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Fri Dec 18, 2009 8:31 pm

The CS:


Race:(Give description if necessary, no real limits on this, just keep it from being too ungodly)

Physical Description:




Accepted Players:
Doctress Who

Info logs( useful info/NPCs):
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Re: Lunatic Inc. OOC: Lets start slow shall we?

Fri Dec 18, 2009 9:36 pm

Hells Yes.

And I have something perfect for this too....*snicker*

It's a little bit a reference to *something* else if anyone can catch it.

Re: Lunatic Inc. OOC: Lets start slow shall we?

Fri Dec 18, 2009 10:04 pm

Cool. I'll get something thrown up sometime this weekend, or next week.

Re: Lunatic Inc. OOC: Lets start slow shall we?

Fri Dec 18, 2009 10:28 pm

Ahh, here it is.
as always feedback and/or criticisms, and questions appreciated.

Name: Enine Estel
Age: ??? (Enine has no real "age" but if you mean how many years he has been conscious...too many to count. But he looks to be about 21 in this universe)
Race: Human

Physical Description: Enine wears a long late Victorian era over-coat, complete with extra golden embroidery and frills (It would look like the same thing Ebeneezer Scrooge or jack the ripper would wear, it's black). Under this he wears a red vest, followed by a tie with the yin/yang symbol patterned all over it, and a white tuxedo shirt. All of which he keeps prim and proper under his coat, which he keeps open. He has some rather expensive looking cuff links on the sleeves of the tuxedo shirt were you to look.

He wears a golden monocle upon his eye, as well as a perpetual smug, smile, as it has grown out of habit. He loves to play games more then anything else, and absolutely despises boredom. He also wears a pair of white gloves. As for pants he wears a nice set of black dress pants with fancy designs on that too. As well as a set of regular dress shoes. Enine looks extraordinarily handsome, not because of magic, but because he chooses to be that way, he has a light shade of silver hair, that falls just below his ears and green eyes. Of medium build, he looks "fit" and nothing more.

Equipment: Absolutely nothing but the knowledge he possess. Well the Stakes could be considered both equipment and powers. They are Demonic Weapons, that can take both the form of a small demonic stake, and the girls below.

Theme Song:犯行の予告状読み上げ(ラック眼力)
Fight Song (might as well): System 0


Rule Magic: One of Enine's specialty is the ability that of the "Rule changer"(considered neutral magic technically). An example of his power can be found in a game of chess. As one would know, the rules of chess are set in stone, but were you to play Enine, that would not be the case, for every time you play him he has a new set of rules, and you literally would have to follow his rule. While this may sound extremely advantageous to him, in truth it is rather not. It is more the power of random probability, this chance that anything can happen (ironic for someone who hates most everyone in this world) which includes the chance of the opposite party winning (and a round of applause coming from Enine, who is a gentlemen and understands when he has been bested)

But how does this affect others? It weakens whatever they may use, because while Enine's power is considered magic, it can affect both machines and other magics. He does have a harder time using this ability on machines/science though. In relation to other magics though, the affect can be deadly depending on the amount of "magic resistance" in the air (magic can be defeated by not believing it has any affect) sadly this effect also works on his own magic, but only those of science can use that against him, it would be nae impossible for an enemy magician to deny what he himself uses. It's a passive ability, affecting both allies and enemies. Any and all spells are suspect to the random probability of it screwing up or soemthing totally unexpected happening, but rather then just jump to the point (which would ruin the fun) Enine has made this passive ability a little weak for the start of his journey, wouldn't want everybody's spells failing now would we? In actuality, Enine exudes a sort of strong interference, a distortion in reality if you will, now because he has aligned himself with magic, it is stronger against magic. This interference, well, interferes with other magicians (and in some cases machinery/science) magic. That would also explain the grave feeling other magicians get when they are around Enine (any with-in a 20-ft. radius that is).
But of course, Enine does not have it on at all times. Whenever he does turn his ability on, however, his eyes turn a deep blood red, the only indication that the ability is working its supposed magic.

As for science, it causes to some degree, an occasional weapon or equipment malfunction. He also has a very rare chance of changing physics, which can be bad or good depending on what happens.

