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Re: Lunatic Inc, Volume 1: Discography

Wed Apr 25, 2012 4:33 am

~The Asylum- Several hours later~

Hours after the meeting, the varied members of the Kiddie Squad left to their own devices, eventually drift off to their chose places of rest. Everyone eventually finds somewhere to rest after getting their affairs in order, and a quiet, with an air of calm settles over the facility.
Both are which are shattered too early, as the squads C.A.s all give off an alarm simultaneously.

" Waaaake Up Kiddies, emergency call, going out. Lunar's voice blares out of the small devices, "All of you, grab your gear and get down to the hangar, and get your butts in the Lander, Time IS of the essence here."

A few minutes later, a surprisingly alert Kallis makes his way through the doorway into the hangar. The lander is already waiting and ready, Marus, and an unfamiliar man with a bandanna similar to one he had seen on Durako covering his eyes, and at least three swords, were standing just outside the doors.
"Whats going on?" Kallis asks breathlessly, rushing up to the vehicle. Marus gestures to the Lander tersely . " You'll be briefed once were on our way, right now you need to hurry and get strapped in. And watch out for that cargo container, it got dropped off a few hours ago and I havent had a chance to look in it or unload it yet." Kallis hurries inside, seeing the large black and grey metal container in the back of the transport, with the name 'Dynacorp' garishly branded across it.

~Small Wild Lands Border Town~
Chris was awoken from the free bed he had managed to finagle out of a particularly grateful hotel owner for clearing out the recent detriment to his business, By the sound of shouting, and many people running outside. As he went to the window to investigate, a few bangs and rumblings joined the list of noises, as he could see a series of prefabricated barricades being put up to surround the town. down in the streets, what seemed like every family in the town was running about, carrying precious belongings, children and anything they could carry with them towards the center of tow, and scrambling about what seemed to be a mild state of panic...

Re: Lunatic Inc, Volume 1: Discography

Sat Apr 28, 2012 11:45 pm

Adrian Myoto ~ I'd like some pound cake.

Adrian awoke to the unhealthy blaring of his C.A. Without warning the young half elf quickly picked up the device and chucked it across the room, slamming it into the wall in the process. It wasn't until after he'd done so that Adrian realized this might be counterproductive to his employment in the company, thus he quickly rose to check on the device. Much to his surprise, the C.A was still fully intact and operational. After tucking the small electronic device in his pocket, Adrian examined himself in the reflective surface of the television. Without a proper room or mirror he was left to make do with whatever he could find. Hopefully he'd have the whole bed situation fixed by the end of the day.

Adrian smacked his lips, noting the foul taste in his mouth from his recent lack of dental hygiene. "Gratu what I wouldn't give for a tooth brush right about now....," he grumbled to himself. Adrian attempted to comb his hair into submission by hand in a mostly unsuccessful manner before making his way to the nearest bathroom. Adrian checked under the sink, finding a bottle of what looked to be mouth wash, which he made quick use of. It wouldn't replace a tooth brush by any means but at least now he wouldn't walk around with dragon breath. The swordsman splashed some water in his face and hair to try and wake up before once again departing into the lounge.

After retrieving his sword, Adrian made his way towards the garage, stopping by the cafeteria only briefly for a bit of breakfast. His recent poisoning had left him practically starving and there was no telling when his next meal would be at this company. Thus he once again made his way to the keypad and retrieved a few pieces of pound cake to munch on on his way to the shuttle. It wasn't long after he arrived that he took notice of the large container with 'Dynacorp' imprinted on the side. Adrian was no stranger to the company. He'd never done any work for them but the name did get around. Out of either boredom or mild curiosity Adrian gave the crate a slight kick in the side before shuffling off to the shuttle to find his seat.

Re: Lunatic Inc, Volume 1: Discography

Mon Apr 30, 2012 5:03 pm

{Roy Everydayman}

_Hangar Bay_

The alert jolted Roy making him leap right out of bed. He had slept well for the most part besides the argument with Romana. Its always a struggle to get the last word in, but well worth it, Roy thought as stuff like that was fun for him. He was out the door shortly and with ARM activated Roy moved much much faster to the hangar bay. After all, it was an emergency, but to what Roy didn't know yet look forward to finding out.

Roy suddenly came to a halt as he stopped right before Kallis while he was asking a question to one of the veterans. With a simple mental selection of his Dual Armor, electric blocks popped all around Roy's mechanical body transforming himself into the purple haired and bright amber eyed youth, they've come to known. Like usual Roy wears a brown flannel cap on top of his head, a red and black flannel shirt with onyx button, and brown pants with black shoes. " Briefed on the way, you say. Now I'm really looking to this." Roy mentioned as he followed right after Kallis inside the vehicle.

" That and looking what's inside that container." Roy added as he spotted the container that read Dynacorp. He could perform a search what is Dynacorp on his PDA, but he would doubt it would tell him what's inside. Eventually Adrian would his make his way and what Roy saw him do irked him. " Adrian, don't kick strange things." Roy lectured " Just get to your sit."

