Forum updates - Update 13.5 2014-07-10

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Forum updates - Update 13.5 2014-07-10

Postby Thomas » Tue Sep 24, 2013 5:50 am

I will post all future updates I do in here.

Future Updates / Work in progress
  • Main site

Update 13.5
  • Removed Gamer tags profile buttons due to being unstable. (sorry)

Update 13
  • Added images for Mod protected threads.
  • Added Skype profile button.
  • Added Gamer tags profile buttons.
  • Made my own posts cool.

Update 12
  • holiday themed banners in flash
    (Adding detection scripts that switch the banner to an image if you're on a device that cannot see flash)
  • Updated forum from 3.0.11 to 3.0.12

Update 11
  • Fixed Mobile theme's quick reply
  • Tweaked mobile theme colors

Update 10
  • Tweaked the banner backgrounds

Update 9
  • Updated mobile UI and mobile detection

Update 8
  • Added random backgrounds to the banner.
    (Will keep tweaking it so it looks good for all windows resolutions)
    (Going to add automated holiday themed backgrounds later)

Update 7
  • Added sub forum links on the front page
  • Fixed issue with gender icons not showing up

Update 6
  • Added Instant post redirect.

Update 5
  • Reworked quick reply.
    Should work and look better now.

Update 4
  • Removed post colors from all groups.
    Added function to it so that you can also have backgrounds (custom post backgrounds for contest winners?).

Update 3
  • Reworked posts colors so that it can be set for any type of group.
    Will tweak the colors over time.

Update 2
  • Added a special color to every mod/admin post
  • (Accidentally) Added a new background to the main site.
    Was just trying it out on the test forum and I accidentally added it here as well.
    Will remove it later

    Removed it now and replaced it with a very dark color
  • Updated the icons a little.
    Will have to tweak them a little more again.
    Will do that later.

Update 1
  • Made the forums width scale
  • Added forum links to the menu

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