Summoning: Enine's real forte is a summoner (Demonic summober to be exact). Enine is the master at summoning beings, usually demons, or furniture as he may call them. Now he limits himself to the sisters, again, to keep his interest up. The "sisters" are called: the 7 Sisters of Purgatory. They are Demonic weapons, that can take two forms: A regular human form (as seen below), and a demonic stake (a literal steak, a metal knife sized stabbing device)
They serve Enine, to protect, kill, babysit. In general any and everything he demands they will do (albeit with a little grumbling perhaps)

Misc: Another ability, extremely small and of no particular use (yet still technically an ability) is that of a certain "sense" Enine can sense beings who've traveled from different universe, or in some cases, been in close contact with the "multiversal" this has no effect other then knowing who's one of Enine's kind (a fellow witch [who isn't purposely masking their identity] or sensing someone who deals in the "other-world" quite often) Again, not a practical skill by any means.

---The Seven Sister's of Purgatory---

--Satan-- Satan acts like the angry class president of the sisters. Her voice gives off a rapid succession of scolding, so she is feared by the other sisters. Because of that no one talks back to her, so she is lonely

--Lucifer-- Lucifer is the oldest sister and therefore the leader. Because of that she claims to be the strongest of the sisters, but she is aware that she is actually the most inferior to them.

--Belphegor--Belphegor is reticent, serious and the one most trusted as furniture. However this is because of her most demonic desire to make her master a lazy pig. In this case you might call her the most exemplary demon among the sisters.

--Asmodeus-- Asmodeus is always treated with affection from everyone as the youngest of the sisters. Maybe that is why she is always kept at a distance whenever a slightly lewd topic comes up.

--Mammon-- Mammon is quick to act, without reservation regarding her other sisters. Her motto is to monopolize things through greed. Therefore she is often the Vanguard and the fire starter fro the conflicts between sisters.

--Beelzebub- Beelzebub is the gourmet of the sisters widely know by enthusiasts of exquisite and large quantities of food. Her personality is similar to Mammon's and they often compete against each other to see who will get something first.

--Leviathan--Leviathan views herself as the representative of the younger sisters to Lucifer. She has, by nature, a brutal personality thick with jealousy and is adept at find weaknesses. Although she's a bit of a selfish cry-baby too.

While these 7 Demons (called furniture by all witches) are not exactly Enine's he acquired them through a bit of a bet between another witch by the name of Beatrice. He will tell you, it took him 500 years to win the bet, but he won it, seems the endless witch is not so endless when it comes to random circumstance. They are high-class furniture, whose true forms are that of 7 demonic stakes whom are named and stylized after their respective owners. In other words, they are demons, but demons that really are furniture. They can take both their human form, and stake form, as they want, and when in their true (stake) form, have a tremendous amount of speed, when in their human: just a lot'a speed, to get an idea of how fast they are: in their stake form, they ricochet off of walls just a bit below the speed of a bullet, a lowing pinging sound like gunfire can be heard when they do this, all before the giggle they make before impaling themselves into their enemies head/heart, and in their human form they are pretty agile, they ca dodge a bullet or two. In this form they are not as fast, but they have more firepower as a trade-off. And yes, their costumes are quite lewd, it just cracks Enine right up. Guns and other anti-magic things can kill the girls, if they can hit (not literally kill, but put them out of commission for like: a few days) but they are extremely good at killing soft targets, and magicians too. In their stake forms they can only puncture lightly armored targets. To actually do damage to heavier targets they must be in their humans forms, a bright red locus (i.e. blade) will appear on their arm for such a job. Few people now-a-days get the reference each of their names has. And they are all "unique" to say the least, but...you'll see...

And for now Enine will limit himself to 4 girls at once. He'll increase it as he "grows" in this world.
A small explanation

As with all magicians, Enine has a high resistance against magic, and views science with a sort of disdain. Enine is crap in an actual fight, as magicians are not supposed to be on the front-lines. He has no protection against offensive non-magic attacks, but that is why he uses the sisters to do his job for him. In short, he can die like any normal person can, you shoot a bullet at him and it'll hit, so long as the air is not filled with magic (as the mere appearance of the sisters usually solves...to a certain degree)

