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Sat Jan 02, 2010 4:28 am

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Re: Lunatic Inc, Volume 1: Discography

Sat Jan 02, 2010 5:48 am


~.x.x.x.~Location: A street away from the 'meeting place'~.x.x.x.~
A short, slightly tanned purple haired girl walked through the streets of Selenia, her bangs falling in front of her eyes. She scanned the area around her, her robotic scanners that were built into her, like her other 'siblings'. The scans had nothing of importance to her, so she continued on her way. Her location, like a lot of others here, was the place where the advertising would supposedly be held. Unbeknown to the purple haired machine, there were a few slight problems that would be faced when there.

As she walked, the silk skirt of her outfit was tousled by a child running by. The girl's dark green eyes watched the child run away from fellow children his age, all of them laughing as they played. Out of habit, the robot checked her belongings and saw everything was in it's proper place, nothing missing. Her emotionless face turned back in the direction she was previously walking. Her boots making a soft 'tap' as she walked, but it wasn't able to be heard over the yelling and other feet shuffling about.

~.x.x.x.~Location: On the 'meeting place's street, a few yards away~.x.x.x.~
She stopped short of her destination, having just rounded the last corner she frowned. Was this right? Did the directions have an error in them? This place was, besides the many people around who were confused as well, empty. It had to be a mistake, she refused to accept that she came her to be subject of a prank. "This is defiantly just a processing malfunction." She said to herself, but she wasn't 100 percent positive that was the case.

Re: Lunatic Inc, Volume 1: Discography

Sat Jan 02, 2010 10:39 am

~Charles Price: Cruising along the in-between realm, onwards to meeting place---- Better be the right coordinates~

If one would explain the realm between a starting point and one’s destination they would probably use the word “surreal”. It was like all of these different locations…speeding by in less of a millisecond. It was like viewing the world through a kaleidoscope, disoriented and alien. It was like going through space faster at the speed of light in a confined bubble, with absolutely no way of escaping. It was like going through a dark tunnel, with an unreachable light in the distance. Any normal person wouldn’t be able to take the sight alone. Rookies always need a teleportation buddy. But Charles was use to it, the same way a dragonfly was used to seeing through a million eyes. He paid his surroundings no attention as magic, yes MAGIC, led his physical body towards the light in the distance. He was going to be officially accepted into Lunatic Inc. today, and he wished he could say he was looking forward to it. However, the only thing that mattered to him was the amount of money he was going to get. Saving lives and ending wars was all good and all, but what was the point without a usual pay?

Once he reached the light in the distance, the teleporter quickly leaped through before it could close on him. Otherwise, he would be stuck. After leaping through, Charles scanned his surroundings to find that he was in the right city, the right distract, but not yet the right street corner. He sighed, should’ve known the coordinates wouldn’t be exact. Taking out the ad given to him, Charles scanned the directions. He supposed he would have to follow the rest of the directions like everyone else. What a pain. ’No shortcuts in life, I suppose’ the teleporter thought as he navigated the streets of Selenia. Looking around he could spot other applicants, all brandishing fancy weapons, armor, and what not. He scoffed, kids these days. They always think that bigger was better, but he knew that he didn’t need fancy weaponry to impress his employers. When it all came down to it, one’s skills were important. A group of kids brushed by him chasing after each other happily. He sneered at them, damn kids, what were they doing out here in the open anyways? Where the hell were their parents?

”Fucking kids running around. I thought this was a kid free city. Should’ve known…. damn democrats. ” he muttered to himself, turning a street corner. Ahead of him was what looked like an ordinary young girl….with purple hair. ’The fuck?...’ he exclaimed in thought, ’Who the hell allows their child to dye their hair purple?’ Ahead of the girl he could see a gathering of people, all of them looking confused. So it was not the right coordinates after all! The bastards lied! The girl in front of him took the hint, and said something about a “process malfunction”. Charles didn’t think it was just that, ”’Processing malfunction’?” he said sarcastically, repeating the purple haired girl’s observation. ”Miss, this is not just a ‘processing malfunction’. We were conned, and I want a damn explanation.”

Charles brushed passed the purple haired girl and walked up to the gathering. He couldn’t help but notice that a child was amongst them. Why were they letting children join a mercenary group? The rascals couldn’t even pull a trigger if their life depended on it. Heck, they shouldn't even be handling weaponry. ’Yup, it’s Rathya all over again’ he thought out of contempt. ”Alright”, he said to pale man which had answered the kid’s question before, ”What’s the big deal here? Where are our employers, why aren’t they here yet, and who’s in charge?” The teleporter had an irritated tone in his rough voice. ”What sort of business do they think they are running? Keeping us waiting like this, what a joke!” Charles looked around the group of applicants, searching for any sign of his future employers. This was ridiculous.

