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Postby Exodis » Wed Feb 18, 2015 2:05 am

So recently (and by recently, I mean today (and by today, I mean just an hour ago)), I was on the white throne (aka toilet) and I was surfin' on the internet on my phone when a thought went through my head: "You know, I haven't been to that one site in a long ass time... let's check it out." And that site was Bang! Howdy. Now, as you can tell from what it is, it was a free-to-play strategy game that was set in a Steampunk era. The last time I was in that site and played the game was years, probably during 2010 or 2011. I looked around the site's forums and it was completely dead. A year or two before, some members were trying to revive it or still clung on to it but now it's dead. So, for old time's sake, I downloaded the game and played it. And by played it, I mean realize that the amount of people that get on it is less than 10. For the nostalgia figure, it was great because I remember playing it a lot during my middle school years, waaaaaay back in 2007-2009. Good times...

Speaking of good times, what things did you have such a nostalgia moment after returning to it for such a long time? It can be a website or place you went to. Get posting!
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Re: Nostalgia

Postby Mir@k » Wed Feb 18, 2015 2:10 am

Two days ago i downloaded ragnarok online again, after like six or seven years of not playing.
I downloaded the server i used to play into and it's populated by like 20 people now, when before it had like 300 people online at the same time.

It was fun, but i got bored pretty fast.
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