistance, she might have to give them pure venom, something that she hasn't done in years and years. Last time she used pure venom, the victims didn't live past the hour. She hadn't meant to kill them, or even bite them, it had just been instinct and reflex at that point.

Re: Lunatic Inc, Volume 1: Discography

Wed Aug 15, 2012 11:04 am

"Whats a Hiveling you ask? Good Question!" Declared Lunar, Ignoring the fact that no one had asked."Well to begin, picture the unholy spawn of rats and cockroaches. Thats a good place to start as theyre about as dumb and twice as hard to kill. They look something like this." The shadowy image on the screen was replaced with a diagram showing a small and ugly bipedal creature. around 2 feet tall slouching ,It was mottled brown and grey covered in unhealthy looking shell-like scaly skin interspersed with course dark hair. Having almost no neck, it's head was a rat like arrowhead shaped affair, with a narrow jaw with jagged black teeth jutting out, it's eyes beady yellow marbles set in the the sides of it's skull. It's almost skeletal limbs nearly too long for it's body ended in four small digits with broad sharp looking claws.
"Not much to look at, but theyre a major nuisance in the area. Theyre hardy, metabolizes most poison given a few hours, and they'll eat pretty much anything with any kind of nutritional value, and can chew through that and anything else very quickly, even steel. Sometimes they been known to herd other creatures about like ants or use sticks or rocks as simple weapons too, but theyre only about as intelligent as rats and as Strong as smaller primates, like chimps or baboons. They travel in broods anywhere from a few dozen to the higher limit which seems to be around 500. As the name suggests, they breed extremely quickly when their numbers thin, so they can take over an area if nothings feeding on them. I guess some freelancer took out some freak necromancer in the area who's creations were keeping them out, now that shes gone, nothing holding them back. However, even all this, in the grand scheme wouldn't be a problem for our colonies if it weren't fo their little claim to fame..."
The image switches to an animation of a hiveling curled into a ball underground. As it proceeds, the body begins to sprout small nodules which over a period of time break off and eventually form into more hivelings.
"See, when they feel their brood is in danger of being wiped out, they'll burrow far underground in the most resource rich area nearby, and And go into stasis, at which point they will start reproducing asexually. Just one hiveling can give birth to more then two dozen in less then two weeks. And sensors arent strong enough to pick them up while theyre in the incubation phase that far down. The only way to be certain to purge them once they've entered the colony would be to destroy the colony along with it, leaving the colonists homeless, jobless, and most of them without a penny. Which is where you come in." The screen returns to displaying Lunar's shadowy silhouette .
"You'll need to prevent even one hiveling from making it inside the colony walls. Thats the only way to ensure it's safety. Sensors indicate this brood is around 250 or so strong. Given the difficulty this may present, our Wild Lands Specialists and Night Operations Squads have both been called in, but they were both out in the field, so they wont make it as quickly as you can. You will be the first defense, and if you can hold the line long enough, they should be able to end it. Tetsuya and Marus will of course do what they can to help. This will be be your first real official mission...I hope you wont disappoint."

~ Wild Lands Border Town~
The old man looked at Chris like he was crazy or stupid, possibly both. "Look," he said, still giving him that look, "If you wanna help, Get over them and help them set up the temp walls. If you want to get your butt ate, go out and keep those things for getting through the walls when they get here. if you make it back alive then maybe we'll see about paying. Until then, I got people here." His patience spent, the old man moved along shouting to more panicking colonists, directing them towards the shelters.

Re: Lunatic Inc, Volume 1: Discography

Sat Aug 18, 2012 4:32 am

"Damn." Scael slumped back into his chair, which creaked under his weight. "Our position is pretty limited..." Scael sat in contemplation for a few moments, thinking.

Scael suddenly turned to Roy. "Robodude. Isarabi's poison probably won't kill them--" He glanced at her, "...no offense." He continued, "But it will temporarily disable them... or at least slow them down. If we can find a way to use that in conjunction with the rest of our abilities, maybe find a way to turn her poison into a mist on impact, we can weaken enough of them to kill them before they get too close. What do you think?"

Re: Lunatic Inc, Volume 1: Discography

Sun Aug 19, 2012 11:18 pm

Jake LongDesert Ratroaches? :I

"Interesting...," Jake muttered to himself as he listened in between Lunar's transmissions of knowledge and Scael's discussion on their tactics. The idea of a poison cloud was an interesting one, and would certainly be of use against a large horde of those so called Hivelings. Unfortunately, there was a slight flaw in these plans. "Be right back, Kallis," he said as he raised himself off his seat. "I'm sure we'll have time for a nice talk after this, hmm?" he smiled before taking his leave as he approached a seat closer to the front, nearer to the others. Making himself comfortable again after a few moments of stumbling his steps on the shaky Lander, he managed to get a better hear of the discussion and was able to make his own comment heard.

