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Re: New Grim Tales Comic:

Wed Apr 03, 2013 11:26 am

Hey Griff, the Demonspawn Girls, How 'bout that? I like it. Got a ring to it.

Re: New Grim Tales Comic:

Wed Apr 03, 2013 12:06 pm

Blood Lord wrote:
Keiken wrote:
Blood Lord wrote:We're not even sure anymore if this has anything to do with Blossom. and don't you know how the Human Reproduction system works? It can't function like that.

Why? She couldn't get pregnant after giving birth to one child?..

The way the statement was organized sounded like it was thought that she could could get pregnant by two different men at the same time and have two different kids.

It would appear as if the order when Aku-child then Mimi. In fact, it would nearly have to be since Mimi killed Blossom. If they were sisters though, it does raise the question of why they're separated.

daviso452 wrote:The vast majority of your posts seem to be to these people. If this causes you so much anger, why do you continue? Do you feel a sense of duty to stomping out stupidity? Or is this none of my god damn business?

Idiotic posts come in waves, we will be a fairly normal section for say three months, and then one interesting page like this one comes out and stupid people start coming out of the wood work.

Why do I do this? Well I hate stupidity, ignorance, and laziness. There is nothing more frustrating for me then to answer a discussion question, only to have someone else post immediately after me post and ask the exact same question that I just answered and show up again three months later. Its frustrating and they usually don't have the decency to check back. And to hell with leaving, I like good discussions. There are a lot of intelligent people here, despite the marring of a few brain dead twats.

Ellri wrote:I don't see or understand how the girl could be Blossom. Just judging from the image of a commission drawing, that character is supposed to be Aku and Blossom's daughter... or did I get the information wrong? I don't see how it is Blossom. I don't see how (who on earth..??) it could be Mina. Aku disguised is a possibility. I never really watched Samurai Jack (just a few episodes here and there), but based off of what I've already read here in this thread, if he can do it then it's a possibility.

My own opinion is that it's Aku's daughter, whether by Blossom or someone else I don't know for sure. I'm going to say yes to Blossom, and also hope this isn't just an April Fool's joke. I would love to see the story progress. ; ^;

Here's hoping.

Ellri here is on the right track of thinking.

I stated this in an earlier thread to another portion of the forums, but considering people do not keep track of what is going on in the forums we get confusion and chaos. This then turns into situation of everyone arguing about the same thing that was posted discussed in an earlier part of the thread.
Sorry for my explanations of how it could be one of three possible characters if it stepped on some toes. As for the Mina thing it was a far fetch to say the least and after seeing characters continue to enter the story it would be nice to find out what happened to them. on another side note Mimi in her human form and Mimi and her HER form look different as well so based on looks is not a good way of basing speculation anyway because we really do not know any actual ages or even the time span of this comic, being immortals or close to it makes time a little bit of a meaningless concept for the characters.

Re: New Grim Tales Comic:

Thu Apr 04, 2013 1:07 pm

It looks like Minnie went digging in her mother's closet or something.
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