Shia LaBeouf X Zerofriends??!

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Postby Alex » Wed Jan 14, 2009 4:26 pm

I promise more Bunnywith soon. Its like a new years resolution that will actually happen!
in the meantime,
Theres a picture of a baby aardvark that has been circling the interweb and jesus christ it makes everything ok.

And the other thing that makes everything OK are these OTHER pictures that have been circling the internet, and they are almost as cute.

The homie Shia LaBeouf (indiana jones jr. and megatron's nemesis, and fellow Cardboard City member) was spotted rocking the "Jaundiced RIder" tee from my clothing company, ZEROFRIENDS.

CLICK HERE to grab one of these for yourself before Shia tells everyone where he got it and they sell out!


Thanks, Shia.

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Re: Shia LaBeouf X Zerofriends??!

Postby Archrival » Wed Jan 14, 2009 5:24 pm

Good for shirt promotion, bad for films.
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Re: Shia LaBeouf X Zerofriends??!

Postby Torgue » Wed Jan 14, 2009 5:53 pm

Archrival-001 wrote:Good for shirt promotion, bad for films.

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Re: Shia LaBeouf X Zerofriends??!

Postby Golden Phoenix » Wed Jan 14, 2009 7:53 pm

TMZ! :mrgreen:
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Re: Shia LaBeouf X Zerofriends??!

Postby StenDarker » Wed Jan 14, 2009 7:55 pm

Shia LaBeouf will play Oprah in Oprah Winfrey The Movie 2: The Requiem! There's going to be at least 7 runawayfromexplosionscarryingagunandshoutingprofanity scenes!!!

Shia LaBeouf will also be CHUCK NORRIS's sidekick and eventual heir! ... not that CHUCK will ever die, of course. :twisted:
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Re: Shia LaBeouf X Zerofriends??!

Postby cornteen » Wed Jan 14, 2009 8:31 pm

As he would say

But he said
to the shirt thogh!

The 3rd pic(for some reason i cant quote it? weird)
Shia:"are you taking pictures of me?!"
Camra guy:"umm...yes?
"Cool ill pose."

hapened?yes? no? only Shia and camra dude know, and maybe
will not be posting oftern, only when i see anomilysor thinggs others have missed!!!

These pics are NOT approved by bleedman,but i wish for him to look at them,thats why its my sig,and hopefuly say i can use them .
Would be on deviant but again not approved.
I drew these myself along with about 7 others but these are my best so i hope you all like them!
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