New Grim Tales: Talk the talk now walk the walk: 7/20/13

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Re: New Grim Tales: Talk the talk now walk the walk: 7/20/13

Postby Mon-Kitsune » Tue Jul 30, 2013 10:36 pm

Tenshi Nova wrote:I thought whenever the thought of Mimi's hands returning came up 3 options were obviously considered.

Mandy's vault
Grim/Minnie using magic

I mean no disrespect to Mon-Kitsune, I'm just saying, I thought it was one of the obvious options.

It is one of the obvious 3, IF you are starting from the concept of Mimi GETTING her hands back which hasn't been discussed much (at least here, maybe there was something in the speculation thread I missed). In fact it is the MOST obvious since it doesn't rely on either there being thing we don't know about. As yet we've seen no evidence that Minnie CAN use magic (she can command the Nergal, but that's not really magic, that's bonding/knowing the language. And why would she, as long as Mimi is handsless, Minnie doesn't have to worry about her pawing up junior in the privacy of Juniors room. Grim has magic, but probably not the right type, I imagine regeneration spells are a section that he, as a reaper doesn't have much experience with (if he did, he could have simply returned Minnie's body to more or less the condition it was before she got torn to shreds. She'd still be missing a eye, but she would otherwise be the same as she was). As for the vault, what down there could do that. The only two things we know that can are the gygas itself (which there is little chance Mandy would give back to her) and Horrors hand which she is also not likely to let Mimi slap on (and in any case that only solves half the problem, there aren't TWO horrors hands (well there are, but the other one is still attached to horror's wrist) Getting Finkel to do it is really the only option that seems to be reasonable. And even that relies on assuming Finkel knows enough of what he is doing to operate on a living person without killing them (so far, all of the operations we have seen him do have been on either dead bodies he resurrected later, Sally (who is either undead or nerveless and certainly bloodless) or the Reindeer (who are obviously undead). He probably did his own brain surgery, but that was a long time ago, and we don't know if her remembers about things like anesthetic.
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Re: New Grim Tales: Talk the talk now walk the walk: 7/20/13

Postby Tenshi Nova » Tue Jul 30, 2013 10:41 pm

I was going with the broadest definition of all 3 options. Any kind of item in the vault, shown/not shown. Magic, even if it's suggested/hinted at.
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