[READ ME BEFORE POSTING] Bleedman Forum Rules

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[READ ME BEFORE POSTING] Bleedman Forum Rules

Postby Tuor » Wed Feb 12, 2014 3:36 am

Bleed Forum Rules / Guidelines / Info

Welcome to Bleed Forum! Come for the comics, stay for the company! Please read the Global Forum Rules before continuing.


Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi (PpGD) and Grim Tales (GT) are NOT connected.
Despite the conclusions you can take away from reading the PpGD and GT comic by Bleedman, they are not connected together. GT is not the future and PpGD is not the past. They are two separate universes on two alternate timelines. So consider them separate universes. At some point the comics do share a origin where the timeline was one. This separation will be explained in a future story arc explaining how Samurai Jack ended up in the PpGD, and takes place in the past predating both comics. This has been confirmed by the PpGD writer, BeeAre.

How do I contact Bleedman?
You probably don't. Email is usually the best way to contact Bleedman, but he does not have home Internet access. Considering his popularity, work, and limited time online, please be nice and only try to contact him if you have something important to say.

What's up with Invader Zim: Manifest Doom?
The author, Happy, became busy with real life. Bleedman has taken up the story himself.

What's up with AfterBirth?
Ask Dave (but don't expect a prompt response). It's in his hands now (read: out of the hands of anyone who frequents the forum). So please don't bring it up here.

How things work here
People discuss comic updates and various topics usually related to the comics or cartoons. Check the Official Forum Lounge for general discussion, but don't discuss things related to Bleedman there (there's enough of that in the rest of the forum). If you want to discuss the broader stories of Bleedman's comics, check here. If you want to make suggestions for PPGD, do so here. Otherwise, keep threads interesting / productive. It has become somewhat customary for new members to make an introductory thread. Please be aware that this is not required, but that if your first few posts include making a new thread, that thread will become your introductory thread regardless of its nominal topic. If you want to avoid this, wait a few days before making any new threads.
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