Global Rules: UPDATED 2007/01/31

As the title suggests, feel free to RP it up.

Global Rules: UPDATED 2007/01/31

Postby Dave » Thu Dec 16, 2004 6:25 pm

The comic page you were looking for can be found:


Alright here is where I'm going to place the general requests for the forum and I'm locking it so it will say just that.

1. Please use an avatar since it makes identifying who is talking so so so much easier.

2. Try and keep large pictures (both in diameter and in bytes) to a minimum. Some people have 56k or 800 X 600 resolution and it's not fair to them.

3. Same with Animation, it's fine of course but try not to make it too annoying i.e. blinking.

4. Swearing is allowed.

5. Pornagraphic anything is not. This includes links.

6. APPROPRIATE FOR WORK RULE. So basically if you post something that isn't appropriate for work, your parents, blah blah blah don't post it. This is refering to pictures and links to other sites only. Text is fair game. I figure if you are at work/school/home and your boss/teacher/parent is taking more than enough time to read the posts and you get in trouble that's your fault. Where as pictures or a link you can glance at it and be all pissy.

7. OK Racial slurs are a no no as well.

8. And random acts of "gay" are on the list of "stop it" now.

9. And seriously, if it's just you and one other person and your posts consist of one sentence for nearly a full page, please shut the fuck up. Seriously.

10. Plugging your site is totally allowed.

11. Please be conisderate about how large of files you post in the forums. Such as Avatars. Not everyone has a high speed internet and it's rude to have an Avatar that is some obscene file size. Most still image Avatars should be under 5k. Animated around 20k. 150 X 150 is the largest that should be allowed, but have it at 100 X 100 whenever you can.

12. HUGE images in signatures are annoying. Also try and keep it under 50 k.

So in the end just consider others please.

(this is directly copied from Spike's thread "SIZE *DOES* MATTER".)

spikecomix wrote:Ok, guys, it's getting out of hand, so I felt compelled to make this. It's getting to the point that pretty much EVERYONE has a sig that is too large, and I'm sick and tired of calling you out individually and going through the same fucking argument every time, or getting ignored.

EVERYONE take your fingers and compare your sig to the diagram below::

If your sig is higher than the little arrow that says 150px high INCLUDING TEXT AND IMAGES, it is TOO BIG. SHRINK IT. The length I care less about, and if it's text, don't worry about the length. But an image that stretches the thread is UNACCEPTABLE.

I'm sure you have questions, so read on!

Why you gotta be like that, Spike?
To you I'm sure it's just a sig. Or it's very important to you. Or it's just SOOoo witty-clever that you love it in your sig. Or it's a reflection of your dragon-faery soul or whatever. The fact of the matter is that people only actually look at it ONCE and then ignore it. HAVE sympathy for those of us who have small monitors. Your sig takes up space in every post you make. So even if you only write three words, your sig takes up TONS of space, meaning I have to scroll farther to get to the next thread and I have to go through more pages to catch up. It's not worth wasting people's time like that for something they're only going to actively read/look at ONCE.

Why are you telling ME about my sig when Suzy-whatserface has had a bigger sig for like a week now!@?klfjlkj
Maybe your sig is just a brighter color and stood out to me, hurting my eyes more. Maybe I just don't read many threads with Suzy-whatserface and it slipped my notice. Either way, GUESS WHAT?? I don't give a shit. Shrink it. If you have a problem with it, why don't YOU tell Suzy-whatserface to shrink her sig?? Lord knows I could use the help.

I've had my sig this size for exty-billion years in Bleedman!
Guess what?? I don't give a shit. In case you haven't noticed, I don't GO to Bleedman. It's kind of its own domain. The second you cross into where *I* am, I care.

Well how come it's been ok for like a week and now it's not??
Contrary to what you people seem to believe, I don't *LIKE* telling people to shrink their sigs. I don't. It's tedious. And I hate telling people what to do. And then they get all whiny and "mrah mrah mraaah but nyan nahdhadnda" and it's ANNOYING. MAYBE I had stuff to do. MAYBE I just didn't feel like it. Quit yer bitchin' and shrink it.

If it's so crucial, why don't you just code a rule to do it?
I'm not responsible for coding this forum, but I still know why anyway. Coding for forums is TEDIOUS. It's a PAIN. Also, the code that's out there is either an image-limit code or a text character limit code. Text character limits are annoying because if you're trying to make a link with an image, and the urls are both long, you can run over the character limit and not get what you want in your sig, even if the final product would be within allowable limits. Image limit codes are annoying because they do just that, they limit the images, not the overall height of the image and text. So Quit yer bitchin' and shrink it.

Wah wah wah, that size is tooo small, I worked so hard on my sig image and on the Supar-Kawaii-uberness forum they let you have it bigger and...
Guess what!? I don't give a shit. Guess what else? That guide up there? *points* is being fucking GRACIOUS to you. It's a lot higher than even *I* would rather have. The Snafu rules cite SIXTY pixels as the limit to "pushing" it, so be glad I'm saying this and not Dave. Some sigs are very nice and pretty. Some are very funny, I agree. WHY DON'T YOU PUT THEM IN A GALLERY then, 'cause I guarantee you no matter how nice it is, very few are going to want it repeated every time you have three words to say.

These aren't the only things I take issue with about sigs (other things, like blinkyness and KB size are also a problem) but that's all I feel like writing right now.

Oh and P.S., that 60px limit in the Snafu rules is the only time I'm really ever *happy* with a sig, so don't pretend you're doing me a favor by keeping it within 150.

13. This forum is for RPGs and RPG related things only. if you want to talk about other things feel free to discuss it in the Snafu forums, Bleedman forums, EverAfter forums, Digital Purgatory forums, or Off Topic forums. If you need to tell me something is wrong with the site, be it on the PPG site or the Snafu site, tell ME in the SNAFU forums since I won't be Browsing this one.

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