Dithrandir TCG is back

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Dithrandir TCG is back

Postby Remni » Wed Aug 06, 2014 4:04 am

So I dont know how many of you remember this thread that I had going awhile back, but for those that do, you could tell I was on hiatus for awhile. Too much stuff going on so the game had to be placed on hold. Well I've recently started working on it again, beginning with a new card texture for each of the types. Take a look here.

I'm currently in the process of transferring all the card text over and then possibly giving it another run on Lackey with the new updated cards. I still have yet to get some artists to do some work for me, so I'll probably get some kind of 8-bit placeholder instead for the time being. If anyone's interested in giving this a go again with me, please let me know. I'm looking to possibly get this going on Kickstarter if I get enough of it thrown together, but torn on whether to go all physical with this or hire some programmers to turn this into an online game, though leaning more towards physical right now.
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