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Postby Dave » Fri Mar 06, 2009 7:29 am

Well We've got two new shirts up for Pre-Order

Bloody Smiley

It's a rad design that goes clear to the bottom of the shirt. Any Watchmen fan would be proud to wear this shirt. Plus it comes with a free Pin.

Scribbles of War

This one is a bit hard to explain. It's VERY sketchy and up close it doesn't look like an image of anything. But far away it comes together and becomes more obviously marcus' face and the Gear Logo. Kind of a neat effect. The shirt itself is also a neat effect. It has a rusted randomized look to it making no two shirts the same. This one is also only in an extremely limited run. If we decide to keep the shirt going after this print it won't be in the rusty shirt color look... if we decide to keep it at all. Right now we're leaning limited run then call it good.

Both shirts are on sale for $15.95 which is a discount of our normal price. And they'll only be cheaper for the initial pre-order which ends on the 20th. So order them now while you can :)

oh and Shark Robot should be a LOT easier to use Credit Cards on now. We've got a new payment gateway installed on the site finally and it's now easier than ever to navigate through the checkout process.
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