Re: Lunatic Inc, Volume 1: Discography

Sat Jan 02, 2010 12:13 pm

*The meeting place*

Max Des Victor IV stretched his arms and yawned. He was sitting on a bench, watching the people go by. It wouldn't do any good to wander around like them, he knew how to wait. Unfortunately, his spirits didn't have the same patience. A vein bulged in his forehead as both Salamander and Shade, his two most troublesome partners, materialized. Both of them appeared as children, maybe only ten years old. Salamander had red hair, red eyes, a sharp tooth, an orange shirt and red pants, and a shimmer of heat around him. Shade was in his normal shape, looking similar to Salamander in body shape and face but different in every other way. They might have been brothers. Salamander jumped up on the bench and shouted "Hey, losers! I'-" He didn't get any farther. Max tackled him, ignoring the heat, and said "Salamander, what are you doing!? Do you want to get me killed!?"

"Kukukuku" Max looked at Shade, dreading what he might do. He wasn't as hotheaded as Salamander but he wasn't the kind of spirit he needed to have out right now. Shade walked in the crowd, pausing every once in a while to look at someone closely and say "You should be looking into a good casket soon." Max closed his eyes and a pained expression appeared on his face. "Sprite, can you help me out?" A young girl, about the same age as the other two, appeared. She looked very sweet, and usually was, but when she saw Shade she seemed to darken. She walked toward him.

When Shade turned and saw Sprite, he visibly paled. He tried to get away but Sprite slapped him down and dragged him back. Max sighed. "So much for staying in the background."

Re: Lunatic Inc, Volume 1: Discography

Sat Jan 02, 2010 4:33 pm

Milan – Meeting Place

Milan lean against the wall, watching the lamp-post. Somethin' is off, he muttered, pulling his black cotton toque further down his head. He scratched the tattoo on his cheek as he continued to murmur to himself, Why have us meet here? Are we goin' to fight each other? He pulled on his toque as if to take it off, for it itched his ears terrible, but stopped himself. No need to give all my secrets out right away, hmm? he thought, grinning to himself, This is it! My chance to help others, no other corporation is good enough. I’ve gotta make it.

Milan watched as a man tried to keep three kids from running all over the place, keyword - tried. Milan walked to the black-haired one and the white-haired one who was basically beating him and picked them both up. Milan walked over to the man who was attempting to pin the red-haired one. Need some help? he asked holding them out to the poor guy. You look like you’re havin’ some trouble.

Re: Lunatic Inc, Volume 1: Discography

Sat Jan 02, 2010 4:48 pm

~Arillo Amandil: Just reaching the meeting point~

Arillo walked the streets of Selenia with a cigar in his mouth and a scowl on his face. He had made planet side about three hours ago and the ship that he had hired to bring him planet side had been quiet and uneventful, making Arillo yearn for a little action, not to mention that the ship he hired brought him to the wrong port. Arillo left the port muttering under his breath, saying that the pilots on Fenris would make these guys look like amateurs, but soon his attitude brightened somewhat since he was on a new planet which, to him, meant new beginnings.

Stopping for a moment, Arillo took his cigar out of his mouth and watched as mercenaries of all kinds were walking around, looking down at the written instructions they have received explaining how to get to the meeting place that the company, Lunatic INC, had chosen for the applicants to gather. Arillo chuckling a little, returned the cigar to his mouth, and started to walk again towards the meeting place. Arillo stuck out like a sore thumb with his old army uniform in winter camouflage and the wolf hide he wore as a cloak.

Arillo had just arrived at the place where other mercenaries have gathered when he saw Charles talking roughly to a man. Arillo walked up to the two to try and calm Charles down. “You should learn to have more patience than that neighbor. Our employers will see us whenever they feel like it so you might as well calm down,” Arillo said as he went to lean against the wall, “Besides if you and he both get employed together then you might not want to make him mad, since he may watch your back one day.”