Re: Lunatic Inc, Volume 1: Discography

Tue May 01, 2012 5:56 pm

Chris sighed as he rubbed the blurriness from his eyes. The banging and noise had finally gotten to the point where he couldn't ignore it anymore and it seemed that his doze was over. He hadn't slept properly for years now but that near comatose wakefulness was still restful to his mind. Perhaps it was lucky he didn't actually need proper sleep anymore cause the injections would make it impossible. He sat up, the bed creaking under his weight as he swung his legs up and over, the floorboards bending too as his feet went down. He ran his hands through his matted red hair, wincing as the fingers caught roughly and painfully as they pulled the hair against his scalp, this was always a good way to wake himself up in the morning and the pain helped him feel more alert and alive in the morning afterwards, pain was good. He held some of the shoulder-length hair to his face and played with the dirty yellow tips for a moment before standing up. He was still wearing his clothes from last night, it was too much trouble to change and wash and everything in a strange place so he never bothered, he was already stinking of flesh and chemicals twenty minutes after a shower, a little necromatic blood, tree ooze and sweat wouldn't matter. He walked over to a mirror as he tried to straighten the edges of his ragged clothes, pulling what he could over his skin. With that, he started on the machinery. The core of his backpack had stayed on at night, pumping in the needles routinely. Firstly he slotted the cover onto the core, hiding and protecting the more sensitive machinery under a block of metal and computery while making sure not to catch any feathers from his wings in there. Next were the thin collars over his legs and wrists, making sure the collars were correctly in place so they'd inject his wrists. Lastly he put the collar on, wincing at the caught hairs in it ad it slotted into place, he left the mouthpiece alone for now. Sorry. he said to the bent bed as he walked out.

There certainly was a lot of hustle about the place, it must have been important because people were bumping into him and everything, not giving him his usual birth. He walked away from the centre of town, over to the barricades instead and tapped one of the older fellows overseeing the commotion and yelling angrily at them. Excuse me Sir. he said respectively, as one should always be to one's elders. What is with all the bustle and hussle? Is there anyway I could help? he asked, beckoning a hand towards two men carrying a thick wooden board over. His wings twitched a little at the sudden breeze blowing strange smells into the town but Chris ignored that for now. It was polite to give people your full attention when talking to them. Are you under attack or something?

Re: Lunatic Inc, Volume 1: Discography

Thu May 03, 2012 8:11 am

Scael had only a few hours of rest before being awoken by his C.A. He had noticed Adrian stirring--throwing his C.A. against the wall---and had chosen to make his escape quietly. He was a little hungry, but considering that Lunar had said this was an emergency, he would have to hold it until he got to a town or something.

He quickly headed to his room to grab his new weapon---the giant explosive ball and chain for which he had no real name yet. It wasn't a morning star as it had no real handle to speak of, and besides who ever heard of a morning star with a twenty-five-foot chain that rippled out an explosion when you used it? Regardless, he hefted it over his shoulder, letting the ball roll between the small of his back and held the chain with his left hand and headed out to the Lander.

He had gotten there just after Roy, but before most of the crew so he headed to the back to the hold to strap in his weapon. As he entered the back, he noticed the large box labeled "Dynacorp." It was an odd box, made of very secure-looking metal plating. And that Dynacorp logo---he was sure he had seen it somewhere before. He stepped up to it and leaned down, reaching his free right hand out to open the latch... and stopped. He remembered Enine's folly of messing with things he shouldn't have and what it cost him, and withdrew his hand. He shook his head. No sense disturbing the rest of sleeping dragons.

He knew that from personal experience.

And so he merely strapped in his weapon in a way where it wouldn't disturb the other cargo and moved back up to the front to take a seat. He wondered what kind of mission they were going to be taking and if there was some place to get a bite to eat along the way.

Re: Lunatic Inc, Volume 1: Discography

Sat May 05, 2012 12:33 pm

Jake LongAfter

Jake had just finished dressing himself when the call came, causing him to add a noticeable haste as he buttoned up his shirt. His clothes were fresh new and he smelled of soap, a lot more refreshing in comparison to the state he had been in a couple of hours ago after his sparring with Isarabi. Both of them had traded more than just a few friendly shots at each other. After strapping on his gloves and slipping his own C.A. into the little leather bag that always hung on his side, Jake made his way out of the room fairly quickly.

As the door closed, he glimpsed for a mere second at the shirt he had on during the duel. It laid itself on his bed like a defeated soldier put to rest. On its left side, somewhere near the chest, a large hole made itself comfortable on its cloth. The edges of the cloth were a deep, ashen black and contrasted with the white around it, appearing as if it had been burned by fire. Or a poison bullet, he smiled faintly as the door clicked shut behind him. Without hesitation, he quickly made his way to the hangar as instructed.

Exactly five minutes later, a steel door opened itself to reveal cold, grey floors and an already readied Lander. "Morning," he greeted with as much curt possible without coming off as rude at the veterans, glancing at an unrecognized swordsman as he passed, and he made his way in from the plane's opened up cargo hold. A rather large container had been strapped into place, he noticed it as he walked in. The name 'Dynacorp' struck him as unfamiliar, but he gathered that it was probably either something related to security, or electronics and following a 'green' motto from the 'safer, cleaner, brighter, better' printed on its side.

He ignored it and quickly continued inside to a seat. Sorry, Asmo. :I

The first row of seats, closest to the back on the way in was where he decided to make himself comfortable. When he reached it, Jake found one of his colleagues already there before him. It was Kallis. "Nice to see you again," he said with a subdued smile. "Do you mind?", Jake asked and pointed at the seat next to Kallis, who had clearly made himself happy by the window.

Re: Lunatic Inc, Volume 1: Discography

Sat May 05, 2012 3:00 pm

-Frank Vic, professional-

Frank looked into the mirror in front of him, adjusting his suit. No sense going out looking like a two-bit. He'd been awake for a while, as he'd gone to bed and early and didn't sleep much regardless. Even after a, well, tiring first day/introduction to the team, he found that he didn't use up too much time sleeping. But then, time was always something he'd had a lot of. He jumped slightly when a voice started blazing out of the C.A., which he'd thrown on a dresser the night before. Adjusting to it, he quick got his tie on, giving himself once last smile in the mirror. Game time. Picking up his C.A. and a few spare supplies, slipping a variety of knives into his jacket, he walked out of his new room.

