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Fri Aug 17, 2007 11:28 pm

What is it that you are trying to do in PS?

Fri Aug 17, 2007 11:31 pm

Textures... of what and for what purpose I do not know... I'm missing some critical portion of the transition from image to texture. I like to call it "what the fuck is my objective" or "for what reason can I not just use a normal picture"

Re: The game development thread(NSF56K) Now with zero ass!

Fri Aug 17, 2007 11:39 pm

Hmmmm, well, I'd suggest visiting http://www.good-tutorials.com. Click on photoshop on the left side and then go to textures. Sometimes you can find something good, but I'm not guaranteeing anything.

Fri Aug 17, 2007 11:45 pm

Yea I'm still missing the 'what's the difference between a texture and a normal freakin picture' part though... :\

Sat Aug 18, 2007 12:03 am

The difference is that a lot of normal pics don't look as good as they could, or don't have the effect that you want, I'm not forcing you to learn this stuff, I asked you if you wanted to learn, and you said go ahead. Some places where they have public domain images also want you to edit the image if you decide to use it. So, there's nothing wrong with using plain images that you get online, but you can make stuff loop better, and look better and more unique if you edit them.

Sat Aug 18, 2007 2:03 am

My sis has informed me that she has made textures in PS, I'll get her to give me a rundown on it and share any info I can.

Sat Aug 18, 2007 2:39 am

Great, I really don't feel like buying, and or pirating a copy of PS.

Mon Aug 20, 2007 1:01 pm

My computer comes back today!

On a side note, yay! 400 posts!

Well I'm pissed, I got my lappy back but some of the keys don't work..... which makes it useless right now. I'm going to have to take it back to be fixed again. -_-

Tue Aug 21, 2007 12:49 am

Yay! Yeah, and I've been pretty busy, so I haven't had much time to post here, troublesome.

Tue Aug 21, 2007 12:53 am

Im getting a new keyboard dropped into my lappy for $20, which is a pretty friggin good price, Yay! But it won't be till later this week....

Tue Aug 21, 2007 11:02 pm

You know, i think i'll take position of free musician for this thread, i'm in the last semester of high school and i got no time to make games using true programming, so if you need music or midis you can ask me out. I accept some requets.

Wed Aug 22, 2007 5:15 am

Cool. Though currently, I'm not doing any games, and for any games my brother does, we have our dad, and a mic, lol, if you want to hear some of his stuff, download the demo for this game. The stuff in that game is more folk style, he's also an excellent guitar player(blues mostly).
PS. I just made a new building, stay tuned for screens.

Added after 16 minutes:

This building is set in a post-apocalyptic military setting, during wartime.

Wed Aug 22, 2007 2:33 pm

To me it looks like a warehouse, lol. Anyway, I'm finally going to give Python a shot today.

Added after 2 hours 2 minutes:

Oh, to anyone that needs any spriting work done just ask me.

Wed Aug 22, 2007 3:51 pm

Kaj wrote:To me it looks like a warehouse, lol. Anyway, I'm finally going to give Python a shot today.

Does it at least look like a military warehouse? And feel free to ask questions about python, though I may not know how to use PS, I'm relatively fluent in python. ;)

Wed Aug 22, 2007 4:05 pm

Yeah, but this is pre-lighting effects right?

I've played around with a script similar to the one Python uses. It was the RSS in RPG Maker XP. But sadly I'm just as confused as I was back then. But, after reading the tutorial I'll be able to figure it out.

Wed Aug 22, 2007 4:16 pm

Jaja, the tutorial has some spots where it's confusing, but it's pretty good really. And yeah, it's pre-lighting effects.

Wed Aug 22, 2007 4:22 pm

I have a little experience with 3D rendering, I took a class on it in high school. But we used Maya 8, a really complicated program that was used in the making of most of Pixars latest movies, such as The Incredibles and Cars. It was also used for the effects in Star Wars episode 1 and 2. Not sure about 3 though, but like I said, it wasn't a very good program for begginers....

Wed Aug 22, 2007 5:38 pm

Yeah, I've never messed around with 3d.

Fri Aug 31, 2007 7:01 pm

Woot! Bump! Yeah, so I haven't been on the forums much lately, because I've been spending a lot of my time doing buildings. I hope to have five relatively unique buildings by tomorrow. Will I post screens? No. lol, I'm actually gonna be holding out on you guys. because you see. I am doing buildings, not as a learning experience, and not for fun... But for... A GAME! It's not my story, and it's not my code. But my brother's actually. I'm going to be doing level design, and architecture. My brother is doing code, and nature art(plants). And my dad is doing marketing and music, and they're both doing voice acting, maybe me too, I'm not sure yet.
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