Re: Lunatic Inc, Volume 1: Discography

Sat Jan 02, 2010 5:27 pm

~Charles Price: Meeting Location---- Patience?! Calm down?!~

Charles spun on the spot to face the speaker who stuck out like a sore thumb, wearing an army uniform that made him look like he belonged in a planet that sees no summer. The teleporter glared at the man with the cigar, how dare he ask him to calm down, especially when he was tricked by the very people who seek the help of mercenaries. If anything Charles neither had the time nor the patience for such nonsense. His motto, after all, was “time is money”, and when you waste time, you waste money. Eyeing Arillo square in the eyes Charles said, ”Calm down? You want me to calm down?” The teleporter bursted out laughing, ”Funny, real funny. They can damn well take all the time they want. But they’re risking my respect for them for that. I suppose you never heard of the proverb ‘time is money’? A bloody famous one back where I come from, or at least…it is in the business world. And I must say, I’m a firm believer in such a phrase. Now, you look like a pleasant fellow…” Charles looked the man up and down with a raised eyebrow, ”…But even if him and me do end up working together I can bet you anything that him watching my back will be the last thing I’d expect. No offense.” the teleporter added at the man’s expense. ”Thing is, I don’t trust anyone, so if anyone gets mad I can care less. In fact, the more people hate me, the better. I don’t want people fucking wooing over me all the time. I’d rather save that sort of stuff for heroes.” Charles turned away from the barbarian, but then stopped, apparently having thought of something. ”Also, please don’t call me neighbor. That sort of community crap makes me sick. Call me anything you like, but anything like ‘buddy’, ‘friend’, or ‘pal’ is completely out of the question.” And with that, the teleporter left the barbarian, obviously not caring about whether he struck a nerve.

Re: Lunatic Inc, Volume 1: Discography

Sat Jan 02, 2010 7:44 pm


~.x.x.x.~Location: The meeting place~.x.x.x.~
Rei turned as Charles spoke to her, frowning. "I do not believe I asked your opinion of the situation." She replied, but he had already walked off. She let herself scoff once, then she went back to the emotionless face she had adopted over the years. She watched her surroundings quietly, leaning against a lamp post. But I know it's not a malfunction, it's a simple hoax, probably. But I refuse to believe that a group as popular as this would do such a thing. She thought, scanning over the others.

Re: Lunatic Inc, Volume 1: Discography

Sat Jan 02, 2010 8:40 pm

-In a café across the street from the meeting place-

Ein Hartman sat inside the café across the presumed meeting place, watching through the glass as the throng of visitors increased at the appointed place. Ein had heard of Lunatic Inc. before but it was only in passing and Ein never had any intention of being well known. It was his number one rule; never be known. If you do become well known then everyone wants a piece of you, in jest and in literal terms. Many people in this world, heads of criminal organizations, presidents of war-torn countries, leaders of not-so-legal enterprises have all known his name. Ein is a weapons salesman, a man give those a means to defend themselves from their enemies. Like bookstores that give people a means to buy books, Ein sells guns to those who can afford them. Simple reliable rifles to high powered weapons that can vaporize a city block, huge hulking tanks to deadly aircraft…Ein sells them all.

And business is good.

Selenia was the place chosen by a buyer who wished to buy 40,000 rifles to supply his private army with the means to continue his campaign. Although the buyer looked like he was a native of some war-torn country down south, Ein has quickly finalized the deal without asking much. Paid handsomely, Ein even threw in a few extras to make sure the buyer would become a regular customer. Having completed the transaction a few minutes ago, Ein now sipped tea from his cheap paper cup, looking outside at the throng of people. A wild assortment of individuals indeed.

Re: Lunatic Inc, Volume 1: Discography

Sat Jan 02, 2010 10:46 pm


)-Returning to the Meeting Place-(

Dressed in a red and black flannel jacket with brown pants and work boots, Roy definitely fit the bill of being a tourist from the north. The jacket had onyx black buttons and was fully buttoned except the last two near the neck. He wore a buttoned down solid brown flannel cap to conceal as best as he could his messy unkempt purple hair. Roy was carrying a brown paper bag, filled with what looked like red apples, a large roll of bread, and two bottles of wine.

Roy had wandered around the downtown streets of Selenia to waste time until the meeting had started. He had arrived here the night before, but since it was so late last night, Roy wasn't really able to venture around Selenia. Of all the people, the bounty hunters, the mercenaries, the soldiers of ex-companies, and the treasure hunters, Roy was the most ordinary of them next to a few others that just arrived.

A man, who appeared to be in his late forties, dressed in green was having some sort of trouble about patience and neighbors with a tough military looking man dressed in camo and smoking a cigar and a purple haired girl dressed in filly clothing, light purple, with dark purple ribbons. “ Purple Hair? Could be a trend of the latest fashion, I suppose. But better keep a watchful eye on her.” He thought to himself as he glanced over to the three.

