Last convention... for awhile.

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Postby Dave » Wed Aug 04, 2010 12:43 am

My six conventions in a ROW is FINALLY about over. I've got one more this weekend (I leave tomorrow at 5 AM... FUCK) But after that I have over a month of free time to make comics like crazy go nuts. I'm so excited you have no idea. I crave comics big time. And I'm lining up two people to help me with conventions next year so I'm never this exhausted (miserable) again. Last year I had one person lined up and it fell through HARD. Now that I've got two people hopefully at least one pulls through for me (I'm hoping for both.) WE SHALL SEE.

Anyhow enough bitching. I'll be at Gen Con Indy this weekend in Indianapolis so if any of you peeps are going to be around stop by the booth. I'm sharing a booth this time with the lovely ladies of Kingdom Arts. It'll basically be a bunch of anime colored wigs and then Snafu t-shirts. An odd mix but it works. When I get back I will sleep for 6 years straight. Perhaps... more.

Oh and I strangely like the new Eminiem song. I feel TERRIBLE saying that. Almost like I should tie myself to a bed and set the house on fire terrible.
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Re: Last convention... for awhile.

Postby Seiryuga » Wed Aug 04, 2010 1:05 am

I did help you out at Anime Expo for the last 2 days lol.
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