Resident evil Operation Raccoon city

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Resident evil Operation Raccoon city

Postby Dresden » Wed Mar 28, 2012 7:05 am

So I waited a good while before posting this to find any problems with this game, and there are but what games don't have problems? My biggest gripe is the pistol swapping, as if you hold down the button you enter into an auto-aim state that is very hard to control. Honestly, I don't see how this game got bad reviews. People have lost sight about what games are supposed to be: Fun, and this game does just that, or at least in my opinion it does. My friends and I were in a Co-op session on the last level, three of us were dead waiting to be revived by our friend, Alex, well we just sat back and laughed our asses off as we watched him get chased by a horde of crimson heads(Crimson heads are faster, stronger zombies who made an appearance in the resident evil remake on GameCube) and finally get mauled by them. The game is a lot of fun with friends, and feels really original to me. A real good change from games I usually play. The games online is really fun as well. Online multiplayer and Campaign share an XP system, which as you gain XP you can spend it on guns, and leveling up your characters abilities (Active Camouflage, Painkiller, among others). It almost makes me think IGN has no friends they can play with online or at least didn't even touch multiplayer. All around, this is a game that I think deserves more, but these are just my thoughts.
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