Roy strolled pass them and sat down his brown bag on stone steps. He uncorked the red wine bottle using the latest in "uncorker" technology and sat next to his bag. Roy then, reached for his bread and broke a part of it. It was obvious the meeting hadn't started yet and it was doubtful that everyone here waiting in the street was going to get a position within the company so the question was, what was the point of this “ I guess the answer will present itself over time, I suppose.” He said as he took a bite of his lunch.
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Re: Lunatic Inc, Volume 1: Discography

Sun Jan 03, 2010 12:34 am

Caim ~-*

A couple hours after arriving in the city of Selenia, Caim was vaulting over the streets towards the meeting place for the already widely known hiring for Lunatic Inc.. Caim saw plenty of other people heading for the same place some using the streets others using the roofs as he was.'With all these people there's bound to be test to thin out the applicants' Caim thought.
As he landed on a roof overlooking the meeting place he noticed that there was no building, instead there were a great number of people milling about wondering what was going on.The problem was that there seemed to be no place to register or apply, and some people were running around confused and others getting frustrated and leaving. There were two groups he noticed immediately, the first was a man in a green suit yelling at another man in winter camouflage with two people with purple hair behind him. The second was a group of people tackling and hitting each other.
"Hmph, not much else to do then sit and wait" Caim muttered to himself. "Besides it seems that these people might be interesting" Caim said sitting down on the roof, trying to keep watchful eye out for any clue as to the registering.

Re: Lunatic Inc, Volume 1: Discography

Sun Jan 03, 2010 4:59 am


Enine walked up the street, his hand placed nonchalantly behind his back, to match the rather nonchalant smile he wore on his face. The mercenaries all pooled about in this "meeting place" (or dare I say slaughterhouse?). Some turned and examined this new arrival. If the purple haired girl was strange, boy were they in for a surprise. Some of the magic uses in the crowd even gasped/shuddered as he silently walked by. Enine couldn't help it (oh wait, he could, but he did not want to) but he always seemed to radiate a sort of revulsion, Enine supposed it was this dimensions way of trying to eliminate something that shouldn't be there.

Enine had come, like many, to try out for this Lunatic Inc. thing. Just one of the many lives he had lived in multiple realms.
"I new journey and a new lesson" He chuckled to himself.

For s plit second Enine stopped. midpace. he had felt something, something he often not feel. For as the regular denizens of this realm feel he does not belong Enine felt, or knew rather, some person with-in the area did not belong either. One could suppose that a certain "smell" accompanied those that ventured into the "inbetween"; the space between worlds. Enine knew the feeling/smell , he was a being that traveled often, quite often, to fend off his only poison: Boredom. Enine was a being that sometimes created new worlds, built to his specifications, and then he would invite others, of his kind, to partake in his games, as they were often called. For a being such as this, morals did not even exist, neither did time. But no one knew that, save for the few that were like him.

Like the one Enine was sensing.
He stopped in the crowd. Most of the mercs gave a him a wide berth, it seemed even the nonmagic users sensed something grave, yet powerful about this person. Enine did not care about the squabbles that were happening with-in some of those in the group, maybe if he hadn't felt this presence he'd be making talk with some of the group, but all was put aside when he discovered something to further end his curse (i.e. boredom)

A few moments later Enine found what he was looking for. A normal looking man who sat in a table in a cafe across the street. Now from such a distance it would normally be impossible to see through the tinted restaurant windows, but Enine knew exactly where this man was sitting and at what angle, for the "smell" was that powerful. He smiled then, staring directly into the mans eyes, a grin on his face big enough to match a Cheshire cat. But do not get Enine's intentions wrong, there was nothing malicious in his smile, it was the smile of a friend spotting another: one who hadn't seen the other in quite some time.

And slowly, and methodically he walked towards the cafe, his eyes never leaving the mans face...

Re: Lunatic Inc, Volume 1: Discography

Sun Jan 03, 2010 12:32 pm

Scael Clawver
[The rooftop, overlooking the alley.]

The sound of stone being ground to cinders could be heard above the large gathering of people and the dust that fell pittered against the concrete sidewalk. Looking up, any one of them could see someone standing over them, on the corner of the building behind them. Nearly his entire body was covered; not an inch of skin showed but for two bright, slitted, peridot eyes that looked menacing and murderous with the shadows cast over them. His black gloves covered his hands up to his fingertips, which ended in points; his arms were hidden beneath deeply tanned leather wraps; his head was completely covered by a black hood, and underneath white bandages bound his skin, save the openings for his eyes and mouth; he was wearing some kind of leather robe or cloak that disappeared past the edge of the rooftop as he stared down at them; his legs, covered by a pair of grayed leather pants; and the hilt of a short sword and several smaller knives stuck out from a belt which looped around his back.

When people started to notice him, he looked at them each in turn. "Quite a group," he hissed. The tone of his voice was calm and matter-of-factly, though to anyone who hadn't spoken to him before, it would have been utterly imperceptible; he spoke in piercing sibilations and guttural breaths. He shifted his posture to the point where he was crouched on the corner of the building above them. Although it wasn't the case, he looked like he were about to leap down and murder them all. Instead, he lept, but simply landed atop the street light, and turned, overlooking them quietly.


