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Postby Dave » Fri Feb 20, 2009 10:13 am

Well I'm sure most of you noticed the server down time yesterday. We were moving to a new server. Basically the same stats as the old server with an updated OS and a motherboard that isn't completely broken. So that's what was happening with that. Ryan by the way is the greatest human ever EVER. He totally saved Snafu's but with the server switch which is like the millionth time he's came to the rescue when server problems arise. Oh and yeah Nick that's why the comic didn't appear was the server troubles.

And then Non Con news. I'll be attending Non Con today in Poughkeepsie New York. I'll have a brand new Kingdom Hearts print from Bleedman, a new Watchman shirt which is hella awesome, and the new Gears of War shirt we had at New York Comic Con... plus our older merch of course. So if you get a chance stop by and say hello. And incase you're on the west side of the continent I'll be attending WonderCon in San Francisco next weekend. I'll be there with Kroze from Yugioh Abridged and Felicia Day (codex) from The Guild. All at the same corner booth. Should be rad.
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