Title: Rule Breaker

Bio: Enine, comes not exactly from "one" world (or universe). He is a manifestation, as is how most "witches" are created. However, unlike most "witches", whom stay put in their own areas of origin, Enine is a traveler, going from world to world, he knows there are an infinite number of them, and thus and infinite number of ways to keep one's interest up.
Enine hates boredom, and loves a good game or two, Enine finds all the other witches quite shallow, maybe due to the sexual difference, you see Enine, is the only male witch, it was quite strange for the other witches. But because of this, Enine is unique as witches go. Preferring to ride his own course through pretty much anything, which is exactly where his own specialty comes from. Witches always hate to play games with Enine, probably because, they won't know what to expect. He still accepts them though, as little more then uncomfortable equals.
In this world Enine chose Lunatic Inc, as a bit of a random guess. As stated earlier he wants to keep his interest in this world, and if asked that's exactly what he will say, quite questionable for anyone else, but for a subject with such promising capabilities (?) it perhaps can be overlooked. One of the strange things about Enine, is the "feeling" other magicians get when they are close to Enine, other then the small magic dampening, that something is "wrong" with Enine's simple appearance. He "feels" like an abomination that should not be, some magicians have attributed the "aura" about him to the dimming of lights when a circuit is being used by a more powerful machine. And with that eccentric smile, his demons, and his strange, strange clothes, it's a wonder just what he is in the first place.

*A witch is an immortal (Enine is immortal not in the sense that he will never die, but in that he can die in a single universe but reincarnated infinitely...as long as he is not killed by another witch. Every world he visits is different, no exceptions) reality traveling, being. Sounds pretty powerful, but they usually limit themselves, an EXTREME, amount to increase the "fun" they may have in the given univeres (or realities). Don't expect any god level techniques. At all. Oh and a witch is also a magician; you'll only here himself refer to himself as that.


(I said there'd be references no?)
If it seems any at all too powerful or something, I can accommodate duly.


Seven Sisters color key

This is Satan of Wrath

This is Lucifer[ of Pride

This is Belphegor of Sloth

This is Asmodeus of Lust

This is Mammon of Greed

This is Beelzebub of Gluttony

This is Leviathan of Envy
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Re: Lunatic Inc. OOC: Lets start slow shall we?

Fri Dec 18, 2009 11:00 pm

I will make a character later, to lazy right now

Re: Lunatic Inc. OOC: Lets start slow shall we?

Fri Dec 18, 2009 11:27 pm

DEF. making a character before I forget details XD This may take a while.

Re: Lunatic Inc. OOC: Lets start slow shall we?

Sat Dec 19, 2009 12:02 am

@slipslash: yeah, just a couple of things. First off, I dont really understand exactly what your Rule magic does, but from the gist im getting, it seems like something that might have to be downlplayed, at least at the beginning. Maybe if you went into more explanation....

Equipment: Stakes?

Summoning: It's fine to be able to summon demons and what have you, though it helps that you specified that he's proficient at demon summoning, remeber, were trying to be specific. However, im going to have to draw the line at raising the dead. Not only is it frankly too powerful, and possibly game breaking, but raising the dead is widely frowned upon in Scapia, due to rampant necromancer attacks during the war.
I also notice that while you listed all these summons, you haven't actually said what they do other then that they're really fast(specify how fast please), which is kind of important. kindly add that please.

Other magic: remember, Youre limited to 2 disciplines of powers at this point. No other magic.

Also, and this is to everyone, i'd like you to try to stay away from saying things about what other people can be, or are capable of, or might know in the world. For original ideas and such it's fine, but for general stuff like mages, witches and demons, lets try to keep that stuff open please. Like, saying Enine is the only known user of his Rules magic is fine, since thats something you came up with, but please dont say he's the only male witch in the world, or that people wouldnt recognize the names of rather major and well known demons.

Were Enine to be a in a universe whom he had spent his hard earned time making various people believe in him


For Future reference, For Powers, If you guys Could list them like so, for example:


Rule Magic: (explanation)


That would be great.

Re: Lunatic Inc. OOC: Lets start slow shall we?

Sat Dec 19, 2009 12:31 am

Aye aye Hoss.

But if you would allow me to explain a thing or two as well: About the well known Demons thing: I just used my initiative on that, thought the whole space environment might have spaced ideas like that out too far for the majority of people to know.