"I am unsure if my idea will be of any use, but..." Jake paused for a moment, considering the absurdity of what he was about to say, "I could boil it if possible." Another pause. He looked around at the others, unsure if he should continue. Well, better for a soldier to be heard, then a king to called ignorant, he exhaled softly to relax himself as he brought up a hand and ignited it with a minimal amount of Ember. "My flames could be of help here," he said as he twirled the flames around his fingers like something lifeless gone animate, "if we were to somehow gather or maybe dilute Isarabi's poison into a larger quantity, I could heat it up enough to turn it into a more vaporous form."

"The problem here however," the flames grew weaker and disappeared within a moment as he put his hand back on his lap, "is the Wild Lands itself. With so much heat and so little humidity already present in the environment, it'd be a miracle if the poison doesn't dry up the moment we deploy it." Jake turned himself to Adrian and continued to speak, "An alternative would be to call upon Mr. Myoto's control over weather to bring us to a more advantageous environment. That is, rain. But this would only serve to render the mist useless also."

"Another problem would be the Hivelings themselves. Dumb as they are, these creatures are still animals, and animals prefer to follow instincts when a threat is present." He paused for a moment of air, "Ignoring the fact their ability to metabolize most poisons, given time. Having spent most of their lives underground, I'm sure they will try to burrow into the earth the moment they spot a hindrance in their murderous stampede up above."

Jake exhaled from having spoken so much, gathering his thoughts together for what was left of his idea. "Which brings us to another alternative, to destroy their route and make it impossible for them to even reach their destination in the first place. Mr. Myoto's rain may make the idea of a poison cloud inapplicable, but it can still bring upon another advantage."

"Mud."wtf am i thinking

Re: Lunatic Inc, Volume 1: Discography

Tue Aug 21, 2012 2:28 am

{Roy Everydayman}


" Bandaged Boar, I heard. " Roy answered sharply. He looked asleep with his hat covering his closed eyes and his arms crossed. " I also heard, that poison won't be effective for long. " He mentioned as he was actually paying attention to the whole lecture from the big boss, Lunar. He even listened to Jake's input about on the subject. " Mud so they would have less mobility? Wouldn't that effect us as well? No offensive, but their number is far too much for me to be comfortable with that tactic." He replied as he then adjusted his hat and opened his eyes. " However, I do like the idea of destroying their routes."

" Speaking of instincts, let's stick with good old fashion fire and herding them to a spot we can control. " Roy suggested " Whether they burrow or not, what I want is two things." He then, raised up two fingers from his right hand and said "Stall for time so the experts can finish the job and those bugs to remain a good distance away from the colony. Seriously, we don't have to go on a killing spree to win this so its pretty great."

" Divide the teams as we earlier discussed, one setting up fires and the like and the other herding those tiny bastards. " Roy said as he was starting to get into his lecture mode. " Definitely, we should make use of Adrian's power of the elements and Isarabi's poison. "

Re: Lunatic Inc, Volume 1: Discography

Fri Aug 24, 2012 12:36 pm

...Thanks. muttered Chris, staring after the old man. He rubbed his arm for a bit and looked around at the town, he didn't really like the idea of not getting a retainer for risking his life, or the fact he'd only get paid an unset amount if they survived. Iffy work really...But, he was here, doing two jobs in one trip wasn't too bad, even if he may get a little stiffed in one.Damn. He ran towards one of the finished-looking bits of the wall, picked up some speed once no one was in the way and spread his wings out a bit as he leaped. His feet hit it first, pushing up as he got his hands on, the tips digging in slightly, just enough to push him up as his feet came back onto the wall again. A second later he was up it. Then, a short hop off the edge and he was outside. Between a giant wall and a ravenous hoard. Yaaaaaaaay... He walked to the right, to the closest in-progress bit to help out until the warning came on.

Re: Lunatic Inc, Volume 1: Discography

Mon Aug 27, 2012 10:34 pm

Adrian continued sitting in his chair whilst the others plotted away. Hivelings. Not the most pleasant bunch of critters to get caught up with. Still, one couldn't really blame them for their actions. Animals had a tendency to bite back whenever something encroached on their territory. Human's were no exception. Adrian listened silently as Roy and Jake offered up their separate strategies. "If all else fails maybe they can talk the hivelings to death....," he mused to himself, chuckling somewhat at the idea. It was then that Adrian had an idea of his own.