Wrapped as he was, he ate with gloved hands. He wanted not to betray his appearance, and taking off the gloves would do just that. If he concentrated hard enough, he could make the slits of his eyes even out and become more of an oval, but it still didn't look quite human--though it did soften the looks he got. He was doing this now, as he ate with both hands, tearing the flesh off the bones, savoring the taste of the blood and tendons as his teeth made short work of them. The owner, behind the counter--who everyone called Leb--passed glances up at him as he served drinks and food to the people seated at the counter.

A fellow seated on the other end of the bar shakily came to his feet, slurring his speech with his drunkeness. "Well, Leb. Times to go, I reccolleckon."

Leb gave him a concerned smile. "Be careful out there, Jim. Say hello to Carol for me."

Jim gave a sort of half-salute and began tottering towards to door, swaying left and right as if he were holding a heavy weight in both arms and was trying to balance it out. And then he finally lost his footing and stumbled into the man clad in leather. "Ooh, sorry, sorry, sorry." He patted him on the shoulder as he turned around, grumbling with his mouth full about watching where he was going.
The man left a little more steadily, and turned the corner.

Leb regarded his ravenous customer. "You gonna order anything else, buddy?"

With his best attempt at sounding less snake-like, which still wasn't much to praise, he replied, "No, I'm almost finished." He had eaten an entire chicken and two leg of lamb. Still, he knew he was good for it, no matter how expensive it was. He always kept a good bit of money on him, because he knew how hungry he got. It was either that, or become a cannibal.

Cannibal? He shook his head clear of the thought. He still sometimes thought in terms of humanity, though it really no longer applied to him. He had eaten people before, but it had been out of desperation due to hunger. And a few of the people he had eaten were people that he felt the world was better off without: rapists, slavers, guys who murdered women and tossed their corpses in dumpsters. It was the kill of an innocent man he had been ashamed of. After that, he trained at holding the hunger at bay, and he had trained his willpower so that being hungry was no longer an overwhelming hysteria. He could stay his teeth and claws until he found more rewarding prey. He hadn't eaten a human in a couple years, and he was proud of that fact.

The jobs he took to pay for all this had been especially dangerous, but he had performed them flawlessly. And he had been rewarded quite handsomely for them. He never stayed anywhere for longer than he needed to, but he kept close to food supplies. Heavily forested areas were home to some interesting and powerful game, but if he wanted a proper meal with little effort, he needed to be close to town. And as the owner brought the check, he reached behind him for his wallet.

He stopped and reached back with his other hand. It wasn't there. He'd had it when he came in. He felt all around the sides of his pants, and looked at the floor all around him, and jumped up from the bar stool, knocking it over, looking around frantically.

Someone stole his wallet!

Damn it! He had three hundred dollars in there!

"What's wrong?" Leb looked at him with some suspicion.

"My wallet's gone!"

He wasn't convinced. "Buddy, I don't have time for this. If you don't got the money, then we're gonna have problems."

"Look, I came in with my wallet, and it's gone. It's not like I--" The owner kept staring at him, his gaze darkening now. He fumbled for a resolution and found none.

The other patrons were looking at him now, as he stared back at them expressionlessly. A few began to rise, and slowly began stepping towards him. One cracked his knuckles. Fuck. He didn't want to hurt them. But he didn't have the money. And if he couldn't pay, they were getting ready to try and beat him to death. And they would find out about him. And because of his appearance, he knew they weren't going to believe a word he said. He knew of only one way to handle this situation.

He ran.

He jumped out the door and turned the corner, out of sight, as the others ran after him, out the door and began looking around, scanning the crowd for his form as they ran down the street.

He sighed, and watched them run from where he lay. He had jumped up, grabbed the edge of the rooftop and pulled himself over it, landing prone, and pushed himself to the edge, watching them give chase to nothing.

Damn it. That wasn't going to bode well for him. Still, he pushed himself to his feet and weighed his options. He could leave town; that probably wasn't the best option, because he wasn't familiar with his particular area. And he had just gotten here, so he didn't want to leave yet. But he needed money. He would get some money, and take the time to go back and pay for his meal. He wasn't a dine-and-dash. He'd pay.

But... how would he pay it back, now that he was marked by misfortune in a city that he just got to? He turned and started walking off.

And then he was hit in the face by something and was blind. He pushed it off his face and looked at it. The wind had blown a flier for Lunatic Inc. into his face. He forgot the restaurant as he poured over the slip of paper. He read it over, his eyes widening and the ovals in his eyes becoming slits again.

He clutched the paper in his hands. The paper gave him hope, and he forgot entirely about his recent unpaid lunch. The address was printed, and so he surged forward, jumping from rooftop to rooftop, looking for the right place. Eventually he saw it, and slowed down to see who was there. And then he made his appearance


From the street light, he turned his gaze to each of them in turn, and finally hissed, "My name is Scael Clawver. Which one of you is in charge?"

