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News/Updates Forum Rules

Postby Tuor » Fri Feb 21, 2014 5:19 am

News / Updates Rules / Guidelines / Info
This forum contains threads generated from the news updates posted on the Snafu home page. Each artists basically has their own blog on the homepage and any post they make on their blog will automatically generate a thread in this forum. Do not make threads of your own here, please read the Global Forum Rules and keep your posts on the topic of the news item which generated the thread.
"Suddenly Frodo noticed that a strange-looking weather-beaten man, sitting in the shadows near the wall, was also listening intently to the hobbit-talk. He had a tall tankard in front of him, and was smoking a long-stemmed pipe curiously carved. His legs were stretched out before him, showing high boots of supple leather that fitted him well, but had seen much wear and were now caked with mud. A travel-stained cloak of heavy dark-green cloth was drawn close about him, and in spite of the heat of the room he wore a hood that overshadowed his face; but the gleam of his eyes could be seen as he watched the hobbits."
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