As for the other point: I did not mean that he is the only male "witch" in the universe (Specifically your universe)

I was using the multiverse theory. That there are an infinite number of "worlds". He's the only male witch in his world. In general it's something that has no meaning other then to flesh out his background. He's not the only male in Scapia (or Scapia's universe, whatever you want to call it), but he is in another place totally unrelated to Scapia. Do you get me?

But the other stuff I can do.

Re: Lunatic Inc. OOC: Lets start slow shall we?

Sat Dec 19, 2009 1:11 am

that works

Re: Lunatic Inc. OOC: Lets start slow shall we?

Sat Dec 19, 2009 1:27 am

OK, it should be fixed now.

And how could I forget? Theme Song/s have been added as well :>

Re: Lunatic Inc. OOC: Lets start slow shall we?

Sat Dec 19, 2009 2:41 am

Hmm...So it's basically probability magic, or rather, Bad luck, in effect, in it causes things to go wrong?
Fooo~ Im really not to keen on this, as it's a REALLY powerful ability. You could be fighting a horde of super powered monsters the size of buses, or a 100 year old archmage who could raze a city, and you could just say " lol, they trip and impale themselves on my Demon stakes zooming around at 400 miles an hour!" it just makes you virtually untouchable... you could see how this could look very bad, having this kind of ability while im trying to run a serious fight, while trying to convey a sense of real danger...
However, this might just be my Bio Mod instincts from another site kicking in, where the rules are more strict. Therefore, I want the opinion of Everyone else as to whether or not im making too big a deal out of this. Let me hear what you guys think.

Other then that, I think it'd help if you imposed some kind of range on the Rule effect. Like, to within 10-15 feet of himself or something. That would reduce the abuse-ability of it. Also if he had to manually activate it, and not just have him have it on all the time. Generally speaking magic puts a drain on the user to at least some degree, otherwise mages would be the most broken fighters ever.
On the stakes, Moving faster then the Eye can see is pretty much a no-no at this point, lower it to " A little less then bullet speeds," and i'll accept it, and they'll still be pretty damn fast. no one will be catching them by hand at least. Also, Why not start him out being able to use Four at a time? this is just a suggestion, you dont have to i f youre dead set against it.

However, that miss-chant part? Thats never going to happen. EVER. Thats blatant Power playing.

Re: Lunatic Inc. OOC: Lets start slow shall we?

Sat Dec 19, 2009 4:38 am

*blinks at Slip* ... EE, the femalized figures of lore... Add that I already had this series in mind as inspiration for another CS...

F/SN much, Slip?

Re: Lunatic Inc. OOC: Lets start slow shall we?

Sat Dec 19, 2009 9:05 am


close, but it's actually Umineko, Ro.

....and, done with editing (again)

Fixed sisters speed.
His eyes now turn color when ability is turned on.
Put magic radius.
And now has a limit of 4 girls

Re: Lunatic Inc. OOC: Lets start slow shall we?

Sat Dec 19, 2009 10:22 am

Was foiled by my recent inspiration. Made me think of Night first. XD

Re: Lunatic Inc. OOC: Lets start slow shall we?

Sat Dec 19, 2009 11:02 am


Name: Charles James Price
Age: 47 years old
Gender: Male

Race: Human

Physical Description: Image

• A revolver handgun. Standard weaponry given to every teleporter in case they end up being attacked for whatever reason.
• A pocket knife he had since he was a youngster. You know, just in case.
• Spare ammunition. (because you always need ammunition)
Note: He carries these things in the inside pockets of his jacket. Just for your information.

Theme Song: The Verve – Bittersweet Symphony


Teleportation---- Or simply the ability to create portals that would lead from one place to another. A shortcut if you will. One could teleport without the use of a portal, but it could lead to catastrophic results, so its recommended that you should just use portals or risk losing a limb (or worse). However, if you’re just trying to dodge an enemy’s line of fire, teleporting without the use of a portal is just fine as long as you actually know where the heck you’re going. For locations that a teleporter have never visited before, there is the portal. A portal is a wondrous tool used by all the teleporters of Rathya for safe teleportation. Each teleporter is taught that the first thing needed in order to create a successful portal is the right coordinates. Without the right coordinates, you could be accidently teleported to the wrong place, causing you to have to perform the standard teleportation spell ALL OVER AGAIN. And to continue casting that spell until you get it right. It’s a ridiculous process having to do the same thing twice, so wise teleporters often double check their coordinates to make sure there’s no screw ups. Another thing you need is a standard white glove with the stand magic circle engraved on the palm. This saves teleporters the trouble of having to draw out the circle themselves. The glove is often made for the hand opposite to the teleporter’s writing hand, since a teleporter will use his/her writing hand to induce the spell that would create a portal. All you have to do is place the gloved hand on a flat, solid surface, and then press the other hand on top of it. Then, induce a CONTROLLED amount of magic into the ground, and behold! In front of you is a standard portal ready to teleport you and your customer. The portal will remain open for up to ten minutes, and after the ten minutes are up the portal will close whether you stepped through it or not. Happy trails!