Making his way up into the Lander, he glanced around. "Great, see our drunk dog and half aware sword kid made it here early. And our robot overlord, brilliant." Surpressing a scowl, he looked at Adrian, Jake and Roy respectively, promptly snubbing Scael. Hard to say if he did it on purpose or simply had no comment on him. Taking a seat midrow, he poked his head out with another comment. "I don't suppose all this rush is a "Welcome to the team" dinner? Last time I joined a Family, they at least got me a steak. Real nice fucking steak, honest cut for a cow, cooked up nice. Good stuff." Frank considering getting his nicotine fix for what seemed to him like the longest time, leaning back in his chair and nearly reaching for his lighter. In the end he thought better of it. He didn't need anymore complaints from some bitch in pink telling him to cut it out. Something something smoke kills you blah blah. Honestly, some women were just beyond Frank's ability to understand. Closing his eyes, he piked up one last time, hoping more teammate had joined them by now. "So, who's gonna be the dumbass and open the box?"

Re: Lunatic Inc, Volume 1: Discography

Sun May 06, 2012 1:42 am

Sitting behind Frank, Scael leaned into the aisle and said so that everyone could hear, "If Enine were here, he'd probably do it..." Then, mocking sudden revalation, he said, "Hey, maybe we should ask. Did anyone save his arm? It's all we got left of him, let's ask it!" And then he sat back, and stared out the window.

Re: Lunatic Inc, Volume 1: Discography

Sun May 06, 2012 10:08 pm

Adrian Myoto ~ Great Day Already....

Adrian's brow twitched when Roy spoke up. His was possibly the least important opinion in Adrian's mind, with Jake's holding a close second. "Better I kick the box than you.....Not sure I'd stop if it was the latter." Adrian was content to leave it at that. Then Frank happened. "Are you fu-" he couldn't even finish the thought as Frank went off on his little rant. Seemed like several members of their team were prone to those, most notably the ones in suits. Adrian slowly removed the giant blade from his back, giving it a quick once over before pressing his finger lightly against the sharp edge. A quick tinge of pain and a small speck of blood appeared on the tip of his finger. "Still sharp....good." He thought to himself before turning his attention back to Frank. "How about we cut a nice fillet off of you and feed it to Scael. You know since he and the rest of us did go through all the trouble of saving your sorry a**. Yeah, that sounds like a plan to me. You prefer light meat or dark, Scael?" Adrian questioned shifting his gaze only slightly towards the team's resident giant lizard.

"Here Frank, hold this for me." Adrian sighed as he held the 200 pound weapon above Frank and promptly dropped it on his lap, taking care not to chop the man in half in the process. "Oh, careful. It's just a bit heavy if you're not a member of the family. You don't mind do you? Didn't think so." Adrian left the mouthy gangster to try and heave the swordsman's weapon off of him, assuming he could. "I'm neither a dumba** nor a dog but I'll open the box if only to end this Gratu-forsaken curiosity surrounding it." Adrian sighed as he made his way towards the Dynacorp container, giving it one last kick if only to spite Roy before bending over and unhinging the latch.
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Re: Lunatic Inc, Volume 1: Discography

Tue May 08, 2012 1:07 pm

++ Bonnie Mk. I

Clack, clack, clack.


Clack, clack, clack.

The sound of expensive business shoes on the pristine white floors always did send shivers up the researchers spines. The sales department was good at coming up with ideas and selling them, but they knew little of the actual work it took to make them happen. The fact that the present suit pacing back and forth, like some drill instructor, was no other than Damien Stone, son of the head of DynaCorp, caused many scientist to make nervous glances towards the emergency exit.

Everybody knew Damien hated the Bonnie project, since he was originally the head of the W.A.R series. So why someone had send him to oversee the departure of their up to date most expensive project, was anybody's guess.

"Are you sure she's ready? You don't need another 20 years?" The sarcastic undertone was difficult to miss. But he did have a point, if she wasn't ready, DynaCorp would lose a significant amount of time and more importantly, money. A scrawny looking scientist stepped forward, clutching his holographic clipboard to his chest as if it was his armor. "S-sir, test ha-have shown that she is-s more than r-ready." It would've been an odd sight for sure. Damien didn't look particularly dangerous, in fact he probably looked friendly, trustworthy even. He had a strong chiseled jawline, clear blue eyes and sleek vibrant black hair. He didn't look to overly muscular, as not to intimidate anybody, yet not too light to make him look like a push over. A custom tailored business suit, worth more than even the richest made in a year, fitted him like a glove, making him look both business like and casual. He was, all in all, the perfect salesman.

Damien paid no further attention to the scientist, seemingly pleased with the explanation, instead turning to the one who this moment was all about. "Bonnie, Bonnie, Bonnie, you know, I've always hated that name." His face contorted, the nice, secure looking business man now replaced with someone who looked like he knew your most darkest secret and was more than willing to use it against you. This grin was normally only reserved for those he had by the balls so tightly, he'd even own their offspring's offspring. Or for those he truly hated.

Bonnie hadn't moved an inch ever since she was placed there, the container already surrounding her, only needing the final lid. She simply observed what was happening in front of her, almost as if it didn't concern her. 23 years in the making and it was finally time for an extended field test. DynaCorp had extensive records on everybody working at Lunatic Inc. All except for the enigmatic Lunar himself. Which was part of the reason why they were sending Bonnie there, they wanted information, for information was power.

Damien let his fingers slide across the side of her face, almost like a loving caress, until he reached her throat, which he firmly gripped and squeezed down. "It's funny, isn't it?" He was baring his teeth, like some snarling animal, as he increased the pressure. "I could choke you right now, and you wouldn't even lift a finger to defend yourself." He leaned in close, peering into the yellow eyes of Bonnie, as if looking for any signs of disobedience, signs of rebellion. Anything to get this program shut down. But Bonnie didn't even flinch, even as her airway was slowly crushed. Damien grimaced, and let go of the woman's throat, shoving her further into the container in the process. "Seal her up."

