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Spam Rules / Guidelines / Info

Welcome to Spam (or whatever it's being called today), where members spam, the mods spam, and Dave would weep if he ever came by. Things work a bit differently here. Some rules are relaxed to enable a more chaotic, dynamic environment that some people like. It also serves to divert chaotic / spammy impulses from other forums. The Global Forum Rules are still in effect unless contradicted below.

Spam modifications to posting rules
  • Color / smilies / text size/ etc. Go wild. Be prepared to deal with ridicule if your execution is poor.
  • Grammar / spelling / punctuation
    Things are more relaxed here, and nonstandard language can be used in amusing ways. As above, be prepared for ridicule if your execution is poor.

Spam modifications to social conduct
  1. Lurking
    For your own sake, please lurk a while before posting here. People here don't have to be nice, and clueless newbs can get a hostile first impression if they don't make the effort to check out the culture here.
  2. Discretion
    This is still important, especially if you want to fit in here. Moderators here probably won't smack you for it (unless you REALLY mess up), but you'll probably be laughed at if you make a stupid post.
  3. Off-topic / hijacking
    Generally, feel free to hijack to your heart's content. However, game and other special threads should be kept topical. If you're not familiar enough with Spam culture to know the kinds of threads not to derail, watch the actions of other posters there for a bit.
  4. Spamming
    Except in the kinds of threads noted above, feel free.
  5. Memes
    Spam is not an imageboard either. You can use memetic material (and Spam has a few memes of its own), but whether you earn admiration or ridicule depends on how you use it.
  6. Trolling
    A bit of trolling can be fun, but if things go far enough that most people are not having fun, mods may step in. As a rule of thumb, keep troll fights isolated to the threads where they started.
  7. Necroing
    Thread necromancy is fine on a small scale. Want to point out a cool thread from 2006? Go right ahead. Just don't do things like dragging up enough old threads to displace all the active threads to the second page. It's kind of annoying.
  8. Drama
    For their own amusement, people here may sometimes feign overdramatic conflict, and that's fine. If you bring actual overdramatic conflict to Spam, you'll be mocked at least until the mods deal with you. If you are particularly amusing, your antics may be preserved for posterity.
  9. Game / special threads
    Game threads/Mod Protected threads (as specified with the little shield Image) should be kept on-topic, and mods may intervene if needed. Stickied threads should generally be kept on-topic (have a look at them to determine what level of spamminess is appropriate, e.g. The Talk Thread is fair game for spam). If any special rules apply in a thread, the first post will explain them. For courtesy, check how on-topic the conversations in long-running threads are before spamming them.
  10. Respect / social order
    Yes, this is Spam, but this is still important. If you're new, don't walk in like you own the place. If you're fun, the community will welcome you, but if you don't make an effort to get along, you probably won't.
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