Telekinesis---- Or simply the ability to make things move with your mind. Or strictly speaking, the ability to move things that your mind allows you to move. This power (much like any other power), has its limits. And if one is as incredibly stupid to surpass these limits will end up having themselves a mental breakdown…or worse. Charlie’s limits tend to be around items with the weight of…I don’t know a loaded minivan? According to Charlie, one’s limits depend on one’s mental capacity, but any Rathian psychic could tell you that. In fact Charlie would often admit to the fact he isn’t the most brilliant man in the universe, and it’s true. And contrary to popular belief telekinesis isn’t just about lifting things up with one’s mind, but it involves pushing, pulling, and…you know what I mean. The only problem with telekinesis is…gravity could totally still screw you over. That is unless you’re in space, not that’s a whole different story. Damn you gravity.

Skills: Charlie has a knack for politics, having tons of experience back his hometown. Specifically, he is skilled in interpretation of the law. Charlie has a certain kinship with lawyers and judges, even more so than he has with politicians. He has an eye for loopholes, and can easily infiltrate those loopholes in order to better himself and his allies. Thus, he has the gift of persuasion, in other words he makes a good argument. He was once on the debate team you know. He’s good enough to convince people to believe him whenever he’s trying to prove himself (and friends) innocent. So, in need of someone who can compromise with the toughest criminal boss around? Charlie will most likely come around and give you a hand, for a fee of course. These things don’t come cheap you know.

Title(s): Portal Maker


“Where did I come from? Ever heard of Rathya? Of course you didn’t, the bloody hell hole hasn’t gotten around explorin’ space yet. I’d be damned if they start now. It’s a tiny place really, quirky. And it’s not from any nearby galaxy so don’t try lookin’ for it. It has its own problems. They’re in a period of Reconstruction ya know? They are just beginning to recover from a frickin’ five hundred year war. Five hundred years! Maybe even more, I dunno. Anyways, fact remains, if a bunch of sentinel beings from spaces comes down and say hello, my people will most likely bow down and start offering some virgin women as offerings. Or at least the Xephemorians will, the Sophians not so much. I come from a highly religious planet, sir. And the day those idiots wake up and face the truth is the day whales float in the sky like they’re livin’ zeppelins.”

“Anyways, I’m the youngest of two. My older bro’s dead, so don’t ask me if you can meet him. Mom and dad alive though, don’t know where they are right now and don’t care to know. I’m a lonely man and I like it that way. Plus, I hate kids. Little squirts, believe me when I say there is no way in hell those rascals are as innocent as some are lead to believe. One of ‘em still owes me money, the brat. So yeah, don’t expect me to work with a bunch of ignorant little chumps ‘cause it ain’t happenin’. There was this one kid though, forgot her name…Ally or somethin’. Anyways, she was a bit different (not that it changed anything), the girl talked to her shadow. Don’t ask me how or why, but she did. I saw it. Scariest shit you’ll ever see. The brat told me the shadows talked back to her too, fuckin’ crazy right? And guess what? I had to teleport the creepy bugger.”

“What, you want to know what I mean by “teleport”? Well, I’ll tell ya. Teleportation is a massive industry where I come from. It’s sort of what you would call “cab service”. That was my old job, to create a portal to wherever for a bunch of lazy ass folks. And it was expensive business too. You’d think that they would have enough money to buy their own source of transportation instead of taking cheap shortcuts for a journey that would otherwise take weeks to finish by airlift. But no-o-o-o, these fuckers have to take advantage of my gifts because they’re too “important” to take the long way like everybody else. But I’m okay with that, ‘cause I get money. I’ll tell you what, I ain’t gonna work for a cheap ass who won’t pay me my fair share of cash. Know why? ‘Cause I’m an expensive bastard. That’s right, I said it. And I probably would’ve still been makin’ portals for them rich folks too…if it weren’t for that fuckin’ war.”