Though before the heavy lid was put in place, Damien threw one last grimace towards Bonnie, as he was straightening his necktie. "Oh and sweet cheeks? Don't forget about your little side-assignment." Darkness engulfed the woman.

++ Hibernation time elapsed: 00:08:29:32
++ Reactivating secondary systems

/// Systems checking. . .
SynthSkin. . . . . . . . . . . . . . Activated
GlassShield. . . . . . . . . . . . . Activated
QuickDraw. . . . . . . . . . . . . . Activated
SmartGuide. . . . . . . . . . . . . Activated
HUD. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Activated

/// Armaments. . .
Assault mod. . . . . . . . . . . . . Armed
.563 AP Pulse Rounds. . . . . . . . Loaded

Shotgun mod. . . . . . . . . . . . . Armed
70mm 12 Guage. . . . . . . . . . . . Loaded

/// Systems statistics
Firmware version. . . . . . . . . . 1.2.573
DynaCorp Database. . . . . . . . . Connected
Energy core stability. . . . . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Stable

++ All systems normal

Have a nice day.

Bonnie's eyes shot open as Adrian lifted the lid, her eyes adjusting to the new light in just half a second. She only looked at Adrian for a brief second, before a personal sheet of Adrian popped into her HUD, depicting everything from name and age, to a description of known abilities. "Greetings Mr. Myoto, my name is Bonnie and it is a pleasure to meet you." She droned on, as if reciting a prerecorded message, which wasn't too far from the truth. Despite all the military training, the woman had received little in communication. She stepped out of the container, already fulled geared, and gazed over the others in the lander, pulling up their respective personnel sheets, each filled with similar data. DynaCorp valued it's intel. "As you may or may not know, DynaCorp Inc. and Lunatics Inc. have recently come to a mutual agreement regarding my services. For an undetermined time I will be at your full disposal, until DynaCorp considers the field test a success and requests for the return of this unit." She stated matter of factly, addressing Adrian as if he had any say in this. "Is there anything I can be of service with?" She dryly asked, all the time keeping the same neutral expression.

Re: Lunatic Inc, Volume 1: Discography

Wed May 09, 2012 3:23 am

Scael's serpentine eyes bugged out of his sockets and his scaly maw fell open, completely dumbstruck, his eyes locked on Bonnie.

He didn't say anything or look away from Bonnie for several minutes.

Re: Lunatic Inc, Volume 1: Discography

Wed May 09, 2012 1:07 pm

{Roy Everydayman}

" I'm glad the blinders are off on one of you guys. Feel free to bow whenever, Frank." Roy responded back to Frank with but smile on his face. " And no, we're not since it isn't obvious to you." He then said answering Frank's question with an eye roll. " Does it make you feel like a big man, Adrian?" Roy said as if he was asking the elf a question. "With a little threat and a little kick to a box?" He continued as he moved closer to Adrian until his face was in Adrian's face. At this point, Adrian could see Roy's unnatural ember eyes. " Be a professional and threaten to kill me, at least ." He said "You're only embarrassing yourself and myself for not acting in such a manner." Adrian annoyed Roy, but not in the way he intended to.

Roy then stepped back from Adrian and the container, letting him open it without any further delays. What popped out of it only Roy had something to say about it " Looks like Dynacorp was my secret santa, how did they know what I wanted. " He couldn't stop glancing all over Bonnie as he approached her. " I have to admit, they get closer and closer to duplicating the original recipe." Roy mentioned while stroking his chin. " Yes, there is something you can assist me with Bonnie, like for insist what does Dyna Corp considers a successful field test, what are the mission parameters?" Roy questioned, purely out of curiosity. "And call me Roy. "

Re: Lunatic Inc, Volume 1: Discography

Sun May 13, 2012 3:51 am

Adrian Myoto ~ Loathe Entirely

Adrian's mouth hung open in a similar fashion to Scael's when Bonnie first stepped out of the box. This was now the second time a beautiful woman had just appeared out of nowhere, the first time being when Enine summoned his little helpers in the cafeteria. "....Bloody hell did Romana hit me with that mana boost again?" Was his initial thought. This feeling soon subsided as the woman began to speak. "Another robot, eh? Great....more technology." he sighed to himself whilst waiting for the one known as Bonnie to finish. It bothered him somewhat that this 'girl' already knew his name. He didn't much care for the idea of having his personal information just floating around in some weapons company's database. "Well to be hon-" Before Adrian could finish Roy had once again jumped in.

It was then that Adrian finally made a decision about Roy. He absolutely loathed the man now. Maybe it was the way he spoke or maybe it was just his attitude in general. Either way Adrian simply couldn't stand him anymore. This was different from the hatred he felt towards Frank. He was just a mouthy little prick. Roy was something else entirely. Arrogant, obnoxious, crude, the list went on. All in all Roy was just a plain bastard in Adrian's mind. "Piece of advice, Bonnie. Ignore him. Sometimes it's just not worth the bloody effort." The swordsman brushed past Roy on the way back to his seat, retrieving his oversized weapon from Frank's lap in the process. "Right then, let's go save the bloody world again why don't we?"

Re: Lunatic Inc, Volume 1: Discography

Wed May 16, 2012 12:57 pm

Isarabi White: Training

She was a little surprised that Jake had picked her out of all of the people in the meeting to train with, but shrugged nonchalantly and took a moment to get a better look at his mysterious weapon. "Well, I will give you this one warning before we start. The weapons I will use on you are not deadly if you are given an antidote in twenty-four hours...however, my bite isn't so easy to cure." She felt that she had to give this warning to any sparring partner, because despite the years she had trained herself to control her inner instincts, they often came out at an inappropriate moment when she was distracted or felt threatened. She was excited to exercise and she tensed and released her muscles a few times before one final flex. Her pheromones were beginning to juice up, and so was her poison. She gave him a nod and took out a curved rapier. She stuck out her long slightly split tongue and licked her palm, leaving a slightly grey saliva puddle in the palm of her hand. Sliding her hand carefully down the edge of the blade, she gave Jake a meaningful glance and wiped her hand on the hip of her musanthske...

