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TF2 discussion

Postby OrangeBee » Sat Oct 11, 2014 1:09 am

I don't know whether or not this thread belongs in this forum or not, so if it doesn't belong here i guess put it in spam.

Anyway, the new Tf2 comic came out a couple days ago and what a huge plot twist...spoilers by the way

Well, not really a plot twist    we already knew Sniper wasn't an Aussie. That must have flown over everyones head though so who cares.
Turns out he is a kiwi and his parents are huge shitlords. so basically, back when mun-dee was just a wee lad, his dumb scientist dad thought the world was gonna get all fucked with magma so he built a rocket to the moon. for himself. problem is it only had one seat. his mother also had the same idea and tried to escape in the damn thing herself. The two start fighting and wee sniper crawls in and ends up flying all the way to helli mean Australia. Did i mention his dumb dad made the whole country of New Zealand build a underwater dome cuz he thought the world was gonna get fucked on the surface as well? Well seeing how the rocket flew off and made a giant hole in the dome, it was flooded and everyone died expect the mum and dad   

   Sniper finds his real parents with the help of the crew only to find out his parents want nothing to do with him as his mother uses the new rocket to get the fuck out of albercurky, and his father escapes using the submarine they had. and then sniper gets shot.

Rough... and by whom you may ask? the classic of course!   

So that's it basically, i know there is a shit ton more like how    soldier and heavies sister being together is genuine, engie with that old old old lady, (him and her family have known each other for a while) and a little backstory on scunt scout. Apparently scouts real dad died before the kids knew him. Of course this could just be a lie his mom said and spy actually is his dad. Which is something Scout really doesn't seem to want to talk about.   

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