“Wanna know how the hell I lost my job? Sure. Remember the creepy gal I told ya about? Well, five years after I teleported her to some frickin’ school out in the middle of nowhere she came back. Apparently she had dropped out. I don’t know why, the bitch wouldn’t tell me. She said it was “personal”. What the fuck? If I had a reason for leavin’ behind my education (which is a federal offense by the way) I’d have the guts to tell someone. Point is, she expected me to help her end the war. Turns out the girl was forming this entire counter army that was supposedly gonna stop the fightin’ and bring peace to Rathya. Where’s the logic in that? Sure, end the war with an army. Best idea ever. And this dumbass tells me that the army is supposed to be a distraction. From what? How many people the soldiers are killin’? I tried tellin’ the girl it was a bad idea, but she wouldn’t listen to me. Damn kids never do.”

“I did my part, helped the brat raised her little army and teleported her to the main battlefield. The battle already started. There were zeppelins and bi-planes in the air, gun-fire, cannon balls everywhere, blood and violence. Ya know the usual stuff. The army (which was more of a militia, all of these common untrained folks) did their thing, and naturally I thought I was done there. But then, the girl asked me to get her into the in-between world, the void. Or whatever the fuck you call it. Take my word for it, it doesn’t exist. It’s just how scientists explain the prospect of wormholes. But this girl held true to the idea of it. I thought, ‘why the fuck not?’ and opened a portal up for her. Then the most amazing the happened, you should’ve seen it. The sky opened up bird’s everywhere. At that moment I realized the girl wasn’t trying to end the war with an army, but a surge of hope that would inspire them soulless people. Remember, folks of Rathya are a bunch of religious bastards. After the peace treaty was signed I never saw the girl again. I’d like to think she did some sort of heroic sacrifice thing like in the stories, but she could be still alive too. Still don’t know how she did the sky trick. I gotta find out how she did that someday. It would be a cool trick to know. Fuckin’ kids and their fancy tricks”

“After the war ended the world was plunged into an era of reconstruction. The higher uppers thought it would be a good idea to outlaw magic, so we teleporters lost our jobs and the entire Teleportation Industry went down. At that moment I thought I was out of luck. But there was this one guy who ran this machine that would teleport us right to our clients back at HQ. It was fuckin’ great, saved us a whole bunch of paperwork that machine. The guy’s name was Joe Whiskly, but we called him “Dirty Joe”. I won’t go into much detail on that one. Anyways, Dirty Joe wasn’t about to shut down his machine without doin’ something first. And since I was a famous teleporter before I lost my job (I had a large reputation for being the best at portal making), he made with me a deal. He’d instruct the machine to teleport off the goddamned planet, for my house and everything in it. Yeah, I know right? Dirty Joe was homeless see, lived most of his adult life at HQ, the dirty old man probably just wanted to sell my stuff for a good deal of money. I let him have it anyways. It wasn’t like I was going to stay for much longer.”

“So, I find myself in this nice little planet full of who knows what. Scapia, is it? Yeah, Scapia. Nice place by the way, hardly any kids runnin’ around too freely like lambs. I like that. Anyways, I heard you guys were hirin’, so I thought I’d drop in. Already made myself comfortable here, might as well. Folks need money to live ya know, I just need more than the average man. Besides, you guys look like you’re in need of a teleporter…”
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Re: Lunatic Inc. OOC: Lets start slow shall we?

Sat Dec 19, 2009 2:48 pm

Slipslash, welcome, you're approved.

Sam, love da history.

Re: Lunatic Inc. OOC: Lets start slow shall we?

Sat Dec 19, 2009 4:45 pm


Name: Rei
Age: Physical age- 17
Gender: Female

Race: Robot/Humanoid

Physical Description: Image Here
Rei's short purple hair falls just below her chin, nicely framing her face to make her facial features stand out more. Purple bangs fall in front of emerald shaded eyes which normally house little emotions. Her skin is a cream color and soft, which wouldn't be expected of her race. On her stomach, there is a hatch that can be opened to show her main circuits. Most of the time repairs must be maid here, instead of anywhere else. Though her eyes normally hold no emotion, when an emotion is shown, it is most likely rage or confusion. In her existence, she has yet to show a loving or motherly side.