After: Emergency?

After training, she had just finished a quick shower and a healthy portion of semi-raw steak was on its way down her throat when the alarm on their c.a.'s went off. She listened to the message and sighed heartily while giving the remnants of the large steak a wistful glance. After half a second's internal warring, the final say being given by her growling stomach, she shoveled the last bit of the delectable meat into her mouth and chewed before grabbing the rest of the food and tossing it into a 'goodie bag' as she went at a jog to her room to pick up some more bullets and a few pills that she'd been working on. She noticed that Roy had been there recently but had already left. She had changed into another musanthske, this one with a few extra pockets. She didn't have too many of them, as they were made of her own shedded skin, and she shed only once every few years. She filled those strange satchel-like pockets and continued her jog back to the hanger while still chewing that mouthful of steak. She was so glad that she could dislodge her jaw, and wondered how most people got on without that skill. As she entered the hanger, she saw a large box, and most of the team already there. "Sorry for being late." Her long hair was still damp and unbound as it reached her hips, but otherwise she looked to be very prepared. She saw Jake already there and instantly reached into her left hip pocket and held out a pill for him to take. She didn't really say anything, as it was kind of obvious as to what she wanted him to do. She had seemingly walked into an argument about opening the mysterious box that should most likely be left alone till they were told otherwise. It could be another test that they would fail.

She looked nonplussed at the person that popped out of the box. "The hell...?" She still held out the antidote to Jake, a little distracted by this new and surprising arrival.

Re: Lunatic Inc, Volume 1: Discography

Sat May 19, 2012 3:45 pm

-Frank Vic - Wait, what-

"Alight, real funny ya overgrown mu-" Frank tilted his head around to see Adrian approaching him. Watching him lift up his sword, Frank nearly reached for a knife, before quickly freezing himself in place, and time, as the heavy blade fell upon him. His power meant his legs weren't hurt from the falling mass, but also meant he was stuck there. Good thing too, as Frank hardly needed his legs broken on the way to a job. After Adrian walked over to the box, he undid his ability, and suddenly felt the weight crushing his legs. Trying to push it off in vain, he turned his head around and yelled over. "Aw, fuck you, you fu-" With a look of shock, he stared at the woman, or machine, or machine woman, stepping out of the box. "Oh brilliant, they sent us a sexbot. Just great, really." Sighing, he waited for Adrian to take back his weapon. "Yeah, sure, the world, save it. Maybe you could put your oversized scrap chunk to use this time, pup. Maybe crush the enemy with it." Trying to rub the pain of out his legs and cracking a smile, he leaned back and waited for them to get going.

Re: Lunatic Inc, Volume 1: Discography

Sun May 20, 2012 10:27 am

Jake LongMedicine

"Hmm, excuse me for a while, Kallis. I'll be back in a moment," Jake said smoothly before moving away, his attention clearly caught by something else. Raising himself from the seats, his eyes glided over to his left and back towards the end of the plane. A few things had happened in the few minutes after he seated himself next to his teammate. Needless to say, Jake was both amused and surprised from what he saw as a spectator. Frank Vic's stubborn rant, Adrian's way of dealing with the gangster, the opening of a box at the back and the revealing of its contents, then the reactions of everyone in the plane, and the arrival of Isarabi.

"Thanks," the swordsman said politely with a smile as he grabbed the pill from Isarabi. Without hesitation, Jake put it in his mouth and chewed for a moment before swallowing, a habit of his. The bitterness still on his tongue didn't seem to bother him one bit as he spoke, "the scars were beginning to itch a little bit." Midway, he reached for the bag on his waist and seemed to search for something important. "Oh, and before I forget. Here," a long, plastic vial with a cap on top, containing a dark grey liquid, probably medicine of some sort was put into Isarabi's hands. "It's a little something I carry around with me, take it as my way of thanking you for before," he said with a smile. Isarabi's duel with Jake had been of help in more ways than one to relieve him of what had been in his mind a few hours ago.

Turning around, Jake took a step to Isarabi's side when he finished in order to face another addition to their team. Bonnie had surprised everyone when she walked out of her box, everyone except for Roy. The leader seemed to have taken an interest in her the moment she introduced herself. In response to Isarabi's reaction, Jake tried to explain everything with an introduction. "Bonnie? I'm Jake, and this is Isarabi. Nice to meet you," he reached out a hand in greeting, hoping for a human response. The woman didn't seem as robot to him as to anyone else, something told him that she was more similar to Roy than some automated war machine.

Re: Lunatic Inc, Volume 1: Discography

Mon May 21, 2012 4:43 pm

++ Bonnie Mk. I

The greetings were surprising. Such interest, it wasn't something she was used to. The only thing the DynaCorp caretakers ever took interest in, was her well being. The researchers only in data. But this new kind of interest was... Pleasant.

"DynaCorp's definition of a successful fieldtest consists of two parts. First, there's the field part. The test subject must be placed in an environment that is not artificially constructed, this way random variables can be included in the test. Secondly, there's the test part. This means that everything must be documented, examined and processed." Bonnie spoke in a formal tone, in answer to Roy's question. "... Roy." She added afterwards. Again something that was new to her, she was always taught to call people by their titles, names were for personal use.