Re: Lunatic Inc, Volume 1: Discography

Sun Jan 03, 2010 3:32 pm

*Meeting Place*

Max accepted the help gratefully. He put his hand to Salamander's forehead and yelled "Dispel!" Salamander made a face before turning to a lizard made of fire which Max grabbed the swallowed. He did the same to Shade, who collapsed into a bat made out of shadow, and Sprite, who turned into a will o' wisp. He sighed and said "Sometimes I wonder if those guys are worth it..." Then he rolled his eyes. "Of course I didn't mean it! Calm down, you eight!" He sighed again and rubbed his right hand and left hand together.

Max stood up and extended his hand "My name is Max Des Victor IV. Thank you for your help. Sometimes they can get a little out of control." The hand that was held out had an odd tattoo on the palm. Several arcane symbols formed a circle and inside the circle was a picture of the bat Shade had turned to. Milan swore the thing writhed angrily in his direction and bared its fangs. Of course, it was hard to see, as the picture was as small as a nickel but Milan felt the anger more than saw it. Max looked down at the palm in annoyance. "Behave yourself! He helped me because you were misbehaving! No, I will not let you out again! This is your punishment! Unless.... you want Sprite to get involved. Good." He held out the hand, looking a bit embarrassed. "Sorry about that."

Re: Lunatic Inc, Volume 1: Discography

Sun Jan 03, 2010 7:18 pm


_Meeting Place_ An Idea.


“ But the main problem still remains, the number of people.” Roy thought as he placed his lips on the wine bottle. He took a short sip of his drink and then another bite on his piece of bread. “ This is like a powder keg in a burning building. So starting something would be easy, however take into account the innocent civilians, that wouldn't be a great idea.” He pondered the problem as placed the cork back on his wine bottle.“ This requires something with more finesse and a few other people” He figured as he stood up off the ground with wine bottle and bread in hand.

With six steps, Roy approached the other person with purple hair. To him, this was a merely a precaution and at best this is just a guess and to her, well he would register as an anomaly to her scanners. “ So, are you a machine?” He questioned out of the blue. A weird way to start a conversation and to get to the point. “ And, Mister, if time is money and you're tried of waiting, then can I make an offer to you?” Roy questioned the old man in green.

“ It would be a benefit to you and kill time.”
He added.

Re: Lunatic Inc, Volume 1: Discography

Sun Jan 03, 2010 9:55 pm

Milan – Meeting Place

Hey, no problem, Milan said easily, grinning like an excited child and shaking the older man’s hand gently, Glad to help. I’m Milan Howlite, nice to meet you. He then took off his hat and scratched his blue-ticked ears, hoping to show the man he wasn’t the only weird one. He could feel that this man meant him no harm. The thing was getting really itchy, he explained, pulling gently on his broad cat ears and shoving the black toque into his leather backpack. Do you think somethin’s gunna happen soon? He asked, tilting his head at the slightly taller man and grinning roughly, If somethin’ does happen how ‘bout we work together, hunh?

Re: Lunatic Inc, Volume 1: Discography

Sun Jan 03, 2010 10:12 pm

-Inside the cafe-

There no doubt in Ein’s mind that the one landmark everyone milled about was the lamppost. A really unremarkable one at that…all it had been a single flyer. Ein would have poked around the street lamp had he been interested, lifted the flyer from its bindings and investigated every inch of the landmark but alas no…Ein was not interested…not until a strange feeling overtook him. Like many others outside in the street, a wave of uneasiness swept across, leaving a sense of dread and despair. Now for Ein, this feeling was rarely felt by him and something inside his mind immediately pointed to an odd man in strange attire walking towards the café with a smile on his face…almost serene yet similar to something he read in that one fairy tale long ago. Ein’s mind soon squashed the feeling and he regained his senses. This person…whoever he is, was going to come inside the café, sooner or later both will have a small talk. Ein deftly tossed an unread section of the newspaper to a stool next to his as a man with a cup of steaming coffee attempted to sit down.

Sorry…my friend is sitting here” Ein said as the man looked away to find another seat for his drinks.

Ein took another sip from his cup and placed the section of the newspaper he was reading on the table. Underneath the table he made a gesture with his two index fingers. A small rip in space-time issued out from below next to Ein’s briefcase. Out of sight the gate opened much larger and Ein gave a deft kick to his briefcase, causing it to enter and disappear into the rip in space-time. Another small movement with his fingers and the gate sealed itself, leaving no trace of the now gone-briefcase. At the same time the door to the café opened and the man who intrigued Ein now was in his sights.

