It's my Birthday so 15% off Discount at! Also Forums are getting fixed

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Postby Dave » Fri Dec 06, 2013 3:25 am

Hey everyone so it's my Birthday. Hooray I'm old... boo.

But on the upside I'm doing a 15% discount at Shark Robot. It's only going to happen today and tomorrow (December 6th-7th) so act fast.

Coupon Code: berfday

I'm sure you've seen the multiple posts on here lately of all the cool new stuff we have for sale this year. Well we've added even more cool things since this posts. Such as awesome new Keychains, Belt Buckles, Wallets, Hats, ect. We are literally adding products every single day. It'll take us weeks to get everything up on shark so check back every so often and you might see new things you like :) But perhaps what would make it easier is to join the email newsletter, twitter, or Facebook. We should announce things on there every so often.
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