Van's Chaos Theory Manhattan Outbreak WIP (Update #1)

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Van's Chaos Theory Manhattan Outbreak WIP (Update #1)

Postby 8feet » Sun Aug 07, 2011 2:13 am

8feet here...

Here's a Fan-Made-Game I made for free that's currently in WIP(Work in progress)...
Its a Topdown Shooter game that features Zombies, zombie furries, zombie ponies, and zombie pedobears...

Its simply a zombie survival game, but with an optional ending - that you must figure out alone.
More maps coming soon...

Enjoy and God Bless!!!

Category: Top Down Shooter
File Size: 187.35 MB
Vista Compatible: Yes
Changes Screen Resolution: Nope
Download Link:

p.s. Here's a comic I made in MSpaint to learn more of what's going on...
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