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Postby Dave » Mon Nov 03, 2008 5:51 pm

APE was a total blast to walk around. It was our first time driving to San Francisco from Fresno and we definitely went the slowest way possible. It didn't help that it was raining like crazy and there were two huge wrecks along the way. Pretty crazy. But the first day we got there right as it was closing down. Kinda sad but oh well. I truthfully wanted to walk around and see everything on the first day so I could get home Sunday and work on Snafu a bit. But since we got there so late we decided to stay overnight and go back to APE. Saturday night we went and saw two art galleries. The first one Alex Pardee of Bunnywith Fame was participating in. It was called Crom and it was based around Conan the Barbarian (not the Comedian. Although similar) It was pretty rad. I got introduced to a bunch of really great artists there but honestly it was all such a whirl I can barely remember much about it besides it was neat. The 2nd art show we went to was a comic art show for Isotope. It was held in a pretty cool comic shop and had a bunch of toilet seats that were drawn on by comic...ers. I thought it was a neat idea.

Anyhow the next day I got to walk around APE and see the artists exhibiting. There was a LOT of crazy good talent there like seriously amazing. I knew a few people there personally like Alex Pardee of course but also Spike (Angela Melick) from Wasted Talent, Sam Logan from Sam and Fuzzy, Jennie Breeden from the Devil's Panties, and Jeph Jacques and his wife Christi from Questionable Content were there as well. Although I didn't get a chance to say hi or bye to Jeph he was busy talking to peoples the whole time and I didn't want to be rude... which now in retrospect I think may have come off as super rude... oops. And I think his wife Christi (who's rad as all RAD) I'm pretty sure thought I thought she was the Devil's Panties author. So I think I might have came off as a total douche to the Question Content people in general. Not the first time I've been social awkward and I can assure the world it won't be the last.
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