New Grim Tales Comic: "In unholy matrimony"

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Re: New Grim Tales Comic:

Postby Biocolor » Wed May 29, 2013 11:45 pm

CallMeD. wrote:My apologies for addressing it as a theory. I meant it as an idea I happened to consider, & wound up getting a bit ahead of myself & made an error in phrasing it. As to repeating your opinion on Aku's method of creating life, I was going off what you had said previously in an attempt to agree & support the idea. It makes sense, & could apply the same to Chi if she truly intended to marry Mimi, or any being incapable of bearing offspring; thus it would be her duty to bring new life in the world, just as she was created. That is assuming she inherits this ability from her father, should it be how she was born.

As for Grim Jr., he was unborn into existence as a child of death; who was clearly not equipped with the means to bring new life into being in the beginning. Had he remained the same & one day been set with an arranged marriage by his mother, he would have been bound to the same restrictions of his father; having to raise children that belonged to another man. Mandy would've been aware of this fact, & probably had made plans to make up for this deficiency; like marrying him to a being such as Chi, who could take a part of him & add to it in order to create an offspring via the same method that created her.

Minnie was a hybrid, the female reproductive capabilities could have easily been from the human half and not the nergal half. In fact I suspect this is the most likely case since the nergal part is symbiotic in origin and nature. Basically, it doesn't have the correct genetic material and DNA requirements to merge quite like that.

Well if this is the case, then Nergal Jr. is a hybrid born from a mortal woman & his father who was a full blooded nergal demon. But if the nergal part is solely symbiotic & therefore lacks the requirements for reproduction, how does this explain Nergal Jr.'s birth? Did Nergal Sr. take genetic material from his wife, & use it to give birth to his son, or was he born the old fashioned way? Now, I imagine that Minnie was probably born from her mother with the help of Nergal Jr., but her nergal side was not symbiotic to her anatomy. On the 15th page of chapter 3, Nergal Sr. explains that the recipients of the nergal eye, are transformed into demons themselves; so Grim Jr. should now have the characteristics of a living being (possibly to include the nature of reproduction).
Here's the link to the page:

Again, these are my thoughts on the matters. And as time passes, I'll adjust my views as the story progresses & make amendments to my opinions.

Also Junior has the power to now take a human form so that also make it possible for reproduction of offspring.
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Re: New Grim Tales Comic:

Postby Blood Lord » Wed May 29, 2013 11:52 pm


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Re: New Grim Tales Comic:

Postby Exodis » Wed May 29, 2013 11:54 pm

It's okay, Blood.
We all have one of those days.
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