He whistled, attempting to grab everyone's attention by doing so. "Here's a thought," he said, extending a single finger into the air. "Let's just burn the little bastards." Adrian rose to his feet and approached the monitor. "We'll need a controlled burn stretching the perimeter. We'll have to hold them off until that's had a chance to take effect and die down. Jake, I'm going to leave that to you." The swordsman's eyes shifted briefly to Scael. "You I want airborne and torching as much of that field as you can in front of Jake's line. Don't get hasty and dive into those things." Adrian finally shifted his attention to the rest of the group. "I'll be with Scael as a backup in case he runs out of juice. Frank and Romana, since you can cover the most ground, I think you should be helping Jake with his burn. Make sure his flames don't get out of control and spread farther than we need them to. The rest of you should be taking pot shots at anything that makes it through those flames. I don't imagine more than a few will come through at once."

Re: Lunatic Inc, Volume 1: Discography

Fri Aug 31, 2012 11:39 pm

Isarabi White: Andale Andale Andale!!!

Isarabi listened to the description of the creatures that they would be facing, and frowned slightly at the sound of them metabolizing most poisons. That meant larger doses. Larger doses meant that she had to be accurate, or else she could easily endanger humans. Caution would seem to be the name of the game. She continued listening to the description with a mostly neutral face until the 'asexual reproduction' section came up. She then frowned a little bit again, thinking 'This is going to be a little difficult. If they reproduce like rabbits, and are poison-resistant then it most likely means that the locals already tried the typical bug-killers and found them useless. If anything, they probably made them more resistant.' She sighed in slight annoyance as she thought of a few ways that might help to at least temporarily thin out the population. After they were given their mission, she nodded and said "We'll do our best." for the general team, and rolled her neck gently, mentally preparing herself to get messy killing those bugs. Out of all the creatures that she's had to exterminate, bugs were her least favorite. Mostly because they often spewed out unsavory juices when injured.

Isarabi almost winced when Scael verbally mentioned that her poison most likely wouldn't be of any use. She shrugged and nodded noncommittally. "Eh, no biggie. I have other stuff." She didn't elaborate, but left it out in the open. She wouldn't be a dead leg in the team, she refused. "My only issue with making the poison airborne is that is poses a risk to the locals and you. That and it could make them more poison resistant, so I could prolly only use it as a one-time thing." She didn't say 'you guys' but it was implied, and she did make a good point. She couldn't guarantee that the poison wouldn't penetrate whatever fortifications the locals had made. She listened to the other's ideas, and felt it imperative to also mention," You do also remember that they are smart enough to use rocks and minor weapons, right? If they're smart to use rocks as tools, then they are smart enough to avoid fire when they can. If what I think is correct, they're highly adaptable, thus the poison not being able to affect them as much as it usually would have. The locals must have tried rat poison and other types of typical bug poisons already." She looked around for a sign of general agreement. "We're not looking to totally wipe them out, we're looking to play on the defensive."

Re: Lunatic Inc, Volume 1: Discography

Tue Oct 23, 2012 12:35 am

~Lander Again!~

The figure on the screen waited patiently for a lull in the conversation as the recruits bounced ideas off each other.
"...Well, whatever you do, just remember that people are going to have to live there when youre done. And if things get too hot, just hold out till back up arrives and you should be fine." A faint tremor went through the transport as the ship lowered in altitude. "You should be reaching the target area soon. Just, do your best. Im not the only one counting on you here." The monitor winked out and folded back into the ceiling, it's message delivered. As the occupants squabbled amongst themselves, the Lander soon reached it's destination, touching down in front of the hastily erected prefabricated polymer walls of the frontier town. Surrounded by sparse, scraggly vegetation and bare dirt for a good 10 yards, before giving way to forest, at the very least, The fighters could count on being able to see the creatures coming. The walls, though hasty, would do they're jobs, with only one or two openings for the purpose of safety to allow anything through, as long as they kept them away from those, and prevented them from climbing...

The side door to the Lander hissed open as the referred to as Tetsuya stepped out of the ship. "Only a few minutes left until the hivelings are estimated to hit. We should prepare." he cautioned.

Re: Lunatic Inc, Volume 1: Discography

Mon Nov 19, 2012 10:59 pm

"That's what I'm counting on." Adrian responded to Isarabi's comment about the hivelings being smart enough to avoid fire. Before he could elaborate more though they had arrived and were preparing to land. Once the door was open Adrian immediately stepped out, beckoning the members of his team to his side. "Scael, get airborne and torch the land to the east. Jake, you and I will take care of the western perimeter. Isarabi, get to that roof. You're my lookout. Call out any patterns you see and don't be afraid to take a few potshots at them." Adrian took a few steps towards the wall, noting the various points of entry which could be used against them. "We need to keep the fighting on one side. The fire will help with that. Once we've ensured they can't flank us we need every asset back here. Do NOT engage them head on. Keep your distance. Pick your shots. Everyone clear?"