On her left arm she wears an arm band that is made of leather, two buckles on it to keep it tightened around her upper arm and on her left wrist she wears another leather band with buckles but this one she keeps tight so that it just barely stays on her wrist. On the right arm she wears a puffed sleeve that had a ribbon through the top and bottom hem's to keep the puff from falling.

A very light purple shirt covered her upper chest and torso, ruffles at the top and bottom with a dark purple ribbon running through the middle of the front in crossing patterns to sprout into a bow right under the top hem. The ribbon keeps the shirt tight so that it won't fall even though it has no sleeves.

A black skirt hangs on her hips and frills down to three inches above her knees. Light purple ruffles are at the top hem of the skirt, in the middle hem so show a layer, and the bottom hem, light purple ribbons don the sides of the bottom hems.

Black boots, the heels coming up three inches, go up as high as her knee, purple laces making crossing patters and a bow at the top like her shirt. With the shoes, she stands 5'6", without them she stands 5'3".

Equipment: Underneath her outfit, she wears a very thin plate of armor for protection, shaped like a bathing suit with no shoulder straps. The suit gives her a very small resistance to the elements, but it normally isn't very helpful when it is needed to be. She carries small daggers around with her, keeping them tucked into her boots and in a pocket hidden under her skirt.

Built-in: Behind her eyes she has a simple scanner, it only tells if someone is a threat at the moment, it can malfunction by sudden appearances or extreme climate temperature; if someone is a threat as of then, a red light flashes and turns her eyes red for a split second, if there is a warning, the light is much more pale and not seen on her physical expression. Malfunctions with the scanner cause her joins to lock in place, forcing her to stand straight while the system calms itself, so to speak.

Theme Song: Idlewild - No Emotion

Fire Magic
Rei's fire magic can be used to start small flames for warmth or light, or can be turned up depending on the situation. She manipulates her own flames, along with other fires already made. Her eyes seem to turn bloodshot while controlling fire. She can use her flames for healing. She can also surround her daggers blade in a small flame, but it only lasts a few minutes until the fire dies out.

Pure Energy
Her pure energy comes from her flames, she learned how to make her flames, what she calls, 'White Fire' and instead of burning, it mends. It takes a while to get a normal flame to turn into White Fire, but when it does Rei has the ability to heal almost anything she wanted. Morphing time for the fire takes five to thirty minutes, maybe more depending on how much fire is being used.

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Fire: Often seen as the most powerful element, and usually carries positive connotations like warmth, light, purification and even rebirth. On the flipside, it's very very easy to turn it into an antagonistic element by emphasizing its wild, destructive, and unpredictable nature.

Skills: Rei is very fast, with moderate strength. She's good with machines seeing as how she is one, and her healing is merely upgrades on circuitry units that can be accessed through the hatch on her stomach. She is good with weapons, but more so close range, like swords or daggers, but she does know hand-to-hand combat when needed. She is not very flexible though, since her body is joined by internal machine joints that makes flexibility difficult.

Titles: "The Mechanoid Solider"

History: Rei was made in a lab, the scientists had made others like her, but they kept missing something. The one's they made were practically dead and like servants. The other's were cold to the touch, as well as hard like steel. Finally, after research of the other humanoids, they thought their efforts would finally bear fruit. They had created a humanoid that was able to house emotions. Her label, like the other humanoids, consisted of 'Humanoid' and then the roman numeral in which they were made. She was the twenty-fifth made, so she was 'Humanoid XXV'

She served the scientists, but they started to notice, even though she had emotions, she rarely showed them. When she was questioned about the subject, to the dismay of the scientists, she replied: "I am a humanoid robot, I should act like one. Like my siblings." She refused to show many emotions, adopting the attitude of a servant along with her 'siblings' during the Utopian period of time. As war broke out, the labs were destroyed and the surviving humanoids took shelter until the fighting had died down around them.

The humanoids tried their best to stay out of wars way, few were successful. Rei was in constant battles, never one to kill but to injure to the point of submission or to where they could do nothing to harm her. Once the war died down, she traveled a while more until she heard of the corporations. She traveled to each, studying how they worked, but none were of interest to her until she learned of Lunatic INC.
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