Bonnie frowned at Adrian's advice to ignore Roy, the idea seemed silly to her. "Sir, listening to... Roy... Is of little effort for me. I see no point in ignoring him." For all their might and power, DynaCorp had never trained her in the fundamental ways of communicating with other people. She knew a hundred ways to kill a man, just using her index finger, yet a joke was impossible for her to understand. Which is part of the objective for this exchange, DynaCorp wants her to achieve a personality. Robots are easily made, humans are not.

Bonnie turned to Frank next. "Sir, while many of my prosthetic are based of the DynaCorp Escort Maids series, I am not, as you so eloquently said, a sexbot." She paused for a moment, her eyes darting around for a moment as she gathered some data. "Though, such services are well within my working perimeters, should one want to make use of it." She then dryly stated. The entire concept of what she had just said, or even proposed, went straight over her head. To her it was simply stating her capabilities, shame was an unknown to her.

And lastly, she returned Jake's greeting, shaking his hand. "I know who you are, sir. DynaCorp is very thorough in gathering its information." She gave a small nod to Isarabi as well, to acknowledge her existence.

It was probably not the best first impression, but considering this is all new to her, she's not doing too bad.

Re: Lunatic Inc, Volume 1: Discography

Fri May 25, 2012 12:39 am

{Roy Everydayman}

_Hanger Bay_

" I see." Roy said simply as his answer. A rare moment to see the relatively talkative Roy to be very brief, but more because he has some thoughts on the subject. Her, Bonne's answer was quite straight forward, but yet vague. Any environment that isn't artificially constructed can apply anywhere, even here. She also admitted everything must be documented, examined, and processed, which is a friendly way of saying she spying and studying, at least to Roy. It could be the paranoia talking, Roy figured, but the smart action would be observing the observer, he thought to himself.

" Anyways, its good you see its no point in ignoring me since I am the commander of this squadron, after all." Roy said, back to his usual self. " Which reminds me, Charles has business on his home dimension so Adrian, you're now my second in command." He said as he appointed Adrian. " I don't like you, you can't control your anger, you don't know how to handle a delicate situation, but you do listen when it is important, you're skillful , and can keep your wits about you when the shit hits the fan, congrats." Roy said as he thought about who could be his temporary second in command with who he has left. " If we have to separate into two teams, Adrian, you'll be in charge of Jake, Frank, and Sceal."

"Bonnie, Isarabi, you'll be with me and so shall Romana, if she gets onboard. " Roy barked his orders to his team of misfits. " Also Bonnie, if you know everyone's names start using them and by names, I mean the first ones if you don't mind." He added to her as he had heard sir enough today to last a week or so.

Re: Lunatic Inc, Volume 1: Discography

Fri May 25, 2012 5:30 pm

Adrian Myoto ~ I'm Your What Now?

Adrian ignored Bonnie's reaction to his advice, dismissing it as a simple personality flaw. Just went to show that Dynacorp still had a ways to go before they could perfectly imitate 'life.' Frank's attitude continued to both baffle and annoy him. How many times did this guy need to be chewed out before he learned to keep his mouth shut. "Give it a rest, Frank. Nobody cares." Adrian's eyes shifted briefly towards Isarabi. Her blunt reaction to Bonnie was almost comical if just a bit expected. He was on the verge of saying something to the girl when Roy made his little reveal.

".....Charles is what? I'm the what?.....What?" He asked, a bit dazed by the sudden turn of events. Why hadn't Roy mentioned this earlier, when he first boarded the lander? Why wait until after their little argument over the box to spring the news? "Is this some kind of a joke, Roy? Because it's not funny. The hell do you mean Charles had some 'business' to take care of? You mean after all that professionalism bullsh** he's been feeding us he's just going to walk out without so much as a warning? Bloody hell...." Adrian pinched the bridge of his nose with his fore finger and thumb, knowing full well what was to come of this. More startling than his sudden leadership was Roy's...interesting division of the teams.

"Isarabi, Romana, and Bonnie? That's all our long range support. The hell is he planning to do with those wom-" Adrian's thought cut itself short as a brief realization came over him. ".....Are you kidding me.....Is he really that low? Gratu I hate this bastard." Adrian's brow only continued to furrow as he looked over his own team. They were strong fighters, at least Scael was. Jake he hadn't seen be a bit of use since he got there and Frank seemed to have more bark than bite. ".....All due resp-actually no, without even an ounce of respect. That organization is crap. You're stacking almost all of the ranged support on one side. Sure I've got a couple of tricks up my sleeve for dealing with enemies at a distance but frankly I can't cover it alone." Adrian took another glance at the team as a whole. Observing each member while playing out different scenarios in his mind. His eyes seemed to linger a bit longer on Isarabi than the other members of Roy's team. For some reason the idea of her being under Roy's direct leadership left a worse taste in his mouth than the others. "....Isarabi should be on my team. I suggest switching her with Jake." Adrian quickly shifted his attention back to Roy, fully prepared to justify his argument. "While I respect Isarabi's abilities I can only imagine you and our new found friend are packing much heavier artillery than her handgun. On the other hand, that same gun can go a long way for giving Scael, Frank, and myself some much needed time to close the gap on an entrenched unit. As for Jake, well,...." He paused briefly, proving he'd thought more about the argument for Isarabi than Jake. "Jake's a close range fighter. While you and Bonnie are shelling the enemy, he and Romana can work on flanking them. This way we have a more even balance on both teams." Adrian crossed his arms, indicating that he was done making his argument. Whether or not Roy would actually take it into consideration remained to be seen.

