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a fan fiction

Postby Kezzer » Thu Oct 28, 2004 4:11 pm

A year or so ago i tried to write a fan fiction, this was the result of high levels of Alcohol and a long argument. I had thought i had lost it when i woke up the next morning with only vague memories of even writting the thing. This morning i found the CD whihc had part 1 written on it, so decided to post here for a laugh. If any one wants i will try and find the part 2 CD later.

Part 1

(Note this is a work of fiction written before I had seen season 5 of the Power Puff Girls so events and characters are different from the story made by the original creators.)

(Scene opens with the usual view of the city of Townsville.)
Narrator: The city of Townsville, now celebrating its sixth month crime free. That’s right over two years since the birth of the Power Puff Girls the ultimate goal of peace and harmony has been achieved.

(Scene changes to show the places formally ripe with crime now pristine and perfect, the wanted signs taken down and the people walking freely down the streets.)

Narrator: Ever since the Mayor finally got around to signing the ‘Do the crime, do the time’ proposition which means all criminals are held for a reasonable amount of time. Every single one of the former villains are now incarcerated in a prison designed by the world’s greatest minds.

(Scene changes to a large very secure prison island near where monster Island. Shot moves into the main core to show a large metal room filled with every single bad guy from the Power Puff Girls previous battles.)

Narrator: In addition Monster Island has been sealed off stopping the almost constant attacks.

(Scene moves onto be outside the Mayors House)

Narrator: So with that… I have nothing left to say… boy this job has been boring for the past few months. I think I will go and get a sandwich or something…

(OC: a loud scream is heard, the voice is that of the Mayor.)

Narrator: Hey that sounds like the Mayor screaming, he probably just lost his pickle jar opener. Well I suppose we should take a look, it might be something interesting.

(Camera moves into the house and to the Mayor’s office, The Mayor is on his knees next to Miss Bellum who is lying face down on the ground un-conscious. The mayor is shivering in fear as a large shadow looms over him.)

Narrator: Some one is attacking the Mayor and Miss Bellum! Who could do something like this?

Mayor: Who are you!?

Voice1 OC: Instruments of destruction.
Voice2 OC: Tools of foul play.
Voice3 OC: The final interruption.
Voice1 OC: Now make the call old Man.

(There is a silhouette of a hand pointing to the Power Puff Girl hotline phone, now covered in dust and cob webs.)

(Scene changes from the Mayor who is slowly moving to the phone to the Power Puff Girls home. The Girls are now a little older but mostly look as they did in the series. Blossom is on the living room floor lying on her Belly while she works on her home work, Bubbles is sitting on the couch playing around with her Calculator and occasionally giggling, Buttercup sits cross legged on the floor staring at the blank bit of paper which is her homework. The professor is sitting in his chair reading his paper chewing on an empty pipe having given up smoking.)

Buttercup: Ah I can’t do this math stuff...

(Buttercup looks at Blossom who is doing the same homework so fast she is almost a blur. Buttercup puts on a sly smile as she picks up her homework and floats over to Blossom.)

Buttercup: Oh Blossom my favourite sister in the whole world….

Blossom: I am not going to do your homework for you Buttercup.

(Blossom does not even slow down as she tells this to Buttercup, who sticks her tongue out at Blossom before moving over to Bubbles.)

Buttercup: Oh Bubbles…

Bubbles: Look I spelt ‘Hello’ on my calculator!

(Bubble shows her upside down Calculator where she has accidentally put in ‘Helllo’)

Buttercup: On second thought forget it. I am better off doing it on my own, and who knows I might get lucky and the Mayor will call, I could do with a good fight.

Blossom: Oh come on Buttercup the hotline has not rung since the Mayor bought that pickle jar opener. There is absolutely no chance what so ever that phone will ring now…

(OC the Power Puff Girl hotline phone is heard ringing; everyone stops what they are doing to look in the direction of the Girls room. Blossom is the first to shoot off in a line of pink light, followed by Buttercup then Blossom. The professor is left looking shocked for a moment before he turns on the TV. He cycles quickly through until he finds the News. A very bored looking man sits there half asleep.)

Newsreader: Still no news. That’s three months, three days and six hours since I had something to say and that was a cat stuck up a tree. I need a new job.

(The Professor turns of the Television looking even more perplexed. Scene changed to the Girls bedroom, Blossom has the phone to her ear and the other two girls have their heads close by to listen in.)

