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Tue Jun 24, 2014 10:34 pm

BeeAre wrote:Ponder the significance of "The Forgotten" as design concepts from Bleedman's perspective. It's an excuse to draw characters who have not been utilized in a long time.

There will be a suitable explanation to satisfy the strangeness of the collection, but that's about as much as I feel is necessary, considering my artist friend's predisposition.

Given that: Protoboy and any other Forgotten demonstrated here absolutely IS subject to Vexus' hierarchical control.

I will make a note of his lust for destruction, to perhaps be showcased a little later on--the more important players in this scene are Vexus and the Tallest.

Nice to get some confirmation from you on this. Thank you for answering!

That being said, I don't think anybody is doubting for a moment that the two prominent figures at play here are the Tallest and Vexus. It's a matter of one of the forces winning out, both losing, or both of them stalling one another before complete destruction.

I think many of us are just intrigued by Vexus's army because, like most of the characters in the comic and Bleedman's works, they originate from somewhere else, so, those of us familiar with that particular character are going to wonder how their canon intertwines with the canon of this comic. A very simple solution would be that Vexus had all these robots reprogrammed to do her bidding, but it makes me wonder if that in itself would go against everything Vexus stands for, considering she's a robot herself. Only time will tell.

On the subject of Protoboy, he's a pretty crafty little guy. He's been blown up and his body destroyed on numerous occasions, but somehow he always returns. If anybody remembers the episode "The Old Switcharobot", he was able to throw out Robotboy's motherboard, then disconnect his own and place it in his brother's body, then utilize all his brother's powers (and facial expressions, for that matter) and then literally threw out his old one. Robotboy's discarded motherboard was able to find the original Protoboy body, connect, and self-repair itself into its new host, which means Protoboy probably could do something similar should his body ever be destroyed. He could just connect to another functioning robot, fix his own body, then re-enter. Although, if his motherboard and accompanying CPU becomes tampered or reprogrammed, just like every robot, he probably could easily be controlled.

Now, I'm just talking, obviously. Optimus Prime, Protoboy, etc. might all just be tools to Vexus and their actual canon personalities/roles will be subverted by her rule in PPGD, which is certainly not a bad thing considering the cameos in their own right are fun in a nostalgic way. It probably would be better for the main story of PPGD to focus on itself than the side stories of all the heroes and villains in the background.

Re: Exopolitical Diplomacy

Wed Jun 25, 2014 1:04 am

Damn, Protoboy sure is popular. I don't know why either since I never watched Robotboy.

If Dr.X and Vexus are working together, then it's possible that they're sharing the same types of technology. I have to wonder if Vexus is using a method of controlling these robots, similar to what was controlling Jenny at the science convention, and also what corrupted Dynamo. If this is the case, and if the Irkens are sending in another robot, then I thing there's a chance that the Tall Ones are gonna end up handing Vexus a new robot for her collection.

Also since I never watched My Life As a Teenage Robot: Did the Cluster in that show specialize in hijacking machines, or something?

Re: Exopolitical Diplomacy

Wed Jun 25, 2014 1:47 am

Vexus and her military had control over the Cluster Homeworld and emphasized an insect-like hive hierarchy dedicated to serving Vexus herself.

Vexus apparently had a child and an entire planet of non-military robotic organisms that were not hivemind in their thought, and so Jenny goes there and starts a coup with Vexus' daughter Vega. Vexus and her machines are deposed, but keep trying to rain down vengeance on Jenny despite being individual agents instead of the once powerful force they were.

Re: Exopolitical Diplomacy

Wed Jun 25, 2014 2:13 am

Ah, thank you, BR. So was this like the last episode of MLAATR, or something. I assume that's how Vexus ended up where she is in the comic now. If so, then I assume she has quite the bone to pick with Jenny and Vega.

Re: Exopolitical Diplomacy

Wed Jun 25, 2014 8:20 am

I don't think that was the last episode, Vexus came back a couple times trying to get revenge against Jenny, though Vexus would've likely attacked Jenny regardless. :p

Re: Exopolitical Diplomacy

Thu Jun 26, 2014 12:01 pm

It wasn't. It was just a TV special event/movie. There where still a few episodes after the Cluster special. Including one where Vexus disguises herself as a teenage student at Jenny's high school.

@Havoc These reason why Proto is so popular is because (even if you didn't watch the show) he was the no.1 favorite villain on Robotboy. Unlike the main villain, Dr. Kamikaze, and all the other sub villains Protoboy was an actual threat. Plus the fact he's technically the prototype before Robotboy, but is still stronger than him gives you a since of how powerful he is. So again even though Dr. Kamikaze was the main villain of Robotboy, a lot of people mostly watched it to see Proto and see how he'd destroy his brother this time.

Proto Origins (short version): Was the robot boy designed by Pro. Mushimo. A glitch in design + no humanity programming gave him a desire for destruction. He was stolen by Dr. Kamikaze who attempt to reprogram him into his evil slave. It fail, increased Proto desire for destruction, filled with hate for everything, and made him evil beyond normal means of control. Kamikaze's assistant managed to shut him down, but he was reactivated by Robotboy. Now he wishes to destroy his brother and everything else.

Re: Exopolitical Diplomacy

Fri Jun 27, 2014 4:09 am

@BR Thanks a ton! Ultra's explanation/theory seemed interesting enough anyway, but precision is always welcomed.

@GTFDB It's like asking to someone who's watched DBZ if he wants to see a re-used Goku turn Super Saiyan. I mean, dude, everyone who's watched the show and like the character want to see ProtoBoy use his Super Activation lol We know it's gonna be awesome. *braces for impact*
@Megadon Spot on explanation, although there were a few times where Kamikaze managed to become a threat, like the one time when he reprogrammed Robotboy after messing with his emotions.
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