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Postby Stan » Mon Dec 08, 2008 12:35 pm

Hey Peoples. Just to let you know I was Having Alot of Internet Troubles over the past month. Turns out It wasn't my ISP but payment issues. Me and my wife rent and internet and Cable are suppose to be included in the rent. So as you know we shouldn't have to go and pay the bills that should be taken care of by you know who. Anyway Things are back up and running. I want to let you guys know that I have been doing some other works as well. If you have been to my Devart you would have seen a comic called Immo.D. That is one of my projects along with a new one, that I haven't posted as yet called Pirate Harbour. It's going to be an intermission to Titan Sphere. My Anime club of which I am president all pitched in ideas and story for this new webcomic.

We have an RP going on right now. In which the Comic i am doing took all of the good elements From. You can think more along the lines of Onepiece and Bleach meets Pirates of the Caribbean.

Also I am trying a more Manga approach to this comic as well 17 page chapters in Black and White. The first Chapter is almost done and I am looking forward to showings you whats in the works on or before January 1st 09. I will post the logo for starters. Thanks for your future support.
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