Re: Lunatic Inc, Volume 1: Discography

Wed Nov 21, 2012 9:28 pm

Scael stepped out of the lander with the rest of his team and Adrian started giving them orders. Scael nodded and dropped his giant flail weapon to the ground beside the door to the Lander. He could come back for it when he was done spreading the fire. "Roger," he called out, tucking his wings to the side rather than leaving them spread and crouching low. At the last second, he glanced up at the sun and determined which way was East, then adjusted his stance more to the North and jumped. As he spread his wings, he caught a good head wind which lifted him into the air a few extra feet from his peak and angled his wings into a shallow glide, then pumped his wings, gaining speed.

Judging the wind, he staggered himself against the trees just to the East of the Northern front of the base, and sailed over the trees. Taking a deep breath, he unleashed a blaze upon the trees closest to the walls of the city then pumped his wings, flying straight over them, painting a long line of orange and red over the green beneath him, which turned brown and then yellow and then bright orange and red as he passed. Soon, he couldn't hold the blast anymore and had to stop, breathing deeply. He angled his body, turning to the North; then after a couple hundred feet, he turned back to the south and made a wide sweep, bringing himself to the West of the fire he had just made. Coming from this direction gave him a tailwind, which gave him more distance to work with. He took a deep breath and began to make another pass.

Re: Lunatic Inc, Volume 1: Discography

Sat Dec 01, 2012 11:28 am

Chris looked up with the others as the ship passed overhead and watched it land, his hands shifted into black claws, the tips shining slightly as a liquid secreted itself from the skin. He flexed his hands a bit, and began to walk over, his skin started to harden too as new layers started rapidly growing and turned tough once the next layer grew over it, that at least wouldn't be noticable, but the claws should be enough to get their attention and caution, no matter whether they were allies or not. Oh bugger. He muttered as he saw one guy start torching the surrounding forest, rather close to the town. He started running, quickly reaching the lander. HEY. he yelled, waving at them, but slowing down a good distance from them, in case he needed to run for the wall. The white haired fellow with the rather alarmingly big sword thing seemed to be issuing the commands. What are you people doing here? Who do you work for? he held his hands out, palms down, but kept looking around at everything nervously. Didn't want to be caught unawares at this time.

Re: Lunatic Inc, Volume 1: Discography

Tue Dec 11, 2012 5:07 pm

Isarabi White: I think we have a plan!

Isarabi looked at Adrian and gave a nod, ready to leave at any moment. She didn't move around too much, as she wanted to save all of her energy for the fighting that they would have to be doing. She didn't like that her comrades would be out there like that, but that just meant that she'd have to keep a close eye on the critters and their movements. She took a moment to watch Scael fly off, and smiled a bit. She always wondered what it would be like to fly. She assumed that it would be like a combination of running and swimming, but in the air. Some person was yelling and looking nervous. She jumped out onto a rooftop and called out to the poor individual. "We're here to help you guys, stay calm and tell us what the current status is here." She noted the claws and wasn't really surprised, she had some unique looking individuals as teammates afterall. She looked back at Scael's rather impressive form torching the area and thought that he looked to be having a good time.

Re: Lunatic Inc, Volume 1: Discography

Fri Dec 14, 2012 11:45 am

{Roy Everydayman}

"Good, Good, we have time to prepare." Roy commented as he stepped out of the Lander. To anyone else he was a young man with purple hair and orange irises, wearing a brown cap, a red & black flannel shirt, and brown pants with black shoes. On his back, strapped to it was a mechanical that looked like a weapon and in his hands was a container of strange colored liquid. Two hovering discs materialized out of thin air and loomed over Roy as he walked over to Isarabi who at the time was engaging with a local. "We're from Lunatic Inc. If you're here to help out, you will be following my orders and those orders of my second in command." Roy said as he motioned over to Adrian, the man with the white hair and pointy ears. " If not, get the hell out of here and get to safety as fast as you can." He added.

With that said, Roy walked away from the two and over to the trees. The blades of the discs whirled loudly as they were preparing to cut. Diamond edges that could cut various metals and stone like butter, wouldn't have much resistance with wood. With the two, he cut various huge trees making them fall into certain positions and the great strength he possessed he moved said trees and formed barricades. Roy did what could for distance the barricade had as well as thickness. He poured out all of the strange liquid over the entire length of the barricade.

"Now for the final touch." Roy said to himself as one of his blasters appeared in his hands. He made sure to have a good distance between himself and his barricade, simply because he poured some of the Lander's emergency fuel on the wood. With one shot of his blaster, the barricade was set a blaze. " I need to set a mental reminder to have Adrian put out the flames when this is done." He said as moved back to the others to get back into position.
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