(BR: Welcome Thread/Gentle Let Down Of High Expectations!)

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(BR: Welcome Thread/Gentle Let Down Of High Expectations!)

Postby Livebyhonor » Wed Jul 11, 2012 2:04 am

Original Thread Title:
I have a story idea but I'm so busy

For years I have had a story idea in my head and I have made very little progress getting it out. My original idea was to make it a simple animation, then it spawned to becoming a 3dCG idea but I dont have the skills or time for the programs. Over the last few years I have started some preliminary story board drawings of the comic since that is what I figured was the best way to do it.

The sad thing is I have had this idea in my head for well over 10 years now and with my schedule, and other projects I am constantly doing I simply may not get to ever finish this. That is why I am asking for help, or perhaps offering a story to another artist that may have difficulties with a complex twist on a already existing storyline. Like the other comics here on Snafu they already had a back story but here they are expanded on or continued, as is my idea.

It is about the world of Hyrule from the Legend of Zelda game series, well the planet that Hyrule resides on. I have always been a big fan of the Zelda series but because my mind picks up so much from the games I love I always find the holes in the story that makes no sence, I will give a fast example of a letter I wrote to Nintend0 many yeas ago. I did get a reply from them and it was simply " wow.... um we didnt see that"

This is from "The Ocarina of Time" game
The base story is that when Link finally gets the Master Sword he is ripped forward in time to stop Gannon. The reason given story wise is that Zelda pulls link forward to face Gannon since Link does not exist in her time line since Gannon killed Link early on in her current time line. So Link is pulled forward, Kills Gannon, and then as his reward gets sent back to his own time to live his life. Oh wait thats the time line where Gannon is still alive and is about to kill Link because he knows to do it now, before Link becomes to powerful. Sooooo, Links reward for saving the future is his gruesome death as a child, interesting.

There are a few other things that have holes in them that really pushed me to make this story idea. Here are two other quick thoughts for you. Gannon always is trying to gain power, when he has it, what happens? Well the sky turns dark and....well that's about it. there are still bad guys out there that try to kill you, people still live, grow old and die. If the sky being dark is the only change ill vote for Gannon next time around since bright light hurts my eyes.
The game is called the "Legend of Zelda", but what has Zelda's legend been? kidnapped, asleep, missing, wash rinse repeat. That is all she has ever really done, aside from the kidnapped part I guess I to have a legend.

Now on to a quick rundown on my idea to see if you want to hear more or see the work I have so far to help me out .

"The Legend of Zelda, Destiny Revealed"
Like clockwork, the King knows that the hero will be born soon and sends out one of his most trusted knights with the pendant of courage to locate the child to be offically trained from an early age. The knight searches for three years before returning with news she only discovered a few nights before. She was about to request a replacement due to her developing condition, but a few nights ago the pendant began to glow when places at her belly where her growing child currently resides. The royal knight is pregnant with Link herself.
After Link is born the king also knows that he and the queen should soon have a child of their own and decide out of tradition to name her Zelda. Link trains at the castle till Zelda is born then is sent out with mom for "world experiences" After a few years of age Zelda is sent out to a sort of "princess boarding school". The two eventually meet when Zelda is six and link a little under eight. The two go through a new ceramony developed to connect the two in some sort of emotional attachment to each other to give Link the extra desire to help Zelda. It back fires and it awakens the previous nine incarnations of each of them into the current generation.
Through their growing up side by side they develop feeling for one another despite all the rules saying the two can never be together (something established in the previous games) they outwardly pretend to obey but the nine other Zelda's and Link's inside them do not feel obligated to follow that rule. The two get into some trouble and have some events that develop them as characters. Eventually Gannon makes a move on the castle and is thwarted by Zelda and Link (that Gannon dosen't know has been found at all yet) on her 16th birthday ball. At this point Link goes out in the world to stop Gannon.
He is accompanied by Tiek, Zeldas fairy friend she befriended at her "princess school" on his adventures to get what he needs to fix up the master sword since it is broken (no sword no mater how strong can survive a thousand years of constant use without upkeep). While Link is out doing his thing Zelda is also looking for was to help and is contacted by the goddesses of power (the planets creators) with a warning. Needless to say she learns that she has a very big part in the story that has been long forgotten, and if she cant fulfill this task from the goddesses things will end very, very badly.

This story is hers as much as it is Links if not more. That is why I have entitled this story as "Destiny Revealed" If you are interested in seeing what I have let me know, though it is not much besides a few character drawing and a some early chapter attempts.
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Re: I have a story idea but I'm so busy

Postby Valhallen » Wed Jul 11, 2012 3:32 am

Hi there. Welcome to Snafu. Rules, etc. (Also, please work a bit more on grammar and such. A little polish can make things a lot nicer for others to read.)

This is probably something to pursue in the Art forum if you want to go straight to a visual production, but I'd recommend getting the whole story nailed down first (at least if you haven't already), and the folks in Literature might be able to help there.
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