Blossom: Mayor are you all right, you sound like you just saw a ghost.
(A very quick mumbling noise from phone.)
Blossom: Slow down I can’t understand what you’re saying.
(A much slower mumble comes through the phone.)
Blossom: Yes Mayor we will be there as soon as we can, but what is the problem?
(One single mumble comes through and Blossom hangs the phone up.)

Bubbles: What’s wrong Blossom?

Blossom: The Mayor said there was no time; we have to get to his house right now.

(The girls waste no time as they fly through their windows heading for the city of Townsville. The scene now changes to a roof top of a sky scraper not far from the Mayors home. Standing there we can see a leg in black jeans and wearing a black trainer but not much else.)

Voice3 OC: I can see them coming.
Voice2 OC: ‘Bout time, I was getting bored.
Voice3 OC: It’s finally time.
Voice1 OC: Revenge is ours now boys, on my signal we attack.

(The camera moves from the roof top down the street until it meets up with the Power Puff Girls as they fly down it. They go as normal for a few second but then there are six red beam that come from OC , two hitting each Girl and knocking them down to the ground. These were obviously eye laser beams and have left the girls smouldering a little, but mostly they are unharmed.)

Bubbles: Hey who did that?

Buttercup: Come out and show yourself so I can kick your butt!

Voice 2 OC: Behind you toots.

(The camera moves away from the Girls to the three attackers, the Rowdy Ruff Boys. They stand with their arms folded floating just above the ground, smiling at the Girls. They have changed since they were last seen, their hair has grown out to be longer and each is wearing new clothes. Butch is in a Green sweatshirt with a black band round it and black baggy trousers. Boomer has a white T-shirt on with a blue jean vest over the top and a pair of grey combat trousers. Brick has still got his hat on but now wears a red leather jacket with a black stripe round the middle; under this he has a black shirt and wares black jeans and his hands have grey fingerless gloves on.)

Blossom: No way, you guys were dead!

Brick: We got better.

Buttercup: Well I fee a relapse coming on!

(Buttercup charge Butch with a huge punch that hits him hard in the jaw making a thunderous crashing noise. Butch take a step back as his head is sent cracking back but manages to stop from falling down. He stays still for a moment but then moves effortlessly back into the position he was in before with a bigger smirk on his face. Buttercup looks shocked as she sees the punch has hardly left a mark)

Butch: That all you got?

Buttercup: No way…

Brick: Got anything else Girls or you going to go cry like sissies?

Blossom: Girls we have to work together on these guys, remember they are as strong as us.

Brick: We are stronger then you girls could ever dream of been, but go ahead and try.

(Buttercup jumps away from Butch and lands next to her sisters who move into a more battle read stance. The Rowdy Ruff Boys just stand there smiling, not even bothering to uncross their arms.)

Blossom: Ok Girls attack pattern Omega five!

(The three Girls fly at the boys head on and then at the last second pull up into the air surprising the Rowdy Ruff’s a little. When they are high enough they try firing their static shots from their hands. The three bolts of electricity combine before they hit the ground where the Rowdy Ruff boys stand. There is a huge flash of light as the bolt explodes and destroys a large amount of the street in the process. When it dies down there is no sign on the Rowdy Ruff boys.)

Buttercup: Hah we did it.

Bubbles: Yeah we beat them!

Buttercup: That was almost too easy.

(Blossom is looking round for any remains of the three boys but can see nothing.)

Blossom: I wouldn’t be so sure. They took a lot more then that before and came back, heck they some how survived been blown up before.

Boomer OC: Looking for us Girls?

(The Girls all look above them so see the three Rowdy’s have escaped the attack completely.)

Blossom: They must have dodged the attack at the last second

Bubbles: No way are they that fast!

Butch: Have you got anything else to show us? Come on sissies you gave a better fight the first time round.

Blossom: We can’t beat them like this, they are stronger then us.

Buttercup: So what do you suggest? That we just go home and hide under the bed?

Bubbles: That sounds like a good idea to me.

Blossom: Don’t you remember how we beat them the last time?

Buttercup: Oh you better not be thinking what I think you are…

Bubbles: Oh I want the blond, he’s cute.

Boomer: I am not cute!

Blossom: Come on it’s the only chance we have.

