New SB Page: "Goodbye, Mr. Boobear"

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Re: New SB Page: "Goodbye, Mr. Boobear"

Postby GrimlyLoveGunner » Mon Mar 03, 2014 2:24 pm

The point is, Boobear was a short easter egg used to make a interesting intro.

And to fend off any attacks, I'm going to confirm that yes, PEDOPHILIA IS WRONG. Only pedophiles don't think so.

Getting back to my argument- This is an obvious bait and switch. Just think about it. THINK ABOUT IT. All their dialogue was comically misleading! It served it's purpose!

The picture was there to confirm that what we had started to assume wasn't correct at all. It's not to mislead us. Boobear wasn't that vast a character. We're not going to double-check his claim later. She murdered him. And yes, he is dead. It's called cartoon logic. Teenage girls can massacre massive amounts of people without staining their school uniform. It's a style cliché.

Sure, Tenshi. Maybe it was poorly done. But how else were we going to see that our assumptions were wrong? Have one of those adorable kids run into the frame, begging Big Bro Boobear to wake up?

Btw, Boobear IS a pedophile. Why else would he have said 'Let's take a shortcut back home, through this dark, secluded alleyway where no one can hear you should you scream for help' on the previous page? Isn't this sentence at least a bit macabre to anyone? Doesn't it imply exactly what he's planning? I think there are enough hints in this sentence alone to accuse Boobear of being a sinister type

I don't mean this to sound rude. I really, really don't. But I know it's going to-

How old are you?

Things aren't in black and white dear. Not to mention that this is a FICTIONAL STORY.

It's not realistic. It takes artistic liberty. And you know- a pedophile who successfully befriends children and then molests them without ever being caught- He isn't going to lead with 'Let's take a shortcut back home, through this dark, secluded alleyway where no one can hear you should you scream for help' Because that is CLEARLY suspicious. He would have been caught already.

They made fun of pedophilia, Which is wrong and rude. But that doesn't change the fact that it's not what was going on. It's mocking that 'pedophile' is what Bleedman is, when he very much isn't. He accepts vile commissions for money. Which is wrong, but that doesn't mean he agrees with it. He probably just has a tight grasp that these characters are FICTIONAL.

They tried to make it 'obvious' that this highly suspicious, possibly medically retarded old man talking to small children. So that when it proved to be false. (And it IS false. That picture isn't misleading. Like what Biostar said. They could have left out to picture and we could call Ging/Lico a hero for killing him. But the picture arrived to confirm that we were all shallow people jumping to childish conclusions.)

I DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT mean to sound rude when I say all this. lulwhutpear_126. Tenshi. You're kicking a dead horse.

And Tenshi, I base my implications over the hilarity of it all. 'Bait and switch' isn't an excuse. It's obvious. Obvious things happen. Just because it's uninteresting when they do, doesn't make them not the reality. Obvious things are obvious because they are obvious. When Boobear comes on, 'clearly' a creep. And says nothing but lines that can be interpreted two ways. This is always- ALWAYS- done because the less likely choice (that he's a good guy) is the correct one. We almost didn't need the picture to confirm it. But the picture cemented it.

It has no reason but to confirm it. We're not going to see Boobear again and have it confirmed that he's either or.

If, however. He comes back, staggering and bleeding. Commanding Gingy to get in his pants. I will open my arms and allow you to whip me for being such a sucker. But I don't think it'll happen.

It's obvious it won't happen.

This discussion has gone on too long. Which is why I comment on the insanity at all. Because it isn't worth arguing about. I find very few things worth arguing about. So, if after this, you still want to insist that the 'contrasting implications' imply that everything is still up in the air, when it's clear we'll never get a straight answer. Go ahead. I prefer the closure that was very much provided.

Also, I don't care what they do. I don't wish DEATH on anybody. In fact, when I see sick, sick in the head people I wish for them to get help. Because everyone, if given the proper treatment- even if that treatment has to be isolation from other people- have a chance to not be villains. No one is born evil. Many are born sick. And I feel nothing but pity for them.

Lico isn't even evil. Unless this is a reboot and her intentions (if that's her) are changed. She was just determined. And if this isn't a reboot and that's her, then she's probably bitter, traumatized and angry at herself (if she regrets everything) or everyone else (If she doesn't)

And those thoughts are allowed to be illogical. Since as far as I'm aware, she's twelve.
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Re: New SB Page: "Goodbye, Mr. Boobear"

Postby Tenshi Nova » Mon Mar 03, 2014 2:40 pm

It's poorly done. Artistic liberty is all fine and dandy, but not when you take someone else's work under you own authority without concern for the fans of the orginal.
If we are told that this is a reboot, then I'll stop being so critical, otherwise my expectations will remain high.

The problem here is that this could've been done in many ways, but it was done this way. I just believe it's poorly done, we've even thought of a possibility that would properly explain the these series of events. But we're all basically left in the dark in the end.

It's like reading Harry Potter, then halfway through the 3rd book he gets bitten by Edward Cullen.
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Re: New SB Page: "Goodbye, Mr. Boobear"

Postby CTCFirebird » Mon Mar 03, 2014 5:09 pm

ULTRADJ wrote:
Guardian wrote:That's because it is Bleedman.

I'd never thought I'd actually get to see what he looks like, thanks for the pic
Edit: I'm sorry for coming back to this, but when you see people that do awesome art like Bleed or read awesome books, you really think highly of them, for good reasons. Then you see what they look like, and realize they are just like regular people like you and me. What I'm trying to say is....I don't know, it's just an honor to know what he really looks like.

This is an interview with Bleedman:
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Re: New SB Page: "Goodbye, Mr. Boobear"

Postby ULTRADJ » Mon Mar 03, 2014 5:34 pm

The reboot/sequel sucks. End of discussion unless the writers speak up and tells us what's going on. Until then, you are doing a very shitty job at sucking me back in SB writers.
Also, interview with Bleedman!?
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Re: New SB Page: "Goodbye, Mr. Boobear"

Postby ari-6 » Mon Mar 03, 2014 6:12 pm

So that is he? I was not sure what to expect but I am impressed. He is definitely a solid businessman. I could only hope to reach that point.
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