Breaking, Down and Through

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Re: Breaking, Down and Through

Postby Markulin » Wed Feb 15, 2012 4:38 pm

venom0825 wrote:
Gato wrote:
venom0825 wrote:there are worse things to happen to someone then just losing mommy dume ass, so the bitch emo can cry all it wants I dont care about her

Riiiight. Because a little girl can't be emotionally distraught at her mother's (assumed) murder and her subsequent torture under her father. Do you enjoy kicking puppies on the side as well? Or perhaps you like slapping cancer patients in the face.

really dont care if mimi dies already I've wanted the bitch dead ever sence she was portrade as a Uber Badass wanabe, and like I said and you keep ignoring, I've herd worse storys from characters that are not total assholes like mimi is, so Im not going to feel sorry for the bitch deal with it

p.s: about the puppie and patient coment fuck you Im not that heart less you ass

So Mimmi is an asshole because she is heartbroke over the fact that she has lost everyone she loves and cares for...

Are you on drugs?

venom0825 wrote:oh boo who, Im not being nice today, cry me a fucking river like mimi bitch over there if you so interested

venom0825 wrote:
Innocence Abandoned wrote:He's a pretty transparent flamer, Gato. Definitely not worth your time

your mother bitch how that for time

venom0825 wrote:I dont care for anyone I gave my opinion any who didnt like it go suck it

Do you know how the edit button works or do i have to come over to your dirty apartment and teach you how? I hope not, I don't feel like going to a ghetto at the moment.

venom0825 wrote:
Gato wrote:
Innocence Abandoned wrote:He's a pretty transparent flamer, Gato. Definitely not worth your time

I suppose I fell for it. Oh well, it was fun abusing him at least.


No. Only replying "weak" is weak. VERY WEAK.

fin Xi-1 I'll play nice, but I really really dont care if everyone in snafu hates me, if people want to send me hate mail I say go head, I dont need friend I dont care so all of you hate me as much as you want

Oh man, that made me a little sad - of course you need friends! And just to make one thing clear: I don't think anyone here really hates you, we just hate the way you have chosen to express yourself.
I mean, sure you can hate that fact that Mimmi's worst fear is weak (I don't think it's weak however) but don't just write about that she is an asshole when you have no reason!

You could have said something like "I don't like that her only fear is this weak! I mean, I can think of atleast ten things that's worse!" and people would have responded much nicer.
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Re: Breaking, Down and Through

Postby venom0825 » Wed Feb 15, 2012 5:45 pm

Ok Markulin I will admite that I was piss that day when I started and that I could have bin nicer in my statment but the resone I dont like mimi is because she acts in a cold evil way and does not care for anyone else and I ve see worse event happen to other characters form tv, comics, movies, and etc and those characters have a more plesent persanality then mimi (also Im very shor that when mimi was working for Him she made many other people suffer) so Im not going to feel sorry and a examplo you know carnage for spiderman he hade a very mest up life but he is a psicho killer that killed hundred of people so Im not going to shed a tear if they kill him. I could have bin kinder I know but whats done is done so on with the hating me
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