(Blossom and Bubbles put on their cute faces while Buttercup mutters something under her breath before also putting on a cute face. Boomer and Butch both look very worried as the girls start to move closer to them.)

Brick: Steady boys, this is what we have been training for. Don’t wuss out on me now.

(The girls are now right next to the three boys. We first see Boomer been kissed by Bubbles on his cheek, Butch is kissed on his cheek by Buttercup who seems to hate it as much as him, finally we see Blossom kissing Brick. She holds there for a second waiting for the reaction and gets nothing. She opens her eyes and looks up to see Brick is forcing a smile on.)

Brick: Sorry but I don’t kiss girls; don’t know what cooties you can catch.

(Brick kicks Blossom in the midsection followed by both Boomer and Butch punching the other two Power Puff Girls off them.)

Blossom: I don’t understand, it worked last time.

Brick: What do you think we have been doing all this time?

Butch: Unlike you Girls who were braiding each others hair and putting on makeup we have been preparing for this fight every single day.

Boomer: We put ourselves into training, ever since you defeated us, with our single goal of becoming invisible.

Brick: Not only are we now stronger and faster then you, we are immune to your killer kisses. That training was the worst but now we are stronger for it.

(Brick moves his hand and with the back of it wipes the area Blossom kissed him. Boomer uses both hands to clean himself while Butch seems to go crazy as he nearly rubs his face off to get rid of the lingering kiss.)

Brick: Now it’s our turn to play girls, this time it will be my game and my rules. The only rule been, the Power Puff Girls can’t win!

(The shot focuses on the three boys who finally come out of their relaxed positions and into their own attack formation that closely matches the Power Puff Girls formation.)

Brick: Tare them apart!

Butch: Smash them to bits!

Boomer: Pound them into the ground!

(They then launch their attacks on the girls, charging them with flying punches, the boys going for their colour counter part. The Girls manage to put up a block to take some of the force away but the power is too great and they are sent flying across the street into some buildings which come crashing down. The boys do not stop to give them a chance to recover, Butch Breathes out a large ball of fire from his mouth which hits the building that Blossom crashed into, Boomer makes a large sonic boom from his hands clapping together which hits the rubble Bubbles is under, Butch just fired his eyes beams to where Buttercup was last seen.)

Brick: Toasty.

Butch: I thought they would put up more of a fight then this Brick, I mean it’s only been five seconds of fighting.

Brick: Don’t worry I don’t think they are done yet; we still have more to play with.

(The remains of the buildings where the Girls were moves to one side as each of the girls climb out looking worse for ware. Blossom has been burned by Bricks fire, Bubbles has hurt her right arm which now has blood slowly trickle down, Buttercup is looking slightly better with only some nasty bruising on her face and a swollen eye. They have only just gotten out of the debris when the Rowdy Ruff Boys attack again. Moving as one they fly at the Power Puff Girl they were fighting earlier, each kicking them into the air before chasing after them.)

Butch: Come on sissy, I am only using one hand here!

(Butch is slapping Buttercup around with his left hand, the right one is held behind his back. Buttercup takes this for a moment then tries to kick him but Butch ducks to avoid the kick, only to be hit in the face with a round house punch. He spins round a few times from the force and then is left slightly dazed as he looks at Buttercup. A small dribble of blood comes out of the corner of his mouth. Butch’s eyes look at this and then his face fills with anger and hate.)

Butch: I’ll get you for that!

Buttercup: What’s the matter, the baby get a booboo?

(Butch screams with rage as he blindly charges at Buttercup who dodges his attack as best she can, but he moves to quickly and manages to clip her side sending her into a spin. Butch then attacks with a fast stomp kick to send Buttercup back to earth with a never shattering crash.)

Butch: Stupid girl.

(Butch then makes his own static shock bolt which he fires to the ground to hit Buttercup as she tires to get to her feet again.)

(The scene changes to Boomer and Bubbles staring at each other high above the city.)

Bubbles: I don’t suppose I can get you to stop been mean?

Boomer: Nope, it’s good to be bad… or is it bad to be good… but good is bad and I like bad which is good… ah never mind, I am staying bad!

Bubbles: I have no idea what you just said.

Boomer: Then maybe this will make it clear!

(Boomer fires his eye beams at Bubbles who quickly flies off to one side to avoid it, but Boomer keeps moving to follow her with the eye beams. Bubbles tries weaving around in all directions but every move she makes is followed by Boomers eye beams.)