Re: Lunatic Inc, Volume 1: Discography

Sun Jan 03, 2010 11:54 pm

Enine entered the cafe. The strong smell of coffee hit his nose.
"Ahh it's been a while since I've had a cup of, how do you say? Cup of joe, ha ha ha. But....my previous venture has left the taste of tea in my mouth." Enine laughed as he sat in the chair next to the normal looking young man.
The Bartender, as well as a lot of those with-in the cafe, had the strangest looks on their faces, and as Enine sat down, the man who sat in the stool next to Enine's, got up and walked away; as stiff as a bored.
"I'll have a cup of your finest tea." he said, leering at the bartender. the short man nodded and hurried off into the back.
"You know, it's so strange to live and make worlds where you are respected for the immense power you command, then to throw it all away for new entertainment, it let's you know the humbleness felt by old men is nothing but an facade put up by a dieing creature who wants to feel as if they've learned something over their life." Enine said, his eyes resting on the bottles of alcohol sitting on the shelves in front of them. His smile had softened a bit, but was still present.
"Isn't that right my immortal friend?" Enine said, turning to give Ein his full attention.
"Oh wait, I apologize, those fools at the , what was it? "the holy temple" wouldn't give the bearer of such a job the decency to live forever. Not that you could live forever, if you did that you wouldn't really be needing that job now would you?" Enine could contain his laughter no more, and he let it out. A laugh someone would make if they found soemthing to be unbearable hilarious.
Enine took a moment to compose himself, small giggles returning ever so often,but then his eyes narrowed in seriousness, making it look as if his small laughing episode had never existed "But do not worry my friend, for I pity you. You are given the power to travel across dimensions. And for what? To play the multi-versal equivalent of cops and robbers? Yes I am a god, but then again what exactly is a god? The commander of a fancy piece of metal? A man who makes "games" just for fun?"

A look of complete surprise passed over Enines face then.

"Oh dear me, I forgot my manners!" Enine got off his seat (well actually the seat he was sitting on simply disappeared leaving Enine to stand.

Enine bowed deeply then, as if all those in he cafe did not exist.
"I am Enine Estel, the Sorcerer of ALL possibilities. It is a pleasure to meet you," He looked up at Ein, the shit eating smile had returned back to his face " Sajuuk Khar!"

Re: Lunatic Inc, Volume 1: Discography

Mon Jan 04, 2010 1:32 pm

~Arillo Amandil: Meeting Place-So you think you’re tough? ~

A scowl started to appear on Arillo’s face as he listened to Charles rant about how he was a firm believer of the quote “time is money” and how he was to never call him neighbor, pal or anything similar again and walked away. Looks like I got a fresh one, Arillo thought to himself, moving away from the wall and moved behind Charles. “Let me just make one thing clear neighbor,” he said in his roughest voice, as his hand grasped Charles’s right shoulder, and his teeth, which he had sharpened to look similar to a wolf’s canines, were clenched, “I don’t care who you are, where you come from, how rich you are, or what you can do. No one talks to me like that and those who do soon become nothing more than corpse's with their throat's ripped out. Do you understand me?” he asked, completely ignoring Scael who had jumped onto the street light and the man who had approached Charles about an offer.

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Mon Jan 04, 2010 1:40 pm

*Max with his new friend*

"I don't know. It seems like quite a few people have been here for a while but nothing seems to have happened. Maybe we should start looking. The only thing I can think of is that street lamp but it doesn't seem to be anything special. I'm going to check it out anyway. Some of these people look like they are getting pretty tense." He walked over to the streetlamp and looked at it from all angles. Then he went up to it and touched it, searching all over for something interesting. He turned to Milan. "Do you have some kind of sensory ability?"

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Mon Jan 04, 2010 4:15 pm

~Charles Price: Meeting Location---- Now We’re Talking~

The teleporter was more rotten then usual after yelling at the man in camouflage. Military folks, they were all the same, more worried about banding together against a common enemy than what goes in their pocket. He was standing in the middle of the crowd, observing it for some sign of who was in charge, when a young man came up to him. ’Great, here comes another one.’he thought, thinking the young man was just going to lecture him like the guy in the military suit. Instead, the young man was suggesting an offer. And this one had benefits. Finally someone was speaking his language. Charles gave the young man a nod and scanned his surroundings as to make sure no one was listening. Unfortunately, that was the only thing he had to worry about.

