Katsucon 15!

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Postby Nick » Tue Feb 10, 2009 11:12 am

Katsucon 15 at Crystal City, Virginia, is this weekend and guess who is going to be there......no, not him. No, not that person either. I was talking about me! Hehehe, I will be attending Katsucon, but as a guest like you. Playing video games, attending the Katsucon Ball, and possibly talking to other artists in Artist Alley.

I bet your wondering how you can find me. I will be wearing a white flu mask with a smiley face drawn on it. Possibly around the artist alley or mostly the video game room. Getting my game on. So if you are attending come find me and say hello, I would love to hang out. Besides my apartment is down the street from the Con, lucky me eh? Also I believe Matt Herms will also be there so go say hi to him as well.

I might also be cosplaying my favorite character as well for tradition, so if you are looking for me and I am in costume.....look for the flu mask, plunger, and brown jumpsuit with the label 'Narutard Hunter'. I will probably put up a photo of me to make it easier on you all :P

So yeah, Katsucon, video games, anime, artists, cosplay, dancing, fat girls and guys in Sailor Moon outfits. Lots o Fun!
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Re: Katsucon 15!

Postby kitsunemaru » Tue Feb 10, 2009 4:17 pm

So you're the Narutard Hunter! LOL! I was wondering who that was! I saw you last year and thought that the only thing better would have been to drag around a bloody Naruto Cosplayer behind you. (Wether he/she was actually dead would have been up to preference and the attitude of the cosplayer.) I'm going again this year, so I'll have to take a pick of you!
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Re: Katsucon 15!

Postby cornteen » Tue Feb 10, 2009 5:23 pm

haha nice on that last part
Nick wrote:guys in Sailor Moon outfits.

thats always funny to see. i persanaly cant go becuse im going to the mid-west anime con. in may. im going as Takeshi Jin from IGPX i only need to buy the sesion one DVD set for the jacket that comes with it and im done. the costume consists of
Blue jeans,a white t-shirt,and a team Satomi jacket.
Thats seriosly the whole costume!
Well hope yall have a good time!
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Would be on deviant but again not approved.
I drew these myself along with about 7 others but these are my best so i hope you all like them!
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