Interesting Thought... (Grim Tales)

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Interesting Thought... (Grim Tales)

Postby ben2099 » Thu Oct 04, 2012 10:51 am

Hello All,

To begin, if this has already been discussed, then disregard and lock.

I wonder if anyone has stumbled across what I am thinking in regards to Grim Tales from Down Below, but after thinking about the Him/Her/Jeff Relationship dynamic, I believe I have come across an interesting thought that I wish to share with the rest of the group.

I believe that Jeff, by design, is Her's manacles.

Now, I can imagine you are wondering what I mean by this, but I believe Him is, by his very nature, an evil, sadistic, bastard, but he is also incredibly clever and intelligent. You see, a quandry is posed when you, an almost omnipotent being, wish to create an offspring, moreso when that offspring will be evil in nature. You wish to create your legacy and establish your lineage, but at the same time, you are concerned when that lineage decides that you are no longer needed (whether for more power, wealth, or simply out of disgust). A great example of this comes from Uranus when he sired the Greek Pantheon and his son, Zeus, banished him to the heavens.

I believe Him forsaw this and wondered how he would be able to circumvent his demise if his progeny became too powerful. Enter Jeff, a wonderful, gullible pawn, that by definition is the epitome of good: Kind, trusting, honorable, protective, nuturing, and worst of all, Naive. Then take the fact that Jeff is bound by his promise to Raven and his previous Underfist teammates to protect Mimi at all costs. This combines to a create a being that is loyal, loving, and honor bound to protect Mimi, and is more than willing to sacrifice himself to ensure her continued survival and happiness.

Him, seeing this and seeing how much Mimi cares for Jeff, "devilishly" makes a deal with Jeff: Become his personal servant/slave and in return he will spare Jeff and allow him the ability to watch over Mimi and be her crutch for the torment ahead. Jeff, realizing that he doesn't stand a chance against Him, agrees and pretty much sells his soul for Mimi. With that, Him "believes" he is triumphant, he has his prize with Mimi becoming Her and his legacy, because:

a) Jeff will try to salvage Mimi's humanity and goodness in his attempt to save her soul from complete corruption.
b) Mimi will follow orders because of a) influencing her want to protect Jeff.
c) Because of a) and b) Jeff will be a built in weakness for Him to manipulate Mimi at his discretion.

Now, this is all interesting, save for one thing... why I put "believe" in quotations.

While Jeff is Her's manacles, he is also the key to said manacles.

Why you say? Because Him needs Jeff. Why else would he keep his soul around in a cage? Him sent Mimi to fail when he sent her to go after Horror's hand as a way to put her in her place. He most likely expected her to fail and possibly not return. So then, once again, why keep Jeff's soul? Because he is still an exploitable weakness that will keep Mimi in line if she does return.

So, can Jeff make the ultimate sacrifice? Can he turn his back on Mimi and his duty for her freedom? Or will he still be used as a pawn by Him to control her, thus control her future?

Now with the current arc showing that Mimi is free of the corruption and Mandy having the possible interest of exploiting the power Mimi once had, the point may be mute. (Come on, you can't see Mandy taking that power for herself?) But it would be interesting to see what could happen if Mimi takes on the role of Her again.
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Re: Interesting Thought... (Grim Tales)

Postby sinistra-sundown » Thu Oct 04, 2012 12:51 pm

I'm pretty sure this belongs here.
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Re: Interesting Thought... (Grim Tales)

Postby Blood Lord » Fri Oct 05, 2012 8:20 pm

Welcome to Snafu, btw.

Jeff is Mimi's babysitter.
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