That camouflaged man from before was behind him now, grasping his shoulder in a threatening manner. Charles sighed and politely listened to the man’s threat, an annoyed yet calm look on his face. He didn’t have time for this, he was about to make a deal. The teleporter gave the young man a wink. He’d get to him shortly. Once the camouflaged man was finished, Charles gave the man his answer. ”Oh, I understand, but that’s hardly unnecessary. Who’s to say I don’t have some trick up my sleeve? But you wouldn’t think about that now would you? After all, you are a warrior, are you not?” Smiling, Charles closed his eyes, as if he was about to go deep into thought. The “trick” he had just mentioned was a battle maneuver taught to all teleporters in case their enemy might foolishly… say, place their hand on their shoulder in a threatening matter. It happens almost all the time, and in fact has gotten to the point where people would see no need for it to be taught, as it has become common sense. But it is still taught, because skills need to be honed through experience, not just instinct. Need a hint? Teleporters aren’t teleporters for nothing.

Seconds after Charles finished his last second, the teleporter was gone from the spot he was, and was now behind Roy. ”Nice trick, eh? I’d explain you every detail, but then we’d have to be friends. Now, before you tear me apart, this young man was just about to make an offer, and I believe he mentioned killing. You do like killing things, don’t you?” he asked the camouflaged man.

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Mon Jan 04, 2010 6:07 pm

~Arillo Amandil: Meeting Place-How did he do that? ~

If Arillo was surprised by the fact that Charles had easily escaped his grasp and had disappeared and reappeared behind Roy, he gave no sign. “A clever little trick you have there, young pup, a clever little trick.” His hand, which a moment ago had been holding onto Charles’s shoulder, now took the cigar out of his mouth, which was now half-spent, as he thought about the offer that Roy was giving Charles. After thinking about it for a moment Arillo replaced his cigar to his mouth, “Of course I enjoy killing, to a certain degree anyway, but it also depends if he,” he answered, pointing his thumb at Roy, “is willing to extend that offer to me. If he is willing to let me in then I’ll gladly join in and if he doesn’t, oh well.” Turning towards Roy, with a slight grin, “So how about it comrade. Mind if I tag along?” he asked.

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Mon Jan 04, 2010 7:44 pm


)-The Meeting Place-(

Roy's grasped with a “Woah!” as the old man disappeared and reappeared behind him. “ Was that really teleportation? Impressive, but not what I required.” He thought as he processed the event, trying to regain his composure. “ I didn't mean actually killing, not now anyways.” Roy mentioned. “ But I'm going off my point, gentlemen and lady, my offer is simple, an alliance for the time being.” He said getting the heart of the matter and including the solider and the suppose machine girl, killing two birds with one stone. “ The Lunatic Inc. is of the elite of the elite and only want the best. If they are doing something like this, then I must conclude that they will be performing tests to find new elite blood.” He continued.

“ With this temporary alliance, we can improve our chances of getting within the company as well as staying alive to enjoy it.”
He explained his reasons. “ If you all agree, then I have a plan to get rid of half of these applicants, right now, but I need to know who is willing to work with me to achieve these goals.” Roy stated “ It doesn't sound that bad, does it ?” Roy was careful about the volume he was speaking. He didn't want to take the risk of being overheard with all of these shady types.

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Mon Jan 04, 2010 8:01 pm


Vergil floated into veiw. It seemed that he was late for the party. By the look of the crowd, this sure did seem like the meeting place. He looked around, his katana at his side, and his revolver in it's holster, on the opposite side. He had a bored look on his face, but sparked some interest as he saw that poeple weren't exactly getting along. "My, looks like things aren't going to well...maybe I'll just stay here and wait...see what happens." Vergil floated a few feet away, his arms crossed, a small grin on his face. If he was noticed, and/or attacked, he had a nasty little illusion ready to spring on his would be attacker.

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Mon Jan 04, 2010 9:11 pm


~.x.x.x.~Location: Meeting Place; Roy, Charles, and Arillo~.x.x.x.~
Rei stood quietly, watching the events unfold with her emotionless face, she had watched the people around her eye her strangely for a few seconds because of her hair. Probably thinking that her hair style is dyed as a fashion statement. Really, it's the natural color. The scientists had an... Odd, to say the least, thought of color schemes for the 'people' they made.

At Roy's question, she looked up, scanning over him. The built in scanners read nothing posing a threat at the moment, so she straightened up. She had just opened her mouth, when Charles appeared behind Roy, her eyebrow raised questioningly at him, then her joints locked up. The sudden appearance had made her scanner go haywire, not able to read the information for a second. A red light flashed in her head and her joints automatically locked, forcing her to stand straight while her system calmed.

Once the system calmed down, it scanned over and a light red light flashed in her head, telling her to be careful of the teleportation in case of another system malfunction. She silently watched the men talk, while trying to hide a bored look. She nodded when Roy said 'gentlemen and lady, showing she was listening. Her eyebrow raised again. "You say that you have a plan to rid us of half, but who's to say after that we won't be on the receiving side of your next plan?" She asked, being just as careful about her volume as he, though her voice is normally soft, she refused to take any chances.
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