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fav character how to's

Postby blacknignt3 » Sun Oct 18, 2009 4:09 am

hey i was wondering if there was anyway snafu could do a youtube video on how to draw some of the popular characters in the comics and if not a video maybe a step by step instruction
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Re: fav character how to's

Postby Mirak's Mod Ghost » Sun Oct 18, 2009 4:58 am

Bleedman and the rest of the artists had to learn everything themselves, practicing how to draw from scratch, using paper and pencil, why do you think that they would share such valuable information to you? AND step by step? If they did so then they'd be in their right mind to charge you money to let you see said videos, because doing that for free would put all these years of practice to waste, and "teaching" you would give them more competition so why bother?

But anyway, to answer your question: No, there is no way that "snafu" does a video because "snafu" is not a person or an organization; Snafu is a site owned by one guy (Dave) and he has various different artists collaborating with him by submitting their comics here, each of those artists have different moral values and different lives, and are hardly in contact between each other.

The only way you could get one of them to make a youtube video is paying them, and even offering money there is no guarantee that they will for the reasons i mentioned in the first paragraph of this post. You're free to try and contact them via an email, but this forum is no place to ask for this kind of thing.

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