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Postby Dave » Thu Apr 16, 2009 11:00 pm

Oh man this Panda brings back memories. This is one is just a speed trace of one of my super old Deviant Art drawings from clear back in 2004, Here's the original. I started by drawing a panda Spider-Man but I didn't like his pose it was too static for Spider-Man. Then I remembered my favorite Spider-Man I've ever drawn was on my DA account. So I copied myself. Kinda odd.

But anyhow wow yeah when I did this picture it was pre-Spider-Man 2 movie coming out. Back when Spider-Man was great and I was super obsessed. I wonder where my love of Spiddy went.

Although one thing that does bum me out about this. Looking at my DA account (which I haven't seriously touched in years) it's starting to feel like my art is getting worse then I was in 2004. That's depressing. I wonder what happened.
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