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Re: New PPGD- Honey Doomed (16/09/12)

Wed Sep 19, 2012 7:20 pm

DMajorBoss wrote:To clarify, I have no problem with what Bleed draws on the side. My main point was that, sometimes, I'd rather that the side things were a little "less" so that the comics can be "more."

But, again, I'm very patient on a lot of things. I don't mind the wait, so long a things get done. I just hope that no fan or appreciator feels neglected...though, if you're one of his commissioners, you probably aren't.
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Re: New PPGD- Honey Doomed (16/09/12)

Wed Sep 19, 2012 7:22 pm

This is a response to Dmajor's post, which I copied fortunately before a weird bug made the first and last posts of page 2 and 1 respectively seem to act like the same one, thus making it appear to be a double post. So I deleted it, and oops, they both disappeared. :\

Kinda indicative of bad forum software. It just illustrates the point that (and this is where my original response began) Dave must come back to the forums, and deal with us, and the sooner he does this, the better it will be for everyone.

Just to make an addendum: as far as I am concerned, it will be literally everyone who deals with this site. The people who work with and on Shark Robot, the people who draw comics for this site consistently (aka really just Bleedman, and almost no one else).

And hey, Birdot: you're seriously grating on my nerves again by speaking about things you don't know about. You're not Sherlock Holmes, you don't know Bleedman like we do, you don't understand how much damage he really could do to this community. You need to lurk more, Birdot. This is not a big scary probation, but a verbal warning: you talk too much about things you don't understand at all, all the time when you regard the community with predispositions that do nothing but bring back things previously discussed in public and private.

I understand your passion and enthusiasm, but they betray your naivety and relative youth in exploring that enthusiasm with so much abandon as to not consider other people's opinions as not just valid, but as laws of nature in their heads. You're thinking "too" rationally, and not accounting for the predictable and patterned irrationally that people are scientifically guaranteed to make. Be more mindful of overs, and cautious when it comes to making sweeping statements.

Let me end on how you were saying we could have done the Monkey sequence with Battus or Montray (whoever wants whatever name for him can have it): Bleedman is very hard to get to understand lay-outs, and if you had described that idea to him, he'd likely need to have it re-explained a few times and then he would still get things misplaced, simply because English isn't his first language.

So I went with some simpler options. And yes, they likely compromised the flow of things a few times. But you speak of what you don't know. So stop it, and be more cautious.

Re: New PPGD- Honey Doomed (16/09/12)

Wed Sep 19, 2012 11:41 pm

GridsNaranek wrote:From Monkey's perspective it appears that the explosion originated in Hong Kong.

Oh... dear...

Also, this thread has more WALLS OF TEXT than I've seen so far during my time in Snafu forums :mrgreen: Crying monkey is cute monkey; my two bits.

Re: New PPGD- Honey Doomed (16/09/12)

Fri Sep 21, 2012 9:31 pm

PP-Grim1013 wrote:Also, this thread has more WALLS OF TEXT than I've seen so far during my time in Snafu forums

For better or worse, mostly worse, I tend to cause those wherever I go. It's a miracle I'm still allowed to post, to be honest.
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