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Fri May 25, 2012 11:05 pm

{Roy Everydayman}


" His business seemed more important, since he's doing it for free." Roy said " But that's not the issue at hand." As he decided to end that conversation and change the subject to something more appropriate. " You're right, I made a tactical error, Adrian. However, Jake's illusions still might prove much more useful to your team so I'll take Frank instead, he's got the speed and certain skill sets, I can use effectively if I think about it. And I'll take Kallis as well ." He said as he admitted his mistake and moved on, picking Frank instead of Adrian's choice of Jake as well as adding Kallis to his team. " My other reason, I think Jake should be on your team is simply because I don't know if Jake's strange substance would mesh well with Bonnie." He added and then explained his reasoning " We already seen what happened to you and Romana so I want to play it safe for the time being."

' Now before you say anything about Romana and Frank. Romana already fixed that problem so it won't happen again." Roy said, pointing that little tidbit. Through as he talked to Adrian, Roy couldn't help, but observe how Adrian talked to him. Not just the words, but also the body language and the facial expression. Did Adrian have a thing for Isarabi? He did stare longer at her than the others, Roy thought as he began to process things. " By the way, were you seriously thinking, I was attempting to start a harem or something kinky in the field?"

" Hate to disappoint your guttered mind, Adrian. I'm not just that kind of person." Roy said " It would cause too problems during a mission and call me old fashion, but I'm a one deadly woman man and sometimes you can't mix pleasure with business."

Re: Lunatic Inc, Volume 1: Discography

Sat May 26, 2012 5:39 am

Jake LongLeaders, Friends, and Foes

"I think it's best we stop things as they are for now, shouldn't we?" Jake had chimed in with a hand between the two when Roy spoke his sentence midway, the swordsman all too aware of what might come next if they talked any further. When his intervention was performed, he took his hand away somewhat nervously due to the sudden silence he caused.

"Anyways, I think it's best we discuss this together again when we get a better grasp of the mission," the words were said slowly and politely, Jake certainly wasn't used to solving conflicts by being so involved. "Besides, it isn't necessary to split ourselves up and complicate matters unless it's called for," his eyes darted between the cyborg and elf as he spoke, as if letting off supervision on one of them for even a second would make him seem rude.

"Also," Jake's eyes stopped for a glance on Roy as he spoke, "I can assure you, commander, Mr. Everydayman," a certain amount of composed restraint was injected when Jake mentioned their squad leader's name, "my fire burns only my enemies and those who threaten me. Unlike some people, I actually value those who I see as my allies." He spoke of his powers with a seriousness that had not been present so far, and it was just loud enough to reach a certain mobster still inside.

With his opinion said, he turned around and signaled Isarabi and Bonnie into the plane with a face that told them to leave while they could. "Excuse us then..." he paused and gave a curt nod to the two before heading back inside to his seat with the others in retreat.

Back in his seat, the swordsman gave a polite smile and greeting to Kallis before making himself comfortable again. Looking up at the ceiling, his mind started to wander off. That was before he recalled a snippet of the conversation from before. "Bonnie, Isarabi, you'll be with me and so shall Romana, if she gets onboard..." ignoring the possibilities of Roy's intentions of monopolizing the female members of the team, Jake was starting to wonder about the Time Lady's lateness.

Sighing almost silently, Jake shut his eyes to rest. A few minutes later however, he reached into his cloak and drew out his C.A. Despite his non-dependence on technologies, his hands easily navigated the device's functions to do what he wanted. Even more amazing was the fact that he managed it with his eyes still closed. Upon hearing a beep, a slender finger tapped on the screen as it danced itself to the delete button.

TO: Romanadvoratrelundar
SENDER: Jake Long

To Miss Romana,

Everyone has almost finished their preparations and have boarded the Lander. It seems that you are the only member left before we can go ahead with departing. No need to worry though. Other than a few surprises so far, a new member in the cargo hold, and Charles' temporary leave due to untold business of importance, everything appears to be fine and as it is usually. But, I suspect that we may encounter some troubles if we are here too long.

Do try and hurry.


Note: Although Jake seems to be opposing the already agreed teams, he is actually referring to how heated the conversation is getting when he advices everyone to settle things at a later time.

Re: Lunatic Inc, Volume 1: Discography

Wed May 30, 2012 1:05 am

{Roy Everydayman}

_Hangar to Passenger Cabin_

" No, I don't think so. " Roy said as he disagreed with Jake. He gave Jake a funny look and then explained why he disagreed with the swordsman's logic. " Jake, it's an emergency situation. I honestly don't think, we're going to have much time to think." He said as he scratched the back of his head. " Also everyone tends to argue so I rather plan a little now and argue so that we don't have to do so later. " Roy explained with a wag of his index finger as he usually does. " So yes it is necessary to discuss about splitting up the team. Besides if it doesn't happen, it doesn't, but if it does, then it is already settled."

When Jake told them that his fires only burn those that threaten him, well Roy just couldn't believe what he said. He eventually plopped into a seat right next to Jake. " You know, I want to call bullshit to your comment about your powers and valuing others, but the thing is, I don't think you know." Roy mentioned " Did you ever question the reason, why you were knocked out yesterday?" He then poked Jake in the shoulder. "See apparently, you used your illusion abilities to create many copies of yourself and then proceeded to threaten to kill everyone, simply because it would be fun to do so. "

" I like to believe it was a second personality and it does appear to be the case so I can let that event go." He went on to say, finally getting to the meat and the potatoes of his point . " Its just I wanted to maim you, but since Bonnie is going to be very logical with her actions, she might kill you." Roy said spelling it out for Jake.

Re: Lunatic Inc, Volume 1: Discography

Wed May 30, 2012 11:58 am

Jake LongHidden Scars

A sigh was heard. Long and tired, it crawled out of Jake's mouth like a slow-moving cloud of frustration. His lips were an interpreter of his surface emotions, the bare superficial part that hid the true amount of what he felt. They squeezed against each other, and the bottom part was bit as Roy's words continue to pour into his ears. He didn't like this man. He didn't like people who were able to make him listen.

