New Grim Tales - 3/15/14 Poor Fly

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Re: New Grim Tales - 3/15/14 Poor Fly

Postby Mercen-X » Tue Mar 25, 2014 2:35 am

On another note altogether... That Spider-Man web gimmick was kinda limp and unnecessary. The Nergal-symbiont could have just as easily snagged that fly on its own.
I just love how people put commas, in places they so obviously, do not belong.

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Re: New Grim Tales - 3/15/14 Poor Fly

Postby Sigment » Tue Mar 25, 2014 3:28 am

It's called adding style to it. Not that I'm saying you're wrong about it being unnecessary.
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Re: New Grim Tales - 3/15/14 Poor Fly

Postby Hallow Nova » Tue Mar 25, 2014 5:29 am

I think it helps add to the fact that Jr is an 'outside the box' kind of thinker.
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