Shameless Plug: TheMrPwntacular's Channel - Game Vids

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Shameless Plug: TheMrPwntacular's Channel - Game Vids

Postby Wizard » Mon May 14, 2012 10:05 am

Hi everyone, it's been a while.

I recently purchased an HDMI recorder to record my Xbox 360 gameplay. I plan to create well-edited, (hopefully) funny videos and put them up on YouTube. Right now, I'm focusing on Battlefield 3. Unlike a lot of other people who do this sort of thing, I don't plan to commentate; instead, I'm going to insert plenty of sound bites, utilize speed-up and slow-down modes, and use text to make comedy. Even if you're not into videogames, you might find my videos funny, and I edit out all the boring parts. I intend on releasing at least one to three videos a week once I get into the groove of making the videos (as in learning the ropes) and balancing my school and work schedules. As of now, there are no videos, but it's not like subscribing costs you anything.

If you have an Xbox 360 and play Battlefield 3, you might be interested to know that I rented my own server. The lease expires on 06/02, but I'm going to renew it for another three months. It's my goal to provide good, clean fun for all players; I actively try to balance teams when necessary, forbid base camping, and ban those who use glitches. Hopefully, I might attract enough attention to warrant raising donations for more servers so I can expand this model to more players and game modes. That's a far-off dream though.

So, if you want to help a former fourmmite and make him happy, or just want to add a little variety to your YouTube experience, then subscribe! If you find yourself enjoying my videos, spread the word! Finally, if you're a 360 player and want a good server to play on (it's either Constant Conquest or Rush Forever with 200% tickets on all but a few select, shitty Battlefield 3 maps), check out my server, message me telling me that you're from SNAFU, and I'll make you a VIP. I'm looking for reliable admins to enforce the server rules while I'm away, too, so bear that in mind. My gamertag is "Mr Pwntacular".

I suppose my ultimate goal is to create a strong Battlefield 3 community and attract enough people to warrant a forum, if for nothing but a platform to organize the servers, admins, rules, norms, and donations on. In the words of the immortal Biggie: "I got big plans nigga, big plans."

Thanks for reading. If you have any suggestions on how to improve this little plug, let me know; I'm going to post it on more websites as I create more and more content. I hope you're all doing well! =D
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