"No", the answer came out blankly. There was no frustration, no anger, no guilt, no remorse, no anything, just a simple answer completely stripped of its emotional meanings. "No, I have not questioned myself for a long time. It's pointless doing so," he elaborated. "Perhaps you don't understand, Roy, but I carry more than a few sins on my back," the words came out coldly, a blade of ice being directed from the swordsman. "Blood is not uncommon to my hands, as I'm sure it isn't to you, and everyone else on this plane," fingers glided up his shoulder and brushed the cloth of his shirt, sweeping away Roy's in a gentle, delicate but effective manner.

"So," his voice sounded a lot more stern now, as if restricting some beast from coming out of his thoughts. "If you or anyone deem it a necessity to take my life in any situation, do make sure you are ready to do it properly," he stretched out a hand on his leg, palm up. A small white flame ignited itself, waving its tips around like some being of sentience. Jake closed his hand into a fist in one swift movement, the flames were compressed, its embers reaching out at the last minute as if in cry for help, and extinguished itself without a single sound. "Death is an inevitable thing," he said almost in a whisper, his face now turned to Roy's with a serious expression.

In a mere second however, everything returned to what could be considered normal. The heaviness around them from before suddenly lifted, the tension gone and Jake closed his eyes again as he rested his head back on his seat. "But until then, I will be under your command, Mr. Everydayman," he said simply as he felt the comfort of a nice cushioned seat envelop him. "Also, with respect, I was only trying to avoid any further conflict before anyone did anything rash. Nothing comes to benefit from decisions made without rationality, and that was my only concern. Admittedly, I see no problems with the already made teams as long as coordination remains functional. However, in my opinion, it is always an advantage to understand our mission in order to weed out the possibilities of failure. In the end, how you decide to react to my advice is of your own choice. After all, you are our squad leader" Jake explained his intentions clearly before continuing with his rest, satisfied with what he had just said.

Re: Lunatic Inc, Volume 1: Discography

Sun Jun 10, 2012 10:00 am

Romanadvoratrelundar – The notorious joke of a Time Lord being late

{Talking with Roy}

Romana surveyed the room with a critical gaze, eyes sweeping over everything before looking over Roy with the same scrutiny. From a technological and aesthetic point of view, he was certainly beautiful, that she had to admit. A shame he was also an insufferable bastard.

“You are planning to do what?” Romana couldn’t believe her ears. She shook her head. “Too right Charles would stop you, that is a ridiculous idea. You keep mentioning how dangerous your kind are, but that doesn’t mean your life isn’t valuable. Stop speaking such nonsense.”

{After: To the Lander}

There was always a profound sense of irony in the idea of a time lord being late. However it happened far more frequently than anyone of Romana’s race would admit to. It seemed that all the mental energy it had taken the Time Lady to enter Jake’s mind had caught up with her, and despite spending most of the sleeping hours awake, she had finally picked a spare room and crashed out. Under normal circumstances, Romana didn’t need to sleep – but rest in order to recuperate was still important, and rest Romana did.

-Perhaps, a little bit too much rest. Despite the loud announcement from Lunar, Romana didn’t budge. It was only after receiving Liam’s Jake’s message on her C.A that Romana had to remind herself that she wasn’t inside a time machine; that time was linear here and she really did have to do things in the right order at the right time. And right now she had a job to do.

Gone was all the pink. Today Romana was dressed head to toe in muted beige, and looking for all the world like she had raided her grandfather’s wardrobe. A herringbone patterned waistcoat of varying colours over a white blouse, black bootstring tie, beige jacket, beige knee-length knickerbockers and boots, finished off with multi-toned striped legwarmers and pristine white gloves. Her robotic dog K9 had been tucked away into a pocket again for quickness. There was no time to eat, but Romana did take time to quickly clean and freshen herself up.

Activating the Time Ring device on her wrist so that her journey took far less time than it should, the time lady walked briskly down to the Lander. As she had been warned about, she was the last one to arrive. She switched the device off again as she approached the shuttle and hopped on board.

“Terribly sorry for the late arrival,” she apologised, eyes taking in her team members, including the attractive-looking new addition to the group. She seemed to avoid making eye contact with Adrian, still very much aware of the harm she had caused him the previous day. She gave a friendly nod to Bonnie in greeting and a “Hello,” before finding herself a seat – trying to find one that wasn’t near either Frank or Adrian – and preferably not near Roy, if it could be helped. Then again there weren’t exactly many seats left to choose from.

Re: Lunatic Inc, Volume 1: Discography

Sun Jun 17, 2012 10:50 pm

Isarabi White: Hangarrr

"Hi, Isarabi here." She said to Bonnie after regaining her humanity for a moment. She looked at the bot interestedly for a moment before hearing who was on what team. Isarabi listened to the people on the different teams and silently agreed that the ranged vs melee should be evenly dispersed so as to make each team equally able to respond to whatever situation was waiting for them. When Adrian suggested that she be switched with Jake, and raised an eyebrow slightly when she saw how irritated he was that she (or all the females) were on the other team. She was slightly amused yet at the same time, she wanted to get down to business (to defeat the huns) and more importantly, get the job done so she could eat more steaks. She was beginning to like this place.

When she heard Roy mention a harem, she coughed and began laughing as though there was no air, and hid her face in her lap as she began to sit down on her heels. She was like this for a good moment before she subsided and raised her face, a small smile on her mouth and her face slightly pink from lack of air.

She looked at Jake as he seemed to be using the utmost courtesy with her and gave him a bemused nod in response, as she was still catching her breath from laughing so vigorously. As she had just taken her seat again, she noted that the time lord had arrived again. "Hello Romana," she said, to bring attention to the newly returned member that had almost missed take off in hopes that it would diffuse some of the drama that was building.
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