Do You Know How to Classify The Vogue Wigs?

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Do You Know How to Classify The Vogue Wigs?

Postby becky662 » Fri Feb 03, 2012 2:32 am

For the office ladies, the soft hair, simple and stylish hairstyle is very important. Even if you have a very sophisticated look, not a beautiful hair, but also make "brownie points" greatly reduced.Nowadays,the wigs are more and more popular,it's a fashon trend.If your dressing table have not one to two vogue lace front wigs,such as Full lace human hair wigs ,human hair lace front wigs,full lace wigs…which means you have not keep up with fashion trends.
In ancient East Asia, more than a wig made with real hair people, some with silk manufacturing or the combination of both.The higher proportion of real hair, the more expensive the more advanced.Ancient Egypt, except the ancient European human hair, hairs (multi-purpose horse hair and the horse mane) and wool animal hair and plant fiber also is commonly used false hair of the material, which is made by the hair of the most expensive wig. The modern full lace wigs in addition to the traditional natural materials, and some chemical fiber such as nylon, glass fiber, rayon materials manufacturing.Because synthetic hair is trained artificial setting of treatment, so you can comb brush, spray hair spray can also be easier to take care of.And some are true hair and artificial hair mixed.The human hair which not burns and dyed black hair are the best,so that you can more easily dyed different colors and shapes,For example,100% Indian Remy Human Hair Wigs are one kinds of well wigs.There are some advanced artificial hair in appearance, feel, color, sag, etc. are as good and real hair and realistic.
As many people in developed areas have a perm, hair, human hair wigs for more than manufacturing in China, India and Southeast Asia and other developing regions to obtain.In India, Andhra Pradesh Tirupati temple shrine Patti Hindus often donate their hair to show their devotion, the temple employed a total of 600 haircut barber for the faithful,so every few days there is a ton of hair out of the warehouse from the temple, Chennai city to another factory for processing, finished products are exported to the United States, France and other Western countries.Temples which can be exported 90 tons per year hair, the income from more than 300 million rupees.The materials used to make wigs there are many different times, regions will use different materials, some specific uses of the lace wigs is also specified the materials.
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