Boomer: Stay still so I can hit you!

Bubbles: No way.

Boomer: Blonds are so dumb.

Bubbles: You know you’re blond as well right?

Boomer: Shut up girlie!

(Boomer gives up with his eye beams and sets of after Bubbles who just can’t move any faster. Boomer starts to catch up rapidly with her and fires the some pot shots with his eyes. Bubbles looks back to see how close he is getting and gives it all she has to move faster, but in seconds Boomer is right next to her.)

Boomer: Hah I win the race!

(Boomer shoulder barges Bubbles and quickly grabs her leg before she can recover. Boomer spins Bubbles round in circles above his head so fast there is only a light blue blur above his head. Then with out warning he throws Bubbles as hard as he can to the earth. Her small body goes through three buildings crashing through them like a cannon ball before landing next to the unconscious Buttercup.)

Boomer: Winner, Boomer!

(We now move over to Brick and Blossom who are standing on the same building that the Rowdy Ruff Boys had been waiting in ambush on.)

Brick: I have been waiting for this for a long time, at least try to give me a good fight.

Blossom: I’ll do better then that, I am going to defeat you just like I did before.

Brick: Words mean nothing, only actions… have at you!

(Brick attacks with a quick flying kick but hits nothing but the ground causing it to shatter under his force. Blossom floats above his head coming down on him with her own kick. Brick has time to put out his hands and divert the blow to hit the hole next to where his attack went.)

Brick: Nice try, but you are going to have to do better then that.

(Brick makes a leg sweep which Blossom jumps over and then flips backwards to avoid an upper cut that Brick come up with. Blossom just lands when a fireball rolls across the ground towards her. She jumps up into the air to avoid it but foolishly keep her eyes on the ball and not Brick. She sees here mistake too late as she also hears a savage yell from Brick OC and above her. Brick is coming down with a double hand strike and there is not time to stop it. The blow hits Blossom dead on, right on her head with such force she goes right through the skyscraper and lands in a large crater deep in its basement. Brick flies in after her hitting Blossom in the back with a double stamp kick as she tries to stand up again.)

Brick: Girls are worthless as fighters.

(Brick picks Blossom up by the neck and looks into her eyes, she can just open them a little bit as she is in so much pain. He holds her there for a second as she shakes trying to get free, but then he comes in with a devastating head butt which sends Blossom shooting out of the skyscraper and back to the street coming to a skidding halt next to her sisters. The camera moves now to the sky where Boomer and Butch hover waiting for their leader. Brick walks out of the Skyscraper striating his jacket before he flies up to be next to his brothers.)

Boomer: This was easy.

Brick: Yeah, sort of anticlimactic.

Butch: Almost makes those years of training not worth it. Almost.

(The three smile as they look down on the defeated Power Puff Girls.)

Brick: This time no tears are going to bring them back.

Butch: This is the end.

(We go to a close up of the girls; Buttercup has woken up and is trying desperately to get up but can do not much more then move a shaky arm a few inches before crashing back down, Bubbles is still out cold and Blossom can do nothing but open one eye and look up at the Rowdy Ruff Boys.)

Brick: Lets finish them boys!

(The three Rowdy Ruff Boys come down from the sky moving at super sonic speed, each ready to deliver a final and fatal blow to a Power Puff Girls. The attackers move towards the Power Puff Girls who still can not possibly move out the way.)

Narrator: Get up girls! You can’t let the Rowdy Ruff Boys win like this.

(To be continued goes across the screen and the screen fades to black.)

Narrator: To be continued? What are you doing, the Power Puff Girls are about to be killed and you pull a ‘to be continued’!? Well looks like we have to wait to see how the Girls escape the Rowdy Ruff boys. They do escape right? Right?
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Postby yalborap2 » Thu Oct 28, 2004 6:25 pm

Interesting......I really have to plug hotel california. It's really good, and kezzer's the GM. You can just follow along or join in, either are good.
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Re: a fan fiction

Postby Kezzer » Sun Nov 14, 2004 6:03 am

Ok after finding the next parts i realised after part 1 i ended up going into random rants and not a story. So i decided to have a bash at redoing the whole thing, getting it out of script and into prose format. I have posted the results on ye olde Fanfiction.net. If you could have a read and tell me what i am doing right and wrong i'd aprecicate it, thanks.

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