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Re: Need Help with Bleedman's Cast Page

Postby Xain » Tue Nov 16, 2004 12:29 pm

I'm at school right now, and that page is blocked ~_~ I would love to right bios right now, but yeah... At school. I really hope this site doesn't get blocked either, nothings worse than being bored at school and the best site on earth (aka bleedmans site *sucking up*) is blocked O_o
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Re: Need Help with Bleedman's Cast Page

Postby GinnyN » Tue Nov 16, 2004 9:07 pm

general_snaz wrote:
Jimmy Neutron
What a loser... I mean. What a genius. >.< Jimmy is incredibly smart. Although I don't think as smart as Dexter (Dexter's Lab is so much bigger than Jimmy's) His best friends are Carl and Sheen. He has a sorta secret crush on Cindy Vortex. Likewise for her.

Actually, the size of the lab don't mean the size of the "intelligentness". So, I'm think too Jimmy isn't smarter than Dexter: Jimmy has a more socials skills!!! (Just a little).

Ejem, Jimmy has a crush on Betty Quinlan (a really minor character), but in real he loves Cindy, but Cindy isn't exactly nice with him, so, he isn't notice. Every time Cindy trying to prove Jimmy that she is smarter than him and all the time Jimmy trying to defend himself, so, they have a really funny (Sometimes) love-hating relationship. He's best friends are Sheen (The Cartoon Obssesed Fan (A one named Ultralord)) and Carl (The Boy with a strange sense about fuzzy and sparkly things). This guys aren't the smartest guys around, but Jimmy is happy with theirs

And... yeah, i'm new here. I'm a big fan of Jimmy Neutron, but I love Dexter's Lab too ^^!
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